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Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

Hey there, folks!

So, I was pretty new to trem systems at all when I got my RG1527 last summer (niiiice aaaaxe), but since then I was way more occupied with the setup than actually playing guitar. It also got quite expensive, so after a little vacation in favor of my nerves, but also before I go spend even more money (and nerves, ha), I'd like to ask if there are some guys who experienced with the string gauge.

I like playing really heavy strings. I have .58s on my Les Paul, which I had to put on, because it is the limit for correct intionation. Fair enough.
But when I got the 7-string, I thouht I would take the step into the deep and dark world of... well, a heavy 7-string metal guitar. I was very unpleased with the feeling of a .59 as a lower B string (even more so in drop A). Then I went to .64 - and overshot bottom intonation capacity by quite a lot, it seems, I like the feel though. I hope that with a .62 a perfect intonation will juuuust be possible.

So, like I said, before I go and set it up again, I am desperate for some information, experiences or thoughts. Hope you can help me!

Has anyone ever put .62 on an Edge Pro 7? Is it working?

If not: is there a way to extend the range for string gauge on an Edge Pro 7? (like new saddles)

How is it with the other Ibanez tremolo systems?

(I mean, why would you design a metal guitar trem that isn't capable of a heavy string gauge?)

Is it really THAT weird to be using .60 + gauged strings (on guitars with trems)?
I would go to .70, if it was possible, I guess...
Friend of mine is playing .84 (on a 7-string, hardtail), so I don't feel like it'd be thaaaat odd.

Oh, and the scale length is usual RG style 25.5 inches.

I am really curious about the answers.


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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

I never really heard of anyone using a .62, but it seems to me that's it's possible. I'm unaware of different saddles on the market, though. You would have to try it yourself (and please report back to us!).

Anyway, if you're into highly tensioned strings, consider a longer scale guitar. Then you can f--k your fingertips with more confidence.
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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

Or you could try extra long scale guitar with extra thick strings called bass.
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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

I think the answer about the trem design is obvious. These trems were designed in the 1980s, Metal has been around since the 1970s and only in the late 90s-00s has it been popular to play variations of metal super downtuned. Obviously the 7 string Edge came later but still the trem isn't really designed for what you want, which is quite a long way out of the realms of normallity, a fairly extreme niche.

I read this thread and think you are some kinda mad man, I used to play in a Metal band we tuned to drop C and ran 11-52 strings, which felt heavy.. How low are you going that you want to put bass strings on your guitar, and how long until you realise you need a different kind of instrument? Like a Baritone, or an actual Bass.

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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

Mattias "IA" Eklundh in his 27'', 8-string guitar with Floyd Rose is using

009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.054/.065 for
1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E, 7 LowA, 8 LowE,

so you can probably put 062 in edge pro,
expect some work with springs,

I never tried, so I am just guessing,

as far as I am concern, I am thinking to switch from 009 to 008,
already bought set to test.
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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

Nice, first of all thanks for your thoughts on the matter!

I bought a .62 and expect work with springs. That's why I asked here first.
I will report back to you guys!!

So, to sum it up, there is just no perfect all-round instrument. And it seems indeed to be a little unusual to play strings that thick. Ok.

Actually I play regular tuning, except I wanted to tune the 7th string from B down to drop A. The .59 felt ok in B, the .64 felt good in A. But, seriously, tuning the .59 down to A, which isn't too crazy (or???) and not into an extreme niche, I think (come on, it's just drop A...), felt like I was picking a spaghetti...

And I do play bass from time to time... I bought this RG, which was way above what I ever thought spending on a guitar, to snatch a 7-string, as well as a high quality tremolo system (which I knew, from my own experience, you need to have, because this is a spec where low-end products are just annoying and nearly unusable) - combining most of the specs I'd liked to have my instrument equipped with. And actually I like this guitar a lot! It plays smooth, the trem itself works great! I don't plan to get rid of it, although I am having troubles to get it working for me. Bigger scale would make bending harder again. And over all, not that easy to find a guitar that fits just your needs and expectations - especially when your a mad man.

Oh, and I have quite tender hands - still the fingertips show not a sign of upset dealing with heavy string gauge.

Thanks also for the pretty understandable explanation for why the trem could be designed this way!!

Still... playing .64 for the B-string, even in regular tuning, feels so natural and good that I find it hard to believe that there weren't / aren't more guitarists prefering this kind of set-up.

Well, let's see what the .62 gauge brings. Will try it somewhen within the next week.
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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

I can't get it out of my mind. Now I started wondering what the gauge limits on other tremolo system might be!?

Is there anyone out there playing a 25,5 inches scale (for better reference) and heavy gauge on a floating style trem?
Does anybody have some information about how heavy you can go on a newer Edge, Floyd Rose, or Schaller Lockmeister, ect?

1980s are over, so are the 90s. Massive downtuning has become quite common, even if playing heavy gauge might have not... but it's not like physics being a jerk here. You could strap .70 on a 7-string, if the saddle would have more elbowroom, it is possible. Are there no double locking tremolos with extended setting possibilities?

I'm not frustrated. Just asking. It seems so close-minded to me.
On second thought, there may be a demand, but not enough to profit from.
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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

In one of your post you stated that you were using standard tuning and drop a tuning most of the time. Standard string sets are sufficient for that tuning. Don't always blame the bridge. It sounds like more a technique issue than anything else at this point. People have been tuning down super low for many years now and to great effect. My digitech drop tune will tune my instrument down an entire octave. Palm muting a super down-tuned note gets old my friend. Take up the 6 string bass and tune it like a guitar. You will have all the intonation and bottom end you've been after this entire time.
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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)

@sniperfrommars1 :
What's really getting old is you telling me to get a bass when I made very clear why I want to put thick strings on this specific guitar. At first you observed me stating that I use drop A tuning, then you babble about tuning super low, palm-muting and your effects. You seem to have missed the whole point. You don't know me and criticize my technique? This is not about sufficiency. This is about what I like.

Anyway... There are not many basses with tremolo systems. There are not many bass players who use guitar strings on their basses. I did quite some research after your statements and haven't found a single one using both, guitars strings and a tremolo on a bass. And even if I would do that, it wouldn't play like a guitar, would it?

I am well aware that it would be a lot easier to get the results I like to have by buying a baritone guitar. Well, I have this guitar now. I like the neck, the scale - almost everything about it. There were some things I had to change, and some i'd still like to change, but all in all this is what I want.

Now, to all who are interessted and care to help:

I currently have a .64 as the lowest string on the Edge Pro. Just needed some thinking outside of the box and now it's working and it's not too complicated.

Option A (the better one):
There are two holes where you can lock the saddle with the screw to hold it in place. You are restricted to a .59 / .60 string on the second hole. So you could drill a third hole to get the elbowroom. With a third hole I guess it would be possible to put the saddle back far enough to put on .66s and still be able to get the right intonation.

Option B (what I have right now):
I just screwed the screw all the way into the second hole and put the saddle behind it. It's not locked that way but the string tension holds it safely in place when all is set and done. It's solid. (I don't know to what extend, though, as I am not using the tremolo much - the last piece I will have to modify and put a screw-on tremolo arm in there.)
This version is working only for a .64 string (at least for the Edge Pro on a 25,5 inch scale). With the saddle behind the screw it has just the right intonation for this string gauge.
I wouldn't recommend it as the final solution, but I think I'll roll with that for a while. I like the feel of it.

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Re: Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)


This vid sprung to mind right away

Second, I don't need to tell you again (as already mentioned by others) that this is the exact reason the baritone exists, right?
Have you considered having a new neck made for the guitar?

Anyway, I guess something like an L-bracket would solve the issue you'd have with option B, maybe something like this:

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7 string , edge pro , gauge , limit , maximum

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