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post #16 of 67 (permalink) Old 02-21-2001, 07:52 PM
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How *bad can it be?!

My first guitar was a Memphis Strat Copy. I moded that thing to hell and gutted it *many times. I will never sell it even though its a pretty crappy has sentimental value.
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post #17 of 67 (permalink) Old 02-21-2001, 07:55 PM
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How *bad can it be?!

A long time ago (I always start my posts like that) I bought a Gibson Flying-V-II. It was a neck through with 3 layers of wood laminated on the body with fancy sculpting and gold hardware. The pickups were boomerang shaped. In order to do that they had to put two, 3 post PU’s in a boomerang shaped plastic cover. I hated the way the g-string would modulate and phase cancel as the 2 parts of the PU battled for the signal. I also hated the way the fingerboard split right down the center (the long way) and split into two parts. I guess it was trying to be like the pickups. I had a Strat that did that too… weird.

It was a pretty guitar, but played like crap and sounded worse. I traded it for a yellow Hammer with a real thin neck… which I broke trying to use it like a whammy bar.
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post #18 of 67 (permalink) Old 02-21-2001, 10:13 PM Thread Starter
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How *bad can it be?!

I agree with smashing guitars on stage but not with a Peavy T60 (I think that's what it was called) anyway, I found this thing in a pawn shop for $15 Canadian, yeah $15 bucks. *it actually was playable too, but at the end of the night, I tried to smash it, man, I banged for like 5 minutes and barely chipped it. *It was heavier than a Les Paul, and built like a Sherman tank.
I finally gave up as the drummer looked like he was tired of doing the big train crash ending so I tossed it off the stage onto the dance floor where a bunch of people started to fight over it. :biggrin:
That was definitly worth $15.
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post #19 of 67 (permalink) Old 02-28-2001, 10:19 PM
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How *bad can it be?!

Jeremy breaks guitars like a lil girl... :biggrin:
J/k bud, I have had a couple crappy guitars in the past. 1st electric being a Kay ES-335 copy...sort of, the thing was wider than I was tall, it had fader style pots instead of rotory, and slide switches for the pickup on/ off controls. Its actually still at my parents' place, but I don't think I wanna reclaim it. The thing fed back worse than anthing I have ever owned, and I lost the spring to the trem which held it in place. After the spring vanished, the tram bar flopped all the way to the strings and made it unplayable. The other was my Washburn whatever model that I got for a crappy flanger pedal. The neck was broken at the headstock and at the base where the neck through joint was, the finish was all chipped up and the pickups were hotter than I could handle, you heard EVERY sound within 20 feet of the thing. That too is in its hardshell case at my parents in the attic.
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post #20 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-01-2001, 05:43 AM
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How *bad can it be?!

My worst guitar had to be my first guitar also. It was a strat copy and the name was literaly CopyCat strat. Weird huh. Anyway i pull it out of the case first thing put in the whammy bar tighten it down, and go Vai on it. It was then i realized that that whammy bar is *probably not suppose to break off in your hand. It sucks to get somthing new and break it the first day.
The action was about as high off the fretboard as most vehicles are from the ground. I tell you this thing made my second guitar (a harmony) look and play amazing, and I think thats saying a lot

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post #21 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-03-2001, 12:00 PM
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How *bad can it be?!

Mine was my 1st guitar. *A Westone Strat copy. *It had a HB in the bridge and two holes where neck and mid pu's were. *no volume pot, but did have a switch??!! *(finally got it working though!) *No trem springs either. *I learned a lot about guitar repair with that puppy. *I took used low E strings and bent them into the trem block and around the claw to hold the trem down. *It had 1/8" red laquer all over it (including the fretboard) *I tried to sand it, but there was too much laquer, so I ended up chipping the laquer off with the claw end of a hammer, which left red dents in the wood, hehe. *Learned how to use a Dremel taking the finnish off the neck and fretboard with minimal success.
Smashed it after getting a decent guitar (dented my parent's hardwood floors in the process.) The headstock still lives on the wall at my local music store where it's been for almost 10 years.
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post #22 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-16-2001, 05:20 PM
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How *bad can it be?!

My worst guitar I still own. *It is a Hondo Les Paul studio crappy (not copy). *It is heavy as an anvil *and looks rough, action is perfect for absolutely nothing because of the warped neck. *This is where it gets funny my wife who at the time was my girlfriend bought this lovely THING for my birthday and she bought it second hand from a classified ad the previous owner may have used it for baseball practice. *It was beat to hell. *She drove like 60 miles to get it and she hands it to me with this big proud smile. *Therefore, I can never get rid of this wonderful well thought out gift. *Yippy, Skippy
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post #23 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-16-2001, 11:51 PM
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Location: London, Ontario, Canada
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How *bad can it be?!

Man, tough luck on the LP copy. *My brother has this Epiphone 3/4 scale Les Paul with a volume, tone, and one pickup, that's a little too close to the neck to be considered a bridge pickup by my tastes. *He has a Strat like mine except without the DiMarzio I put in mine; he doesn't use the trem and has the arm sitting on a shelf (actually a good idea except for cosmetic reasons by my eye, and I use it a bit), I strung it for him and tuned it for him, but he doesn't use it, he uses his LP crap thing. *It sounds like crap, but he likes the smaller neck. *Go figure. *This is the part that will really make everyone cringe: *he plays with it on his lap (sorta like Jeff Healy, but he's not blind) with his THUMB!!! No fingers, just his thumb. *If I ever get a decent guitar, he's going no where near it. *lol *And yet, he could find some friends to play in a little band with him, and I got squat. *They even sorta sound cool considering...
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post #24 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-17-2001, 02:21 AM
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How *bad can it be?!

worst one for me was a "series 10" guitar with a single coil in the bridge position and holes for the mid and neck pickups. *it had one volume knob and 2 holes for whatever else was there. *it was unbelievably heavy and had a tazmanian devil painted behind the bridge and was teal green
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post #25 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-17-2001, 10:30 AM
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How *bad can it be?!

You know what, I'm beginning to like calling my trem on my Squire Strat a whammy bar, simply because that's what I want to do to it some days. lol
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post #26 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-18-2001, 04:25 PM
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Location: UK
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How *bad can it be?!

My worst guitar was, like most (I suspect), my first guitar. It was a Marlin Sidewinder - hey Coolstu, I thought I was the only sucker in the UK to buy one! Boasting a floating tremolo (it was a Kahler, but like no other trem. system on earth) and (now this was the real seller folks) individual pickup switches. Wow, 3 pots and 3 mini-toggle switches... how could I resist? I wish I had. In a wonderful spangly red finish which was cracked right out of the box and action of a good half inch. Hmm. Mind you, I was so inexperienced about guitars at the time (I tried tuning it with the nuts locked down and snapped a string before I'd even approached it with a plectrum) I thought it was the mutts nuts... for at least a week

Anybody else ever thought about the paradox we survive as players? Why do the most difficult/nasty to play instruments end up getting sold to beginners? Obviously the answer is economy, but I think that poor quality of cheap instruments is the biggest single cause of drop-out students in music.
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post #27 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-18-2001, 07:35 PM
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How *bad can it be?!

The worst???? Hmm... maybe a Fender Squier Strat. Input jack cracks badly, too much pickup noise, almost no sustain, bad frets (they got worn off in 6 months) and doesn't stay in tune.

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post #28 of 67 (permalink) Old 03-18-2001, 08:35 PM
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Location: London, Ontario, Canada
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How *bad can it be?!

I don't have any of those with my Squire Strat I've had for three years, and it's an AFFINITY!! lol *It's maybe a little smaller, but not to the point of looking goofy like the new ones. *I think it's more just cheaper hardware...although that's debatable.
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post #29 of 67 (permalink) Old 10-05-2001, 02:08 PM
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Location: Bangor, WA
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How *bad can it be?!

My first guitar was a Gibson Les Paul Studio, but it wasn't my worst....that one actually got stolen, along with a Marshall worst guitar was the next one I bought...another Gibson Les Paul Studio, same year as the old one, that I bought off of EBay...the pictures were blurry, but I wasn't worried about that at the time, just worried about getting another guitar....I get it, and EVERY screw in the thing, (even the pole pieces in the pups) is rusted almost to the point of not being able to turn....the bridge and the tailpiece were also so tarnished and oxidized that proper setup was impossible...the action was about a foot off the fretboard...I played it off to people by telling them that was how I liked it.....RIGHT...LOL...thank God I got rid of that, and with the money I got, bought my UV777BK
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post #30 of 67 (permalink) Old 10-08-2001, 06:14 AM
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How *bad can it be?!

a fiesta red coloured squire (something to do with hank marvin). My first electric as well. The neck got very damaged from resting it against tables etc (sort of like a ribbed arouser, so basically not very pleasant to play), and it got taken apart several times before i sold it to an unsuspecting victim. Then having learnt my lesson about cheap guitar i went and bought a zoom FX unit. doh!

The worst guitar I have played was one at a freinds house. His flatmate had one in his room, no doubt to look cool... It had action you could crawl under. A baseball bat attached to a treestump with strings, and a finish that was trying to look classy but failing. badly.
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