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I'm very impressed with your work man, couldn't have been a better time for you to post these...
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Eddie already gave some advantages of mechanical desktop and Inventor over AutoCAD, but it go's further..

For example, Mdt (Mechanical) is entirely parametric which means that you can change your 3D-model in a split second.
Say you subtracted the pickup-cavity from the body, but the dimensions of the cavity are not correct. In AutoCAD here is where the story ends (a wrong 3D-model) (exept you put back some material (uninon) and then re-substract the correct cavity of the body blah-blah-blah)
But in Mdt or Inventor this is much much more easier. You only have to change the sketch (in this case the pu-cavity) and resolve your part and done is that !!

secondly, the 3D-module of Mdt is much more easier to work with and gives more opportunities than AutoCAD. I don't know about the 2002 version but in comparisan with AutoCAD 2000 the advantages are great.

Thirdly, Mdt has the surface modeling mode for the more complex 3D modeling. (AutoCAD 2000 didn't have this module or it was very limiting)


But then again, I'm very impressed of the fact that you drawed the body entirely in AutoCAD !!

For my guitar project I started last year and finished a few months ago, ( ) I also drawed the entire axe -which I was going to make- in Mechanical Desktop. This way I already had a virtual prototype before the actual guitar was build.
The renderings can be seen by clicking this link:
All the images you see on this page are drawn and rendered in Mechanical desktop.

And then,.. Inventor. The latest evolution of Autodesk. In my eyes you can draw a 3D model in-no-time with this program. Much much faster than Mechanical desktop. The drawing style is similar to that used in ProEngineer (Pro E).
I don't know if Inventor has the surface modeling module (Eddie?).
I'm also not sure whether inventor has a rendering module the way Mdt has. -> But then again: you can export the part and render it in 3D MAX...

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Thanks for the kind words everybody, and thanks for the info on the other CAD programs Joten. That neck you made looks wicked (oops, slipped into 80's mode then!) I think I may have to find Mechanical Desktop and play with it. You are right, there is no quick way to replace portions of the drawing once extruded and subtracted etc. I might write a macro that allows each section to be done and added in any order so you could mix and match more easily... but then I don't know how to program a VB app yet either so that might take a while!!

Eddie, if you can make a neck dxf that would be awesome! Do you use your dxf files in your guitar making, or is it just to see what they will look like if you made it?

Will change that neck access cutaway tonight...
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This is getting interesting!!

I do 3D solid modeling by trade....ever since Autocad's first release (showing my age ).

Joten: I saw your site and all the work some time ago and it angered me in a sense. I don't like others doing better than me at what I do best Really, your MDT work is incredible!

Spagbol: I prefer to work in Inventor these days. The easiest parametric modeling program available. I am doing the neck now, but I have to do it in stages, because of all the custom order work I need to do But as I mentioned, once done, I will post. I can export to DWG and DXF as well as other formats. I can export as a file for CNC as well.

MDT is easier than AutoCAD and Inventor is easier than MDT. I can do so much more with Inventor than with MDT. Don't even get me started on Pro-E! Had to use it for a couple of years and I will keep to myself about how I feel about that program. Surfaces in Inventor - piece of cake. Neck profiles - yawn!

If anybody ever has questions on usage of these programs, feel free. My "door" is always open with the welcome mat out
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Eddie, can you whip up a JS body? And do you have a Trem on file
in DXF form?

I can't model to save my life, but I'm pretty good with Bryce, so I'd like
to try out some paintjob ideas...I just need the models!
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I am working on all of that now, including a JS. As soon as each become available, I will be sure to post.
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who would have thought, graphic design artists...that are into guitars, I love this board, I'm an amateur graphic design artist I'm alright in a couple programs and I'm looking into goin into autocad or MDT etc. so eddie you might be gettin bombarded here pretty quickly
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Again Eddie, you are my hero!

If you get those DXFs done, I'll drop them into some renderings and see
what I can make of them! I'm going to try that with the DXF already in
this post tonight. I've not looked at it yet, but from what I'm reading I
guess there is no neck as part of the DXF...
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Lonely Raven, no there's no neck, it's just an accurate model of the Jem body from the blueprints. My printer ran out of ink yesterday, but I've now made my measurements and I have made the changes to the neck access cutaway (it's a shallower angle of cutaway and therefore a longer curve to the 'B' plane and also a different angle where the cutaway meets the main body)... however, as pointed out, there's no quick way of redoing the whole lot in AutoCAD so I'll post the redone file tonight when I've had time to remodel it. The same link earlier in this thread will be the new file - I'll post here when I've done.

Eddie, are you reverse engineering the data for the JS body etc? That must take a huge amount of time and talent. There's a company in the UK that will run lasers over just about anything, extract the data and give you a DXF model from that... but I'm guessing it's expensive!

I can't find a source for Inventor anywhere - can't buy it online and there seems to be only the student edition available to buy in the UK... (and it's a while since I've been one of those!) can anyone help me out?!
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For anyone interested, I urge you to go straight to MDT or Inventor for 3D solid modeling. I tell every one that doing 3D in one of these programs is easier than drawing in 2D. And Inventor is easier of the 2.

I am nearly finished with a LNG that I can post. Just to show the capabilities of Inventor.

The JS will be a little difficult, but I will get it done as accurately as possible. Multiradii surfaces are easiest in, you guesssed it, Inventor. I'm not saying it is EASY, but easier than MDT Time and talent? Nah, just years and years of experience.

A student edition is fine.........or e-mail me
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I have the student edition of inventor and it works fine.

I also have to agree on Eddie and his opinion about inventor. It's way faster than Mdt and is based on the all-famous 'Pro-E', a program widely used in the industry.
The user interface is extremely user-friendly. It almost makes it easier than any 2D-program. - If you understand the principle of drawing 3D-parts that is

The reason why I still use Mdt is because we (students) were brought up with it and thereby know very much (but not all) about the program.
The fact that we learned Mdt instead of inventor was done by purpose, because in Mdt you need to know more about the parameters. You really have to know what you're doing. That's why our CAD-teacher learned us Mdt. Hell we even had to know how the PC generates a 3D-model (matrices, coords transformations, and such)..

I hope I'm not dwelling too much out of topic

But anyway, I think I'm going to tackle a guitarneck in the future..
Eddie, I wish you good luck on the JS-body

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I hope nobody misunderstood me.

MDT and AutoCAD are fantastic products! Those and Inventor are all from the same company. I just PREFER to use Inventor.

I found Pro-E very NON-user friendly. Used it for 3 years.

Joten - sounds to me you had a great instructor and maybe we are going a little off topic here OOPS!

Back to DXF files......I will create a page on my site that will have them for download and let you all know when that happens. Maybe we should start a library?
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I have uploaded the new files with the accurate neck access cutaway (and also a much more accurate Monkey Grip cutaway) and you should be able to download them using the same link as earlier in this thread...

Just a quick note about the monkey grip. The cutaway for the monkey grip on the rear of the guitar seems to be ambiguous. If you look at the shape of it on the back of the 777DY (on Jemsite guitar gallery) it more or less follows the shape of the upper edge of the body and is almost as high on the tail side as on the neck side. But if you look at rear of the 777VBK although the shape is the same, the cutaway goes alot closer to the edge of the body (suggesting it's a bit deeper). If you then look at the 7VWH, the cutaway doesn't follow the shape of the upper edge of the body quite so closely - it is slightly higher on the neck end

Basically, Ibanez doesn't seem to be constant! However, the point I want to make is this: Due to the geometry of the body contour, if you have the monkey grip cutaway at a constant "depth" (parallel to the front of the guitar body), you don't get the correct shape at all - if you have a look at the back of Glen's custom Jem (which is SUCH a cool guitar!), the monkey grip cutaway is much higher (closer to the top edge of the body) at the neck end than usual. I am sure that this is because it was cut out parallel to the front of the body. To obtain the wanted shape for the top edge of the cutaway (ie. closer to the shape of the top edge of the guitar), the depth of the cutaway needs to change so it's not as deep near the neck end.

If that made no sense, say so and I'll do some pictures to show what I mean!!

Anyway, my version is very close to the 7VWH and was worked out with a bit of trigonometry and knowing that about 1/3 of the way along (from left to right or South to North on the Blueprint) the Monkey Grip, the depth of the body is 27mm. The cutaway is angled at 1.3 degrees and differs by roughly 2mm at each end!

Eddie, I will be emailing you when my brain is functioning again!!
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Question JEM Neck Measurements

I would appreciate information regarding the basic dimensions of a JEM 77FP Neck or equal.

Angle and thickness of headstock, tuner hole diameters and positioning, tross rod channel shape and dim., rosewood slab thickness, maple heel and Rosewood dim. at the body-joint. etc...

Would appreciate it.
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Re: Jem DXF files R us!

spagbo.... Id love to see that drawing but 'page not found' mate
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custom jem , guitar body , loch ness green , monkey grip

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