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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event - ....continued....

New thread started. *This one got a little too long. *:-)
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Just like to say I had a great laugh and fun playing and being there.
Thanks goes out to Simon for pulling endless amount of hair organising it... and everyone else of/in/at Jemfest doing the hard work so I didn't have to

Now we just have to wait for those pics online hehehehehe!!!
I am sure someone will post a review here too!

Nice to meet all you guitar geeks too
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Just landed back back from a brief return trip to planet Jemfest Europe!

Hello to everyone I met - I certainly hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

I ran around and took snaps of most things at Jemfest. *I have just over two hundred jpgs, each one is large (1024x76 and about 250k. If you or your guitar were there then I probably have a photo of you!

Here's a few samples I've uploaded into the jemsite image library....


If you want the raw photos - fine. Drop me a note with your postal address and I'll burn a CD and post one out to you.

A big thank you to the bands, those poor souls who braved trial by Jemfest-Jam on stage and everyone else who contributed!

And finally Simon - *well done* Without doubt you pulled the rabbit out of the hat with this. To my mind the 1st jemfest outside of the US was a great success. I had a great time and judging the event on the amount of beer drunk,notes played and laughs had then it was right on the money.

until next time.......!?!?!!#!!


Edit Details...
It's been a couple of months since the awesome Jemfest in Europe and as such the images I'd uploaded have been purged from the Jemsite image library. I've moved these images onto a private web share and updated the URL's above - they should be fine now.

An update on the photos January 2002...

I've sent nearly Two dozen CDs of these all over the world now.. if you'd like a set them just email me with your regular postal address and I'll burn a CD and send the lot out - that's almost 270 Jemfest Europe Piccies in over 50Mb of data... and a couple of little AVIs thrown in for free!

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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

WOW, thanks for the pics man, I want more! *hehehe, I wish I could have been there, I really do. *Hope everyone had fun.

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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event


What a rush! What a blast! Man, did we have fun or what?

Just landed back in dreary Germany with visions of shredders dancing in my head and memories of good friends met and made. The bands were awsom, the atmosphere was comfy, the tunes were hot and flowing and my fellow JEMsters were outgoingly friendly and downright fun to hang out with.

Highlights for me:

1) Meeting everyone and feeling instantly part of a wonderful community

2) Simon's *Atlas-like ability to keep everything together and smooth when chaos threatened to reign - dude, you rock! Thank you so much for putting this together!

3) SevenDyingTrees who looks so threatening and turned out to be one of the coolest and sweetest guys.

4) Devo - who at first glance seems like a shy young guy and very unassuming but my gawd! Get him behind a six string and get ready to sell your equipment out of shear envy. He broke out with a Stanly Jordan two handed lead that put the rest of us to absolute stinking shame during the jam. Made us all look like fools. Afterwards when I was congratulating him he said he'd only starting using this technique since summer ... I coulda killed him on the spot :glare: Cheers m8!

5) All the great bands who played but especially seeing Dragon Heart's guitarist do this amazing-jaw dropping-heart stopping *overhanded sweep that had me gagging in filthy shame. It was a true honor to drool unabashedly and feel so worthless! I wanted to check his guitar after the concert for friction burns! And what a nice guy too! I asked him after the show what planet he was from 'cause there was no way in hell that he is human and he just got this shy grin on his face. - Stay away from me man! You're just too flocking spooky! :beammeup: Keep on rockin' - and I want a CD!

6) The comfy atmosphere. So much so that even when my time to jam came on and I ended up flubbing my 30 seconds of glory by playing in the wrong key I felt ok about it because I was among really cool guys who made me feel at home anyways.

7) The raffle .... he he he ... 4 tickets and every one a winner ... even if I did end up with 3 of the same CD ... HAHAHAHAHAHA

Drooling over such an awsome array of beautiful guitars. :love: You lucky bunch of arschlöchern! :biggrin:

All in all a great time and a great bunch of guys. Thanks again to Simon whithout whome none of this would have been possible. The ability to keep his sanity and get this thing off the ground and keep it that way was, I am sure, a herculean effort. You sho'nuff be da man!


P.S. I want copies of any and all pics made of me! I'm such a ham ... HAHAHAHAHA

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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Thanks Simon and all the other folks who put in all the graft.
I had to leave early but it was great to meet you guys.
The amount of raw talent around was frightening-wow intimidation city for a hacker like me. Very funny. Jaw-dropping stuff. I've got to stick to minor pentatonics I'm afraid.
Thanks sevendyingtrees for letting me use your BSB-it now has just a little GUYCOOL sweat soaked into the wood-doubles its value instantly!
What I saw of the bands (one less than none, and Cereal killer ) was cool.
Loved the e-bow stuff David-cool atmospherics. But I was frightened by the shouty bits.
Thanks for posting photos Adrian. Let's see more!

See you next year.

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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Thanks guys!
So the first Jemfest outside of the USofA has happened!

I am shattered and exhausted and knackered!

A full review and report will be up soon from me (tomorrow)
Including thanks to everyone.

I will collect all the pics I can and pass them to Kevan and Gabe.

See ya

a very tired Simon

ps watch out for my littlegreenM&M on my UV!
and my BFP!

(Edited by cerealk at 10:25 pm on Oct. 28, 2001)
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Well I just got back after a 7 hour drive. I do feel that that number is significant somehow.

I'll post more later as I'm knackered.
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

I'm glad you guys had a great time. A family emergency prevented us from coming and I hope we'll see everyone at the next jemfest
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Whahey! After spending yesterday and saturday evening shifting a stupidly incredible amount of gear I feel a bit knackered.

So my review:

Well cool! Cheers to simon for organising the whole thing, to the guys from one less than none for driving about shifting gear and for dropping me+equipment off home, and finally (but not last!), all of the cool people I met there and had a laugh with!

Then there's all the individual mentions:

Devo: man! If I'd have known you where gonna do that stuff I'd have pushed you up sooner! My jaw is still sore from when it hit the floor! Just hope you've got the bug for standing on stage, because you should man, playing like that is too criminally good to keep to yourself!

Patrick: You thought I was intimidating???!!!? Well, I guess it sorta was the same the other way round, but soon as i spoke to you, i realised that you were cool man, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Simon: well done for organising it!

And to all the others, Pable, Sarah, David,Dan,Graham (one less than none collective), And just tons of other cool people!

I really enjoyed watching everyone else, seeing some amazing performances (that guy with the modded left handed RG doing vai was just amazing), getting on stage and then bottling it thruogh nerves and just sheer embarresment(me!), getting some people ridiculously drunk on friday, and introducing some of the jemsite crowd to bloodshots with both good(pablo) and disastrous (won't mention!) results!

It was well cool, and next time we make it better!

Oh, and for all you gear heads out there, you have to see david's(one less than none) rack of doom. You cna fly aircraft with it...

So, Simon, when's the next one :biggrin:
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

you tell me James, YOU are organising it! :biggrin:
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Wow! 200 pics in hi-resolution???
Will you be uploading them all? I wanna see them all hehehe! Roughly 50mb must be...

Thanks Patrick, I am speechless for the great response! <-mp3s of some of the songs we played there

Devo, I have to say it again..I loved that tapping thing ..8 fingers? It was really cool, and wow.. only the first time you play in front of an audiance! Now how cool was that?
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Congratulations to Simon for putting on JemFest Europe. All of your hard work produced a good day for all that attended and I am certain that next year will be even bigger and better!! Just one request...more jamming time. With so many sitting watching I am sure that you could have filled the stage for several hours (once everyone had got past their stage fright!)

Lots of good guitars to look out and the raffle prizes were cool too.

Special mention to Clarky who got up during the beer break as the rest of us looked at our feet and did a short solo spot. For the love of god kicked ass and the 7 minute self-penned song that he closed off with was amazing! Not bad for a "leftie" with just an RG470.

Roll on next year.
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Quote: from cerealk on 5:08 am on Oct. 29, 2001
you tell me James, YOU are organising it! :biggrin:
I can't organise my life, let alone a jemfest! But will help next time with the organisation bit
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Jemfest 2K1.5(UK)- The Event

Just a quicky for now....will get the long version in later...

Cheers to everyone who came, saw, played, drank and helped. It was fun.

Simon - great job matey....hope it was worth the effort.

Later folks...

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