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post #1 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-04-2001, 04:30 PM Thread Starter
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JPM-100 P4 - Opinions

Hey guys, there's a brand new one at my local dealer's, with the plastic still on!!
I actually dig the finish, but i really want to know what you guys think overall, especially those who tried it.

How's the tone, neck and overall quality?
[BTW- i play both a wizard-necked RG and a baseball bat-neck acoustic]

Also, how much should i pay for it at most? Maybe this summer will reap me some new fruits :biggrin:
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post #2 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-04-2001, 05:02 PM
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JPM-100 P4

The JPM is an excellent guitar. *I am biased because JP is my favorite player, but aside from that it is the easiest for me to play out of my 3 guitars (JPM, JS1000, 7VWH). *Neck is awesome, although I like the feel of the back of my 7VWH's neck better, the frets and roundness of the JPM neck make it easier for me to play. *The pickups are also very good, especially if you want your tone to be similar to JP's. *I recommend it highly.

For a brand new one from a store, I doubt they realize there is a collectors market for them now and would probably be happy to get rid of it. *I'd offer 1000-1200 for it. *If you tried to buy the same guitar from someone on the net who knows the value its probably worth ~1600-1900, so even if you didn't like it you might be able to re-sell it and make a profit.
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post #3 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-04-2001, 05:21 PM
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JPM-100 P4

A fantastic axe (or that´s what I assume). I have never been able to play a P4 but I own a P3. I´ve got to say that the guitar beats my 2027. No doubt about that!!! But I do love my 2027 too. I love the pups... especially the the Air Norton (neck). A nice full sound!!!!
Go and get it!!!!

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post #4 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-04-2001, 08:28 PM
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JPM-100 P4

I hate to be the dissenter here, but if it was my money, there's no way I'd spend it on a JPM. *You mentioned you can handle the finish, so we won't even get into the vomit factor, lets address the actual guitar

1. *the neck. *For me, it's two narrow at the nut and it's not flat enough on the back.

2. *the pickups. *Not my favorite, I'd change them both out.

3. *Wiring. *I know plenty of folks like the H-H setup, but I feel it's very limiting and wouldn't go back from H-S-H now.
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post #5 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-04-2001, 09:06 PM
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JPM-100 P4

I've been very happy with JPMs and prefer the 3-way toggle switch actually. *With my 2027, the 5 way gives me more options, but it is not as easy for me to change pickups as much as I do with a 3-way toggle. *I change constantly between the bridge and neck pickups when soloing sometimes. *So if you don't mind the fact that the 3-way limits your selection somewhat, it is very easy to use while playing. *Also, even with my 2027, I never use more than 3 positions although I have 5. *So it really comes down to what type of tones you want to achieve. *I agree that you should offer around $1000 to $1200 USD and see what they say.
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post #6 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-04-2001, 09:14 PM
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JPM-100 P4

I personally think the JPM are really hideous looking things. Give me a decent RG anyday, much better value for money and much more versatile (H-S-H, 5 way)
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post #7 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-05-2001, 03:57 AM
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JPM-100 P4

My JPM rocks dude. *It all depends on what you plan on doing with it. *The pickup selector is my favorite feature! *note: I love my Jem because of the pickup options also!
the bridge and neck are real nice and crystal clear, no mud at all, nice natural EQ scooped sound. *The middle position is what I get all hot and sweaty over though. *The clean sound is like no other. *then if you play it dirty, it's a whole other beast. *I frickin' love it man. *The frets give the neck a scalloped feel because they are so high. *The neck shape is nice and comfortable in my "once adored as perfect by some crazy chick" hands.
Im not real picky about neck shapes though.

Whether you should buy it or not, I cant answer that. *I dont know you well enough at all to tell you if it'll be money well spent on your behalf.
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post #8 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-05-2001, 09:54 AM
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JPM-100 P4

I picked up my P4 brand spankin' new just before Xmas, and it's my favorite guitar along side my 7DBK... and I've got about 20 guitars, including a 77FP, a UV777GR and a USRG10 (God, I'm lucky, but anyway... :-)

What tomizm said about the middle position tone - it's the best for clean work, sounds incredible. Switch to the bridge or neck alone and dig in and the guitar just roars. If you're a death-grip player you'll probably find the frets are so high that you pull strings out of tune with your grip, but it only took me a day or two to lighten up (I didn't have to change my touch that much). *Some will argue that an RG is more flexible with it's greater number of pickup choices, but that's like going back to the old Strat 5-way vs. Les Paul 3-way arguement - it's all horses for courses. If you like the guitar, buy it - quality-wise it's on par with Jems and JSs, and I have no problems switching between my Jem necks and the JPM. Great guitar.
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post #9 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-05-2001, 11:13 AM
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JPM-100 P4

In defense of the 3 way switch, I guess personally I pretty much only need 3 positions. *I need a clean sound (which the JPM center position does admirably), a neck solo sound, and a bridge solo/rhythm sound. *All are covered by a 3 way switch.

The 5-way is nice sometimes, especially if you want to get a pure single coil tone, but I almost never want that.

I say, get the JPM while the gettin's good.
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post #10 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-05-2001, 12:18 PM Thread Starter
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JPM-100 P4

Well...i called him up and he's asking USD$1500. Believe me, that is a trow-away price over here. My RG520 cost me $1200 after import ceremonies, and he's got an old faded Jem777DSY for the same price of the JPM [actually $50 more!!] ,so you get the picture. A new Boss DS-1 goes for $90.

I'd probably be using the RG520 for all that sweet melodious stuff [new p/u's], and the JPM for the sick end of my playing, i guess it will do that, won't it?:biggrin:

Next step, i'll go and try it out. Tnx alot guys.

For me H-H is enough, and simpler switching is better. I only use 3 positions on my RG [H-H] anyway, one of which very rarely.
I always liked toggles, they're faster and sturdier.

My mouth fell open when i saw it for the first time a year ago, it looked so cool with that camo matte finish. It's just like the first great guitar I ever saw and I'm in love with it, I really need to get it. Remember how you felt when you saw your first Jem?

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JPM-100 P4

Get it dude! I bought one brand new. Hated the finish at first, but it grew on me and became my favorite guitar. As long as you take good care of it you'll always be able to get out of it what you paid. Can't say that for the other Ibanezes or other guitars in general for that matter. You got nothing to lose. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Finish will look cool as it ages too.
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post #12 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-06-2001, 04:28 PM Thread Starter
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JPM-100 P4

By the way Igascoig, JP is my favourite player too...


Hey Jeff, you have a JPM90th on sale on the said the neck isn't for you. What's it like then?

(Edited by keith at 10:12 pm on April 6, 2001)
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post #13 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-13-2001, 05:14 AM
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JPM-100 P4

I'm beginning to like the necks on ESPs a littlle more lately. But p4s are still a good instrument, I don't see the sense in having alot of money tied up in a guitar like the 90th. *Do like necks on them, I just like the ESPs better.
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post #14 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-13-2001, 10:42 AM
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JPM-100 P4

I think ultimately I may get an ESP as a super auxiliary guitar since it will be my 5th... *I like the custom shop idea. *I mean, crap they'll make a Mark II custom for you with any materials, inlays, and pickups you want. *Pretty good if you ask me.
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post #15 of 26 (permalink) Old 04-13-2001, 02:30 PM Thread Starter
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JPM-100 P4

Yeah, i dig it too. For roughly the same money of a JemY2kDNA you could get a one of a kind pesonalised custom with anything you want [ebony, baritones, custom switching, custom graphics and inlays....].

Kinda hate the 8month minimum delivery time though.
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