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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

So you posted to say you arent going to post?
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Thanks ? i guess lol


Recent addition!

2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio plus with flame top!

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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Oh man. Bummer.

What do you mean Dee?

Do you mean moving to Japan is cool, or that I should have gotten rid of my stuff anyways?
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

i went from a strat copy and tiny samick amp

to ibanez rg550 20th and a carvin legacy
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Originally Posted by DavyH View Post

Mid 70's

No name brand acoustic, was OK but took a trip to boarding school with me and eventually died of overuse (and being sat on)

Early 80's - first no name electric, strat copy, and 1W practice amp. Stolen.

Late 80's - Hondo strat copy and Samick 10W. Given away.

Long hiatus. Mid life crisis arrives and:

2004 Gibson LP Studio, since traded
2006 Schecter Omen-7, traded within 2 months
2006 Ibanez RG350, traded up within 2 months
2006 Epi SG, Flying V and Explorer, since departed.

1991 Jem 77BFP
2005 Jem 7VWH
2004 J-Custom RG8270
200? RG7680Ltd1
2007 S2170FB
2007 VG Stratocaster
2003 Am Del Strat QMT
2005 PRS SE Standard camo
2001 Gibson SG, went towards the 7 stringer.
Amps Roland Cube 30
Laney VC15-110

Ridiculous, isn't it?
And, as of Friday, a 1998 Washburn P4 Deluxe. This is the guitar the Les Paul should have been. The oddest burst - an almost lilac fading to natural maple, ebony board with raindrop markers, Gotoh tuners, Buzz Feiten tuning system, roller bridge, stoptail with fine tuners, '59 Seymour Duncans. It's taken a couple of dings which haven't broken through the finish except for some fairly heavy wear at the back. Supposedly weight relieved, but it feels like it's had lead shot inserted! Good ergonomics though and plays better than any LP I've ever touched.

Pics sometime.......
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I am sure I was buying guitars before some of you guys were born, but here goes. In order.

1. Ventura acoustic used
2. Univox Les Paul used from Steve Volpe
3. 1972 Stratocaster new
4. 1965 Mustang used
5. 1965 Les Paul Jr used
6. 1975 Les Paul Custom new
7. 1976 Flying V used from Brian Setzer
8. 1978 ES-335 td new
9. 1979 ES-347 new
10. 1985 Strat MIJ new
11. 2000 Les Paul 60 Reissue new
12. 2001 Alvarez acoustic new
13. 2002 Washburn Bass new
14. 2005 Dot Studio Eppi used
15. Ibanez project axe used

only own 1 amp Marshall Valvestate 150 combo
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I've never owned a guitar myself.

About a year ago my older brother let me learn on his Squire. Then out of the blue a few months later it was totally off limits. Now, I kid you not, it just sits in a closet collecting dust.

Now, I'm using my friends Silvertone that I had to dig out of his closet because he has no desire to learn. He had a Marshal half-stack in there I confiscated as well. The lucky kid got it for free from somebody, and it's brand new. Anyway, he has no desire for it and I can't pay him the 50 bucks (overpriced about 49 bucks for a silvertone that has barely any fret height and incredibly high action that will not change no matter what I do to it) he wants for it. In my opinion I should be the one getting paid for learning to sweep pick on that thing. AND where I live, you have to either know somebody or be related to somebody to get a job. It doesn't help I'm a sixteen year old.

But, from what I hear my relatives might get me an Ibanez guntar for Christmas. They saw a few vids of my playing and my uncle (who's played for 20 something years) said "That kid needs a better guitar. Anyone that can play that well on that piece of junk deserves a better guitar."

So, if this thread is still going, I'll respond again at Christmas. If all goes well.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

There is no way I'm going to remember months and years, but I believe this is oldest to newest, 1996 to present. Some of these guitars I owned for less than 24 hours...


Charvel Super-strat (Black/Yellow Crackle)
ESP/LTD H-2 (Trans-red)
Jackson Dinky (Black)
Fender Big Apple Strat (Trans-orange)
ESP KH-2 (Black)
ESP/LTD M-II (Black)
Jackson DR-3 (Tobacco Burst)
Ibanez Gio 7-string (Black)
ESP/LTD Mirage (Trans-purple)
ESP/LTD H-2 (Trans-red)
ESP/LTD MH-500 (Trans-black)
PRS McCarty (McCarty Burst)
ESP/LTD MV-500 (Trans-red)
Ibanez RG20051 (Black/Grey/White swirl)
ESP/LTD SC-607 (Natural)
ESP/LTD JD-600 (Trans-black)


Marshall Micro Amp
Crate 10-watt
Peavey Bandit 112


Mountains of Boss pedals, I could never remember them all
Digitech RP-6
Digitech RP-3
Boss GT-3

I currently utilize:

ESP/LTD JD-600 (Trans-black)
ESP/LTD H-2 (Trans-red) (The 2nd guitar on my list, bought in 1996)
Peavey Bandit 112

I still have the M-II and SC607 but I need to move them ASAP. I'm past 7-strings (for now) and I no longer want a tremolo guitar.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

These are in order of owned...ok lets start with amps:

1. Crate 30w bass amp
2. Crate 2x12 110w
3. Fender pro 35W
4. Austin 2x15 120w
5. Peavey 2x12 100w
6. Microcube
7. Crate FXt65
8. Marshall microstack 2 12" cabs
9. Randall 120w 1/2 stack


1. 1981 Pan classical acoustic
2. 1981 Peavey T-60
3. 2001 Ibanez RG 370. i think
4. 1968 Yamaha Acoustic
5. 1999 Fender Squier
6. 2007 Schecter C7 Hellraiser
7. 2007 Schecter Hellraiser
8. 2007 all maple custom 7 string.. prototype
9. 2006 Jackson DX7
10. 2008 Atlas all maple semi hollow (cross between an Iceman and a Fernandes Ravelle)

I am sure I have had more..
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

In order from oldest to newest :

Ibanez GAX70 (Black)
Schecter Omen 6 (Black)
Jackson RR3 (Black/Chrome pickguard)
Jackson King V (Black)
Epiphone '58 Korina Explorer (Black)
Kramer Striker (Orange/Red burst)
Takamine Acoustic

However out of those, the ones that are still remaining are :

Jackson King V
Jackson RR3 - Selling
Schecter Omen 6 - Selling
Kramer Striker
Takamine Acoustic

I sold the Epiphone to fund my new Kramer project and due to lack of use, the RR3 and Schecter are going for the same reason, and the GAX70 got stolen
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?


Ibanez Grx 40 (Gio, my first guitar)
Ibanez Grg 270(")
Ibanez Rg "Custom" (various parts from other Rg's)
Ibanez S 540 1988
Ibanez Rg 470 heavy modded 1994
Ibanez Rg 321 Mh Heavy modded (purple pups, ebony nut, new neck profile, etc)
Jackson Ps-2 Flame top with duncans (MIJ)
Squier 1995 korean made, real alder body, Heavy modded too
Hi budget custom Stratocaster, vintage 60' model kind, Candy apple red (still owned)
Ibanez S 540 1991 (current main axe)


Crappy Ibanez 10w amplifier
Peavey Audition 110 usa
Crate G80 XLS usa 92' (celestion speaker)
Bugera 6262 head

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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Squier Strat (one pickup, just like EVH)
Epiphone Special II (sold)
ESP LTD something (sold)
Ibanez Lawsuit Les Paul
Ibanez 350dx (sold)
Schecter S-1 Elite
Schecter C-1+
PRS SE Custom
Ibanez s470dxqm
Washburn WSJ-18SEK (Acoustic/Electric)

Marshall MG15rcd (sold)
Marshall MG80rcd (sold)
Peavey 5150 (sold)
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I am still new to the guitar, but I own:
Generic no-name POS
ESP ltd F-250
Ibanez '83 RS335
'80's Aria Pro II

Crappy pocket amp
Ibanez practice 10w
Vox AD15w

I get all my guitars and gear at pawn shops, lol.
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post #59 of 78 (permalink) Old 10-14-2008, 01:17 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Holy....hard to remember them all...I won't even get into guitars!

Darius D-12 - what the hell was this? I don't know.
Traynor 50 watt solid state.
Marshall JCM800 combo
some kind of Crate combo and cabinet from many moons ago
Mesa Boogie IIC
Mesa Boogie Mark III combo
Fender Roc Pro 100
Marshall Silver Jubilee 50w combo
Rexx Preamp
Marshall Preamp
Johnson Millenium combo
Marshall TSL122
Marshall DSL 401
a couple of different Marshall heads
Peavey 5150 combo
Peavey 5150 head
Vox AD120VTX
Atomic Reactor 50w combo
Mesa Roadster combo
Mesa Stiletto Ace combo
various pieces of Line 6 garbage over the years

and the one's I've been keeping:
Marshall JVM510C combo
Diezel Einstein 100 W head and 2 x 12 cab
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post #60 of 78 (permalink) Old 10-14-2008, 02:35 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Phew, here we go:


Epiphone Slasher (haha, my first one)
Agile AL 2000 (tiger eye flame)
Ibanez DT420 Destroyer Reissue (candy apple red)
Jackson RR3 (transparent red)
Agile AL 3000 (root beer flame)
Fender MIM Fat Strat (blue)
Schecter C1 Elite (black)
Agile EP1 Tree of Life Acoustic Electric

Forgot it before, but ALSO...Ibanez RG350EX w/ Air Norton and Steve Special.

Now I've sold off every "brand" guitar I have and just own custom builds:
-jackson dinky body with a custom neck (flame maple with cocobolo FB and Eye of Ra inlay and purfling - abalone), dimarzios, Schaller Floyd
-korina body with a mappa burl top, maple neck with flame maple FB and mirror vine inlays, coil tapped dimarzios, tonepros string thru body
-warmoth strat w/ chameleon finish, David Gilmour DG20 EMGs, mighty mite neck.
-Ken Lawrence-style explorer, mahogany body with a bubinga top, GFS pups.


Fender Frontman 15G
Line 6 Spider III
Johnson Marquis 60 Watt
Atomic Reactor 112 w/ Pod XT (my current rig)

Last edited by shreddersymphony; 11-08-2008 at 09:08 PM. Reason: forgot the RG!
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