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What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

I'll start.

Overall the most excited I was happened when I went to GC San Jose and got a refinished 1965 Fender Telecaster. The refin plus the body being sanded down a lot to soften edges made it relatively affordable back in 1984.

The most excited Ibanez new guitar day was my first Ibanez which was a 1981 Ibanez Blazer 550. There have been others like a Martin, Gibson acoustics, Les Paul Custom, Stratocasters, other Telecasters, and other Ibanezes but those two really stand out. I had fallen in love with Ibanez even though I had an Aria which was pretty nice but to finally get that first Ibanez and opening up the guitar when it arrived at the store was special. In the case the guitar was wrapped in opaque plastic and when I took that off, the shiny metallic red finish with that kind of acrylic smell was something I never forgot. The first thing I thought, being pre-Schultz Fender, was that Fender could go jump in a lake. That Blazer was many times the guitar an '81 Stratocaster was with it's extended switching options which would be on many a later Ibanez and that heavy duty, solid brass tremolo.

Also I can't leave out getting my first drum set, which was a Pearl MX 100 five piece set. It wasn't a Tama but learning on it gave me a better understanding of the role of drums and how it helped to write guitar parts in a song versus just a good sounding guitar part for the sake of a guitar part. Sitting down to a set of drums has its own inner world feeling to it and when playing with others it's partly participating but also having a seat as the closest audience member. You can observe the whole field in a way that is not the same as if you are the singer, guitarist, or bassist. It's very cool in that aspect.

And finally, nothing in the amp world turned me on as much as my first good amp which was a Yamaha JX-40 amp. I had jammed on a few micro amps before but this 40 watt amp gave me the ability to jam with a drummer and also get the magical attention of cops cruising the streets. I later had stuff like a classic Fender Deluxe and a Marshall 100 watt half stack but that giddy feeling of making a big step was when I got that Yamaha combo amp.

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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

my first electric, aria pro II, when I was 16.
I could not sleep the day before going to the store, so much excitement knowing tomorrow I'll be home with my first electric.
and when I finally got it, I woke up 5 am in the morning just to play that guitar before going to school.

I really miss that king of feeling, you know.. after owning more than 40pcs guitars from time to time, now end up with 11.. I just never get the same feeling everytime buying a new guitar.
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

My first RG. I had owned a cheap Kramer Stryker but wanted an Ibanez RG after playing a friend's at high school. I was honestly never attracted to the Jem. Well, the LNG but when I learned it was a limited edition and quite expensive I gave up on that idea. I didn't find Desert Yellow or Shocking Pink appealing at all.
I got my first RG, a 1991 RG570PN, at Ace Music in Miami. At the time they were the only place I knew of that was an Ibanez dealer. My girlfriend at the time drove me down there. I probably pissed her off royal as it took me probably 1/2 an hour or more to decide between Purple Neon and the Laser Blue. I still kind of imagine to this day the alternate universe that exists where I picked Laser Blue.
Needles to say I was very happy with the guitar.
The other big one was buying the RG 20th. I honestly had no interest in this guitar until I played another Jemsite member's DY. I knew I had to have one at that point. I still wasn't keen on DY and I had never seen Road flare in person. I wasn't keen on black so much either for the 550 (though honestly now I'm gassing for both). My plan at the time before encountering this guitar was to buy an RG1570MRR; which I still bought after. I walked into the local Sam Ash with a buddy of mine and there she was, beckoning to me in bright as heck red from across the room. A part of me kept saying "no, no, no! You're not buying two guitars like that back-to-back!" so I left.
The next day I called up the store and told them to pull it off the wall and that I'd be by to pick it up.
The pics here are from that day.


I've since replaced all the pickups with Evo's. Many shows and much playing later "602" is one of my favorites of all time.
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

My most satisfying NGD was when I was 13-14 and managed to buy a Schecter Jeff Loomis signature model guitar.

I had to work a **** job in a dollar store's basement taking items out of boxes, pricing them, then putting them back in.

It was so awesome when I finally got the guitar though. I was really happy with it. Killer guitar for the money.

The other two most satisfying...probably my Blackmachine b2 and my Parker Maxxfly 7.

The maxxfly 7 has killed all my GAS. I still want a blackmachine b7 but I've kinda given up on that and am likely ordering a koa maxxfly once I settle on some other specs.
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

Originally Posted by 63Blazer View Post
I'll start.
Cool thread man But...., the section marked "No music, gear or anything guitar related here please" isn't the best place for it
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

This is an easy one for me.................

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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

I can think of two:

1. In 1993 my grandmother bought me a new yellow RG550. I still have it, although it was converted to a hardtail. I will never forget opening the case and seeing this bright neon guitar. Awesome!

2. After one hell of a year (divorce) I decided to buy myself a xmas present last year, a light blue Suhr Modern with maple fretboard. Really happy with that purchase.

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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

For me, it's all 5 of them

Seriously, I cant pick a "best" of all 5 of my Ibanezes. I love them all for different reasons.

Gio Ibanez (I sold it to a friend a few months ago). My first Ibanez. Yeah it was a gio but I loved the Beam blue color with the white pickguard.

RG350: My first RG. I think it's the odd man out if I get a new guitar later this year, but this 350 taught me the feeling that my guitars are like children, they each have their own personality and they are each very special.

RG1550. My first prestige (and first MIJ Ibanez). It has been my go to axe since I got it, I use it all the time, especially now since it's standard E tuning and my blue Gravity storms give it a nice 5xx series look

RG2550. I probably shouldn't have ordered this one when I did, but it is my main axe right now for Eb tuning. I have really come to love the stock pups and I'll keep it as is. Love the ghost sharktooth inlays I got it directly from Hoshino's warehouse so I am the only one to have touched this guitar (outside the guitar shop workers when I needed something checked).

RG550: My first golden era 550. Candy apple to boot. Has some slight body damage but it's a wonderful axe. Got lucky that I found it

RG560: Luckily found this about 2 weeks after I got my 550. My first HSS guitar. Immediately turned it into my Andy Timmons guitar Beautiful color and amazing playability. Like the neck more than my 550 actually.

As you can see, all of my guitars mean something to me for some reason and I can't pick just one as my "best" ngd
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

Too many great NGD's but Christmas 1985 would have to be the most memorable. I was given a 70's Ibanez Les Paul lawsuit. What an awesome 1st electric guitar. Lots have come & gone since then but that was the one that started me on the road.
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

1990 when i got my RG560; worked forever to save up for it (student wages) and was blown away by the playability.

Had a fair few since but the one that stands out was my UV777BK - wanted a Uni for ages and then finally jumping in and getting an Ibanez Rules one made it pretty special. Never played a guitar before or since that can quite match it...
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

1996 was pretty awesome, i got my les paul studio, my first decent guitar I had a grin from ear to ear when i got home.

But then 2011 happened, I took delivery of my first ibanez, a js1000 btb, the first time i opened the case was amazing, i just sat there and stared at it, i even welled up a bit, i'd wanted a js since i was 18 and almost gave up hope of getting one, blew the ngd les paul day out of the water
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

For me itīs early 90īs with my first īrealī guitar, a Fender HM and a pre-cbs strat my uncle gave to me, when he retired. Those are my only guitars currently.
Other guitars that meant a lot to me are: 2006 Suhr Standard, UV77MC, Jem7VWH, Sherman 8 string and a Vigier Excalibur.
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

Fun thread! I have 2,
Gibson Thunderhorse Explorer (382 of 400)- 1st expensive guitar I have ever bought, sadly had to sell to purchase a new washer/dryer

The H-H telecaster I built. It has an African Pauduk body and reverse strat neck with birdseye maple fretboard and a hardtail. It was my first true body build and its the nicest playing guitar I own
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

uhh...all of them??...lol...d.m.
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Re: What are your best NGD(s)? ... or new instrument/amp day?

I haven't had a lot of them but my best was last year when I got my 2000 sour apple RG570.
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