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RG3120 - action a little too high!

Well after selling my ibanez 78 artist, I was looking for a new Ibanez to compliment my old jackson professional..... but got carried away.

And now I am in love.... what a guitar, but then many of you seem to know that all ready

So heres the first (and hopefully only ever issue) - The trem/bridge appears to be is as low as it can go yet the action is way higher than that of my jackson. I realise that I have spent many hours levelling and dressing the frets on jackson and so the 3120 may not achieve the same result without similar attention, but it would be nice if it would at least let me try.

Any way I will check out how to's on this site and others, but in the mean time, let me tell you about my guitar, because I need to share it with someone, and I cant talk cause I have a stupid grin on my face.

I purchased the guitar second hand at a reasonable price here in the UK anyway. I had various offers on the table from all over the country, ranging from rg505, 550, 670 and a s2020. In the end it came down to the s2020 and the rg3120. both about the same price, but the s2020 had some signs of use. As I could not see or try the actual guitars due to distance away, I had to resort to reviews on the web and trying similar styled guitars in shops. that was what clinched it. Most reviewers of the 3120 were drooling with something sticky and when I played the s series in the shop, it just did not sit right (in fact it kept slipping off my lap. As I do most of my playing in my office, this is a major consideration.

So i picked it up this morning (20th July 2004) The guitar is a 2002 vv (vintage violin i think). It came with an Ibanez case (even the case is awesome) and basically the guitar (and case!)shows not one sign of being second hand..... it really is as new. Even the little tools are in the plastic bag and the serial tags etc are with it too.

I have made some good purchases over the last few months for various hobbies of mine (I have even made considerable money on some items) but not one has brought a smile to me like this. In fact the last time I felt like this was when my two boys came into the world.... bloody hell I am sad, all this over a bit of wood and metal.

Anyway I need to see why the bridge/strings will not go lower, so thanks for reading.

PS if any of this is gibberish, its cause I am so very excited about the fact that I own a quality guitar. Now if I only could play as well as it looks lol.

All the best

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Congratulations on the acquisition. I have 2 of them, a TW (twilight blue) with a 1550 maple neck and a DR (desert red) but I have never heard or seen a VV .

In regards to your action height, have you loosened off the set screws that are located at the base of the trem posts? If you haven't, it would seem as though your trem has been lowered as far as it will go (even though it is still high) and worse still, if you apply too much pressure lowering the trem, the post inserts can start turning along with the trem posts . You can loosen the set screws with the smallest allen key that you should have gotten with your guitar. Just don't forget to tighten it back up when you have set your action.

The reason that I ask is that you seem to be new to Ibanez trems and on both of my 3120's the action is low. I can just squeeze a 1.0mm pick between the high E and the 12th fret.
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Chancess are you need a neck shim.
If you are brave and capable, google "neck shim" and shim it yourself if not - ask around for a decent guitar tech and let them do it.

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Thanks for the welcome and information. As for the model (VV) here is a link to my guitar. (not my site btw) http://www.ibanezregister.com/Galler...l-rg3120vv.htm

With regard to the action, I have, since original post, adjusted tension to 'lower' the angle of the edge closer to that shown on this site.

I have also taken out some of the bow in the neck(way too excessive for my liking)

I am afraid I do not know what the set screws are, so cannot loosen them.

However, following the above work, I have now had to raise the bridge by a slight amount, but the net result is a lower action without buzzing (well not much ;-) )

I think it is now similar (maybe even better) than the jackson.

to give some idea, a medium pick slips under one string, but when passing under 2 strings (eg e and b) the pick is held in place (caused by slight curve in strings and board)

so I am now happy..... well for a bit, i may be tempted to give it a very light levelling and dressing to maximise playability..
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If you can do a fret level then you shouldn't have much trouble finding the 1.5mm set screw inside the stud
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Originally Posted by Rich
If you can do a fret level then you shouldn't have much trouble finding the 1.5mm set screw inside the stud
Tis true my lord, and have since found it, but my experience so far has been only with old floyd rose's so no set screws here.

However, cant really see what the set screw does, and more importantly, it seems to just keep turning without achieving anything or even tightening

oh well, I am sure I will discover the purpose of the set screw one day, in the mean time, will play for a bit and look at improving action some day in the future, as it aint so bad ;-)
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Ok, I've been trying to figure out where this set screw is, and not really sure.

What am I looking at here?

It looks like an allen wrench and a trem post, and the knife edges go in the v-shaped notch in the trem post, on the righthand side in this picture, right?

is the skinny threaded part sticking out of the left side of this picture (bottom of trem post), is that the set screw?

So how is it loosened?


Normally when I think "set screw", I think of a small screw that is set into the side of a much larger screw, or collar, and screws into the side of the larger screw, perpendicularly and towards the center to prevent the larger screw or collar from rotating around or in whatever it's fastened into.

Something like this:

where the set screw would screw into the sides of that cylinder.... Hope I'm making sense.

But I don't see that in this picture. but maybe it's just too black, or rotated to the underside of the trem post?
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It takes all the slop out of the threads giving a very stable fulcrom.
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Ok, I'm home, and can look at my 3120 with lo pro edge...

I see that the trem post is hollow, a large-ish hex wrench can be used in the top portion -- to raise and lower the bridge, and then there's a hole bored down into the dark interior of the trem post . . . is that where you loosen and/or tighten the set screw? I stuck a small allen wrench down in there, but it didn't seem to get any gription.
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You're almost there. Yes, the set screw is essentially a threaded piece of metal that screws into a hole the bottom of the trem post. It's form and function is just like the height-adjustable plastic knobbies you see on the bottom of table or chair legs.

Your best bet is to raise the trem post a little - that will take pressure off of the set screw, allowing you to turn it with that thin little Allen key more easily. You have to fish around a bit to get the traction, it's difficult the first time you're doing it. It's like sex the first time... "you mean that's in?".
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Well, less than 12 hours of ownership, decided to strip guitar and check out these pesky set screws and level frets (only a touch mind you)

WOW what a difference, this guitar now feels and plays like a 1000+ guitar

so smooth

so fast

so subtle

so excellent.

Thanks for help folks
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allen wrench , floyd rose , fret level , guitar tech , ibanez trem , maple neck , neck shim , pro edge

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