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post #61 of 78 (permalink) Old 10-22-2008, 08:17 AM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

peavey raptor-black
fender strat-sunburst/rosewood(mim)
ibanez rg 520qs-blue
ibanez rg 570ex-cyber pink
ibanez rg 570-grey nickel
ibanez rg 3120-blue
dean evo special select-black
fender standard strat-black/maple(american)
ventura acoustic('7x)
schecter hellraiser c-1 fr-black cherry

gorilla 15w 1x8
fender 1x12-tube hybrid model
Carvin legacy head
trace elliot speed twin head
crate vintage club50 3x10
Rivera tbr-1sl head
ada mp-1 preamp
ada mp-2 preamp
carvin t-100 poweramp
peavey 5150 4x12 cab
peavey 5150 head-block letter
fender blues deluxe 1x12
peavey 5150 combo 2x12
rocktron pro gap
I know I'm forgetting a few things, but can't remember what.

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post #62 of 78 (permalink) Old 11-08-2008, 08:48 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Squier Strat pack
Epiphone Les Paul
Fender Deluxe Mexican

Fender Frontman
Peavey Valveking

I'm on a 14 year olds budget.
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post #63 of 78 (permalink) Old 11-08-2008, 10:32 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?


Montaya Les Paul Copy
Washburn G5-V
Fernandes MIJ (bolt on jackson copy)
'79 hardtail Strat
Ibanez RG270
Denelectro (reissue with 3 lipstick pu's)
Suhr Classic
Herc Fede Jem
ATD Jem with LGM neck
Suhr classic H-S-S in drip finish
Vigier Shawn Lane Master
Vigier Excaliber Ultra
Vigier Excaliber Original
2006 Jeff Beck Strat
Jackson DKM2 blue bengal
1993 Ibanez PGM 300
2005 American Deluxe Strat H-S-S
Vigier Excaliber Original
Ibanez HRG71BTB 7 string
Ibanez RG20051
Suhr Pro S4

I currently only have the last 2.
I've owned 3 or 4 acoustics, steel and nylon stringed, but none currently.


Pignose (the original)
Ampeg Gemini 2 (from the 60's)
A little Roland 4x6!!! from Japan
Digitech GSP5
Rocktron PRO GAP
Some Fender solid state 2x12 that i can't remember the model name
Mesa Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo
Fender "mini-amp"
Fender Blues Junior
POD XT Live with 2 Tech 21 Power Engine 60's
Yamaha Magicstomp (backup for the POD)

I only currently have the POD/PE60's and Magicstomp

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post #64 of 78 (permalink) Old 02-20-2009, 01:48 PM
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Location: Erwin NC
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

-1980's Kramer Baretta
-2 Epi Goth les pauls (got em at auction)
-Washburn Dime 333 snow camo- Upgraded to floyd standard, dimebucker and pearly gates
-Esp ltd Dave Mustaine dv8-r (best sounding korean guitar ever!)
-Washnurn rk-120, best rg for 30 bucks.
-Ibanez 7 string double cutaway w/sparkle finish....weird.
-Esp ltd H-1000 puke green!
-Ibanez rga 151.
-Hondo......need i say more.
-Jackson professional series dinky in purpleburst.
-Jackson Rhoads.... actually given away.... blue maple top, real floyd...still a B****.
-Fender tele Total blckout! sweet looker, but not player.

The one's I'll keep...
-3 Ibanez 2170 s prestiges! One of each finish, each with diff. pickups (duncan,dimarzio,emgs)
-1996 Gibson Lp studio 10 pounds! (weight) Dimebucker bridge, graphtech saddles,nut,wine red, signed by george lynch, who said ("damn,that's a solid piece of wood")haha my idol!
-2001 Fender strat, blonde and stock.
-2005 gretch Jap, orange 6120, pure country western bliss....beautiful ebony too!
-1991 Ibanez rg760... Black... Mint! w/case candy..... was my guitar teacher's!
more when i get home......
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post #65 of 78 (permalink) Old 02-20-2009, 04:07 PM
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Location: UK
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

In order of my ownership:

Fender Squier Stratocaster (Black)
No name 15 Watt amplifier.
Yamaha F310E acoustic. (Natural. Sold it after I acquired the C. Giant, to my mothers friends daughter)
LTD Viper 400 (See-thru black cherry)
Vox AD30VT
Ibanez S2170FW (Uh...finish is in the model name :P)
Cheapy "C.Giant" Acoustic (It kinda sucks. bought it because it was a good deal at the time and it was a little brighter sounding than the Yamaha.)
Line 6 Pod X3
RG550EX (2002 model, Silver.)

The future? Probably going to sell the 550EX, and then nothing unless its a really realyl good deal, or I scrape up the cash for some custom work.
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post #66 of 78 (permalink) Old 02-20-2009, 08:04 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

1989 Fender Jap Strat [now w. DM Steve Morse (b), Kent Armstrong Tweed Tone (m) and Texas Vintage (n)]
1991 Ibanez RG565 [Tone Zone (b) and Fast Track 1 (n)]
1992 Tanglewood electro-acoustic (I forget the model no.)
1993 Fender US Tele [Fast Track T (b) and Twang King (n)]
1994 Ibanez RG670DX [Tone Zone (b), QMS (m) and Air Norton (n)]
2003 Ibanez JS2000 [Stock]
2004 Takamine EAN10C
2008 MusicMan Axis Super Sport [Stock]

Marshall Valvestate 8040 (long since gone ;-)
Marshall JCM 900 100w Head & 4x12"
Laney VC50 2x12" combo
Laney GH50L Head & 4x12" [now w. Celestion V30's and G12H-30's]
Yamaha DG80 1x12" combo
2 x Yamaha DG Stomps
Orange Tiny Terror

Sansamp PSA1
TC Electronic G-Major
ADA Microcab II

Ibanez TS9
Boss CE2, DD3, CS3
MXR Phase 100
Whammy 4
Dunlop Crybaby original
Morley Power Wah/Volume
AdrenaLinn 2 (signed by Roger Linn!)
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post #67 of 78 (permalink) Old 03-20-2009, 03:12 AM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

this thread is awesome! im 23 and have been playing for 10 years and here's my list (hopefully you guys will laugh, because its PITIFUL compared to you guys):

Squier Strat
Park 10w amp-sold in about 6 months
Peavey 30W solid state, sold in 2000

Epiphone LP Custom
Digitech RP-3 Pedal
Crybaby Wah (sold in 2004)

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10


Kramer Gorky Park

My current setup- I play either the Epi or the Kramer thru the RP-3 and the Fender 4x10. the RP-3 is a DINOSAUR but that thing and the Deville are BULLETPROOF! seriously, i leave it plugged in and it really only moves for gigs and its never ever failed me and still sounds great for a digital distortion.
I am not a professional musician, but i've been continually in a band since 2000 and NEVER had GAS until NOW!!!
(in my defense, i got into turntables & Keyboards as well in 2002, so don't hate!)
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post #68 of 78 (permalink) Old 03-20-2009, 05:16 AM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

'Marquez' Strat copy (now in pieces in my bro's shed with the Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark cover airbrushed on it)
'Monterey' Strat copy (current guitar)

Peavey Classic 30 (sold(for $300 more than i paid for it))
Marshall TSL100 with Laney 4x12

Been playing for 2 years this September.
Soon: 2 custom RG's (im building from scratch)

Soon hopefully: ADA MP-1 (no bids on evilbay)
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

i know my first guitar was a marlin sidewinder also had a boss distortion pedal cant remember what amp, soon after i swapped it for a les paul copy.then i had a white yamaha (series unknown but wasnt high end) amp was a dak-50 i liked this amp pretty good all were owned from 1986-1989.i then gave up guitar till 1994,then bough a jackson pro2 and a h-h amp, holy crap this amp was woefull,so i replaced it with a carlsbro glx40 (still got it).then sold jackson and bought a 555,swapped that for a line6 flextone111 which i use now,and now own a jem 777vbk and a rg2550z (but not for much longer).new guitar in pipeline
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post #70 of 78 (permalink) Old 03-20-2009, 06:59 AM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

erm, i'll post notables, and keep it simple

last few years

1900's German parlor (no name, no date, just guessing)
05 LP Faded
06 LP Faded
08 LP Zakk
90's American Master
90's Uv7PWH
08 RG7321FM
03 PRS ce24 wide thin
83 Zematis LP (****ing awesome, my uncle paid big bucks for it)

08 Engl thunder50r (my 4th one so far)
05 H&K Tri-amp

Ask anyone who knows me, i sell 99% of my gear within a week, just because friends and Relatives offer me a better price than i paid, i love the hunt for a bargain eheheh most of it's gone now /cry

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post #71 of 78 (permalink) Old 01-20-2010, 07:48 AM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

In order from oldest to newest

Tiesco Electric
Cort Strat Copy
Wasburn Electric
Washburn Acoustic

Ibby RG550
Ibby RG517
Ibby SR505 bass
Ibby RG520QS
Ibby RG620QS
Ibby Artwood Acoustic
Ibby BTB515 bass
Ibby RG3120
Ibby RG (1550/2550)??? Not sure of model
Ibby RG550 20th Ann. Black w/Rosewood

Peavey Bandit 30watt ( I think )
Gorilla 60watt
Crate 60watt
Crate 120 stereo chorus
Crate 50watt tube 1/2 stack
Digitech 2112 w/100watt peavey poweramp & 4x12
Crate BlueVooDoo 1/2 stack Modded ( Boss GT3 or 5 looped w/4cable )

Ampeg BA112 Bass

Peavey VTM60 Head Modded ( Boss GT6 looped w/4cable )
Tech21 Trademark 60

Tech21 bass pre w/1500 crest poweramp
& Custom 2x10 & 1x12 cabs Bass

MesaBoogie Mk4 combo
Boss GT8 w/Mesa 50/50 poweramp & 2x12cabs
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I feel like a GAS fighter here:

1) Harmony guitar from Sears (bought used for $75), with an old Ford amp my dad had lying around his shop -- he swapped in a transformer to get it going again. Next amp was a Marlin that he fixed, with an old Traynor 2x12 (read 4x12 cut in half, with plywood put on the end) cab. I used a boss DS1 for distortion.

2) I then sold the Harmony, and used the money from my first summer job to buy an Ibanez Roadstar 410, with an edge, and an early use of the more modern headstock. Great guitar.

3) After moving to Southern Ontario to go to university, I bought a used Peavey Bandit 65 amp. I also bought an ancient Mansfield acoustic that is one of the best sounding acoustics I have ever heard.

4) After a couple of years with the Bandit, I bought a Peavey Classic 20, which I still use to this day.

5) During my father's funeral, a "Black Sheep" family member broke in to my place and stole the Ibanez. On top of losing my dad, I lost a trusted friend in that Ibanez.

Now to the ones I still have:

6) As a result of the theft, I bought my butterscotch Fender Highway 1 Strat (HSS).

7) Later on, missing having a locking whammy, I made out quite well on a certain auction site, buying my N3.

I then discovered OLP Music Man guitars, and nabbed one for a song.

9) A couple of years ago, I took a guitar building (assembling, really) course, and built a Super Strat, out of an ash body by Eden, a Mighty Mite neck, a licensed Floyd, a Fender humbucker with ridiculous output, and assorted parts.
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post #73 of 78 (permalink) Old 01-20-2010, 06:04 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I can't remember them all.
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post #74 of 78 (permalink) Old 01-22-2010, 05:25 PM
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Location: California, USA
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Wow- some of you guys have really gone through a ton of gear!

I've been playing since 1990.

Sebring Strat clone (traded for EX350)
Ibanez EX350MB (gave to a friend)
Ibanez RG450 (sold to a Jemsiter)
Washburn BT2 (sold)
Gorilla Practice Amp (gave to friend)
ADA MP-1 (gave to Dad)

Still owned:
Ibanez Jem7VWH
Fender Standard Strat
Ibanez RG550BK
Washburn D10S
Yamaha FG700
Ibanez RG570FMTB
Fender Princeton Chorus
Peavey 5150 combo
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post #75 of 78 (permalink) Old 01-23-2010, 08:54 PM
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

There's no way I could do this. I might get the guitars correct, but as for the gear, the list of stuff that I'd forget is longer than most of the lists here.

It would start in 1981 with a "West" strat copy (which I still have and is heavily-modded) and just be a blur of guitars, amps, pedals, keyboards, synths, etc. from that point on.

I have owned every BOSS multi-effector starting with the ME-5 in 1988 and all the way up from the GT-3 through the GT-10 (which I returned) and now have a GT-8.

Yeah... no way I'd even come close to getting this right... let's just say it's a lot...
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