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Calling All Tube amp experts! (tube emergency?)

Hello, I got a situation here, any tube experts could help me because I THINK something is up, but everything SOUNDS fine :

I own a 3-month old Peavey Triple X, and I've gigged it 3 times no problem. the amp is noiseless, doesnt hiss AT ALL unless cranked to 11, and the tone is so good, I plan on selling my Sansamp PSA1 because of it.

Here is where it gets weird : There are 4x sovtek 6L6's in the amp, and yesterday I noticed 3 of the 4 power amp tubes glow with a beautiful "Blue" inside the glass, but one of them does not. All 4 do light up when the amp is on, but when turning off Standby, that's when the blue shows up. I switched tubes around to see if it was the tube, but alas, it isnt. It is the tube socket closest to the 12AX7 that "drives the power amp section" (I could use the word rectifier, but....)

I asked James Brown (the man who invented the XXX, not the Godfather of Soul) and he said something about a "blown open resistor" in the socket? What does that mean?

Also : I just got done playing through the amp and noticed that the plastic grille above each tube is HOT except for the tube socket that DOESNT have that beautiful Blue glow.

Not any pressure, but I have a gig in 10 hours, and I'd really appreciate some help, advice, etc. Thanks!
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If you have a gig later...borrow another amp as a back up just in case!

Then take the Peavey to be serviced prefessionally.

Amps contain VERY high voltages even when off and I would not recommend trying anything yourself.

Best wishes

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Bad tube. My friend Tim brought his Legacy to me because his amp sounded horrible (why me, I dunno, I am almost totally dumb when it comes to tube amps!). I brought it to the tech, and he said the tube was shot. I mention this because he had three tubes working perfectly, and the fourth was veeery dimly lit, just like yours. But his sounded bad....

So, a second vote for bringing it to a pro.

Even though it's a new amp, the tubes are extremely fragile and could have possibly been damaged during shipping.
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bad tube???

I'm going to Sam Ash today, if they have the same Sovtek tube that is in there, ill buy a new one and see what's up, but I SWITCHED THE TUBES already and the same Tube SOCKET was not glowing blue, so it cant be the tubes.

thing is, "take it to a professional?" I GOT A GIG Every weekend, I NEED that amp!!! ARRRGGHH.

if they gotta ship it out..... I swear to god, I need it ASAP. I may just buy another XXX as a back up. I got NO problem with that hahahaha!

best amp ever. hands down. those who think different need to get out of my way because i have some serious shredding to do haha.

thank you for your help. We shall see. I'm giggin with it tonight anyway.. god help us all
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The tricky part with the power amp tubes is that when you replace them they need to be biased.

I don't remember if $cam Ca$h has techs on site. You may want to check within the circle of musicians in your area and find a good tech. You'll save money and have a better chance at getting your head back overnight.

If you just bought the amp three months ago, I would check into warranty service. If it is covered by warranty, demand a replacement or a loaner until you get your head back.
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Greg, you can't just "buy a new tube" and swap it out. It has to match
the tubes in the amp. And I don't mean brand...they have to be
"Matched Quads" just like when you buy them.

Absolutly positivly take it to get it serviced. There is a good chance you
could melt down the amp.

If James Brown said the amp is bad, then WTF didn't you listen to him?
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yup, matched quads. thats why i love you buy one set, they come with a reference number on the tubes for future orders. i also love the sovtek 6l6wxt+ for being a "multi plate voltage" tube. it handles different plate voltages well so rebiasing isn't a life or death deal...especially with fixed biased amps. for your problem, tho i would take it to where you bought it and have it serviced and then get a loaner. if you can't get a loaner or they won't work on it, find someone who will and rent another one.

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Krik, the XXX is fixed bias. Well, theres a small knob that adjusts the voltage over a very small range to alter the sound juuuuuust enough. The only thing you need to retube is the tubes. Order a GOOD matched quad of JJs or the like, or better yet now is a great time to try the amp with EL34s in it (yes the amp has a bias switch for switching between the two types of tubes). if that DOESNT solve things, which it very well might not (James brown of peavey fame KNOWS HIS S#IT ) then when its all fixed you will have a backup set of power tubes. or you may like the new tubes better. If it needs to be sent out, i recommend mailing it to peavey. the people there are mad cool. worst case, go rent an amp for gigs from a local shop? or find a repair shop to take it to who can do the repair fast and will give you a loaner. some will some wont.

good luck!!
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The Deal with the amp...

I ended up not giggin with the amp once I played around with it at home and I removed the back panel, getting my hand very close to the tubes to feel warmth, and it FEELS like 3 of the 4 tubes are carrying the load while one of the tube sockets doesnt process the voltage. I switched tubes around and its the same socket in the amp, so maybe it is an "open resistor?" or some ****..

I'll be taking it in to the shop right now. I doubt I can get a loaner, but I have back-up gear for now.

I actually have a blister on my left hand middle finger knuckle from accidentily touching one of the hot tubes. I knew then something wasnt right.

thanks for your help!
- Count Gregula
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Greg, the reason the tubes glow in the first place is that there is a 12 volt supply that turns on the filiment / heater, that is the supply of electrons for the tube, the glow of the tube is this heater. If its' blue, there is probably more than 12 volts going to that section of the tube.
Get it serviced asap, I would think its' still under warranty so the cost to you is just time and the hassle of getting it fixed. One problem is that the tubes that were glowing blue, their life expectancy has been shortened somewhat by the over-volt condition. ( this is dependant on how long you ran the tubes in that condition )

Let us know what the service tech says.

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The tech guy has hundreds of Brand new Sovtek 6L6's so he's going to put in 4 new tubes, as well as the resistor that blew or whatever.

I just hope that this is a minor and not-so-common even that happens with Tube heads. I have decided that I'm going to sell all my loose extra gear sitting around and buy the Peavey XXL as a solid-state back up in case the XXX is in the shop again.

he said he'd get the amp done by the end of the week. I got a pretty important gig Friday and a guitar lesson to teach Saturday, hopefully I'll have it by then.

we shall see.
BTW : Breeds are it. Neck and Bridge. those are it man. bottom line.
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if its just a resistor it should be an in and out job. ive owned 2 heads and have 3 total amongst my band. all peaveys. never had a problem like that. peavey doesnt MAKE lemons
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peavey xxl , power amp , sam ash , sansamp psa , tube amp , tube amps , tube head

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