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All Other Guitars (including Prestige) Discussion about other Ibanez Guitars not covered in the above topics. Includes J-Custom, USA-Custom, Prestige subforum.

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post #46 of 86 (permalink) Old 05-11-2001, 12:02 PM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

Apart from my Ibanez guitars my favorite is my Fender Elite Stratacastor w/ dimarzio fast track 2 in the bridge great gobs of great sustain. *Love it. * Wish they made a lefty 7vwh that is my dream machine.

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post #47 of 86 (permalink) Old 05-12-2001, 03:25 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

As a pro from the eighties who quit to go race motorcycles in '93 (Thanks, Nivrana! :angryfire, I sold all my cool amps, but kept most of my guitars. My new 3120 Prestige hasnt left my hands for the couple of weeks I've had it, but stashed away, in not too great condition, are two early San Dimas Str*t head Charvels, two and a half (dont ask) early seventies Fender Strats, A '69 Ovation acoustic, and a '60 Les paul Jr double cut, single P-90. Wish I hadnt lost them dept: White San Dimas Jackson Soloist, Black BC Rich Gunslinger, and a 71 Marshall 100 watt head so modified the name was almost meaningless.
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post #48 of 86 (permalink) Old 05-13-2001, 09:08 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

I am another old-school guy, I have a 77FP that I bought new, a 777DY that I traded a Fender "Jeff Beck" Strat for (never could keep it in tune), and a UV77BK that I traded a Reb Beach model for. I also love my Jackson soloist. It's a custom shop model from the 80's with a killer Dragon airbrush graphic. You can see it at]my website[/url] along with my other guitars. I also love my Hamer Phantom Glenn Tipton model, and Fernandes acoustic. I have one of the Epiphone Les Paul Birdseye maple standards that I put a Seymour Duncan "Pearly Gates" in with a push-pull coil tap that is as good or better (much lighter!) than any Gibson I've ever played. I love playing Allman Bros/ Warren Haynes type slide guitar, and this axe sounds so good!
* I still think overall, I like playing my Universe more than any of the others, because of the heavy tone with the low sting, even if it's not being played it resonates and makes the guitar sound heavier. It also doesn't hurt that it looks so good!!! I've also been experimenting with slide on the 7 string, which if you haven't tried I highly recommend!
*The one guitar I keep telling myself to get is the EB/MM Steve Morse model. They are such killer guitars.
*G.M. *

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post #49 of 86 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 02:03 PM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

After my 20+ years of guitar playing, I Play nothing but Ibanez. I have a Strat which is now sitting in its case (I'll sell it -- when I have the time...).

I had two Les Paul and got rid of them. I sold my ESP a few months ago, am planning to sell an 80's Kramer soon.

Otherwise, I only have Ibanez guitars. I play my 440R (my #1!), JEMs, Talmans, UVs, RBMs and JSs (I don't touch the chrome one, though).

Even a bass I just ordered last week is a 6-string Soundgear!

I don't know, I'm just not interested in any other guitar companies. I tried so many of them, even the PRS a bunch of times, having heard so much -- but my 440R can pull so many sounds out.

The only exception is for acoustics -- I have a couple of Yamaha APX's. Although I admit that I'm thinking of replacing the nylon APX for the Ibanez S-Nylon string model -- that guitar is sexy!

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post #50 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-01-2001, 02:33 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

I really only like playing ibanez with the really flat, thin necks but some other guitars I like (and would soon want to own) are the gibson gothic V (don't know why because I cant stand normal V's) and the original camo color scheme (red, black, yellow) esp G. Lynch Kamikazi. I wouldn't mind owning one of the original kramer strats only cuz I dig that banana headstock, the '80's gibson u-2 strat and an acrylic mockingbird. (Wouldn't get caught dead playing it, too flashy, but it would be an interesting cheap collectors piece). That's about it for now
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post #51 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-01-2001, 02:41 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

How have I missed this thread???

I actually like very few Ibanez guitars anymore. *I am a huge fan of Tom Anderson. *Vintage Fenders are great, they even feel important... '62 or earlier are my favs, but I can't afford one. *:-(

I am getitng into G&L lately... I always liked them, but only have started to really appreciate them in the last couple months.

I've always liked the older PRS stuff. *I'd go nuts if I had say a '94 or so Custom 22 with a purple 10 top. *whoo hoo!

I really want a Larrivee acoustic... but a buddy of mine has had like 3 of the nicer ones, and complains of quality issues. *

I guess I am all about the classic strat styling. *I've been through my phase of being hog-wild over the futuristic Parkers and the super shred guitars... now I am a bit more tame with my tastes.
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post #52 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-01-2001, 08:26 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

I'd step over my own mother for a Steinberger trans trem GL2T.
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Non Ibanez Guitars

I was at my favorite music store today picking up my new amp and I had a chance to play a Peavey Wolfgang. That's one sweet guitar! Ibanez necks have spoiled me though, everytime I pick up another guitar the necks feel like baseball bats....ok I'm exaggerating. The Peavey Wolfgang is going to demand some serious consideration when shopping for my next axe.
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post #54 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-03-2001, 02:35 PM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

The only Ibanezes I like are Jem's and Voyagers. I've tried RG's, JS's, FGM's, S's and a heap of others. Can't stand any of them. They just feel cheezy and overpriced to me. My used Charvel 475 special which i got for SEK 3500 (about $350) stil feels just as good as a JEM. Kind of scary when a Jem sets you back SEK30000 (about $3000) in Sweden. Then again if money was not a factor, I'd stil like a Jem and a Voyager

There are just so many good guitars out there:
Gibson Les Paul- a good one, please!
Fender Stratocaster- hard to paly, sounds great
PRS- to hang on my wall
ESP 901- for sentimental reasons
Washburn N4- I liked the N2 so...

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post #55 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-05-2001, 01:58 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

Right now I find myself having a craving for a nice Dark Purple Parker Fly...they call the colour Italian Plum...sweet! I Love parkers...wish I could afford one right now!

Another one I really want is a Tom Anderson! Drop Top 6...yeah baby! A Prs would always be nice! And a music man john petrucci...just for fun
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post #56 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-05-2001, 05:42 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

I have a PRS that is fantastic and a Fender strat for those blues moments.

I think Music Man guitars are ugly, but I recently picked up a nifty looking gold Silhouette Special at Guitar Center and was surprised how great the neck felt. The shape, oil/wax finish, and the fretword were outstanding. And the sides of the necks were rounded over to make the neck more comfortable. What really surprised me was the action. I couldn't believe how low the action was set and yet there was no buzzing. I figured that this must have been a fluke so I picked up another Silhouette and found it was set up exactly the same.

Very, very, nice. I could put up with the way they look for playability. I finally understand what Petrucci see in MM.

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post #57 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-05-2001, 10:53 AM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

I totally agree with you on the musicman guitars they make really really killer stuff, and they cover every single detail, there's really nothing I can complain or even pick out a single fault with their guitars!

Good stuff...Axis guitars are really nice too, but I wish they were more consistent with all the killer tops!

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post #58 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-05-2001, 12:14 PM
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Non Ibanez Guitars

my only gripe with Musicman is that the necks on their guitars are so small! *I have big hands and they feel at home on the necks of my JEM7VWH and my RG450, but I picked up the EB/MM Axis Sport the other day, I could barely play a scale without out cramping up. *Maybe my hands are just too big for the guitars?
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post #59 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-06-2001, 04:54 AM
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Location: San Jose, CA
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Non Ibanez Guitars

Supposedly the Axis Sport necks are 1 5/8" wide. I haven't measured one, but if they are like the Wolfgang necks, then the width is closer to 1 1/2"!

BTW, the Silhouette neck is 1 5/8" which I like. However I have skinny fingers so the narrower neck works for me.

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post #60 of 86 (permalink) Old 06-06-2001, 05:59 AM
Join Date: Dec 2000
Posts: 427
Non Ibanez Guitars

I have to admit I was very throw aback by the music man necks when I tried out an axis for the first time, they are narrow and quite thick, and they have a sort of subtle V shaped profile to them...but after a few scale runs they felt very comfortable. I don't think it's possible to compare them to ibanez necks...totally different guitar here. My only gripe with axis guitars 22 tell you the truth I can't play a guitar with 22 frets...I guess it's a matter of habit rather than anything else.

Jems and My UV Have spoiled me!

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