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Thumbs up My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Hey all, just want to formally introduce myself, as i have just become a new owner of one of the new s model prestige series guitars. It seems i may be one of the only ones at this point too, since i wasnt able to find any info about the axe online besides its specs and places that sell it, so i bought it blind, and am pretty happy with it.

I played guitar a long time ago, probably over tem years now, and have always played heavy stuff, so at the time, i owned a jackson, and an SG. I played in a couple of bands, and after a while, life started and responsibilities grew, and i kinda went away from playing, sold all my stuff, and never looked back, until about 5 or 6 months ago. I really started to miss playing, so i picked up my first guitar again after such a long absence.

Yngwie Malmsteeen is one of my favorite guitarists, and have always liked the scalloped neck, so i went ahead and picked up one of his signiture models. I got the vintage white one, because you just cant have that guitar in anything else, "nicknamed the Duck, but you new that " Plays great, now that i got it set up, grind and polished, and the right gauge strings on there.

Next up, another of my favorites, and also a sad, sad story. Dime. I basically cried the day he was killed. I was browsing around the internet and found a site that was selling autographed dimes, authenticated, and the works, for a decent price. I mean, the guitar is one of the cheaper chinese models, but it is a set neck, fake floyd, locking nuts, and some cool, "potleaf" camoflauge color. Moat important, it was signed by Dime, so i bought it without even thinking about it. Not to make a profit either, as i looked at it when i got here, put on some Pantera tunes for old times sake, and put the guitar away in the closet, where it will stay, Knowing i have at least something that he touched, forever.

Anyway, i was always a fan of the S model guitars, and i needed something completely opposite of my Yngwie, so i wnet on the Ibanez site and saw the new S Prestige 2075 in Honey burst, actually the only color they make it in. Tried to do some research on the guitar, found out it only came out in March of this year, so info was very limited, no reviews, nothing. I bought it blind, and just recieved it yesterday. It plays awesome, just as i remembered the s models to play, fast neck ,low action, the way i like it.. Pickups are a mixed bag. They are the Dimarzio/IBZ ones, the bridge and neck pickup actually pretty good, nice hevay sound on the bridge, with a bunch of sustain, but that middle single coil... That they shouldnt have bothered with. Very muddy, and Noisy beyond belief. Man, i thought my dimarzios in the Yngwie where noisy, but this makes those sound like HB pickups with a full noise gate on. Lastly, the finish... Although, its extremely pretty, and nice and sleek looking, I had a crack in the finish right by the neck joint, real small, but still noticable. I had to sit there and inspect it with a flashlight to make sure that its not the wood thats cracked, but it is the clearcoat, because with a bright light, you can see the actual crack, and then the shadow of the crack on the wood underneath it, with a small gap in between the crack and the shadow.. I mean, no big deal, and it probably happened when the neck was applied, due to the pressure there, but still, you buy a new guitar for over a grand, you kinda want it to be perfect. I read in another thread people are calling this "character lines" Ill buy that, and do the same.

So theres my history, and i hope to be part of this community for as long as its around, and i look forward to having this site as my Ibanez bible.


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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

welcome, thats a nice guitar. A little advice, people here like to see pics
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Yeah pics to the people =D. Is the s2075 korean made?.
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

i think so yes !

i've seen one in my local shop and it's a really nice looking guitar.
The best looking new finish from 2005 Ibanez Line i think
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Well, i dont have a digital camera, so let me see if i can provide a link directly to ibanez, with the exact guitar..

This is exactly it, and yes, it is Korean made, i read how some of you guys are not to fond of the Koreans, but, in all honesty, it does come down to the hands that made it, and it really does play sweet, and besides that one finish crack ,like i said, probably done when the pressure of the neck was applied, it is flawless
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Oh yeah, I remember this one, I remember looking at it in the 2005 catalogue recently. That D-Tuna facility looked pretty sweet, nice guitar all round!
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Very nice guitar indeed. I am still waiting for Ibanez to put out a lefty version of their S models so I can get my hands on the new ZR trem.



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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

nice axe stevie, I'm getting a S2120X with piezos in a couple of days, I gotta get used to those slime curves =D
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Just a little update on the axe:

After playing it for 2 weeks, i deemed a few things needed change, so its at the Doctors office now "actually, at the shop "

The guitar plays really sweet, but still needs a few things done, this is what im having done, should be ready Saturday, and ill post with an update:

Put 10's instead of 9's
Setup the neck and bridge with the lowest possible action
Get rid of that sorry exuse of a middle single coil pickup. "Noisy, ugly sounding thing, Im having it dummied pretty much, gonna keep it in there, Just not active or connected.
Rip out the bridge pickup, and replace with a Duncan Invader. "The stock is really not that bad, but, it is stock, and it can upgraded to a more high output, badass sounding, heavy as hell pickup, especially with the type of music i play".
Im going to make it a 3 way switch instead of a 5 way, so the middle selection will be both humbuckers at the same time.
Finally, a grind and polish on the neck. Its not really necessary, but any guitar i get i feel it needs to be done right away> My opinion is if its not a custom guitar, and its a factory model, this should be done. I had it done to my Yngwie Strat, and when i got it back, felt like a completely different guitar, So its a new rule of mine

I will update once i have it back, and give an updated mini review.

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post #10 of 16 (permalink) Old 04-24-2005, 02:30 PM Thread Starter
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Well, I got the axe back yesterday, and its everything that i hoped it would be. the guy that did the guitar, couldnt believe that it was Korean, saying it is gorgeous and built extremely well. I had the action set up extremely low, just barely buzzing if you pick really hard, but i sacrifice that for the low action. the neck just seems to fly now. the Duncan Invader is an absolute monster!! It seems to sustain forever! very heavy sounding, very bassy "is that a word? " pickup, exactly what i was looking for. I kept the bridge floating and centered with the body, instead of locking it up with the ZR option. I played a few hours yesterday, and the guitar didnt go out of tune once, even with frequent use of the bridge. All in all, i was really skeptical about this axe, being Korean, but im a happy camper. the little upgrades made a big difference, and i dont think i seen an S model With a prettier finish. A friend of mine came over with his S series, and you can tell mine is a lot heavier in wieght, i guess the body being mahogany and all, but it really comes out in the amp, Sounding really thick.

If anyone is debating on this axe, dont. It kicks ass, feels greatand sounds even better, "as long as you swap the pickup ". Any questions, feel free to ask away

Happy jamming all
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

the S2075 is a statement on the current Korean production standard- it's by no means shoddy & 2nd rated...

i'm eyeing another korean Prestige model myself- the SZ2020 which i've tried & was throughly impressed, especially with those american Duncan/ Ibanez pickups which came as default...
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

MIK still leaves much to be desired. I sold a 2075 by mistake [didn't know they were Korean] so I had to do one.

Neck pocket, better than recent MIJ, correctly alligned, not too tight or loose.

MIJ gotoh nut, needed grinding to correct 1+mm first fret height.

No washers on the mounting screws, and none fit in the holes.

Crap MIK gotoh tuners, all mounted crooked

Nice fretboard rosewood, although it appeared stained

Marginal worst MIJ type fret end finishing [beveled angle the same as MIJ] but the frets are in high polish

Neck profile too squarish in the shoulders where it transitions to the flatter back, but, 19-21, unlike the new 18.5-20 MIJ profile.

Downshifter functions like crap, and is big and bulky and definately in the way of free hand movement.

I did like the simplfied ZR rail system, and new thumbwheel.
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

I do understand what your saying Rich, but to me, most of those things are just nitpicking. I think for someone like me, that just jams out in the house, And maybe get together with a few people, i would never notice any of that. To me, the bottom line is how the guitar plays, not if the tuners are off a tad bit, or the frets arent perfectly grinded away, although i did get a grind and poilish done to the frets on this guitar, but thats not saying much about the Koreans, because when i bought my US made Yngwie Strat, the frets needed the same love.

But i do understand there are people that need an axe to be absolutley flawless in every respect, but in all honesty, if you gave me one of them, and then gave me back my 2075, i would probably be hardpressed to tell the difference.

I think the S2075, now that the proper love was given to it from my axe guru, plays incredible. for a shred machine, and the type of music I play, "real heavy death grind style" I think it kicks ass, and I let a few people play it as well, and all were extremely impressed with the axe.

regardless Rich, Keep up the good work, I here nothing but good things coming out from your shop, Maybe one day I'll have to place an order for a lil Jem myself, and see what all the buzz is about

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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

But by confesion you're discounting your glowing review by then temperring it with "well that's just nit picky stuff I wouldn't notice" and "well my frets did need love from my guru". So bottom line, out of the box it wasn't the great guitar made out to be
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Re: My introduction and new s2075 prestige model

Agreed, but i also feel that any guitar out of the box does need some love, bare minimum a setup to your likings, and most probably a grind and polish. I think everyone has there own way of feeling comfortable with an axe, and I may love the way this thing feels now, but someone else may hate it. To each his own, I guess!!

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