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post #1 of 13 (permalink) Old 04-17-2003, 08:36 AM Thread Starter
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ACM or Guitar Institute London???

Does anyone have any stories of either of these two places either in the first or third person???

cheers boys and girls!

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post #2 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-28-2003, 09:27 AM
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Hey kev! long time no speak man , hows it going ?
anyway , I don't know any stories about those , but I am going to the summer school at ACM , are you going to one of those 2 once you've finished your a A levels ?
If i enjoy the summer school i might go to ACM in september instead of doing A levels.
Anton aka Ben
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post #3 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-28-2003, 11:15 AM
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I'm looking over both, want to go to one of them after my a levels (just doing my AS levels now)
I would recommend doing a levels before you go, as it means you always have something to fall back on. Music a level can really teach you a lot as well, I have progressed so much this year with my theory and playing. Plus you get to meet some great people (which is what college/6th form is all about).
You can also get opportunities from it. If you can impress your music teacher they are likely to use you in school concerts etc rather than pay someone to play, then they can recomend you if one of their friends ever needs a musician.
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Hi there i am currently doing a 3 year degree at the guitar institute london. I have also completed the diploma course. I would say that these schools have their good and bad points.

First thing to do is ask yourself "WHAT DO I WANT TO GET OUT OF GOING TO GUITAR SCHOOL?"

I will keep and eye on this thread and i will answer any questions i can.

If you answer the above question we can go from there.

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post #5 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-29-2003, 05:23 PM
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I'm quite interested in going to one of these places, I'm leaning towards ACM at the moment, maybe take a degree down either the production or performance route, I'm not sure yet.
I'm also doing my AS levels at the moment, and am intent on taking a gap year first.

Does anyone know what kind of things these places expect of people?(audition and/or on paper)
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post #6 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-30-2003, 03:44 AM
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guitar institute easily, i met the guy (Misha Nickolik) who's the teachers for the shred courses and the guy owned. He could whoop vai,satch,beacker,paul gilbert he was awesome and he could play this insanely while instructing us and he explained things VERY clearly. If you want to shred definetly go Guitar Institute.
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post #7 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-30-2003, 08:17 AM
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Ive been talking with Ben/Anton about a few places, and was considering going to ACM for summer school. I would love to take a part, or full time course at somewhere like that in a couple of years once i leave school, only thing is, i dont really want to leave home, and both Guitar Inst and ACM are quite a while from the coast (brighton-ish area) so im still weighing up options.

Would be nice to hear some stuff from guys that have been though , as i dont know to much about what actually goes on, and teh like
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post #8 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-30-2003, 08:59 AM
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I've been considering going to The Royal Academy of Music after Alevels but I have my qualms for a few reasons:
1) I would have to go and do contempory music becuase there is no way I would be able to do classical, ive heard there are people that go from a very early age and I would easily be the worst.
2) If i did go ahead a got a degree in coontempory music, i would not have anything to fall back on if i were to decide to go into a different area of careers having not gone to univeristy.
3) final, Beavis' question is very importnat and aving thought about i have realised that I really only would like to go to a music academy to increase my chances in the music industry.

Neways, those r my thoughts
cheers for listening
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post #9 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-30-2003, 10:13 AM
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Yeah dudes I think Beavis's question hit the nail on the head. Im doing my GCSEs atm , will all be over with in a couple of weeks , then once I get the results I'll decide what I want to do. Im in two minds whether to Do A Levels or go straight to a Music college like ACM , Guitar Institute etc.
Im thinking about going to ACM after my A levels , but im worried that I won't be able to do anything with the degree , and end up like alot of Guitarists today , chilling in a one bedroom apartment , extremely talented with no job. After all , I think the music business is 80% luck 20% talent , and this is what all these places are renound for , meeting contacts etc , so .... A degree in computing and a fat comfy office chair ? , or a ROCKSTAR!! \m/ .

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Originally Posted by Swirly
Would be nice to hear some stuff from guys that have been though , as i dont know to much about what actually goes on, and teh like
The best thing to do is give them a ring and have a chat with someone. Better still, get down to one of their open days. If there doesn't happen to be an open day, just get yourself up to London one weekend and go see them. I'm sure they would be accomodating.

I've done a couple of part time courses there myself and was pretty impressed.
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post #11 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-30-2003, 10:59 AM
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OK i will try and clear a couple of things up. The guitar instute is not a shred course by any means, but it does off alot of information, more than you can manage.

I don't think these places help you get into the music industry, there isn't much in the way of contacts or anything. The only way to get into the music industry is to jam and play with as many people as possible, make contacts and work dam hard. the guitar institute will give you the knowlege but "YOU" have to do the work. There have been a couple of things come my way from being at the guitar institute, for instance i got the chance to demo amps for peavey at last years natinal music show in birmingham.

Its pointless going to guitar school if you don't do the work, be realistic and make sure you ahve the dicipline to do the work and not spend all day noodling. Its too easy to go to these places and see brilliant guitarists, go home and try to learn what they are doing. You need to do the work but there is time for your own stuff aswell. Just ahve to plan your time well.

One of the best things is the people, there are so many guitarist you get inspired and you get motivated to work hard, but i do warn you competition sometimes occours and its not cool. Somone will always be better and worse than you are. Now i don't know about the level of you guys but if you get a good year where there are a couple of guitarist in your class better than you, you will find this very rewarding because you have somone to watch.

Again you have to have a vague idea about what you want to be, basically if you want to be a top class shredder then this is not the place for you, you might as well find a really good teacher and learn all the technique and stuff, it will work out cheaper. If you love shred and want to be a muscian (me) its a good place. I covers all styles rock, pop, country, jazz etc and you get some options about which ones you can do more work in. I just finished the cd for the rock course for the first term and the track are things like, another brick in the wall, pink floyd, stairway to heaven, led zep, hey joe, hendrix and some micheal shenker, queen, gary moore, basically an over view of rock guitar from 60's to the early eighties. The second rock term includes tracks like, satriani-flying in a blue dream, vai-FTLOG, Malmsteen-perpetual burn bon jovi-you give love a bad name eric johnson-cliffs of dover etc. These are peices that you have to try and learn in a week. pretty intense but they are taught clearly in case your worried.

THIS IS A PERFORMANCE DIPLOPMA, just remember that, there is alot of information given to you about scales, arps, chords, tapping, sweeps, legato etc but its down to you to go away and work on them. But you ahve to perform songs on a weekly basis.

There are other things like arranging and transcription but these are only briefly covered and require you to work in your own time at them, there is ear training which is good. The one things is they wont tell you how to shred like a mofo, you don't get lessons in shred as such. This is a music school not a shred school.

Another thing to remember is that term 3 is JAZZ, i mean jazz, you will be learning how to solo over changes and be playing standards every week. No shred, except if you take that as one of your options, and that only performance of shred tunes, but you still ahve to do jazz.

Oh and sight reading is a big thing, you don't have to be very good to get in on the diploma, not good at all but you will have 2 lesson a week on it and its an important thing at GI.

Another bonus is the clinics, they get in some pretty cool people in, this is never garaunteed about who they can get in but since i ahve been there they ahve had, John Pettrucci, Vinne Moore, Jenifer Batten, Jerry Donahue sp..? a couple of other people i cannot remember at the moment and they had Kotzen in last week for a cool 2 hour clinic.

Its a place to study and its nothing like you would imagine it will be both better and worse, its up to you, they are not going to push you, you will ahve to push yourself and hopefully seeing others around you progressing will give you the motivation.

I would say if you want to get better on guitar and you want to experience an atmosphere of music and learning then these places are great. You have to be serious about music otherwise your wasting your money, and i can work out expensive, just remember house in london can be pricey. But if you love music and want to progress fast then these places are good, but just think about finding a great teacher and haveing 2 lessons a week. Just make sure you think about it alot.

Ok thats about all i can think of at the moment, if i have contradicted myself anywhere of completley confused you then just ask me questions and i will reply.

Oh and music school does nothing for your spelling, sorry if this is full of mistakes.

Take it easy


Oh the audition is just a basic hello session and you play a bit just to show them what you know, anyone can got to GI, the audition is just to grade you because there are different levels in clases. And yes you can move between them if you get better later on in the year.
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i'm going to the ACM in september and i alrerady know one person down there...and i know someone else who is thinking of going...
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post #13 of 13 (permalink) Old 05-31-2003, 08:19 PM
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I'm veering towards GI atm, because luckily I live in london, and the train line I take to college every day also goes to acton, so accomodation will be covered, at least for the start. But I can't see myself wanting to live in acton........
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eric johnson , gary moore , paul gilbert , pink floyd

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