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post #61 of 182 (permalink) Old 01-23-2008, 11:31 AM
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Buz's guitar is very nice, I also like Chris Broderick's. With Chris hitting the big time in joining Megadeth maybe he could have a signature model.

I think $1300 to $1500 would be very reasonable for a Prestige, but I'm sure most people would prefer a locking nut and inlays.

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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

For me the most important specs that would make or break the guitar for me...
- Edge FX bridge. I would absolutely not buy it if it had a trem of any kind.
- Mahogany body
- Passive pickups
Those are the only ones I would need to really be interested in the guitar. I would also really like it to be a MIJ Prestige model and would gladly pay $1300-1500 for it.
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Originally Posted by Angelo Guitars View Post
Thanks for taking the time to view this Tak.

- Bolt-on.
- Non-trem.
- H-H.
- Inlay on 12th fret only.
- Natural binding.
- Trans color, anything but black, like suggested above.
- Price similar to RG1527.

mostly just a 7-string version of this:


but if you go with mahogany body(maple top), a mahogany neck will be better than maple for this combination. like the new Petrucci guitar or Jackson COW7. Ebony board with the mahogany neck will be a plus too.
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Originally Posted by Tak Hosono View Post
Okay, RGA7 indeed.
what would you like to see on this guitar? You want a bolt on guitar or neck through?
How about tremolo or non tremolo? How much price range should be?
Please give us little more specific detailed information.
I can't promise you guys anything yet but I will present "RGA7" idea to the Hoshino Gakki guitar meeting next time.

Yeah, as some of the guys here are saying Buz McGrath's and Chris Broderick's RGA-7s are probably good starting points. Both of their guitars are gorgeous!

I'd say Prestige model is the way to go for sure. Neck-thru would be nice, but as long as it has an AANJ it's a minor point. Dual-hum setup, 5-way switching. I like EMG's... many don't, so a Blaze or something similar here is probably the way to go.

Must haves: Reverse headstock, quilt top w/ matching headstock veneer, double locking FR-type trem, and either the classy plain maple binding on body/neck/headstock or NONE at all. The plastic-y white slabs on Buz' guitar don't do it for me... nor do those gaudy sharkfin inlays now that I'm thinking of it. Either subtle off-sides inlays or NO inlays. A couple of color options would be nice... I'm realistic here and I know you're not going to do 36 colors. The dark red is dead sexy, maybe a trans-black, or the subtle violet and green colors Broderickís axes feature.

Price: Realistically, $1800 - $2500 is what one should expect to pay for something as nice as this.
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post #65 of 182 (permalink) Old 01-23-2008, 12:57 PM
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

I think making seven string versions of the existing RGA321 would be best. Especially with a reversed headstock. <--biggest priority

A maple fretboard would rule, and ebony would be a close second. Why not freshen things up a little?

Thanks for helping us seven stringers out, Tak.
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Originally Posted by Tak Hosono View Post
Okay, RGA7 indeed.
what would you like to see on this guitar? You want a bolt on guitar or neck through?
How about tremolo or non tremolo? How much price range should be?
i would absolutely _love_ an RGA7. i haven't bought any new Ibanezes since my two 7620s in 1997--none of the new designs appealed to me, so i bought old 540S7s and built my own S7s. the RGA is a great design that i would order in a 7-string right now if i could!

the body has to be maple cap on a mahogany body, right, or it's not really an RGA? for me, it must not have EMGs, because i install my own pickups and those EMG routes are too big. it could have cheap passive pickups because most people would replace those anyway.

i think price is very important. the 7620 listed at $1299, IIRC, and sold for about $1000. the S7420 also listed at $1299 but had the TRS trem, so it seemed like more money for less guitar. i think you would really need to keep the list price below $1299. the 2027 listed higher than that and didn't sell very well.

i personally think the RGA121 and 321 are a great match of features and price. the 121 has the satin finish and plain maple top, so the price is lower; the 321 has the flame top and glossy finish at a higher price. bolt-on works great on the RG7s, so bolt-on RGA7s just like the 121 and 321 would offer a choice of looks and price. neck-thru is cool, but would probably drive the price up.

i also like the fixed bridge, as on the 121 & 321--i think the classy almost Les Paul look of the RGA fits with a fixed bridge. but a lot of the Ibanez fanbase does like trems. if you used the Edge Pro 7, it might raise the price a lot; but if you used the TRS trem, the guitar might seem "cheaper," kind of like the S7420 seemed. i think the important thing would be to keep the price down--if you made a wish-list RGA7 that was expensive, overall sales might suffer. so i think you would definitely want a fixed-bridge version, and maybe also a trem one if the price weren't too high.

thanks very much for asking for opinions on this. the RGA7 is the one Ibanez design i've been lusting after for years!

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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Like Buz Mcgrath's RGA7. Just like that. Also Chris Brockeric's RGA7 is awesome.
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

I would definitely want it bolt on!

5pc neck
Trem or non-trem, as long as it is no cheap Edge 3 or something.
Body: not basswood!

In fact, my true ideal 7 would be a 7 string RGA121. Those things play awesome, and sound great too.
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Originally Posted by Tak Hosono View Post
Okay, RGA7 indeed. what would you like to see on this guitar?
Minor (hopefully) changes: Reverse Headstock, XL Scale Length, piezo option, "violin" red finish like (from post #3 by buz1701):

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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

when i played a RGA for the first time i loved it, but being a sevenstringer my wallet sighed a a sigh of relief but i thought to myself 'if ibanez ever release one of these i will buy one no matter what!'

it'd be nice to get another neck through seven string maybe with a mahogany neck and wings with a maple top to keep the same sort of sound as the RGA 6 strings, i know you usually use a maple for the neck but the mahogany would sound great, honest give it a try not saying i wouldn't want a maple neck it'd just be nice to have this to really make the model stand out. also i know lots of people want an ebony board, and im one of them but if its going to be something that really pushes the price high i can live with rosewood, just give us some offset dots to compensate :P

finish wise, it'd be nice to have something with a trans finish like the RGA121VLF or ideally something with a flame top like the RGA321

it'd be nice to get a trem too, the Edge Pro would do nicely though if you feel the need to go back to using the Lo-Pro's i wouldn't say no [/unrealistic] as for Price it'd be good the keep it in the same price region as the RG1527.

i really hope you guys do an awesome job on this so i can go and buy one! thanks Tak you rule!

EDIT: passives please, i'd hate for a wonderful guitar like this to be ruined by only having the choice of huge actives

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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

reversed headstock, neck-through, flame/quilt top and a edge pro7/lo pro7 are a definite

and something other than basswood!! maybe mahogany

maybe some blackouts, either shark fin inlays/no inlays/ offset dots at 12th fret, and a recessed jack like on the universes

its a stretch but i'd actually like to see a color scheme that would work well with a maple fretboard... it'd be a nice change
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

hey I got an IDEA!!!!

Maybe 8 strin RGA? lol

But if serious it would be AWESOME to see 2-nd string guitar from ibby.

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post #73 of 182 (permalink) Old 01-23-2008, 02:56 PM
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

PLEASE Release this guitar and PLEASE Do not make it with basswood. Those are my only requests. Hardtail/trem, etc its all variable to me. Anythign is good. I'd like a Maple board, but thats just me personally. Rosewood is fine. BUT PLEASE ! No basswood.

...and maybe some REAL pickups?
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Left handed please.
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Re: A Prestige 7 String RGA

Id like to see something very similar to the current RGA321F.
I enjoy the thinner taper on the edges. Id like to see either a fixed or a Trem bridge. If its fixed id really like to see the gibraltar plus in a 7 string format, as i very much enjoy that model of fixed bridge, especially over the classic fixed seen on the RG7321, or the gibraltar custom or whatever its called on the XPT707.
Maple neck, Rosewood fretboards are fine, although i like maple too.
Honestly, id really prefer a bolt on. Tonally, i just like it, and it adds a nice level of definition between body and neck.
Id stay away from basswood, the RG7's and UV's are always basswood, a wood i personally like alot, but tends to put off other companies customers. Give them an option they'd like to see. The CT's and such models are often held in good esteem by these people, due both to construction quality, but the tone woods used in the bodies. Basswood is honestly a love it or hate it wood. As i said, i really like basswood, but it is not for everybody, and basswood tends to have some tonal fluff in the low end that can be hard to match up with a low b, or lower.
Id like a mahogany body, figured maple (id rather a solid flame as is on the RGA321f, or the old S7420FM's. Alder would be a good option too. Ibanez unfortunately is known for not using a lot of alder, popular amongst shredders and metal heads, a huge part of the 7 string market
A small request, a matching headstock in my opinion adds a very professional look to a guitar. Not a big deal though, either way.
One thing that i know you hear alot but i'd suggest is coloring options. maybe a few different trans finishes, give esp's finishing department a good run for their money. A clear blue, red, black, maybe a green or purple.
in terms of pickups, i guess blackouts would be fine, but stay away from the emg's, as not everybody likes them, and in 7 string format, they leave a large hole in the guitar. that could be a deal breaker. the blackouts can be swapped for passives. I know everybody hates them, but if you have to, put out the standard crappy stock pickups. Alot of people would probably change out whatever you put in there anyways. just make sure they arent priced like they have aftermarkets if they dont
Really, id be extremely satisfied with an RGA7321F, or an RGA7320F, Just 7 string versions of the current RGA321F

Mr Hosono, thanks for listening. You've shown a lot of respect to the 7 string market, and whether or not you get one of these out on the market, the attempt and open ears are appreciated.

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