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post #31 of 71 (permalink) Old 02-24-2002, 10:52 PM
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My Ibanez Custom Model

Jem body(mahogony),highly figured sapele top(transparent blue)Abalone binding.Wizard neck with ebony fretboard,pearloid binding and abalone tree of life.Powder hardware,lo-pro of course and matching headstock.No pickguard(direct mount).Tone zone and humbucker from hell.3-way switch and another one with a double-edge.
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My Ibanez Custom Model

Well, mine's changed a bit. *I still want the other one, but I also want this:

RG-7 style mahogany body
Quilt maple top
EMG-707s in bridge & neck
2 vol.
2 tone
3-way selector
separate jack/controls for D-Edge
24 Jumbo Frets
Rosewood fretboard
Maple Wizard-7 neck
No inlays except small "2" on low-B side of fretboard @ 12th fret
Gold hardwareAANJ
Angle jacks
trans. black finish
black headstock

And a 6-string similar except with Transperformance Self-Tuning system, whatever pickups sound most like a Les Paul (by DiMarzio) except with a little more output in bridge, and no piezo.

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My Ibanez Custom Model

OK the current designs are...

The Jono7BWH

-AANJ Maple neck with rosewood board.
-Non tilt JS style headstock.
-JSish neck Profile
-24 6105 Frets last 4 scalloped
-25.5" Scale length
-Split block mop/abalone Ibanez inlays (as seen on PGM 10)
-Matching white headstock with chrome logos

-Basswood Jem body with AANJ
-Rear routed
-H-S-H pickup configuration
-Clear scratchplate
-Direct mounted pickups
-Abalone purfling with pearloid binding
-White finish ala JEM7VWH with the special non yellowing stuff.
-angled jack socket

Hardware and electonics
-Black DiMarzio JonoBucker bridge pickup, JEM single coil and PAF Pro neck pickup.
-5 way switch
-JonoBoost mini toggle
-Single master tone and master volume (with treble bleed) controls with metal knobs
-Original Edge Bridge
-Chrome Hardware

The JonoBucker would be a specially designed humbucker that sounds like a PAF Pro until the "JonoBoost" toggle is engaged then it alters to sound exactly like an Evo bridge. I've often thought this would be a great and instantaneous way to get different rhythm and lead sounds, and I'm sure Steve Blucher would be only too happy to spend hours perfecting this system

The second guitar in my signature line would be the J4

-AANJ Padauk neck with ebony board.
-Reverse Ibanez angled headstock.
-JSish neck Profile
-24 6105 Frets last 4 scalloped
-25.5" Scale length
-Small Abalone dot inlays (from JS 1000)
-Natural headstock with white logos

-Padauk Jem body with AANJ
-Rear routed
-H-H pickup configuration
-Clear scratchplate
-Direct mounted pickups
-Natural finish-angled jack socket

Hardware and electonics
-Black DiMarzio JonoBucker bridge pickup, PAF Pro neck pickup.
-3 way Petrucci style switch in normal JS position
-JonoBoost mini toggle
-Single master tone and master volume (with treble bleed) controls with metal knobs
-Original Edge Bridge
-Chrome Hardware
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My Ibanez Custom Model

Body shaped like an RG but contoured like an S. Wizard II neck. 26" scale. Green stained quilt top inset 1/4" inch from the outside w/ the outside 1/4" gloss black. Neck-thru. Lo Profile double edge. Oiled neck. Output jacks on back of guitar. EMG 81-S-60 pickups.

Whoops forgot to add that the body would be made out of korina and the neck out of maple. And a clear pickguard.

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My Ibanez Custom Model


7 string sabre neck thru with the Double Edge and the KJG Mod
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My Ibanez Custom Model

JEM style alder body

flamed maple top

JEM7VWH neck

DiMarzio Evolution at Bridge

DiMarzio PAF Pro at Neck

Chrome Hardware

Lo Pro Edge

Mirror Pickguard
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post #37 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-29-2002, 06:54 AM
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My Ibanez Custom Model

GhesQi J on 10:13 pm on Sep. 13, 2001
My Ibanez custom model (in progress) can be found here: (Go to specs)
It's not that special, but worth a look.

This is one nice inlay!!! I love this!
Donīt know what my dream guitar would be... Iīve just tested one guitar and thatīs my cheap Cort S500.
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post #38 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-29-2002, 07:43 PM
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My Ibanez Custom Model

RG with a stripped, mahogony body

Rosewood fretboard, wizard II neck

neck-through design

hardtail bridge

knobs out of the way (like a JPM)

Air Norton (neck) Tone Zone (bridge), and a Jem Single
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post #39 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-30-2002, 01:25 PM
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My Ibanez Custom Model

oh oh ooooooooooooooooh
-i would have to test a bunch of woods out, but probably a flamed maple topped mahogany RG

-a neck probably a LITTLE thinner than a wizard 2, but not a wizard....more like the neck on the artist, but not as round on the back

-standard frets

-one would have a fixed bridge and the other will have a floyd (twins!!)

-bucker splitters for neck and bridge

-no inlays on it, except for the name of the guitar on the 12th fret (no laffin)

-neck thru of course
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post #40 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-31-2002, 04:00 PM
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My Ibanez Custom Model

My custom Ibanez....

OK, basically it would start off as the RGT-3120. *I would have a AAA Flame top (1/4 think). *I would then have the body with the regular contours as the RG. *But have the top carved Ala-EBMM Silhouette/JPM. *For the finish I want a 3-color blue-sunburst finish. *Medium Blue in the middle to Dark blue, then to black. *For pickups I would have a nortan neck HB. *For the bridge i would have dimarzio make my own custom humbucker that is a combo. of the Full-ness (if thats a word) of a Breed (Mids and Bass) and the Highs and cut of the Evo with a little more out-put. *I would have to two perfectly balanced so there is no volume difference between the two. *I would have a 5 way switch (1. Neck full; 2. Neck humbucker Phased; 3. Both full; 4. Bridge phased; 5. Bridge full). *Then a push/pull tone control to parallel the pickups. *I would have a double edge bridge with the new controls. *Hardware and pickups black. *I would have the Ultra Neck but oiled, not panted. *Thats about it.
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post #41 of 71 (permalink) Old 08-24-2003, 10:47 PM
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JS shape
Alder body
Maple top in greenburst
JS1000 knob and pickup selector configuration
Super Wizard neck
Ebony fretboard
gold hardware with lo-pro
Fred neck pu, Tone Zone bridge pu
pearl inlay on 12th fret (not sure what kind exactly) or vine.
recessed input jack
a good setup
and a side of fries
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post #42 of 71 (permalink) Old 08-25-2003, 05:25 AM
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post #43 of 71 (permalink) Old 08-25-2003, 11:07 AM
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hm...hard one..... a ic body with neckthru and mahogny body and the same neck that the 7dbk has, 24 frets and the best vib system ever (Dont know which that is), and a emg 81 humbucker at the bridge and a di marzio breed at the neck and maybe i single coil in the middle
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post #44 of 71 (permalink) Old 08-25-2003, 12:16 PM
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 835
alder body RG 7 with flamed maple top
ultra 7 neck profile... not really ultra 7, but just like on my 2027x
longer neck scale 26 something, like on yamaha drop6's
H-H pickups
lo-pro double edge
blank dark rosewood fingerboard (side dots only) with 24 #6105 frets
african style painted finish

somewhat like this:
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post #45 of 71 (permalink) Old 08-25-2003, 02:00 PM
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Carthage, NC
Posts: 141
This is mine, which I hope to make a reality. Basically, I want a RBM.

Pau Ferro neck and fretboard (22 frets, JEM specs)
Mahogany body (oil finish)
Jumbo frets
String thru strat style bridge (no trem)
Gold hardware (Sperzels and such, but no pickguard)
DiMarzio Breed in the bridge and two DiMarzio Choppers.
Three-way blade style switch (never use the inbetween postions)
One Volume knob (don't use tone knobs)
Piezo system

I would have a headstock decal that says,"Rebel Voyager" Which stands for REB modEL Voyager. Can't copy the body design without a tip of the hat to the man.
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