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Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

These guitars came out about ten years ago, and never really caught on. John Ricco from Warrior Soul played one, and to my eye they are a hot guitar, but I never played one. I keep an eye out in the British mags for second hand ones, but have had no joy in tracking one.

Am I wasting my time looking for one?
Were they dogs to play?
What sort of money would a deluxe model go for?

Any answers?

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Gibson MIII

You thinking about this one?

This babe is awesome. I only played it once (a long time ago). Very thin 1960 Slim taper neck and very high output pickups:
Bridge: 496 R ceramic magnet HB
Middle: NSX Single Coil
Neck: 500 T ceramic magnet HB
Yess, it's a great guitar.. I don't know where you can get it. But I am thinking it's in the 1500-2000$ price range.
You might want to check out this sight. (in russian though)
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Gibson MIII

Oh yeah, a friend of mine has one and I set it up for him on occasion. I'm not sure of the different models of the MIII but his is a beautiful butterscotch see through (neck and body) and a maple fretboard.

* *It has the HSH configuration and a super-slim neck and it's a breeze to play. The sounds are quite good.....It's a versatile sounding guitar with the HSH and coil tap. If you like the look (I don't) then this guitar is a keeper.

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Gibson MIII

Thanks for the info. The deluxe model came with groovey tortoiseshell pickguard and truss rod cover. It had a lacquered wood finish, with a cool ugly red stripe on the forearm cutaway.
I would love one. I'll keep searching.

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Gibson MIII

I love them too! Nearly picked one up about 6 months ago, but had to pass in favour of (eventually) my USRG10 - I'd still like one someday though... They crop up on eBay occassionally, and don't do that well there. If you do find one used, I wouldn't jump up to pay more than $800 or so for it - I've seen them go for considerably less....
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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

Yes, I play many of them - some say that I collect them - I like them, purchased my first one in 1991. I like Jems too - I have one - but they are different!

There is a place in Florida that sells some, though I have never purchased from them -

There is an MIII standard on **** right now for sale - hurry...

The prices range depending on the version and condition.

Let me know if you have any questions

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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

Yeah, this thread is ONLY 4 years old.
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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

Yes. I've got a red one. FANTASTIC guitar. Love it to bits. Great fast neck, 24 frets, maple fretboard.
I asked a few local guitar shops about the price, told me it aint worth a ****.
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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

I live near the store in DAVIE FLORIDA where they have five GIBSON M3 - MIII, including a customized one, on display. 02/03/2006 they have two for sale $1200 & $1400 and they are RED, no pick-guard. They have more sustain than Santana's guitars. They neck is glued on.
My favorites are the BLACK standards with the cheesey leopard pick-guards. They all are amazing.
Three times in the last four months I have tried to get one from ****, 1ST I was e-sniped, winner got it for $458. 2ND time I was not available for last minute bidding and missed a blonde one for $650 ish and the 3rd one wound up being a PAY-PALless SCAM.
Be careful of those.
Get an M3 any way you can. All you JEM guys will be glad you did.
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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

We are listing a Gibson MIII for auction on **** with case. It will start on may 28, 2006. It has a couple of chips on the body, but other than that, it is in excellent condition. (links to our **** store)
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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

Although this 'posting' has not been touched in over one year I have a non-Jem update. There is currently on **** a 'virgin' GIBSON M III, 07/20/2007. This guitar was purchased in 1991 and still has the plastic on it!
P.S. I am not the seller.
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* Produced between 1991 - 1996
* Double-cut solidbody with long horns
* 25.5" scale neck (I think Bolt-on) w/24 frets
* Various PU configurations

The M Series Collection (incomplete):

1) M-III Standard: H/S/H PU configuration, maple fretboard w/black triangle inlays, reverse Explorer headstock w/reversed Gibson Logo (must my inlayed pearl), 1 Tone, 1 Volume, 5-way (or 3-way) blade switch, 1 mini-switch, side jack, Gibson stamped locking vibrato bridge, w/pickguard, various finishes including Metallic Candy Red (don't know the actual finish name) and Ebony.

2) M-III Standard - No Pickguard: The same as (1) but without pickguard, ad shows the guitar in Translucent Amber finish.

3) M-IV S Deluxe: The same model as (1) & (2), but the body wood is different, the finish in Translucent, the vibrato bridge is seems like an alternated/wider Vintage Synchronized Vibrato Bridge, Rosewood (could be Ebony) fingerboard w/triangle pearl inlays.

4) M-IV S Standard: Same as the above, solid Ebony finish, the same weird bridge, Ebony (seems a bit too dark to be Rosewood) fretboard w/pearl dot inlays.

A very nice detail imho is that the tremolo was custom-made for Gibson, and where you normally had "Schaller" stamped into the baseplate, on an M3 it reads "Gibson".





Despite its rich history of quality and innovation, Gibson has been a little frustrated in getting a "modern" line of electric guitars to "stick" in the marketplace. Their bread-and-butter Les Pauls, ES-335s, and SGs have been hard acts to follow, hut with the M-III, the company has definitely come up with a winner.

This is a totally new Gibson guitar, save two classic features: the reverse Explorer-style headstock, and the gold Les Paul control knobs that compliment the tiger-shell pick guard (and truss rod cover and mini-toggle switch-plate--nice follow-through!).

The M-III has a racy shark fin and a deep-cutaway look that's "California custom car" sharp, balanced with enough natural wood to avoid vulgarity. The flat, ultrathin, 1-14/32-inch wide maple neck with arrowhead inlays is built for speed, and the jumbo frets and set-in construction deliver sustain that hangs into next week.

Thc M-III is also a very comfortable guitar to play: there's front and rear beveling, that's forearm-friendly, plus the 22nd fret neck-join means easy access to the 24th fret for players with even the biggest paws. In general, the workmanship is excellent, although I thought the edges of the frets could've used a tad more polishing.


Gibson's designers have put as much thought into the electronics as they have into the cosmetics. For starters, there's no need to run this guitar flat out in order to get a full sound.

The M-III's nine tone settings stay the same at any volume level. And they're musically useful tones, too, with plenty of high-end snap on the treble settings and rich, mud-free lows for rhythm work.

The pickups are recent Gibson models--a bright 496R ceramic magnet humbucker in the rhythm position that's mated with a high-output Model 500T humbucker at the bridge. Also, there's an extra NSX single-coil in the middle position, giving the player a wide range of humbucking and single-coil options.

Of special note is the efficient switching system: flipping a mini-toggle into Position One cuts in the single-coil sounds, while Position Two is for the double-coils. There's also a standard five-position switch for selecting the normal combinations, plus a few extras like an enhanced neck pickup tone that adds a hollow-body character to the sound and a stand-by mode for manual special effects, between song muting, etc...

There are no single-coil-plus-humbucking combinations in the stock factory wiring scheme. But there's nothing stopping the intrepid, soldering iron-wielding wirehead from making a few mods, is there?

Rounding out the M-III's features is a flush-mounted, Schaller-made Floyd Rose tremolo system, but what's there to say about a Floyd Rose that you don't already know If you've ever owned a guitar equipped with one? I've never understood why most guitar manufacturers don't include a booklet explaining the care and feeding of these systems, which are fairly sophisticated. What kind of strings are required? Does it need lubrication'? How do I adjust it? We're not born with this knowledge, folks, and the first time a first-time buyer busts a string they're gonna suffer some serious angst.


I worked the M-III out on a publishing demo for one of my new tunes, which called for two completely different rhythm guitar tracks. Normally, that would mean lugging all my guitars up to the studio, but thanks to its switching capabilities and dual pickup systems, the M-III was all I needed.

The first track needed a funky, single-coil, "boink-boink" tone--and the middle/bridge single coil setting was ideal. But I also wanted the amp (a '62 Vox AC30/6 "Treble") to clip a little, and was wondering if the single-coils would pump out enough power to overdrive the pre-amp section. No problem--I was even able to turn the amp's volume down, thus saving wear and tear on this antique amp's output stage.

Track Two needed a mega-crunch, fat humbucker tone for rhythm/power chord accents, so we fired up an ancient Marshall 2 X 12-inch, 50-watt combo and set the guitar to the neck humbucker position. The initial sound was dynamite, but when auditioned against the backing track, it was obvious, that a rounder sound was called for. The engineer started to reach for the EQ knobs, but all I had to do was switch to the enhanced tone setting. Actually, the "front-end" sounds on both tracks were so good that it was possible to record them with no EQ, thus reducing extraneous electronic noise. There was only one "problem" with the M-III: it's such a fun guitar to play and has such a pleasant "finger feel" that instead of concentrating on the task at hand, I noodled around too much! -CHRIS BUTLER


NECK: 24-fret set-in maple neck with arrowhead inlays.
BODY: Poplar.
PICKUPS: One 496R ceramic magnet humbucker in the neck position, one NSX single-coil in the middle position and one 500T humbucker
in the bridge position.
TREMOLO: Double-locking Floyd Rose and black chrome hardware.
COLORS: Available in ebony, white and candy apple red.

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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

Schaller custom stamps those base plates for OEM use on guitars.. they've stamped them that way in the past for Gibson, Jackson, Charvel, Hamer and Washburn.
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Re: Gibson MIII - Anyone played one?

Very nice guitar indeed - very fun to play :-)
Awsome looks- hair metal hayday ressurection

VERY Versatile sounding...
I use her sometimes when recording
But for reasons beyond words, I've been addicted my PMC
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coil tap , guitar shop , high output pickups , local guitar shop , maple fret , maple fretboard , output pickup , sounding guitar , truss rod , truss rod cover

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