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Help!!! RGT3120 vs JS 1000

Hi everyone! Finally I can afford my DREAM GUITAR---JS 1000 burnt transparent blue. However, I saw RGT3120 trans. violet just as good, if not, BETTER!

I only can afford one of them(barely), can you guys help me out on choosing between these two? The specs, the playability, the tone, the looks etc. I play mostly hardrock, a bit of blues, and need clean tones some times. Will fed into a Marshall JCM 800.

Thanks a lot !
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hard call, but here is what I think are the major differences..

more aggressive sounding pickups more output
looks to kill
best playing guitar I've found for rock/metal
can be hard to grab extended chords(6 7 9 11 13 chords)

js btb
smoother sounding, less aggressive
easy to grab extended chords
looks pretty good, I don't think as good as an rgt
costs less than an rgt(a little depending where you buy it)

I think either of these guitars could fill your needs, I'd recommend the rgt for its looks/feel/sound(aggressive) the js has great options for clean tone though and might fit your needs better for the sound you are wanting. Its a real hard call.
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Technically, the JS1000 has higher output pickups (the FRED in the bridge of the JS is higher output than the 2nd PAF Pro in the RGT), but because of the body wood (basswood for the JS, mahogany/maple for the RGT), construction (bolt-on for the JS, neck-thru for the RGT), and pickup mounting (ring for the JS, direct for the RGT), the RGT may have a higher perceived output level.

If you ask me, the playability of the RGT puts any JS to shame. The big neck joint on the JS can't even compare to the neck-through all access joint on the RGT.

Plus, you get 2 more frets on the RGT! That would make the decision for me right there...

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They really are very different machines in almost every way. You have to play both and decide which one feels and sounds best for how you play and your style of music.
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Originally Posted by darren wilson
They really are very different machines in almost every way. You have to play both and decide which one feels and sounds best for how you play and your style of music.
I have to really agree with what he said, I have them both, and its impossible to really compare them, they are sooo different.
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Ummm, tough call

Thanks everyone.

I have a Fender fat strat (with Invader, Hotrails pups) and a Gothic Les Paul(with EMG 89/81). So you can see most of my stuff are heavy.

So if I want another hardrock axe, I should definetely go for a RGT; but if I want a more versatile axe, JS1000 suits me best, right?

OOh, another thing, I have realy small hands, which one provides better playability?
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post #8 of 19 (permalink) Old 05-07-2002, 08:27 AM
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On playability, the RGT has the Ultra neck that has a 43mm nut and is fairly rounded in the back (bigger than Wizard). The JS neck has a 42mm nut...which may be more comfortable for a smaller hand. The JS also has a smaller (rounder) radius on the fretboard...all of the above make it a little more like a traditional strat feel. I believe the newer JS guitars have a compound radius (flattens out near the body).

On tone, one thing I've noticed is that bolt necks seem to give you a more springy, snappy (stratty) tone with livelier pinch harmonics....vs. the RGT with a more forceful tone. I know experience & tone descriptions can be really subjective...Just my thoughts.

Like the others have said, try to get both into your hands...that's really the only way to decide.
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post #9 of 19 (permalink) Old 05-07-2002, 11:06 AM
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If you have really small hands the JS will be more suited, but the JS just has its own feel... atleast to me it does, like no other guitar has. It is kinda stratish but with a twist I guess. I think the JS is just as you said, a LITTLE more versatile than the RGT.

hope all this helps
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RGT...I think JS guitars are boring.
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between basswood and mahagony, there is no comparison

I have alwasys told people that never buy a basswood guitar.
I consider basswood a cheap substitude for poplar and poplar is not even good.
Basswood always sounds dead to me.
I bought the "live in SF" satriani DVD a while ago. I love his music, and I think he is one of the best players around. But after watch the DVD a few times, his tone just started to annoy me. It sounded cold and dead. Some people say it is so only when it's clean and it's ok with distortion. But to me, it's bad regardless. Between the songs he plays lots of Hendrix licks. Everytime he does that, it just reminds me how natual and emotional Hendrix's tone is.
Bottem line is, JS, with its basswood body, has a very clean and cold tone. Shredders like it because it has the best definition, but to my ear it's emotionless.
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post #12 of 19 (permalink) Old 05-08-2002, 08:43 AM Thread Starter
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That's right!

Thanks so much man. I haven't thought about the body wood. I love the tone of my LP, which is ofcourse mahogany wood. Come to think of that, I will go for the RGT. Yup, without a doubt.

Cheers guys, you make my week.
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post #13 of 19 (permalink) Old 06-17-2002, 03:53 PM
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Gotta disagree with you on satch's tone. Remember, he cut that DVD while touring in support of an electronica disc- his tone is naturally going to be more "processed" sounding, since that's the vibe he was going for. check out some of his earlier stuff- the G3 tour springs to mind, as does Crystal Planet, and the live half (actually, nearly all of) of "Time Machine." "The Extremist" is good, too, but you gotta be careful- he broke out the mahogany bodied 900 series (or was it 600? i can't remember) a lot on that one. And for pure, unprocessed JS tone into a good tube amp, check out the self-titled- it really shows you what the thing is capable of- i think "Down, down, Down" shows a gorgeous tone.

I think a lot of the problem with the SF dvd can be found in the marshalls and his EQ settings, not his guitar (i believed he switched to tsl2000's for the tour). Don't discount it just because of the body wood- play them both for a while before you judge.


PS- i don't own a JS, by the way, and i'm about to buy a mahogany bodied 7, so i'm not really biased in favor of the JS- i just want you to buy based on YOUR opinions, not ours. give both guitars a fair shot, because i think they both have a lot to offer.
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I own a JS1000BTB and it's a beautiful instrument.

From what you've said, you already own 2 guitars which satisfy your harder leanings.

The JS1000BTB is perfectly capable of hard rock, but it will also do blues and anything else you might wish to try.

I play in a band that does mostly straight-ahead rock, some blues and some slightly funky rock. The JS1000 does all of them.

I run it through a Marshall 100w Valvestate stack, and through that I'm disatisfied with my tone but that's down to the amp. It's still fairly new and sterile.

At home I have an old original Valvestate series 40w combo, and the JS sounds so damn good thru that..

I personally think that "tone" comes primarily from the fingers, and is flavoured by the wood and pickups, though not dominated by them unless they're extremely characterful.

I know for certain that the JS1000BTB is a very versatile guitar, with some great tones inherent in the guitar, especially clean tones. With the coil tap you effectively have 6 unique tones, and the high-pass filter being switchable means you have many shades of grey within those tones with different volume settings.

I know absolutely nothing about the other guitar you like. However, you've already said that this was your dream guitar.

Like others have said, play both guitars. I can see the JS being a better blues guitar, and it's so small, round and light, it's like hugging a sucked sweet! excellent for unplugged strums when you're bored.

Upper fret access is no issue if you employ a little ingenuity during your playing. And you don't need 24frets for rock or blues. That's purely for fret-wankers. :P

Again, try both guitars.

The RGT3120, with its thru neck and mahogany body, might have better sustain. However I've not found that to be an issue with the JS (and that's comparing it against a LesPaul).

Very tricky. This is a very important decision, I'd take a loooong time deciding. Try each guitar as many times as possible - if the company wants to make a sale they'll tolerate you visiting daily
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I dont like neck throughs at all, they almost sound too warm (too much midrange resonance; I totally agree with Gkelm, bolt on's sound snappier and more lively). I own a JS-BTB and I will tell you that I have yet to come across a better split coil clean sound. When you split the inner coils and then use the high pass filter no knock down some of the bass and mids its almost like having piezo's (I should know I also own an RG2020 and RG2027X). Also I have found the JS to have a much tighter and more controlled heavy distortion sound compared to any of my RG's (could just be the FRED). The js sounds surprisingly similar to my old JPM100. Well, good luck with your decision.
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