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rg20th getting complaints...=/

so, currently, in my band, i am using a marshall mg100dfx, the 100 watt combo as the head on a randall cab...im using a metal zone and my 20thrg...a few people have complained that its too grainy, specifically when i hold an octave chord past the 12th marker..and other such things..anyways, i was thinking this is due to the amp or possibly the distortion, and the eq. anyone with a lot of experience have any suggestions? or possible suggestions with more info given by me?

the other guitarist seems stuck that its the 20th thats too grainy
i also find it ironic that, the other guitarist, is using a yamaha rgx, through a b-52 half-stack and metal zone...and his is a lot more grainy than mine...i dont like the way his guitar sounds(he also gets a lot of feedback)...im not entirely sure what the deal is, imo my set-up sounds better. but ofcourse we all have different ears n such.

also, they have deamed me to be lead guitar, since i have more lead parts. i honestly dont care about a label(i would honestly prefer that label taken off), but seems to me whoever is playing more lead parts should be eq-d more so to be heard when he plays those parts...and the other guitarist is really high end, very little bass.

they had a friend come in when i wasnt there, to eq the guitars and bass....when i got back my guitar sounded horrible, the bass was all the way up on the metal zone and the amp, and almost no highs. i got that incredibly low sound while palm muting that when everyone played i couldnt make out what i was doing...since then ive turned the bass down and eq-d it all decently even. yet everyone still tends to not hear some leads i play; as well as me. unless i turn it up to where i can hear both guitars fine...but usually the other guitarist turns me down or himself up..

i think my sound is fine, i dont like the amp, i have tried out some tube amps and those sound incredibly better...but im not too sure how they would sound turned up to jam n such...

the guys have even suggested to me to try a different guitar, and to get a new amp...as if that would fix the sound entirely...the other guitarist even 'suggested' i try his epiphone lp next time...is there a problem with me not wanting to...i am way more comfortable playin my rg, if i play the lp it will change my playing, its a different scale different feel. a feel i dont prefer. if its a real problem i can always change pickups, or use a different rg with different pups...

any suggestions? new amp, new pups, mess wit the eq, tell the other guy his **** needs to be upgraded too...or anything else???

sorry for the long read
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

i guess it's nothing to do with the guitar, maybe it's the metal zone.

It happened to me one time, in a rehearshal studio, i was using my RG 520 with seymour duncan on it, played it thru a metal zone and JCM 900. when i play alone, no other instrument play along, my guitar sound was awesome, lots of sustain.... but when playing with the others and it's time to do the solo, i can't even hear my own lead.
I took off the metal zone, goin' direct to the JCM, did the same thing only with the JCM's lead channel with gain set to the max, and everything is OK!!
that was the last time i ever used the metal zone.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

I really don't think it's the RG. It's probably your pedal, if anything. Run your guitar straight into your amp, and see if you like the way that sounds. I've never believed in distortion pedals, seeing as how amp distortion always sounds better.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

Definitely not the RG, take the pedal out of the chain , then start saving for a new amp.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

It's the MT-2.

Solution: Pop an MXR 10-band in front of it, and another one behind it. Job done... ...that's the *only* way to run an MT-2.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

Are you scooping your mids? I always see people turn their mids down and go "chugga chugga ooooo wow!!!!" Then when they play with a band they don't understand why they can't hear themselves.

Mids are where your tone is and it cuts through the mix. Be sure not to skimp on them.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

Get a volume pedal for your leads.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

You dont have the best head ever, and the metal zone is thinning your tone out. The guy who tried to dime you eq wise was just trying to get a more noticeable response out of you. Its often that when lead players try to dime their tone they go for far too much treble. This is where all that graininess is coming from along with tons of mids. An eq pedal probably wouldnt be a bad thing of course. THe 20th is a great sounding guitar, but due to the maple neck, floyd, and bright pickup combo youll need to tone things back a bit
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

Buy an ENGL. Awesome stuff very versatile and brililant with an RG (and any other guitar.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

In my opinion I think it's the amp, cause it's a lower model amp and distortion pedals usually wont sound too great on lower end amps like my behringer. But sometimes with enough EQ'ing you can get some useable tones. next time your at a guitar store see if they carry your pedal and plug it into a tube amp and have a listen at what these stompboxes SHOULD sound like. Recently I've been using my uber metal pedal with guitar rig and without it I think it sounds too grainy.

Maybe a tube Pre-amp would help, not sure. Jsut some things to look into.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

Marshall MG's are renouned for not exactly having a good tone. The RG 20th is not the problem. Its the amp or the Metal Zone. I dont use that pedal so I cant comment on how to improve the tone on it.

My advice, Start saving up for a new amp.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

It's yer amp and pedal--get a nice tube amp or combo and run straight in.
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

MG Marshalls are terrible for loud, heavy band practices IMHO.

Like the other guys say, get rid of the pedal and amp and then buy something more substantial. You'll be glad of it in the long run
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

you have a kinda cheap transistor amp that sounds "grainy" (bee like) with just about every guitar on the planet. also using MT2 with it won't help.
you should get rid of both and get a small (30-50W) tube amp that would probably cost you the same, and a good overdrive pedal if necessary
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Re: rg20th getting complaints...=/

It's not the guitar, the facty that you have a Marshall MG might be it. I LOATHE those amps, terrible. Also, if you want a hiugh-quality distortion pedal, get a BOSS DS-1, but modified by Robert Keeley. Those are incredible. I think Vai and Petrucci have a Keeley-modded DS-1.
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