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post #16 of 48 (permalink) Old 05-21-2002, 02:54 PM Thread Starter
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Machinehead in Hitchin (Hertfordshire) have both the JEM7DBK and Jackson SL1 and SL2 Soloists in stock at the moment. So if you go there you should be able to A/B test them.

Also as far as I'm aware the 7DBK is still being shipped to the UK.[/quote]

I tried there a few weeks back but they didn't have either the 7DBK or the SL1. I emailed them a few days ago and they told me that the next 7DBK they're getting is in August and it'll be the last one in the country as Ibanez have stopped them here They're quite a way from me unfortunately.

Hopefully in August (if it doesn't get sold before they get it!), I'll be able to try both together. I'd kinda hoped to get one before then though.
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My mistake I went by their website, which used to be very accurate and updated often, guess they're slipping.

There was a JEM7DBK in Musicground in Leeds two weeks ago. I saw that one with my own eyes.
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Originally Posted by jono
My mistake I went by their website, which used to be very accurate and updated often, guess they're slipping.

There was a JEM7DBK in Musicground in Leeds two weeks ago. I saw that one with my own eyes.

Yeah - unfortunately a lot of websites seem to list guitars which they don't have in. If I was a little less cynical(!) I might assume that they're hoping people will order online so the shop can buy from the suppliers when they have a guaranteed purchase instead of having to have it in stock!

Thanks for the Musicground tip, I heard about that one (I called the Musicground in London last weekend and they told me about it). Unfortunately Leeds is much, much to far for me to travel, and if I was going to order it without seeing it (seemingly more likely!), I'd *probably* get it from Japan and enjoy the savings (after spitting from the VAT!).

Incidently, anyone from the UK got any good/bad luck with ordering from overseas and dealing with customs etc? I know about the charges, but what about first-hand experience of having the guitar being sent through customs?
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I checked with the very nice folks at Headstock (the UK importers) this morning and they confirmed that the JEM7DBK is now on "Special Order Only" status, so a shop has to place a special order to get one, and probably would only do so with a confirmed order from a customer.

Certain more specialist stores do however order a few on "good faith" in the public.

As for guitars coming from overseas, I've had a couple now and I've never yet had a problem. They might take a couple of weeks to clear or as little as a couple of days. Either way they've always arrived in one piece at this end

Our own esteemed Rich has a reputation for superb (read impentetrable) packing, and I've also heard of one case of a JS from ishibashi getting a sever bruising despite it's packaging
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I agree that the Soloist is actually a better guitar in every aspect, but if you still want an ibanez, i say get an RGT3120 instead of a Jem. (but get a Soloist if you can).
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Id go for the soloist. why? its neck-through. the fret access you get from a neck-through is very hard to beat. The aanj comes pretty close, but its not the same.
the jackson is neck-through with a JB bridge pickup and I dont think this is entirely a good thing. neck-through is supposedly a construction that results in bright tone and the JB is a pretty trebly pickup. In the bridge position I suspect this would result in a very bright and thin sounding guitar.

aesthetically, Ive always preferred the pointy jackson headstock to the ibanez one, which Im groving more and more tired of after seeing it used by "musicians" on Mtv...

all this is just my opinion though and Ive never tried these guitars.
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I played a soloist back in the early 90's when shopping for a new axe. About the only thing I remember about the experience is the fact that I didn't like it. I bought an Ibanez USA Custom Exotic Wood series instead.

A few others have made the 3120 comment, specifically the neck thru model. I played the non-thru version this past weekend for about 30-45 minutes and I absolutely loved it. I would put that neck up against any in the business, even Parker, add to that a flame top, mahogany body, a low pro edge, Tone Zone and PAF (I think) all for under a $1000 and you've got a great deal. Not sure in the UK though. But it's an option worth considering.
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Just want to point out why I love this place.

Everybody (without the 2 Jackson diehard fans) is incredably tolerant and is ready to help.

What I mean is ask the same question at another forum(jackson) and you'll be ridiculed for even mentioning Ibanez.

Great bunch of people here.GREAT.

As for the choice - both guitars are good enough for a professional guitar player - it's all down to personal preference, so as most people said before me - try them out yourself.
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I think it better to compare the RGT to the soloist. I'd take the RGT, but there is nothing wrong with the soloist. Just preference.

offtopic, I'd love to have one of the new swee-tone jackson guitars...mmmm...
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I have owned a couple Jacksons and now a Jem 7VWH. One thing, I thought I would get use to the HSS configuration and never did. The single coils mount right to the wood so you can't lower the middle one much to stay out of your way while picking. I ended up ripping the middle single pickup out of the SL1 soloist. Overall, the soloist is a tank. Very tough and sounds great. I happen to love the JB and the SSL1 stacked single coils. The Jem is great too. I prefer the feel of a maple neck on the Jem. The soloist has a painted neck back which doesn't feel as good. The fingerboards are both ebony. I think both necks play very nice and are similar in feel (it has been over a year since I sold the soloist so I haven't A/B them or anything). In terms of quality I'd give my nob to Jackson. A couple of the Ibanez guitars I have bought had high frets and needed some fret work before I felt comfortable with them. No such issue with any Jackson USA. The Jem is extremely cool and flexible. I really like the variety of sounds you can get with the Jem. A perfectly set up Jem gets my vote as the best playing axe out there. I am still tweaking mine but it will get there. Hope this helps.
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I'd get the DBK, but they ARE my favorite guitar. The Soloists are nice, but like Glen said, the difference to most people is the trem....the Lo-Pro Edge pretty much kicks every trem out there's ass all the way to Sheboygan. Plus, I know some people are selling DBKs for really good prices right now....check the Classified Section on this site! But do what you must, I suppose!
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I've given thought to buying me a Soloist too. My current (and only) electric guitar is JEM7BSB and i was thinking about something totally different. Fixed bridge and a neck through body are very much preffered and mahogany body would be nice.

So I wanted to look for some opinions on subject and typed to Google "Jackson guitars forum" and clicked on the first hit. I was astonished by what a bunch of *******s I found there . Seriously speaking, those guys should pull their pointy headstocks out of their asses and start acting like normal people. Jemsite was referred there as "***site" or "fagsite" or whatever although there was some reasonable writers also (terribly flamed for their not-anti-Ibanez opinions). Strangely though, Ed Roman wasn't very popular there either...

I was really surprised since here all brands can be discussed without overheated feelings and outright bashing of other brands. Now I wonder, will I also turn into an ******* if I buy a Jackson, made in the USA? Maybe I should compromise (if you can call that compromising) and by me a nice JCRG-4 or PGM-HAM90 that I've been eyeing
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LOL. Still, lets not bash other sites/forums not owned by Romanoff, regardless of their content

i'd be interested to a webpage with good info on a neck thru fixed bridge that is priced like ibanez' are ...glen
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I agree, I've seen a "forum war" once and there was not a single reaonable comment in dozens of pages

Anyway, on the subject, how about this? Model SLSMG. I've never seen one live and don't know about those pups, that seems to have everything I'm looking for though and for a reasonable price imo (Although I'd rather have bridge like one in hard tail PGM models):

And that has a pretty decent looking headstock for a Jackson!
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how about this

Mahogany neck thru body
EMG pups
Original Floyd Rose
24 x j frets

can be had for under 1000$ USD

Has anybody played one of these, any experiences with the necks used on these guitars, any build quality issues?

I think it looks like a stellar deal, its either one of these, or a RG620X for me
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