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Wolfgangs - who's got 'em who likes 'em *etc. etc.

OK with all the PRSiness (not a word but hey) I thought I'd open the floodgates for Wolfie discussion, Like how much where from, quilted? Flamed? Special? Archtop? etc etc?

I really rather fancy one of the stop tail ones, which I prsonally figure is about as close as I can get to a les Paul in a production guitar but still keeping the familiar 648mm scale length. Anyone else got ideas about an alternative. Or any other things they'd like to bring up about Eddie's latest signature model?

Or am I just wasting electrons?

Annnnd - feel free to chime in about the musicman stuff EVH used, and the Axis that replaced it.

(admittedly I'm probably just gonna get an old RG and block the trem, but I can fool myself I'm interested in a non-Ibanez for a little while )

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My Dads got a wolfgang that I play every now and then, he wants to sell it already and it's hardly ever been used, I'd buy it but don't want it that bad. * I think it's a great guitar, good sound, nice neck (although a little more rounded than I would normally like) and all around comfy guitar. *The only thing I don't like is the trem. *But then we've been spoiled by the edge systems. *I think the drop D is kewl, but it's kinda tricky to change on the fly if you want, and if you're going to use it, the trem needs to be tight against the body which sux. *Not that you can do much in the way of pull ups anyway but, hey, it's all ice cream
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Nice tone and really fun to play. *The drop D feature is cool especially from the locking trem perspective. *The trem is a LoPro.

I think the neck is really comfortable and isn't much of a stretch to get used to after playing a JEM. *

Oh yeah, I played it for an hour in the store plugged into a POD. *The finish was beautiful quilt top and I saw no obvious flaws. *Price $1299 with case.
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$1300 is pricey for a wolfie. *$1k is closer to the right price on a standard. *I've got a creme standard with the floyd.. nice guitar. *Amazing setup. *I really want a purple stop tail. *I think they sound best with a little distortion, rather than that insane amount that most people get out of them... you can get some really crazy broken up clean tones with them... which is impressive considering they are some pretty hot humbuckers. *Very wonderful guitars for the money if you get a deal on them.
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I played one recently I really like, the purple stop tail one

I dont like the ones with trems that much, but I liked the stoptail one. I liked how it was all sunken into the wood, between the curves of the top. That also made it so it didnt have that angle thing I cant stand(Like a Les Paul, look at it from the side, the neck is angled way back, and there is a huge angle between the tuneomatic, and the nut, I hate that, I like my guitars to be somewhat flat). But I hate how you cant get a rosewood neck. I hate maple necks. but, since they are opening a cutom shop soon, I may think about getting a flametop, non-trem, rosewood, purple or blue one. With black hardware. I also hate chrome, and thats all they currently offer....

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I've got one, Tobacco Burst Flamed, arched Top w/FR.

It's a great guitar. *Bought it mint w/case for $850. *I recommend against buying new, because you can almost always find one at that price in Mint As New condition.

It's a great playing guitar, the neck is nice and smooth, but rounder than everyone's favorite Jem necks. *The tuners, although Schallers, and not very precise. *The trem is a non issue with me, I don't know how to use it as well as everyone else I guess, and really don't see a use for making it a floater. *The D-Tuna works great, I don't usually change string tunings in the middle of a song, so as long as the whole song requires a drop d, then it is good to go.

Pickups are sweet - thick and gooey, not thin and squeal-y like Evos or PAF's.

Mileage may vary.

Another nice thing is that I think you can custom order them now, so you're not stuck with what's on the shelf.
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I bought a Wolfie Standard last year (trans amber). *I had to wait 6 weeks for delivery, but the price was right and the store (MusicGoRound in Minneapolis) gave me a loaner wolfgang to play with till mine came in. *The manager there is a forum member here. *THANKS BEN! *I really have enjoyed the wolfgang in all aspects excepting set up. *The intonation is perfect when comparing open, fretted 12th, and harmonic 12th but it goes sharp when fretted below 5th fret. *The nut height is as low as it gets. * I've been considering an Ibanez AX125 to replace the wolfgang so I can keep the Dtuner, the neck is more similar to my JEM and I can alternate tunings quickly and easily. *I personally don't see any similarities between the wolf neck and the JEM, but I'm used to the Peavey so it's not a big deal.

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I had a Wolfgang flamed archtop for a while. I was pretty impressed with it. The pickups sound great for rock, but the switching isn't as flexible as an RG because you can't split the coils. The neck was REALLY narrow, almost 1 1/2". The d-tuna is pretty cool and works well since the Floyd isn't setup to allow pulling up.

In the end I decided mine was a little heavier than I like and didn't add any additional tones to my arsenal, so I sold it off.

I haven't played a MM Axis, but I am willing to bet the necks and fretword are slightly better based on some other MM's I have played. Definitely worth checking out before you buy.

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I have a Vintage Gold Wolfie Special and I love it. Very comfortable and the three way switch one volume knob makes it so simple! D tuna is awesome I love it in dropped D. Along with those pickups this guitar kicks some serious A$$, and did I mention how comfortable the neck is! I LOVE my Ibanez but this is the most comfortable neck I've played to date! I'm just jealous the year after I get mine they open the custom shop!! Wish I'd gotten the Tobacco burst *though!!
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I will agree that they are the most comfortable necks I have ever played....I still prefer a well-set up JEM or UV, but what can I say....that Wolfgang is THE most comfortable guitar I have ever played, and has TERRIFIC tone! *Check one out! *They ARE a little high priced though....but what can I say, they are also the only Peavey I have ever played that I liked!
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Played both the wolfies and MM axis (of which i own one), and the axis is by far a better guitar. *The drop D tuna can be had on the MM as well, and you can get a nice Axis for under 900 - I paid 800 for mine - amber flame top, floyd rose and TONS of birds eye on the neck (it almost looks dirty there's so much!).. It just seems to me that the MM is better quality, and I liked the sound better too.. I DID put a push/pull on the vol knob to split the coils, because no good clean sound was to be had on it in original form. Nevertheless, the axis, is better sounding, and played a lot better... Strange too, when I first put my hands around the neck of Brittney Spears, er, I mean the JPM, I immediately thought of the axis - but just the way the wood felt (guess its that gunoil finish), not the contour... The axis neck is thin, and round... The wolfie neck is shaped like a bass clef, I believe.. *Plus - the axis are hand assembled in small shop compared to peavey... Hope this helps!! *Shawn

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I actually HAD wondered about that....if the Axis were superior to the Peavey model....I figured they would be, but I wasn't sure...
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Trouble311 -

They are. The MM axis is a great guitar, but, I have a JEM BFP, and the Gear, and a MM JPM (another on the way!), as well as the axis, and it IS tough going from the jem/JPM neck to the axis neck, just because the neck is so small and round...but, it's a GREAT neck. *Vaijem777 told me that later year Axis' didn';t have as good of tops as previous years...if that helps any...

I also has an axis with rosewood, and a non-trem bridge, and it was wonderful too - not as 'brittle' sounding as the maple board axis, but damn nice... Sold it tho, but kept the maple one... Also, the axis is probably more comfortable to play (weight, ergos) than the other guitars I have, except the JPM.. the JPM is ridiculous comfy!

In actaulity - I would save the $ for the MM JPM. I have been very impressed with this one. WONDERFUL neck and oh-so comfy.... *Like most have said, felt already broke in... Shawn
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Jono -

also, the pups are identical (in the axis) to the ones that were in the EVH model - I heard that Eddie didnt claim the rights to them, so they kept making them for the masses.. correct me if I am wrong tho!!!
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I just ordered a new Wolfie, it should arrive Monday. *I went new because I couldn't find a used in the condition/color I liked (what can I say, I'm vain). *So:

EVH Wolfgang
Arch top
Flamed Maple Top
Transparent Blue
Birdseye Maple Fretboard

The price was pretty good (although it was a gift to myself so I splurged a little) and I ordered it from www.guitarsfriend.com, sister store of www.rockcitymusic.com.

The trans. blue struck such a chord inside me when I saw it! *It fits very well with me and my life right now. *A very easy and fun guitar to play, different than my UV but that is a Good Thing (tm).
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