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why cant nu metal use 7 string guitars?

if ya think about it... the only nu metal band i really see getting bashed on is korn (maybe a little Limp). and why is that? because of the seven string guitars? bands like slipknot tune their regular 6's (non-baritones) to drop B and drop A on their songs, but i havent heard a word about them. At least korn has the smarts to use a 7 once they tune down to A. And who the heck cares if they dont shread or solo. and why the heck should we care if a 15 year old goes and buys a K7 or 7420 because of them? insnt that what most of you did with vai or satriani? or is it different now because you older? im gonna go out on a limb here and say this (i may get banned from jemsite) but KoRn has done more for the 7 string then vai did. besides, when was the last time you saw him playing with something that wasnt evo?
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Nobody's going to ban you for having an opinion. We're pretty open-minded here.

I think Korn get a lot of flak from people because they don't actually listen to the music. It's has a lot of dissonance and weird sounds in it, which is challenging for the average listener. I'm not a huge Korn fan, but i respect what they've done for popular (and unpopular) music.

Limp Bizkit gets a lot of crap because they seem to be more style than substance. (I think Wes's explanation for why he left says a lot.)

I think that's the source of a lot of 7-string backlash. Some of it may also be RG backlash. Personally, i don't understand it. Being a newcomer to the 7-string game, i'm really enjoying the versatility for all kinds of music. But i'm also not a huge fan of RGs.
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I don't think it really matters what guitar u use to play music, wether it be a 6, 7 or 8 string...it's personal prefrence. As for Korn, I also think they do get a bit of crap cause of what their music has become...the old Korn still rocks my socks off....but the new stuff...it's pretty boring in my oppinion. But hey that's just my oppinion. And shredding wise, Head and Munky r great shredders...if u've seen Deuce the new DVD there is a little clip of them at a halloween show...where they play 80's covers and shred . Also, munky said on that dvd that he wanted to put a solo on one of the songs for the new cd, but head turned the idea down...i donno if he was talkin about Issues or untouchables at the time..

I'm not gonna start on Limp Bizkit tho heh...

I think it's fairly stupid to classify a 7 string as a nu metal instrument...it's just a guitar...

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Korn related thread # 242.
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hmm wonder how many #'ered threds there are on Vai? it aint a vai exclusive forum although he designed 'em a few others play them tooo.
but the korn thing is getting oollld
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I too believe Korn is getting flacked too much. They have done a great deal for the 7-string and rock in general. I mean, before they got big(which was a double-edged sword for them) there was nothing but a bunch of rappers killing one another basically, like rock almost died out, otherwise I don't think Marilyn Manson would have wrote "Rock is Dead". Let's face it, they've done a lot of good. But with every good thing, comes bad remarks it seems, but it's a fact of life.
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btw, don't take my previous post wrong. I'm not bashing them(Korn). I listen to Korn a lot more than I listen to Vai.
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Originally Posted by darren wilson
We're pretty open-minded here.

Ok, yeah, in general, but we still have forum rules being disobeyed left and right. Ya know, the one about not bashing other bands (with Korn mentioned specifically)?

But I can't complain, still the best message board I've found yet, and probably ever will.

I'm a huge Korn fan (in fact just bought "Deuce" today, and the guy threw in a Korn "Untouchables" guitar pick that was only supposed to come with "Untouchables" but he made an exception cuz I already own "Untouchables"). I also can't stand the fact that everyone bashes Korn, but no one bashes most of the other nu-metallers out there. It's because Korn's the most famous one out there. But the truth is, no one who bashes them actually gave them a good listen to begin with. With claims like "Why do they use 7-strings? They only use them for that floppy low-tuned sound cuz of their crazy tuning, they don't even use the high strings" I get really mad. First of all, they use the high strings A LOT. Second of all, tuning down a step is not an exclusive thing of theirs, it's just well known that they do it and people like to hate them. And they like people to hate them, cuz they find it amusing.
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I saw this post and I thought I would throw my two pennies on the table. Who really cares what kind of guitar, # of strings, amp, effects, etc a musician uses????? Music is music....We all take something from it and it is all together a beautiful thing! Whether it be from listening to Vai or Malmsteen playing 128th notes or Korn (which I like a lot) playing heavy, basic, grooving type rhythms and effect ridden "noises"...It is all the same and it doesn't make either the most of technical of players or the basic groove players any better than the others! They are just different as are every person who visits/comments/supports/participates in this forum. I am tired of people bashing one type of music because they are not into it. If you are that closed minded about music maybe you shouldn't be a "musician". And I am sure I am opening a can of worms by typing this but I had to give my opinion for once(which I rarely do on this forum). Well, my rant is done and I hope that I got across nothing less than people should be a little more tolerant and think a little more before they throw their ignorant opinions down on some forum. Thanks <Steps down from soapbox>
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Okay, guys... let's get back on topic. If you read the first few posts, you will see that this thread is not about bashing Korn or other "nu metal" bands. At least it wasn't when it started. The last couple of posts have certainly steered it in that direction, and it's tired.

Please read things a little more carefully before posting.

You may now return your knee to its pre-jerk position.

Thank you.
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No discrimination in Mall-core bashing from me..

I dislike all of it equally.
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post #12 of 190 (permalink) Old 08-30-2002, 05:12 AM Thread Starter
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there actually seems to be more than a handful of korn fans here, i thought all the korn hateres were gonna gang up on me lol
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Well IMO using a 7string guitar is much better than detuning, but do they really need to detune another step down?

Detuning is a BIG sin in my book.
I'm just weird like that.
It's just confusing when I put a Jimi compilation in the CD player and try to play along.
On some songs his strat is at concert pitch, on some semi tone down on some a full tone down.
I hate it.

It's dificult enough tuning a floating tremolo guitar at concert pitch once to try and detune to D#G#C#F#A#D# for couple of songs.
Nightmare I tell you.

Now I have got a guitar that's a whole step down that I use to play Guns' and Jimi on (with a capo on the 1st or 2nd fret from time to time) but detuning is just nonsence if you ask me.
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I like some of Korn's new stuff, and actually purchased their latest CD... for me to purchase a new CD... I have to want that band to continue to make money and music, otherwise, I could care less for their well-being, and I download it from Kazaa or whatever...
I will say that most of the people that bash Korn are probably idiots who don't even realize a 7 string is even used... They just bash to bash. When I bash on someone or something, it's for valid points... such as metallica for whining about napster, when in fact napster caused record sales to go up which is a whole different subject...
In my opinion... a good band, group, whatever, can only gain my respect by doing what they do out of enjoyment, and not to solely capitalize on the industry. Korn has been around for a while, and it took their style of music a long time to become popular. They stuck with it regardless of the fact that it wasn't something that everyone wanted to listen to from the start and I think that's very respectable.

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I think the reason why Korn tends to get the brunt of the abuse from folks is that because they were really the pioneers if nu-metal. They the band that opened up the metal scene to alot of very new artists (when radio seemed pretty content to just play older ones) and have made it through with a decent amount of success and no major tragedies. They've released 5 solid CDs which have all done well, started a label which has done decent and toured all over. They're the most prolific and as a result take alot of flak I think for it from those looking for a convenient outlet to bash nu-metal.

The backlash on seven-string guitars starts with Korn as well. They were the most prolific users of them and really through this sold alot of them to young kids who may or may not have had enough of their act together to really effectively put 6 strings to good use, never mind a 7th. In the past there's been others bagging on those that used Floyd Roses when they came out because the concept of using it tastefully was kind of undeveloped in the kids getting them.

I think the humor of those that bashed Korn for using 7 strings is that their first album didn't have a 7 string on it.....it was all a Telecaster and a Les Paul (at least that's what I remember reading from an interview).


I encourage them to bash away....it means I can get 7 strings cheap! More power to them....I own three 7 strings and will gladly add to that number if I see fit.
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