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Cool Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

I always loved the design of a RG. But i want some kindo vintage inspiration on it, sometimes.

Some, says she looks more like a TAM10 but to me, it is looking more like an 60s strat without dents, scars and discoloration

Bridge: Seymour Duncan Custom V
Middle: Dimarzio IBZ
Neck: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates (Bridge version)

Hope you like?
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

I guess I could post mine.

An RG760 which was spray painted by previous owner. Now hidden with a tape which I thought would be a temporary solution but I've kinda grown to like it. Most fun part is that my 1-year old who's Lego's I got the idea from is trying to grab them from the body while I play.

It is currently stock except for the pickups which are an EMG81 in the bridge and some unknown EMG's in the middle and the neck.

I re-finished the back of the neck to a satin finish and gave the frets a little rub while I had the body taped.



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Cool Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.


Long time since I was here!

Old but gold

Kind regards,

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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

Embarking on some further mods.
Despite the original looks, under the hood it's reasonably modified. The edge zero 2 trem / zps has been fettled and works beautifully, the sustain block has been replaced with a heavier unit and the wiring has a twin tone cap mod.

I'm trying to find a black pearloid pickguard for this 2016 RG350DXZ DVM - and a middle single coil preferably with a chrome bobbin or pickup cover, that isn't a shrieking angry pixie.

Can anyone suggest? Perhaps something that has worked for you. Not a shredder pickup, more of a traditional strat middle, but with a little more upper-mid poke.

The humbuckers are Gibson BBPro's and the wiring has a killswitch in P4 at the moment. I am thinking about getting rid of the 5way and going further with phase switching and a varitone style dial. (ES345)

for now.... this is it - suggestions welcomed.
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

My vintage 1987 RG550 with a Tone Vise Pitch Shifter installed on the Original Edge tremolo.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 20181002_192303.jpg (2.63 MB, 102 views)
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

DSCN6567 by DSCN6621 by 129 by IMG_1531 by DSCN2219 by DSCN6637 by DSCN4846 by DSCN6443 by DSCN6052 by DSCN5727 by salamander jem (10) by DSCN5848 by DSCN5916 by Picturecrashdamage046 by DSC_0885 by DSCN2331 by DSCN2355 by DSCN5848 by IMG_1504 by DSCN2302 by DSCN5507 by DSCN5339 by DSCN6124 by DSCN6095 by [url=https://

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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

^Wow, what a post. I think that lemon/lime UV with the mirror guard is my favorite, perhaps even of all your builds.
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

Cheers. Just added a few more.
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

My humble RG550XH. Dimarzio Tone Zone and Chopper, changed the bits to red and painted the pickguard with ruby red nail polish as that was the reddest paint I could find. Great guitar for not much coin!
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

My latest. Took a 2015 used Jem jr from Guitar Center (like 300 bucks). It wasn't in great condition. A little banged up, some nicks, the original plain white pickguard, the previous owner took out the whole trem bar assembly etc. I put in an original Floyd, replaced the pickguard for a tortoise Black pick guard, threw in Dimarzio SD3 (bridge), Dimarzio Paul Gilbert injector (mid) and an Dimarzio Evo (neck), and for poops and giggles, and cause i had them laying around like all the other hardware and electronics I used on this, I installed locking tuners cause they were black and matched the Floyd and nut. And to add a little cool character I added two home made stickers to the body. This thing sounds amazing. I wasn't sure how these pups would sound together, but I really enjoy this guitar now. And since all this was spare parts laying around in boxes, all I bought brand new was the pick guard for like 16 bucks. Not to shabby
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 46388940_2136281453069911_4819106331501789184_n.jpg (41.9 KB, 60 views)
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

Hello folks!

I'm gonna go ahead and show you my guitar. So, this was the first mid-range-kinda-decent guitar that I was able to buy with my own money (musical instruments in Costa Rica can get quite expensive because of the import taxes and all that crap) so you might imagine that I have some emotional attachment to it. Here's an old pic of me playing my good old 2011 RG350MDX:

With time, and as I grew older and started getting other Ibanez guitars, I stopped playing this one but I just could not sell it. I was tired of the sharktooth inlay and the overall "way too high school metal band" guitar looks of it. So when I started getting my own money I began a little project of mine to get this one back on track:

* First of all, pickup replacements: Dropped in a DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge position and a DiMarzio Liquifire in the neck position. I kept the single coil Infinity there because I really like its sound in the split positions. Almost piezo-ish in clean setups and somewhat strat-ish in dirtier setups.
* Replaced all the electronics for CTS components. You know, the good stuff you can get from Stewmac.
* Replaced the black metal knobs with strat-type black knobs. I really like how thew look on the Jems, the old JPs and those awesome new Marco Sfogli's RGs.
* Now, the neck: I found on ebay a Wizard II neck from a 2011 S420. I really liked the fact that it had no fret markers but the ones on the 12th fret, and its rosewood fretboard. Quite a 180 degree change in the looks considering that this guitar had a maple fretboard with sharktooth inlays in it. I was pretty sure that this neck was going to be a direct swap as well: same production year, same Indonesian factory, same neck model. So I ended up purchasing it and getting stainless steel frets in it, the guy that did the job also put stainless steel screws in the locking nut, very nice of him.
* Finally, I got rid of the Edge III bridge and got an Edge Pro in there.

Here is how it looks now:

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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

Originally Posted by jororova90 View Post
I was tired of the sharktooth inlay and the overall "way too high school metal band" guitar looks of it.
Nice job, especially the neck and bridge swaps!
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

Originally Posted by Tejaus View Post
My vintage 1987 RG550 with a Tone Vise Pitch Shifter installed on the Original Edge tremolo.
Hey, how do you like the pitch shifter? I'd never seen one of these before and would like to get one if they work without any additional troubles.
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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

This is my sleeper Prestige. Titled Mr. Hyde. I can't even tell you what model prestige at the moment. It's been so long since I bought this and I've bought, repainted, and sold a bunch. I stripped it down, repainted it, and made some tricky electronic mods.

The stock electronics are gone for the most part. The blade switch is still there just to mess with people, because it doesn't work. This guitar has been set up with PRS Dragon II pickups and PRS electronics, to include the PRS 5-way switch. The tone knob is fixed to wide open and the middle pup is dead.

The tone of this thing is absolutely insane. I cannot tell you the number of guys that have asked me how I get my growly tone out of the Ibanez pups, especially with the blade switch set to the neck position. I would just smile and tell them it's all in the hands.

I haven't played this guitar in many years, so if anyone is interested in it, send me a PM. It was made in 2005, in Japan by Team J. Craft and comes with the Prestige Team J Craft case.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 20180703_110057.jpg (3.65 MB, 16 views)
File Type: jpg 20180703_110104.jpg (3.47 MB, 10 views)

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Re: Post pics of your own Custom modded Ibanez.

This is my old Ibanez RG1570. I wanted to refinish this one in kind of a tribute to my favorite guitarist at the time. Normally the Petrucci Picasso has two solid colors. But I was just getting into chameleon paints and decided to paint the Picasso using two different chameleon paint colors. So no matter what angle you are looking at it, you are seeing different colors. Fun project. I didn't really modify anything else. Just the paint.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg DSC_0074.JPG (3.04 MB, 16 views)
File Type: jpg DSC_0072.JPG (3.02 MB, 12 views)
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File Type: jpg DSC_0067.JPG (3.09 MB, 12 views)
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