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post #1 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-02-2001, 02:05 PM Thread Starter
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Designing your own Custom guitar - What would you have?

OK as some will know I am uncertain about buying guitars I never like the whole guitar there's always something that's not right.

I'd like a PG but wouldn't really want to live without the trem.
I'd like a RG3120 but feel I should sell my 550 and possibly 520 so I don't have too many guitars that are the same.

I like the look of a Washburn N4's but it dosen't have a Ibanez whammy bar and that selector switch position is not for me

I love the necks on Eggle LA + guitars

So here is my very simple custom dream guitar. Visually based on an N4
Neck:- N4 headstock non angled, finish matches body. 24 jumbo frets, maple neck, birdseye fretboard, same profile as Eggle LA. Abalone dot markers either JPM positioned or normal. Dot size same as EB/MM EVH model. No dot on 24 fret. Neck joint AANJ

Body:- An N4 and Eggle LA Pro II hybrid. Two piece swamp ash with maple quilt in honey ala Jacksom PC-1 angled output jack like Jem

Hardware:- Two Dimarzio tone zone's. Spertzel tuners and Ibanez cosmo white lopro edge. Vol pot same as N4 switching same as RG520.

So that's my (current) dream guitar what's yours?
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Designing your own Custom guitar

Hey man,
* * * * *GMW Guitar Workshop would probably build you that for a reasonable price. *Dream guitars dont have to be dreams man. *Norton is busy making mine at the moment. *
7-string-7-octave with unhindered reach all the way to the bridge pickup. *My own shape, and everything on the axe to my measurements and personal preference specs. *Anyways, the link for GMW is
I've had Lee do work on an axe of mine before. *His work is perfect. *
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post #3 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-16-2001, 11:04 PM
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Designing your own Custom guitar

My ideal guitar would be:

The body and finishing of my JS-100.
My current pickups which is EMG81 and EMG85
A neck like my Fender American Strat, but jumbo frets and if possible 24 frets. Scalloped in the higer range of the neck just like my Yamaha electric.

For pickups though I might consider high output passive pickups which are not as bright as my EMG but it has to have the sustain and clarity that my EMGs have.
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post #4 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-17-2001, 03:09 AM
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Designing your own Custom guitar

Mahogany 540PII shaped body, oil finished
ToneZone at the bridge
Volume knob (no tone, no-frills)
Edge (I'm a nostalgic...)
Wizard neck, no inlays
Black hardware

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post #5 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-17-2001, 07:09 AM
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Designing your own Custom guitar

-JS or later radius shape, but lighter (can you rout out MORE wood? *tone chambers?) *Lightest alder blank in the shop.
-Oli's blue/blackburst finish! *Or maybe a trans blueburst w/maple veneer.
-22 fret neck (medium jumbos), Ibanez ultra profile, ebony board, abalone blocks, abalone logo, binding. *AANJ! *Or maybe as a neck-thru...
-Original Floyd in cosmo black.
-H-S-H (JB, dunno, '59) with individual switches a'la 87 radius.
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post #6 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-17-2001, 07:59 AM
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Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Designing your own Custom guitar

Hey guys

I have been batteling the custom guitar thing for quite some time, but I thik i'd rather have something I've made.

Therefore I've taken it upon myself to learn the craft, I'm on my 3rd month of studying with local builders.

I will be able to do ANYTHING from a custom Benedetto jazz box to a JPM EB/MM copy with a lo pro edge

I'm starting work on a Benedetto jazz box, I'm using a guitar from Scott Chainey's "Blue Guitar" collection as a reference *not the real thing just pictures and plans*

I'm also building the ultimate Ibanez type neck at the moment. If you notice in the want ads section i've been wanting an ibanez neck with a volute, well I've been building a 5 piece birdseye neck with a volute and an ebony board with off centered dots likea JPM but out of abalone and other shells.

So in a few weeks I'll have a website up, but I wont be taking orders for a good 6 months or close to a year

I'm going to get prototypes built and all sorts of different ideas that have been swarming around in my head for close to 6 years.

Pablo let me see if I can prototype the guitar you are wanting
it sounds like a fun guitar to build so
I'll see what I come up with and I'll let you know

Also check out this announcement on Brian Calverts "anything goes" board under Steed's Guitars "my venture"


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Designing your own Custom guitar

Morbid Angel: Who are you studying with? If i ever became independently wealthy, i'd give up my day job in a heartbeat to do some apprenticeships and courses and take up luthiery. Unfortunately, doing so at this stage in my career will not allow me to maintain the lifestyle to which i've become accustomed!

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post #8 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-18-2001, 12:54 PM
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Designing your own Custom guitar


A few of the guys I'm studying with are just local hamilton guys, I will be however talking to George Furlanetto
of F-Bass and Guitar clinic fame ( , ) to see if I can get a few sessions on neck building and overall design with him.
I am going to contact a fellow named Jim Hall for some more training on archtop jazz box construction

Otherwise I'm learning on my own experience.
I also work full time

So all this takes place on days off and such, but I soon might have to only work part time.


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post #9 of 79 (permalink) Old 12-20-2001, 08:47 PM
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Location: Bangor, WA
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Designing your own Custom guitar

My custom guitar has basically already been made....a JEM7VWH! *hehehe....I know that's not very original, but that's my answer....pretty much everything I want in a guitar is represented in the VWH....
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Designing your own Custom guitar

I built my dream guitar in 1992 form parts I purchased from Warmoth.

Swamp Ash Strat body w/ very dark grain. Clearcoat only. Recessed routing for an Original Floyd.
Maple Neck w/ Compound Radius Rosewood board and medium jumbo frets. No finish!
Original Floyd Rose removed from my Kramer Pacer that had a broken neck at the time.
Pots, jack, Schaller tuners and 5 way switch also scabbed from the Kramer.
I added a White Mother-of-Toiletseat pickguard from Warmoth in 1997 to replace the various black or white ones.
It's had a variety of pickups including the Kramers, PAF Pro bridge, and at one time a Jackson bridge. The current line up is an Evolution in the bridge with a coil split switch and 2 Fender Gold Lace Sensors at the neck and middle. So far this combo sounds the best to me.
Add a DiMarzio clip-lock strap and a set of EB Nickel Super Slinkys and we're done. *:biggrin:

I'm thinking of cutting a 3" diameter hole through the body behind the Floyd and mounting a Popeil Vegematic over the hole... Coleslaw anyone? :silly:
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Designing your own Custom guitar

My dream guitar? hmm...

540R Mahogany Body, but slightly larger for neck-fitting purposes.
24 frets, Jumbo
27" neck, Ebony fretboard, maple/bubinga striped, Custom inlay at 12th fret.
HSH config, Air Norton 7, Kinmans 7 (singles), Steve Special 7 (Note, none of these pups exist... I think)
Double Edge Trem/Roland PK2 Ready

Anyone know who can build this???
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post #12 of 79 (permalink) Old 01-01-2002, 09:38 AM
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Designing your own Custom guitar

Mine would be:

JS mahogany body
DiMarzio Evolutions
Original Edge trem
Wizard 24 fret neck
Ebony fingerboard

Not real extreme, but basically a cross between a JS and JEM.
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post #13 of 79 (permalink) Old 01-01-2002, 02:02 PM
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Location: Bangor, WA
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Designing your own Custom guitar

Spiral Acid on 3:39 am on Jan. 1, 2002
My dream guitar? hmm...

HSH config, Air Norton 7, Kinmans 7 (singles), Steve Special 7 (Note, none of these pups exist... I think)
Spiral Acid, the Air Norton 7 does exist....and as for the Steve's Special 7, I believe the Blaze pickups were designed to act as a 7 string version of the SS...
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post #14 of 79 (permalink) Old 01-02-2002, 04:25 AM
Join Date: Jun 2001
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Designing your own Custom guitar

Mine comes close to that of Spiral Acid:

Slight modified RG-body, mahogany (7 string)
24 frets, jumbo
27" neck, ebony fretboard, maple/bubinga laminated (pc.), custom inlay at 12th fret (catpaw)
HH config pickups, ... (so many choices)
Lo pro edge trem

BTW, the custom guitar I'm building at the moment comes relatively close to that:

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post #15 of 79 (permalink) Old 01-02-2002, 07:25 PM
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Location: DFW, Texas
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Designing your own Custom guitar

I'd like...

- S body in mahogany, but about 1/4" thicker than usual
- Flamed or quilted maple top--matching headstock
- Natural, very light brown, or amber stain
- H-H config, 5-way, Petrucci knob placement
- Probably TZ/AN Dimarzios
- Petrucci/USRG neck...ebony fretboard
- Cosmo Chrome Lo-Pro and hardware
- Chambered body and Double Edge option the following year!

Fun to dream....time to wake up.

PS--Joten, thanks for posting your progress...nice site and fantastic guitar. *Would look outstanding as a natural finish as well!
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