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post #1 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-26-2001, 11:59 PM Thread Starter
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Ibanez EDR470... - how bad or good is it ?

Hi there,

Last week I bought an Ibanez Ergodyne (this name is dreadful) EDR-470. To be honest with all of you, I had never heard of that before. I was looking for a thin, sleek guitar, such as a JS or S Series. When I got to the store I tested a S-470 and a JS-100. Both *had great action , good sounds, affordable price and cool looks for me, but when I was about to make the final decision I saw a EDR-470 hanging on the wall. First I asked the salesman what was that, once the Ergodyne and Luthite terms were absolute strangers in my vocabulary. I tested the guitar and was surprised- cool body (round corners, slim shape...cosmo black finish), it sounded the same as the JS-100 (same Axis pickups) , Lo-TRSII Tremolo (not good, but not bad, but the same as the JS-100), fast fretboard *and cheaper than a JS-100. It cost *the same as a S-470 (btw, I live in Brazil) but the cosmo black finish made the difference for me. I wasn`t concerned with the pickups at all, as I was *going to change those Axis (in fact not bad pickups) for Evolutions (which are on my other guitar)
I have some questions to you ...
- can i trust that Luthite body ?
- Has the Ergodyne series ever been sold in the US ? Im asking you that because I only find information about EDRs on German and French sites.

well I liked the guitar a lot, now i`d like to hear from you

tks and regards to all Ibanez players !
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post #2 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-27-2001, 10:00 AM
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Ibanez EDR470...

Ola Marcus !

Legal, mais um brazuca aqui !! (Somos agora 5, Eu - Gilberto, Luis -LGMT, Carlos Seo e Karmann)

The only ergodyne instrument I saw, was the bass, about 1 and 1/2 year ago, a guy that I used to play with, tried one of those ergodyne bass, the sound and playability were excellent, but to be honest I didn't liked the shape. In fact he bought a Spector

So, is the guitar shape similar to the bass shape ?

Which store did you find it ? Tango ?How much did you pay for?

Can you post some pics ?? :biggrin:

Seja bem vindo ao Jemsite

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post #3 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-27-2001, 11:09 AM
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Ibanez EDR470...

Hi Marcus,

are the guitar made in japan or korea. I don't know but seems to me that ALL Ergodyne are made in Korea.

Ibzbr, the body is very very VERY comfortable (much more as RG models, but just a little bigger than S models... in fact its exactly like an Satriani model)

Luthite (the same as found on JS Chrome Boy) are a composite material like plastic : so, won't change along the time and weather conditions, gives you a dynamic but very smooth tone in any climate where the traditional guitars have always been affected! Appears very durable. Is all that i know ......

The choice is all yours.
Welcome to Jemsite Forum
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post #4 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-27-2001, 03:15 PM Thread Starter
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Ibanez EDR470...

Obrigado pela recepção Gilberto ;^) . It feels like home now !

Thanks for your welcome note LGMT !

Gilberto, I bought the EDR470 at "Made in Brazil"...by the way they are selling some interesting Ibanez models in there at a very good price. I paid R$ 1.330,00 for it...they had a S-470 (nice this one) *and a RG350WH (I'm not sure if thats the correct number-white finish, "shark teeth inlays" at the fretboard) for R$ 1.600,00.

It's a korean guitar folks. I don't know how bad it can be but I really don't mind at all. The guitar is SO comfortable, good looking and good sounding that if it was manufactured in Bolivia I wouldn't mind !

Gilberto : the shape is almost the same as the JS...really nice and comfortable.

I also have a Yamaha RGX321 (which reminds a lot a IBZ RG), with the pair of Evolutions I mentioned on the previous message. This guitar has a very fast fretboard but the Ergodyne is much better...man that body is incredible (btw...the Luthite doesn't damage the tone)

Well, that's it folks. Now I plan to change those Axis pickups by the Evolutions.

Bye folks, until a next time.

Marcus (satisfied w/ Ibanez)
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post #5 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-28-2001, 10:18 AM
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Location: Brazil
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Ibanez EDR470...


I was so curious about the ergo, that yesterday I was at a store (blue music) and they had the catalog. The guitar is very similar to a JS !

Maybe over the weekend I'll stop by MIB or Tango to test drive some :biggrin:

BTW, Yesterday I tested a S Prestige, the neck is extremely nice, but I hated the motherofpearl logo inlay (ugh!), also the colour wasn't the nicest one (a light green sunburst).

Marcus, a comunidade aqui eh 100% o pessoal eh muito prestativo e legal, eh um dos melhores ambientes da internet que eu achei ate hoje :e olha que eu sou veinho ja :biggrin:

Take some pics and post'em !!

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post #6 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-28-2001, 04:26 PM Thread Starter
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Ibanez EDR470...

Hi all,

hehehehe...you really got interested on the Ergodyne Gilberto ! I hope you can see it "live and in person" this weekend. There's a "twin" of my cosmo black EDR470 at MIB (Pinheiros). Test drive it, and please let me know. By the way, as I mentioned earlier, pay attention to how comfortable that guitar is...the sounds are alright, but the looks and comfort are amazing. And don't forget to take a look at a IBZ S 2020 XAV Prestige (a masterpiece) they have there. I went nuts with that Antique Violin finish...absolutely beautiful...and the Double Edge bridge is way too cool (2 input jacks *!!!!). But the price wasn't very "user-friendly"...3800 reais !!!!! mas vale cada centavo !!!!!!!! What a guitar !!!!!
Gilberto, já estou notando que o pessoal daqui é nota 10. Muito legal mesmo encontrar um lugar para trocar idéias com gente que entende do assunto.
By the way, have you read the reviews of the latest G3 shows ? My goodness...they are playing ZZTop's LaGrange together !!!! I love this song !!!! And 2 Hendrix - Little Wing and Voodoo Chile (perfect). This is THE concert to attend this year...Petrucci, Vai, Satriani, Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Mike Portnoy (for me the Drums God)...what a party !

I've gotta go now,

Regards to all of you
Abraço Gilberto !
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post #7 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-29-2001, 03:41 PM
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Ibanez EDR470...

Marcus, I really want to try it out, but as the days progressed I think that my saturday won't be long enough So many things to do, so little time

I'll try my best to check MIB, I need to check the 2020 also. Talking about stores in Brazil, one thing that really pisses me off is that they sell really nice guitars without case.

[ Shameless Plug Mode On ]
You talked about Portnoy,....hehe, I'm the webmaster for www.dreamtheater.com.br the brazilian Dream Theater Fan Club And we are doing the coolest giveaway

We will give four sets off of Liquid Drum Theater, Mike's latest video, plus we'll be giving the new DVD, plus a cool kit from our fan club .... don't miss the opportunity of winning :biggrin: sorry fellow Jemsiters, contest valid only in Brazil

Ah, the tapes are autographed by Mike P. himself :biggrin:

[ Shameless plug mode off ]

c-ya folks
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post #8 of 21 (permalink) Old 06-29-2001, 05:08 PM Thread Starter
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Ibanez EDR470...


I'm already visiting your DT website, great job by the way ! And I'm looking for the mysterious words to join the "Mike Portnoy videos" sweepstakes !
I've got the DT DVD, which is from another planet. Strange Deja Vu is my favorite. Whenever I watch it I always have 2 different feelings :
1) what an incredible/amazing/spetacular band DT is
2) I will have to practice at least 10 years more to play 30% of Petrucci's techniques !!!!!!! Ahhhhh !!!!!!

Why do you have to be so good John ????? ;^) *(LOL)

let me get back to your website and try to find the words...

If you have any Ergodyne news/experience just let me know,

Um grande abraço para vc Gilberto,

Esse Mike Portnoy só pode ter 4 cérebros...(e eu achava que o Neil Peart tinha 3...)
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post #9 of 21 (permalink) Old 07-03-2001, 11:10 AM
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Ibanez EDR470...


definately I share the same feelings about JP ...damn
last sunday me, the lady and some friends had a barbecue, we brought our dvd player and a datashow (that devide that projects the image on a screen or on the wall) ...people were headbanging on Beyond this life :biggrin: ... other good moment was when we were watching the DVD from King Crimson...people just stood there mute

About the giveway, actually the words are pretty easy and pretty obvious :biggrin: let your DT friends know about the promotions I think that in about a month the winner's list will be revealed !!

Now back to the topic, I really tried but I couldn't stop at MIB this saturday, but I think on friday I'll have to skip work to buy some adat tapes and some drum skins for a recording so I think I'll test it on friday yeyyyy !!!

c-ya and []s
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post #10 of 21 (permalink) Old 07-03-2001, 02:31 PM Thread Starter
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Sáo Paulo - Brasil
Posts: 10
Ibanez EDR470...


JP is not of this earth (sorry Satch but this time I had to mention the title of your first record).
Hummm, I don't know King Crimson very well, is Adrian Belew the guitar player ? I guess I'm confusing things right now.
On Saturday I bought a Deep Purple DVD - Total Abandon, live in Australia...it's really nice to see Jon Lord playing so well with 59 years. In fact I bought that to see Steve Morse...what a gifted player he is. He has a very unique style...he knows how to use fingerpickin' really well. I just don't like when he changes too much the original solos . I know he's got to show his own style but sometimes he doesn't play some memorable licks...Ritchie Blackmore may be arrogant and stupid, but he left us some really cool riffs and licks.
Hummm...I see that you play the drums too. Hehehe...I guess that you have to face the same problems in this area...Mike Portnoy, why do you have to be so good ?
Back to the EDR...I'm really satisfied with the sounds of that guitar Gilberto. I'm beginning to give up the idea of changing its pickups. I will try to sell those Evolutions.
It's a nice guitar, fantastic that neck. Sometimes I regret I left that cosmo black S470 there...but as days go by I get convinced that I bought a good axe. Well...at least the Ergodyne is a "hard to find" article...maybe it can become a legend in the future ;^) *LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

Um grande abraço pra vc,

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post #11 of 21 (permalink) Old 07-03-2001, 08:42 PM
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Ibanez EDR470...

Ok, they make Ergodyne guitars?
Can I see a pic?
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post #12 of 21 (permalink) Old 07-04-2001, 08:08 AM Thread Starter
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Location: Sáo Paulo - Brasil
Posts: 10
Ibanez EDR470...


I still don't have a picture of my own EDR470...but you can check it out at this link...


The shape of the body can't be really well perceived in this picture...but imagine it has the same body of a JS Series guitar.


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post #13 of 21 (permalink) Old 07-06-2001, 11:23 PM
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Location: Malaysia
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Ibanez EDR470...

is the ergodyne still in production???didn't hear of it since 1999 or something...i think sales wasn't good or something
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post #14 of 21 (permalink) Old 10-11-2002, 12:11 PM
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Re: Ibanez EDR470...

Originally Posted by Kelv
is the ergodyne still in production???didn't hear of it since 1999 or something...i think sales wasn't good or something
Well it's in the 2002 catalog...
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post #15 of 21 (permalink) Old 10-11-2002, 04:46 PM
Join Date: Apr 2002
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FINALLY, you people look at those axes!!
i've been playing mine for a year and a half now, and now, its just the same as the one you bought. i really love that black stary finish, really nice! and yep in fact, its very comfortable, the body wont open your billy.
i put a dimarzio steve's special in the bridge, it delivers full power through that luthite body!! heavy, chunky riffing sound!!
i left the ibanez stock neck pickup, its ok for the moment, i can get a killer shredder sound, i like it!
the only drawback is the bridge, i'm such a heavy floyd slayer, i'd need a lo'pro, thats the reason why i'm looking towards a JS.
but, guys, if you can put your hands on an edr470, just get it if you have some money on you, for the price, its wonderful, and no talking about price but quality itself, its a honorable guitar! with dimarzios and a better bridge (which ibanez should think of, we dont need emg designed pu's, we need a lo'pro or at least an edge), its perfect!!
i LOVE it, too ibanez doesnt have a free to people custom shop anymore, i'd get lots of them!
i used to gig with it, it didnt cause me any problem, i remember the one i plyed in my former extreme black/death metal band, it sounded awesome, and with my former prog metal band, just as good!!
so, stop looking at high priced guitars a bit, the edr470 is honourable!!
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adrian belew , chrome boy , custom shop , death metal , dimarzio steve , double edge bridge , edge bridge , fast fret , ibanez models , input jacks , korean guitar , mike portnoy , neck pickup , ritchie blackmore , steve morse , stu hamm , yamaha rgx

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