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Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I thought this would be a funny thread. I just spent an hour trying to remember everything i had and what i still have. It's bad, i have a horrible memory. It runs in the family. Also, i have a large collection at my young age. However, i thought i'd be worth a few yucks if everyone shared a detailed list of everything they owned or some of it. It's funny to remember just how simple the rig's were at time and how little we knew. And then, the more we learned, the more our rig's reflected it.

Well here's mine. I hope others will participate, i am extremly curious to see. Hopefully, you all have better memories than i do lool

December 2001 (The journey begins):

1) (N/A) Baracuda Strat copy (Sunburst)
- This guitar is later found to have a serious warped neck. Store sends me another guitar instead.
2) Renegade Strat Copy (Sunburst)
- This guitar can be considered the first i ever had, at least i owned it for more than the two weeks i had the previous one for
a) Peavey Rage 158
- First amp, outstanding little box. It did it's time. Still have it actually.


3) (SOLD) Quest atak 4 (Black w/ cream binding)
- My love of oddly shaped guitars began here
b) (SOLD) Peavey Bandit 112
-This amp has been my lover amp for long. I just recently had to sell her and it broke my heart. We've been through lots together, i hope she will be treated well.
5) 1978 Yamaha 12string acoustic (spruce top, cherry stained mahogany side, back and neck)
- This was heirloom from my great grand mother. It was given to my aunt. She felt that i should have it since my great grand mother had loved me a lot and i was the only one who could play.

5) B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze edition (Blue)
- Awesome guitar, pick-ups maybe weren't all that great, but looking back they were really heavy back then. Guitar set itself apart from others.
c) (SOLD) Boss Me-50 pedal
- Got this used for 100 bucks, fun little toy hehe


6) Fernandes RetroRocket pro w/ Sustainer (Black)
- My first 1000$ guitar. We got this from someone who had kicked out someone he was sheltering. The man had no money to pay his debts back, so my dad's friend sold us all his gear for the amount he owed
7) Fernandes Tremor Bass (Black)
- This came in the bundle too
d) (SOLD) Roland Jazz Chorus 210
- Great little amp, but had no usable gain for me. Sold in 2006 to pay for more gear
e)Phonic PA system w/ two 12" enclosed cabinets.
- Finally the band had a P.A.
f) (SOLD)Korg ax1500G Pedal board
-Superior effects processor unit. I've used it up until December 2007. Sold in Jan 08'.
g) Peavey MicroBass 10"
-This was later purchased to accomodate bass playing in the house.


2005 Fender American Stratocaster HSS config (Tobacco sunburst)
- My father bought me my first Fender after we'd returned a Platinum Pro B.C. Rich Warlocks that was heavily out of shape. This guitar is the most significant present my father has made me. It symbolizes a lot, but that day my father proud to be my father and i was proud to be his son. This guitar will be with me always. Even if i lose everything, i shall never sell this guitar. I shall take it to my grave or pass it on to my children.


9) (SOLD)Jackson Pro Series Kelly (Trans red Flamed maple)
- This had been a longtime dream. Before this day, i had not really had a Floyd Rose guitar. Something sparked with that tremolo!

h) (SOLD)Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier solo head
- I now admit this to be an impulse purchase. However, nothing could take away how beautiful the tone was on this amp. But there was simply to much gain and i was into other things. Now traded...
I) Mesa Boogie Rectified Cab
- Awesome cab. Very solid and provides warm and bassy tones. Perfect match to my current amp ( Jan 200


10) (SOLD)Ibanez RGT42dx Neck thru guitar ( Metallic gray with colorful sparkle)
- Not only my first Neck-thru but my first Ibanez. I don't know what the future holds, but this was the year i fell in love with Ibanez's!

11) B.C. Rich st-III L.A. series
- I bought this for the pieces on it. I started experiment more with pick-ups and so i soldered out the DiMarzio Super Distortion and added to another axe. Lot's of fun. Love Dimarzio PU's now.
j) (SOLD)Fender 5150 III
- Traded my Mesa Dual Rectifier for this amp. By then i had already bought my JSX from member MadRyan (Jemsite) and it was on it's way. So i knew i'd prolly sell one off. Loved it though! The tone..

2008: (Biggest year yet)

12) Ibanez 1987 Jem 777 SK /W Palm Rest (Fluorescent pink - note: Serial Numer 870288!!!)
- I love this guitar. Rich sounding, rare, awesome shape, bright in your face looks, and amazing tone. Nothing beats those worn in 20 year old Paf Pros!
k) Peavey JSX
- This amplifier is, for now, the amp that suites my needs in every shape and form. Thank you Joe Satriani and Peavey. I biased it not too long ago. It's set at 38 MV - awesome sounding amp now.
l) T.C. Electronics G Major
- I got this also from Mad Ryan with the JSX. Since i now have professional gear, i think this is as much as i shall ever need. Perhaps the amp will change or the tubes, but i love this current set-up
13) Ibanez 1990 Jem 7PBK (Black - duuuuuhhh lol)
- This guitar comes all the way from Finland (Thank you Gary Qwa) and it plays amazingly well. The neck is nice and thin in comparison to my 777.
14) Ibanez Prestige RG 1570 (Mirage Red - awesome paiiint!!!)
- This will be my new beater. It has one nick on the edge of the body, so it's in good condition, but it will play about as good as the jems, only i am less attached to it. Yay?
m) Peavey 5150 Signature head
- I traded my RGT42dx for this. I made money right off the bat as i could sell it tomorrow for 750$, but my guitar could only realistically fetch 550$ at most. Anyways it's for sale and or trade. I love my JSX .


What i now use:

Jem 777sk

Jem 7Pbk

Rg 1570

Fender Strat

Peavey JSX

T.C. G major

whew... talk about walking down memory lane. Guess it'll be even more weird when i am 23 and have 10 years of playing under my belt. I hope expenses can limit themselves over the years. Up until this pasy year and half, i had always had okay equipment. I must say that the world of tube amplifiers and expensive guitars is quite seducing. G.A.S. is what you call it right ?
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Red face Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Fender Jazz Bass (sold)

No name Acoustic (smashed)

Bently Series 10 Bass (smashed)
Sears amp (set fire to)

Marshall 10 watt amp (blew up)

Westone electric guitar model # not known (gave away)
Gorilla 25 watt amp (threw out)
BC Rich NJ seies Warlock Bass

Gibson Les Paul Custom II (traded for Yamaha DX 11 which I later sold)
Ibanez Acoustic (smashed)
Sears Silvertone Guitar Head (threw out)
2 1x15 cabs homemade (threw out)

Ibanez Jem 77FP
Marshall 4x10 Cab
Ampeg SS150 150 watt Head (sold around 2001)
ART Multiverb II (sold)
Custom Dreams Strat (smashed)

Gibson The Paul (traded)

Crate 4x12 Cab
Ibanez FP 5 (smashed)

Ibanez 77VBK
Ibanez 7RB
BC Rich Platinum series Bass (sold)
Hartke Bass Rig

ADA MP 1 (back up)

Ibanez Ice Man (signed)

Ibanez Jem 77BFP
2 Crate GX 1200 Guitar Head
Marshall 4x12 Cab

Kramer Gorky Park
Alvarez FD 60
Alvarez AC 40
Fernandes Vertigo (signed)
Peavey Raptor (signed)
Washburn Chicago Series Tele (signed)
Washburn BT 9 (signed)
Gibson Melody Maker (signed)
BC Rich Platinum Series Warlock Pink

2001- 2006
So many guitars and amps bought and sold for profit

Ibanez Jem 20
Ovation 12 string
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I started a thread like this awhile ago

Here's what I can remember

1) JC Penny 15 watt practice amp
2) Roland something or another
3) Crate combo
4) Crate Halfstack
5) Ampeg VL502
6) Fender Hot Rod Deville 2X12
7) Fender ProSonic Combo
8 Mesa Triaxis/2:90
9) Mesa Triple Rectifier
10)Marshall JCM 900 SLX
11)Marshall JCM 800 (50 watt 2 channel)
12)Marshall JCM 2550SL (Slash head)
13)Marshall JCM 800 50 watt Combo
14)Marshall DSL 401
15)Marshall JMP-1/el34 100/100
16)Marshall 1959SLP RI
17)Fender Princeton (Vintage 1964)
18 )Fender G-DEC
19) Orange AD30
20)Peavey Delta Blues
21) Epiphone Valve Jr
22)Johnson Millenium
23)Peavey Bass Amp

1)Harmony Piece of crap
2)Ibanez EX360 (also garbage)
3)Jackson Rhoades Pro
4)Ibanez Destroyer
5) 3 or 4 Epiphone Les Pauls
6)Epiphone 1958 RI V
7)Gibson V90
8 Gibson Gothiv V
9)Gibson Gothic Explorer
10)Gibson Gothic Les Paul (I wasnt going for the collection, this was all at different times)
11)Gibson Late 80s LP Standard
12)Gibson early 90s LP Standard
13)Gibson Les Paul Classic
14)Another Gibson Les Paul Classic
15)Gibson Les Paul Custom (81)
16)Gibson Les Paul Custom (76)
17)Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
18 Gibson Melody Maker
19)Gibson Faded SG
20)Gibson 61 RI SG
21)Gibson Firebird V
23)Gibson 1957 RI Les Paul
24)Edwards LP Special
25)Ibanez Jem7PBK
26)Squire 51
27)Fender Eric Johnson Strat
28 Fender MIM Telecaster
29)Fender MIM Strat
30)Fender Strat Plus
31)Fender Light Ash Tele
32)Project Tele
33)Fender Partsocaster
34)Gibson Smartwood Studio Les Paul
36)G&L Commanche
37)Ibanez S540 LTD
38 2000-ish Gibson Les Paul Standard
39)Martin Acoustic
40)Martin Acoustic
41) Cortez 12 String Acoustic
42) Seagull Acoustic
43)Guild Acoustic
44)Fender Classical
45)Washburn Classical
46)Yamaha Bass
47)Ibanez Ergodyne Bass
48 Yamaha Gretsch knock off
49)Ibanez RG3120DR
50)Ibanez UV777BK
51)Ibanez RG7620
52)Fender High way 1 Bass
53)Jackson USA King V
54)Fender Nashville Deluxe Power Tele
55)Fender 60s Tele w/Bigsby
56)Usa Peavey Wolfgang
57)EB/MM Petrucci 7
58 Ibanez PGM30
59)Les Paul Standard DC
60) Ovation Elite Acoustic

I think that's everything that ever came and went

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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

what i now own jem 555 heavily modded vox advt 50 roland vg-88 fender highway 2007 model takamin 12 strign acoustic the warrior distorsion pedal 535q joe satch model wah unit yjm overdrive pedal jay turser strat type guitar boss micro br roland gi-20 midi interface

what ive previously owned yamaha rg type guitar epiphone tobbaco burst limeted edition les paul (man that was nice) bc rich kerry king sig fender squire bullet marshal mg 30 crate 50 watt amp cant remember name of original cry baby wah vox wah weeping demon wah a wierd wah that was a wah and a yoy yoy pedal in one a digitech whammy old version and newer model think thats about it.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I can tell you my first guitar and amp, and my corrent stuff, but you're asking the impossible, for a detail list of everything. I get bored with gear quite quickly, plus I am a child of the 80s, so everything during THAT period is a blur!

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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Elcid could do it and he's seen the great depression - i think you could try :P.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Originally Posted by Fender868 View Post
Elcid could do it and he's seen the great depression - i think you could try :P.
I probably forgot a couple, but cut me some slack, I am 30.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Originally Posted by Fender868 View Post
Elcid could do it and he's seen the great depression - i think you could try :P.
Trust me, I tried years ago, and failed. Even worse, now. When you're staring at almost 3 decades of playing, the list of instruments past seem to fade away.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

I can't remember exactly when I bought and sold these, but most in the last four years.


RG750 (2)
RG470 (2)
Herc Fede Swirl

Early 90's RR Professional
RR crap
Another model I can't remember!

ESP Maverick Deluxe
LTD M-302
Kramer Pacer
Kramer Sustainer
Suhr Standard
Suhr Standard (on order)
LGM Leviathan 7 Prototype
Taylor 414CE
Gibson LP Custom
Gibson LP Studio
Fender Strat
Parker Fly Deluxe
Encore Strat
Washburn MG42
Crafter GAE-8
Axe (****ty starter)


Peavey JSX Head
Peavey XXX Head
Peavey JSX Mini Collosal
Peavey 5150 combo
Peavey Bandit
Cornford Carrera
Engl Savage SE
Randal Cyclone
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Mesa Tremoverb combo
Mesa Triaxis + 2:90
Laney (can't remember which one)
A couple of Marshall practice amps

And hopefully will be adding a Mesa Mark IV combo soon
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

All in the last 4 years :O ?

If that's so , than i am starting to feel better. For a while i thought i was gassy :P
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

well I was gung how to do this, cause it sounded fun. The El Cid made me feel inadequet. But for posterities sake, I'll give it a try in the OP format. Fender, whats weird is I started on a renegade, I AM 23 with 10 years of playing. Although, ive gone through much less gear than you. But then I also have G.A.S. for fancy folio society books

Renegade Strat Copy
Dean Markley K15 amp
Danelectro dist pedal

1988 Ibanez RG340 (sold)
solid state Fender Princeton (sold)
Dunlop Crybaby

2000 Ibanez RG350DX
Peavey Bandit (sold)
EMG's for the RG350

Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry Acoustic

Digitech RP300

2003 Ibanez RG3120

Mesa/Boogie Nomad 45

TC Electronics G-major
FCB1010 foot controller
M-Audio Firewire Solo
Apex 435 condensor mic
Line6 POD xt

1998 Parker Fly deluxe (its 10th birthday was on tuesday)
M-audio Keystation 61
Digidesign 002 rack/Pro Tools LE 7.3 (only gear purchase I ever regretted, shoulda got Apple's Logic program)

2003 Ibanez BTB405QM
Larrivee L03R

OFR for RG350
Pickguard Paradise pickguard for RG350

(coming later in the year)
maple fretboard neck for RG350

In the later future
Parker Fly classic in Root Beer if I can find one in that colour.

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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Originally Posted by Fender868 View Post
All in the last 4 years :O ?

If that's so , than i am starting to feel better. For a while i thought i was gassy :P
I know, when GAS gets you, what can you do!! I'd say 90% of that was last 4 years.

Oh yeh, forgot about that LNG I got from Davey here

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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

we dont have enough time or bandwidth for my list, I change guitars like once a week for a couple years haha
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

Oh Man I don't even want to think!!!


PMC x2
DNA x2
A few J-Cs that I forget the Number

All but a few of the Ibanez live back in the UK... All sitting in their cases put away for a rainy day


Suhr Carve Top Standard
Suhr Standard
Suhr Standard
Melancon NAMM Show Custom Artist
Jackson NAMM Show PC1
PRS Modern Eagle Stoptail
PRS Modern Eagle Singlecut Trem
PRS Singlecut Trem Rosewood Ltd Ed
PRS West Street Limited
PRS Singlect Artist
PRS Private Stock #986
PRS Private Stock #350
Old Red Crackly Rock Guitar with a Steinberger
Les Paul x 2
Strat x 2

Taylor x2

I may have left a few out or mixed a few up.... but that is close.
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Re: Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?

is this for real? erhm... here goes but it reads like an itinerary:

1993 (my journey)
some 24 fret S-S-H guitar - don't remember the brand

cheap explorer copy gift from grandparents
the 24 fret S-S-H guitar was returned by xmas
both were taken apart into pieces, i threw the explorer-copy away cause it was so neck heavy!

Boss Metal Zone - long gone!
Ibanez RG470 - b-day present
some Crate Flexwave 15w practice amp - dunno what happened to it???

1997 (I joined a band at this point, hardly made any income)
some Crate solid state full stack - I have no clue how I managed to sell it
Ampeg cabinets - long gone
Boss ME10 - ugh...

Crate Stealth head - not bad for its time
Crate Blue Voodoo - I was trying to keep up with the other guitar player
Boss GT-3 -^, kept it in original box in storage up to this day; missing power supply
Furman PL-8 - ^, later sold
BBE 462 - ^, long gone

2000 (I slowly began my rack phase)
Digitech Valve FX - meh! not quite I was expecting from a Digitech unit...
Ibanez/Rocktron Shark Distortion - odd yet interesting concept that never really took off; purchased NOS and later sold on the 'bay... if anyone knows where I can find another one, lemme know

2001 (pre-911)
got rid of the RG470 for an Ibanez UV777GR!
ordered 2 DiMarzios for the GR a month after...
Carlo Robelli classical nylon shallow body, a b-day gift from a good friend
Rocktron Hush IICX
Mesa/Boogie 6-space rack
2 Carvin 4x12 cabs - best cabs for the price

2002 (I got lucky this time and started buying more stuff)
Ibanez RG760DG
RackRider RR-15; got it for cheap with a coupon when Mars Music was still around... it worked the same way as the PL-8 w/o lights so I sold that.
got free DiMarzio's (courtesy of Def Leppard's junk bin circa 92/93, it's a story worth a thread of its own ) for the 760... except traded a TZ for an Evo
Mesa Boogie Studio Pre - previously owned by a mutual friend from well-established deathmetal band who quit playing. Was later sold for the same price I bought it for cause it wasn't "heavy" for me.
Mesa 50/50 - bought on the 'bay and sold

2003 (around this time I was trading/selling gear back and forth while keeping the ones that I liked while some of my friends asked me to help 'em find quality gear)
Ibanez RG570BK AANJ with dual EMG 81's... a friend asked me to find him an Ibanez for playing thrash metal; bought it for him a couple weeks later. Performed a setup before getting money from him.
Ibanez RG770CA... I seriously wished I could've bought this myself but one of my friend's bought it when I couldn't afford $400...
TC G-Force - i didn't have an amp to plug it at the time and got it before I started buying amp-related gear!
MosValve 500 - got it from my bestfriend, was later sold on the 'bay (i think)
Digitech 2120 (purple faced) - meh... this Digitech's cool for what it is
BBE 482 - it came with the 2120, sold that quick.
Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe w/ rackmount kit - my homeboy was searching high and low for a solid-amp at his price range... I told him about it and bought it next day for $450.
Mesa Boogie 2:95 (ver 1) - found it for a good price locally
Mesa Boogie 2:95 (ver 2) - came with the 2120, sold ver. 1 afterwards
Mesa Boogie V-Twin Rackmonunt preamp- found locally, it was modded by previous owner to have volume controls on the front similar to a TriAxis, had to replace a few parts but kept that mod
Mesa Boogie 8-space rack - sold the 6-space afterwards
Mesa Boogie 12-space rack - sold the 8 space afterwards, came with 2 space rack drawer.
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier - found a good price and sold it... meh!
Mesa Boogie 4x12 oversized Recto cab - well beatup and was used as a restoration project. Replace parts + tolex + grill.
Rocktron Hush IICX - sold the first one

2004 (right before college taken over my life)
Ibanez WD-7 - was really impressed at GC I bought it new for a good deal
Mesa Boogie 16-space rack - the person I bought it from had 2 that were pristine and was selling 'em for way way less than what they were new. Sold the 12-space afterwards

2005 (when school projects became more expensive than your budget!)
Sold the 2:95 to some guy locally who thought he was getting a 2:90! had to sell it cause I was itching for the $$$
Sold the V-twin and Mesa 4x12 to my homeboy on the condition that I get 'em back after I graduate...
Sold the WD-7 to another friend to fund another school project
Peavey Rage158 - received gift from homeboy since I sold some of my gear to him at this point to fund for art supplies :\

2007-present (post-graduation after landing a steady freelance part-time gig)
Ibanez RG550PN
Ibanez JEM777VBK
Ibanez WD-7 - gotta have the wah back into the mix....
bought at least 4 different DiMarzio's within half a year
Furman PL-Pro, sold the RackRider for my homeboy's studio rack.
ENGL 530 Preamp
DMC Ground Control - will be sent to VoodooLab for a firmware update
Mesa Boogie 2:90 - owned by DiMarzio-endorsed artist who had it retubed before I purchased it
TC G-Major
got my Mesa 4x12 cabinet back but had to recone one of the speakers
Orange Microcrush - best present i've gotten in a long time
i'm close to getting my V-Twin back...

this is quite an expensive hobby but the learning experience is priceless :P


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