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Ibanez Rocks! Heres mine...

First "real" guitar bought in '85 or '86. Still in love with it to this day...

Not sure what its value is today, but hear they are pretty rare...

Sitting directly in front of my little Marshall Lead 12 Micro-Stack practice amp. (Sorry I dont have any close up pics of it by itself so I hope you can live with seeing some other non Ibanez axes in the pic..)

Special Thanks to Mr. Louis See (Singapore) For His 1985 Catalog

Vinnie Moore with one...

Only thing I changed in mine was taking out the V-5 pickup from the bridge and putting in an EMG-81 for awhile, then a Seymour Duncan Full Shred which is still what is in use today.


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Ummm what?

Did I break a rule or something. Thought this was as place to talk about Ibanez guitars. Be happy to go elsewhere if not welcome.

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WoW! Nice axe man! I would to have one of those to add to my collection...

Rock on!


Ps. could you tell me a little more on the one that sits beside it? It appears to have a very cool finish.
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Well I'll welcome you aboard Hatch , I don't think you've broken any rules or anything, I guess vaijem777 jsut isn't into Flying V guitars or something.

Personally, I've always quite fancied one of those, just never enough to actually fork out the cash. Plus I've never seen one over here with the proper Edge bridge, which I'm sure is a BIG plus
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LOL Nothing at all against extra-pointy axes The thread title was just a bit random, that's all.
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Well those two v's looked good but all the other ones Ive seen had dots and no pinstripes, and usually had the crap trem. Umm I dont know If I can or cant post this, but what do you want for that thing? I know If I had it, it would tick of all my JACKSON playing friends. Can you get us some more shots of the back of the thing and from the side. I was always curious about the neck pitch on those.
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what's that red one sitting next to it? that thing's got a really cool finish on it.
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Thanks Jay Cal, Jono, Sniperfrommars1,

I will see if I can bum a digital to get some more pics of the V up.

Stay tuned...

The one next to it... lol! Long story!

My "Snake" Guitar...

It does get some attention anywhere it goes...

My best friend (and guitar player in my band in the early 90's) wanted to build this custom axe. So he ordered the parts for this guitar; a Performance mahogany body, Charvel or Jackson aftermarket neck, all gold Schaler hardware and I think he had a dimarzio pickup.

Well, he put it together (leaving it unfinished wood grain) but didnt know the correct measurements for where the bridge should be. He never could get it dialed in intonation wise and finally gave up in frustration ordering himself a BC Rich Gunslinger and leaving this guitar to set in his bedroom collecting dust.

I think at the time, I had the Ibanez and the Charvel 4, both with tremolo's and it was a real bitch to tune down to do Ratt or Zakk era Ozzy tunes, so I was in the market for a fixed bridge guitar to make tuning up and down easier. I finally conned him out of it for about $300 bucks. I ripped it all apart, filled in the bridge mounting holes he drilled, re-drilled em in the right place and talked to this local guy that was famous in the area for custom air brush jobs on hotrods and such. He had painted a 68 vette that a friend of mine owned and it was just the most beautiful paint job I have ever seen on any car to this date.

So anyway, after I spent about 3 days sealing and sanding the body till it was smooth as glass, I took it to Denny to talk about the paint job. I knew I wanted it to be the same color as my friends vette, and had come up with the idea of opposing light silver to dark silver stripes as the base paint layer if he could do it, then a graphic of some kind and then the vette brandywine red. Hehe I was really into Lynch at the time so I asked Denny to do a skull graphic of some kind. He said "I dont do any death or satanic stuff"... I said, "uh, ok... what will you do?" he said "I like snakes and can do a mean cobra" I said, "there ya go, call me when youre done with it."

Couple of weeks later, thats what I picked up. Its the base opposing silver stripes with a cobra flaired up in between the pickup and neck with a star shaped light glint on one of the fangs. The snakes body goes down to the cut out, turning torwards the back then morphing into hot rod flames that come up around the volume and tone knobs. All finished with a deep brandywine red.

I got it back, put it together with the EMG-81 pickup, took it to the local axe shop to get the intonation set where the guy at the music store surprised the heck out of me by offering me $1,200 for it right after he got finished setting it up.

Being that I had just finished putting it together and hadnt had a chance to play it myself, I kept it and still have it today.

I love the way it sounds and plays... because of the heavy mahogany body and solid bridge, it really sings long and strong. Enough so that you don't even need an amp to sit around and play along with the radio or TV even though I usually am plugged in for the distortion. It is really quick and easy to tune up or down to practice different tunes unlike the other tremolo equipped axes I own, and on top of all that, I know there isn't another one like it in the entire world.

The buddy that I bought it from has been trying to get it back ever since!!

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that lil beast sure is nice. I keep telling myself im going to make a mahogany body RG clone and put my 570 hardware on it. well i can dream, while u play that sweet lil axe
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Thanks Reaper, BZ!

Appreciate the comments. If any of you want to get in contact with Denny for a custom paint job on one your axes, I'll try to get you in touch with him. Its been quite a few years since I talked to him last, but he does awesome work and if I remember correctly, it only cost me around $150 bucks. I did have to do all the sanding and sealing on the body before giving it to him to paint though.

I moved from the Houston area to the Dallas area about 6 years ago. In both places over the years I have had many different guitar playing friends and acquaintances over for beer/jam sessions and recording. Hate to admit it, most of them better than me lol! With that said, it kinda does speak for itself when almost every single time they always seem to end up playing the "snake" the most out of the other 4 axes in the pic when it doesnt even have the "whammy", and they are all set up well and are great sounding instruments.


No new pics of mine yet (hopefully by this weekend), but I do have another of the white catalog PL2660 and can describe the control functionality a bit...

Its pretty versatile with the "duo sound" system as the volume and tone knobs double as push switches that switch the front and back pickups to either singlecoil or humbucker mode. With that and the 3 way selector toggle, front/front and back/back pickup, you can get a lot of different tones out of it.

Its funny you mention the Rhoads Jackson, because that is what I was saving for when I ran across it and bought it. Matter of fact the shape is what made me pick it up in the first place as I was a Randy Rhoads "nut" back then. My guitar teacher who later ended up being in the same band with Jack (the other guitar player that I bought the "snake" parts from and my Robin) and I, has a white Rhoads custom with a Floyd Rose that I used to drool over constantly. After I bought the Ibanez we compared them and they sounded almost identical except for the Ibanez having more "crunch" and sustain because I was running an EMG-81 (which is now in the "snake" guitar) in the bridge and Lee had the stock Jackson J90C that came in his custom. Which really isn't much of a surprise when you think about it as they are made very much alike with the same wood in neck and body. I'm running the Seymour Duncan Full Shred pickup in the bridge now.

What I liked better about this Ibanez that persuaded me to grab it instead of continuing to save for the Rhoads was the duo sound functionality and the fact that on the back of the neck where it meets the body it is shaped so that it is thinner on the bottom than on the top and also has that little cut out visable in the pics that makes access to the higher frets feel much easier and more natural. The Rhoads doesn't have that.

When I got the magazine with the Vinnie Moore article where he is holding it in the picture and under it where he lists the equipment, it says he is playing an Ibanez prototype guitar, that sealed the deal. I know, kind of stupid, but my thought process back then was "if it was good enough for Vinnie it would be good enough for me." I had already played it before, but made up my mind and plunked my cash down then... Although I still do want a Rhoads model because Randy kicked much ass and I would like to have a guitar designed by him just to have one, I have not had one single regret with the Ibanez and am glad I bought it.

I am not really sure I want to sell it (though of course, everything has its price) and to be honest have no clue what its value is these days. I picked it up new in 86 and the retail on it was $1100.00 back then (still have the tag that was hanging on it, but lost the receipt somewhere along the way). From what I read somewhere, they only made them for two years, and there was only around 3000 of them ever built. That makes it a pretty rare bird these days if it is true.

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Great guitars, Dude.

This is the first time I see a flying V made by Ibanez.
It looks really cool.

I wanted a Randy V for years and then realised that I have to be standing up every time I played it, so the V being impractical I got a Jackson SL3 Natural instead.
Just fell for the look.
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Nice Robin.
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Thats what I would consider a "Rhoads" V, which is still kick ass in its own right, but a real flying V is symetrical (i know im not spelling it right but hopefully you know what I mean) and Ibanez has made them before.
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post #15 of 21 (permalink) Old 09-26-2002, 05:41 AM
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i've always wanted a flying-V style ibanez. i've seen ibanez's gibson replica played by Bob Mould but that looked too gibsonesque, this one's killer.

thumbs up to that treble side cut-away, it's a design genius. very nice guitar indeed... want one badly...
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