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pickup question

Hello sevenstringers.
I have a RG 7620 and I donīt like the pickups, too muddy and undynamic. So what should I get? I have never played a universe so I donīt know what the Blazeīs sound like. I have a Tone Zone and a Paf Pro in My Rg 3120 that I like alot. And Evolutions always sound great. But for the seven string, I *donīt know.
So help me out will ya?
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pickup question

It's all personal taste. I agree, the pickups on the 7620 leave something to be desired. I can't tell you anything about the new DiMarzio 7 string pickups except the Evo 7 String PU doesn't sound like a 6 string Evo. I remember someone here bought a couple and then posted a report that they don't sound at all alike. Too bad...
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pickup question

I used to use the EVO 6-string which I loved and then I tried the EVO 7-string and it sucked terribly. Now as for it *******
really bad, that might just be my personal taste, but overall as a pickup I didn't think the tone was very...uhhh..how to describe it....not there??? From what I remember it had no warmth to it at all. It was all screech and mids. I hate screech and I hate mids. Now if you want to do high-octane solos and just shred all day then you will probably LOVE the EVO-7. But for anyone who plays "chords", you aint gonna like it. Well maybe you will but my guess is you wont.

The New-7's arent THAT bad but they do have that "stock" sound. (gee wonder why).

I've always loved the Blaze Bridge. I get wicked tone out of those. I haven't tryed any others and I doubt I will. I wanted to try the EMG 707 but all that retro-fitting crap scared me away from it.

If you love the Tone Zone then go ahead and give it a whirl. I've heard great things about the 7 string version. But if it doesnt work out theres always the Blaze hehe
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pickup question

You could try the Seymour-Duncan 7-string PU's, The JB has scooped mids, so it should sound very articulate.
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pickup question

Would you have to rout to put SD's in an rg762x since they have a triangle rout or do SD's the triangle routs also?
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pickup question

SD's are attached with 2 screws, one at each side, just like the dimarzio's, same retrofit format. I can't figure out why EMG made their 7-string pickups different, because their 6-string versions are retrofit too.
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pickup question

So SD's have a triangle shape where the screws attach too?
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pickup question

to compare the "triangle" on the dimarzio's to SD's PU's go to http://www.harmony-central.com/Newp/...cky-Seven.html for a pic of a SD 7string PU, then go to dimarzio's site for a pic of some of dimarzio's 7string PU's.
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pickup question

Dimarzios have the triangular metal tabs where the screws go in while the Seymour Duncans have a rectangular/squarish shape.

Check out the web sites for Dimarzio at http://www.dimarzio.com

and for Seymour Duncan at http://www.seymourduncan.com
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post #10 of 23 (permalink) Old 03-03-2001, 04:34 PM
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pickup question

For some reason I can't see pictures right now but if SD's have rectangle tabs then how could they fit in 762x models without routing?
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post #11 of 23 (permalink) Old 03-04-2001, 12:06 AM
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pickup question

First off, the 6-string EMG's should never require routing. If your guitar has the standard full humbucker size cavity, then any EMG, (the EMG-81 for example), will fit right into the cavity. They do need to be ring mounted..Or I believe so. Not sure about that. You might be able to direct mount them but I dont think I've ever seen it done before. As for the EMG 707 it is actually built inside a 5-string bass pickup casing. That's why the guitar needs rerouting.

And as for the SD's mounting pegs, weather they be rectangular or "triangle" shaped, should still fit without any type of routing. I'm even less sure about this but I have NEVER heard of any problems. 6 string or 7 string. I just think a problem like that would have been brought up by now if it were a problem.
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post #12 of 23 (permalink) Old 03-04-2001, 09:14 AM
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pickup question

If It doesn't fit, I'd rather file the rectangular tabs to a triangle profile, than reroute my guitar.
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post #13 of 23 (permalink) Old 03-04-2001, 02:22 PM
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pickup question

*I would go for EMG-707s. I've got a set in my RG7620 and they put the Blazes to shame. Just last week I was setting up my friends RG7620 with the New 7s, I had my RG with the EMGs, and I had my UV with Blazes.

1. "New 7"- higher output than the Blazes, also more bass. They get pretty muddy for power chording, and for solos their nowhere near as articulate as the Blazes. Very similar to the "Super Distortion" for 6 strings I believe. Definetly Blazes over the stock New 7s.

2. Blazes- lower output than the New 7s, about 100-150 mv less I believe. More articulate than the New 7s, and more mids and treble too. Overall a much more balanced pickup, making it very versital. Power chords can get muddy on the lower strings when running a lot of gain and bass though. But I can't think of a better all around pickup, and it's also an excellent soloing pickup. Very close to the "Steve's Special" for 6 strings.

3. EMG 707- highest output of the bunch by far, a mix of the 81 and 85 for 6 strings. Very tight sound, scooped mids and boosted bass. My only complaint was a bit too much treble, so roll down the tone knob a bit. Never muddy no matter how much gain or bass, and it held together well for fast soloing. The only downside is the routing, but I did it by hand with perfect results. Plus the over-sized pickup size make the DiMarzios look wimpy in comparison. If it weren't for the routing and the $120 list price, every one would have these babies.

Overall, it comes down to a couple of options. The stocks may be favored by the KoRn crowd for thier bass and scooped mid sound. Via like players would probably appreciate the Blazes for thier lower output, articulation, and versitility compared to the New 7s. But anyone who tries 707s would never turn back. I haven't tried the Tone Zone 7s, so maybe give those a thought. I think they're probably a better version of the New7s, and may appeal more than the Blazes or EMGs. So shop around and use your ears. Most of every one here would agree that the stocks are not very pleasing, so think about your options......
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pickup question

I agree with UV man... totally.
I personally like Blaz's and im not a fan of active pickups.. but hey to each his own.
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pickup question

...Ohhh! Man now I'm thinkin about those 707's again...I always keep thinking I should just go for it (I have nowhere to test it out) but I just stick with the Blaze's....Scooped mids you say???....Hmmm....Ehhh..I dunno...I'll have to think about it some more...

Hmm...Hand routed yourself eh?? How'd you pull that off?? Please enlighten as this may help me decide or weather or not to go for it.

Are yours ring mounted or direct mounted?? I dont think I've ever seen any 6 string EMG's direct mounted but now that I think about it all the 707's Ive seen are direct mounted...
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blaze bridge , blaze pickups , lower strings , paf pro , scooped mids , seymour duncan , seymour duncans , sounding guitar , string bass , string pickup , string pickups , super distortion , tone zone

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