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So realy... whats the deal? - 7620 vs universe

Ok, i got a 7620. Bought it new in 99. I bought this guitar because of the following reasons.

1. Its got the GOOD trem on it. Edge7 * * * * * * * * * same as universe
2. Its the same wood. Tone is the same.
3. It has Dimarzios. No cheapo V series here.
4. Its has the SAME neck.

Ok, I was sold. I bought it and i still love it. Played some UV's later and decided that other than the pickup difference, Mine plays better than most UV's. So I order some White Evolution 7's to upgrade it. I install them and whoa........ This guitar is a Muther*(&#$er. Super low low action, zero buzz, perfect response. Why should I want a universe? I already have equal if not bettter.

Now I'm thinking of possibly adding a pickguard so I can mount the pickups on it. should I ? or not ?

Now the point is this, why should I buy a Universe, I got everything a Universe is. My hardware is equal, My tone is equal if not better, my action is super low and flawless, the solid black color and white evolution 7's are a cool(plain and in your face) look. Now what can a Universe offer me that this guitar won't. *I really wanna know. I think the reason Ibanez discontinued the 7620 is cause its TOO GOOD. And too close to the quality of the almighty itself. aka "Universe" That what I think. but hey, ..... mabey I have overlooked something. As I may have. So if anyone has any input on this topic, I will be very glad to hear your opinion. I welcome it all.
Best to you all,
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So realy... whats the deal?

Well, RG7620 vs UV,

better pickups right from the start, nicer neck IMO, kewler inlays, I had to RG7620s, and I can tell you from experience, the build quality and finish on them are not as nice as the UV, but other than that, just the prestige of saying I own a Universe, not much more. You can argue the same thing about a RG550 vs a JEM7VWH. * By the time you make them both look the same, they are the same money, but you still get nothing in resale for the RG. *
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So realy... whats the deal?

Only having owned a UV and played a few 7620's, the main differences have been discussed here already:

1) Different neck (whether it's better is more an issue of personal taste)

2) Pickups are different

3) Possibly less stringent QC with the 7620 (although every guitar manufacturer is capable of making a real lemon on occasion

I'd have to say the main differences would be the hum-hum config vs. the hum-sin-hum of the the UV. I assume the 7620's are direct-mounts where the UV's are pickguard mounted (this, again, is a matter of personal taste as to what YOUR ears like).

Other than that, the 7620 is a very similar (and well-made) guitar.
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So realy... whats the deal?

i'm starting to think that ibanez had thought of this. *right when they're trying to create a market for seven string guitars, it seems like they had the strategy of introducing the world to high quality, but not inaccessably priced 7 string guitars so people would be more turned on to the concept. *think about it, would you still be playing a 7 string if the first 7 you ever tried was a chinese made grx 720? i don't know if i would. *as the 7 strings became more popular, and more people started playing them, they brought the quality/ price factors back down to earth by replacing the 762x with the 742x, and later the 7421 with the 7321. *i'm still impressed with the quality of my 7621 4 years after i got it.
now those pesky little RG7 strings don't realy compare to the mighty universe.

its all a big corporate conspiracy man... *

ps; i don't mean to diss any of the 742x or 7321 owners out there, *this is just an idea of mine
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So realy... whats the deal?

I have a '98 RG7620 I bought used last year for $400(w/UV1000 case) in a pawn shop.. She wasn't minty fresh, but just a couple little dings and some light pick swirling, but the RB color couldn't be passed up.. At first, I got it for fun, maybe play some Morbid Angel tunes, that type of thing... Now I use it a lot for Eb tuned Iced Earth stuff, and I couldn't be happier with it.. Though, I really did not like the stock pickups at all, ended up with an Evo7/AirNorton7 combo, which kills. :biggrin: The only thing I wish it had was neck binding.

And yes, she does look sweet, with creme pickups and knobs(thanks to [email protected] Jems for the knobs) on that Royal Blue finish.. Not too boring, not too flashy. Might put some chrome hardware on her down the road, to off-set the body color a bit.

See, isn't she pretty?

I named her 'Midnight'..

I think they killed the 7620/21 not because of the Universe, but for the (probably)poor sales of the K-7.. Add in that the 'fad' was dieing, and you get ditched models.

Maybe it was a thining of the RG7 line. With all the XL series coming out, they might've thought the 7620 wouldn't sell. I don't remember what they went for new, but if I had to choose between an RG7620 or RG1077XL at the same price point, I'd probably take the XL.

It's really hard to say, the 7620 is still alive in the Japanese market at least....
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So realy... whats the deal?

I've always wanted a Universe because of the single coil option alone. It was about last year I was shopping around for 7 strings and only the Universe and the RG1077XL were the only 7 strings that has a middle single coil (prolly still the only ones in the current Ibanez lineup). Prior to getting my UV777GR, I originally had a RG470 for a good few years which had a H-S-H config and i've been used to that configuration since then... and while the RG1077XL was 27" compared to 25.5", I don't have much of a choice since my hands aren't huge to begin with...
Otherwise, I personally think what you're getting in a Universe over an RG7620 (which is not a bad guitar to begin with) are mainly:
1. Pickguard - I dig the looks of it
2. Cool inlay - gotta love them pyraminds
3. Pickups - eh... 7620's had Blaze's too (or am I confusing myself with something else?). I didn't like
* *the stock Blaze's on the UV so I eventually got an Evo7 and a Blaze Bridge for the neck.
4. Vai-esque associaton - I'm not a huge Vai fan but if it's good for Vai... well...

Other than that, not much more i can tell ya...
Oh ya... the UV has the rear input jack as opposed to the RG's traditional bottom input jack (very convenient IMO).


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So realy... whats the deal?

The main difference I seem to remember is the feel of the neck. I tried a 7620 as a replacement for my stolen UV and I hated the neck. Prefer the old UV necks...

And I like single coils as well. Apart from that they are probably pretty much the same...
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So realy... whats the deal?

I tried the UV777BK when I was looking for a GOOD 7 string to start my Low B progression... Tried it, and was almost about to take it... THEN I saw the RG1077XL. (I'll get back to that later)

Now, There were 2 other 7s there. 7620, and 2027. Loved the 2027 (but aside from the Piezo, I could find anything else to supercede the UV), but hated the 7620 (maybe I tried a bad piece, but it really didn't seem like a guitar worth buying... nothing fantastic about it)

So what I did, was I went home, cleared my mind by playing my JPM90th, and went back a week later. I yanked out the 1077XL, and UV, and played them exclusivey side by side. 1st, clean, then distorted... And I actually discovered that the 1077XL matched the UV for specs, workmanship, playability, and tone (I know, that's subjective). BUT I found that the XL scale REALLY worked for me. AND improved the tone for the XL. AND it was cheaper!!! Geez! What was I waiting for??? (Love the bubinga strip!!!)

So I bought it... and it's been my main axe for 1 yr now.

Now, 1 yr down the road, I'm wondering... What would I get, if I plonk 2 EVOs into the neck and bridge of the XL??? I think I'd get a really MEAN sounding axe, yet different in tone from the UV because of the XL neck... I'm dying to try... I love the current pups, but I'm really curious to try the EVOs... However, there's a really sweet strat-like tone setting on the XL, if I use the Neck/Middle combo, turn on full gain, but lower the volume knob as much as possible... Would I get that with the EVOs? only one way to find out...

Whaddya think???
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So realy... whats the deal?

first thing: if you like your guitar, you don't need the uv.

IMHO the overall feel of the UV is better. to me it souns better even unplugged (which is how i think one should test a guitar, because you can always swap pu's), it also feels more 'solid'. the single coil thing is great for me because i like to get clean tones just rolling back the volume knob and using the '3' position.

i must say i haven't played the aanj universe, so i can't speak of it. (i assume this is the one you played, since you say they have the same neck)
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So realy... whats the deal?

I agree, if you dig your guitar...that's it. *But if you are looking for a backup just another tone, then that's a different story. *UV's are just cool instruments. *I have a new one, and also a 2027. *The necks are different and I prefer the UV just feels more "right" to me. *But my 2027 is my main player due to the flexibility I get with the piezo and I dig mahogany big time. *The tone difference between your 7620 and the UV won't be much. *As far as getting additional guitars, I like to go the route of adding tones rather than just more of the same. *That being said, the UV is a very different looking instrument with a lot of flash and class. *THe more time you spend with them, the better you like them. *It is just gorgeous and plays like a dream come true. *If your not just sick over getting a UV and you need a backup, I'd find something that gives your more tone options for your sound, like a CTVV or a 2027, or even a K-7 (and find a way to hide the inlay).
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So realy... whats the deal?

Man, a post back from 2000, back when the 7 was still on the rise... in light of all the recently discontinued models (i think ibanez and ernie ball are the only two companies offering 7's now, at least on a wide scale basis, right?), i think this calls for a moment of silence...

Ok, on to your question. I play a RG-7620 with all the "normal" jemsite mods- air norton 7, tone zone 7, and sanded neck. (am i missing any? lol). It's by far the best sounding, best playing 7 i've ever played. Granted, it's also the most expensive, as i'm from western mass and UV's don't grow on trees around here. I'm very happy with it.

So what does a UV offer than mine doesn't? Well, quality control is subjective, as is tone. I feel mine excells in both categories- this could have been luck, or this could have been a tribute to ibanez craftsmanship (and the killer aftermarket pickups). the biggie, then, is eye candy. Basically, the UV-777BK is a GORGEOUS axe. the black finish, the pickguard, the binding and inlays...

For me, the middle single coil is actually a bit of a turnoff- i mean, it's nice, but the combined humbucker position on my RG absolutely kills for rhythm work. tight, defined, warm, and crunchy. I'd say that'sa fair trade for a single coil. Although, granted, the 4th position (out of phase split coils, selector pointing towards the bridge) rocks too for high gain work- double a track with than and a humbucker and you get some really tight definition, although it's much harder to bring harmonics out of my mesa/boogie combo with it. So maybe i could get away with that on a UV...

The basic answer to any question like this, of course, is if you're asking yourself, "what could this guitar POSSIBLY offer over the one i already own," then you've already answered it for yourself. If you're happy with your current guitar, then you have no need of the mighty UV. however, if you;ve got this deep-seated desire for one, well, even if it offers nothing "more," then you still won't be happy until you get it.

My answer? one of each. (although, i'm thinking maybe an EB/mm JP-7 in the stratos sparkle or whatever the hell that color's called, for my next 7, not a UV. but one day...

Anyway, if you're gigging with a floating bridge 7, you'll be insane not to have a backup... c'mon, justification...

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So realy... whats the deal?

Well the neck of an UV and Rg7621 is definately different. The Rg made my fingers hurt because its so thin. Well it also could be the fretwire, because the RG frets are much higher than the UV's. The UV fingerboard plays like a dream.
The pickups are quite different too, the UV blazes where nice although microphonic and a bit sterile. The Rg's pickups where muddy with no definition.
I sold them both. It seems like 7-strings are not for me, and thin necks are even more annoying in my opinion

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So realy... whats the deal?

UV vs RG-7620? *Simple. *It's personal preference. *
As for adding a pickguard and mounting your pickups on it, that may not work due to the rear-routedness of it. *And besides, they're direct mounted cuz it adds to the resonance (or something). *
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So realy... whats the deal?

The 7620 is not as decorated as the UV but so what? It's personal taste. IMHO, I'd do my best to not make the 7620 look like the UV & just buy a UV. They're all over ebay the last 3 weeks. Then appreciate each for what it is individually. One is practical, the other flambouyant (sp). There's very little difference in the neck specs. The UV will feel different with binding on the neck, certainly. But better? Your decision. Not to offend, but what's the real point of making an RG7620 look like a UV? Your 7620 is a great axe, keep it. Buy a UV to have something a little different. Your 7620 is not inferior or a UV wanna-be.
Don't let "model envy" drive you.
Shred on that great 7620 & sell us some of your records soon!!

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So realy... whats the deal?

I totaly agree with Fasterlix. The guitar is going to be what you make of it. I have an RG7620 from '97 that I love, it even has the original pups. It sounds and plays perfect. Get a Universe if you want a Universe or 7620 if that is what you want. You should strive to get what you want no matter what anybody says. Lots of peolple here push Jems and UV's on this site, but myself, I cant' afford to buy one and would not want to anyway. If I could just buy a JS1000, I would be very happy. But for now, the 7620 kicks a$$
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