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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat. - How are these and how do t

Hi does anyone have or played a Fender US made malmsteen signature strat? if so, how does it play? do you like it? how does it sound and how does it compare to a jem7wh or a gibson sg standard?
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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

I have tried the US malmsteen Strat.. There is one hanging in one of the local music stores here... The big difference here is that the neck is scalloped all the way.. *So it gives a totally different feel than a JEM or a SG for example.. *It is something you jusst have to try before buying... Malmsteens own explanation of the scallops is that when you have gotten used to it, your playing style changes to jusst quickly touching the string and playing fast becomes very relaxed.. Also it gives great control in bends and stuff because you have no problem grabbing the string on the fly so to speak...
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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

to me the only comparison between the strat, the jem and the sg is that the three of them have six strings!
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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

caprile on 10:15 am on Dec. 30, 2001
to me the only comparison between the strat, the jem and the sg is that the three of them have six strings!
Oh, and pickups, lots of wood, a few knobs, a switch, and some metal bits.
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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

One thing about ANY Fender is,play it first.As has been stated here numerous times,that's the best way to buy a guitar(if possible).The thing about Fenders is,the quality from guitar to guitar,same model,varies WIDELY.Years ago, I tried out a Floyd Rose Calssic American strat,and it played great,sounded great.I decided to buy it,but when I came back,it was gone,so I ordered one.It was the worst piece of firewood I've ever layed my paws on.For some reason,Fenders seem to vary more than most other brands I've played.
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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

Well I own a YJM Sig and an RG3120 Prestige (oh yeah and a Tokai Love Rock), anway.

First off - expect totally different worlds in terms of playability, sounds, and the way you play. *The YJM Strat will make every mistake you make stand out, humbucker equipped guitars to my ears tend to smooth over some mistakes in quick picking but the YJM will catch out any technique flaws.

Playability: The YJM is the easiest Strat you will ever play. *The scalloped fretbaord takes little adjustment (for my hands), it makes vibrato and bending a breeze. *The fact that the YJM has a scalloped fingerboard and Dunlop 6000 ENORMO-FRETS make for a very different feel to that of your Jem. *If you like the feel of wood under your fingertips prepare yourself for a totally new experience. *This is like walking on a tightrope, but after youhave adjusted you will love it. *Your vibrato will also improve on the Jem as a result of using the YJM. *The neck is one of the thicker Strat necks you will come across, but it is a comfortable D shape, its supposedly shaped on a 1968 neck shape but to me its more reminiscent of a mid 70's, slighty clubbier. *The tremolo is superb once you have it set up right and the body fits the err body like a glove.

Sound: *The YJM Strat is equipped as you probably know with a DiMarzio HS-3 in the bridge, and DiMarzio YJM's in the mid and neck positions, these are accessible via a 3 way selector. *What you may not expect is that these are VERY VERY LOW OUTPUT pickups, kicking out 93mV, almost 4 times less than the Evo's, what this means is that a very pure clean signal is sent to the amp. *It will not have the sustain or the inherent warmth of the Evo's and as a result make you work harder for getting natural sustain as you are not getting it from the pickup. *The HS-3 is based on a vintage PAF humbucker, it has the same tonality but obviously does not sound the same due to its lower output and magnetic field size (area of string it picks up) - this is from James Byrd (DiMarzio endorsee who used the HS-3 for years before changing to the VV54B). *The YJM sounds like *sh*t
in the bridge position but gets a nice flutey type quality in the neck position, its the same as the HS-3 but it has a vintage magnet stagger, quite why it sounds so different in the bridge position is beyond me but there you go. *The sound out of the guitar as a whole is very 'woody', their is excellent note definition when playing chords and high speed licks sound superb. *The Yngwie tone is only present in the guitar when you couple it with the right equipment, its a guitar that sounds better when the gain is NOT on 10. *Also you will probably need an overdrive pedal with this guitar to get the distorted tone you are after - it works very well with a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, a Dod250 Overdrive/Preamp or an Ibanez TS-9 (I use the SD-1 and Dod250), it does NOT perform so well with metal type dist pedals. *You can get blues tones out of it, and superb clean tones too.

Reliability: Not bad, never had a problem as such, the screws have rusted out on me on the scratchplate and pickup selector but then every Fender I have owned has done this. *The tremolo and other metal parts have not though. *I had to take it in to my tech a couple of weeks back as my neck shifted, this was solved with a truss rod tweak and fretdress to make up for the uneven bow in it, I am assured that ANY guitar can do this and its down to the nature of the wood more than anything else. *The scallop fingerboard will NOT weaken the neck as its pretty wide to begin with.

Overall the guitar is superb - easily the best Strat I have ever played/owned and I would not part with it for the world.

Hope this help? Any more q's email me or post here.


For more info check out my Yngwie website at: http://www.yngwiemalmsteen.net

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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

I've played one a while back...

The scalloped neck is great for all that speed and bends etc, but if you press too hard it'll throw your intonation out the door.
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Fender US Malmsteen Sig. Strat.

Buy a Yngwie strart if you want to play yngwie if not do not bother. *These guitars are simple amazing but are total one trick ponys if you ask me. And like mentioned before don't expect the guitar to push your amp at all. And as far as comparing to a jem the guitars are to different for a fair comparision, both play great both sound great but for totally different things. So like I said buy the Yngwie strat if you want to play only Yngwie on it.
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amm, its not just fenders that you may get a rotten apple. Every guitar company has "bad" guitars. Out of 10 gibsons 2-3 probably arnt that good. Same goes for all guitars. The quality of the guitar simply comes from the material it was made from, like if it was just a bad piece of wood, it wood be a piece of ****. (pun intended). If the next was made perfectly becuase of the machine or the person who was hand making it, it would be a piece. And so on so. Even many jems, probably a 1/6 or more, are pieces. Ive played jems that are only good for scrap wood becuase the neck was just too thin or it wasn't of good quality or what ever. You just have to be careful of what you get.
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With Gibsons its more like 8/10 are duffers!!! The great ones you will vertually never see in the store, as they are picked up by staff, or to long term customers who are given first refusal.....its a funny ol' business sometimes.
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