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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK) - October 27th 2001 in London, UK

The first details:

Date: *Saturday October 27th
Time: *Midday-Midnight
Location: *Imperial College Union, South Kensington, London

Venue is a large room regularly used as a gigging venue with in built stage and lighting rig. *It also has a bar in it! Click here for London street map. (More detailed directions to follow)

Accomodations: at the moment it will be up to each participant to organise themselves but I will get hold of the contact details of some hotels *near the venue.

We are using a university venue and some equipment so we will be subject to a few regulations (I am trying to find out exactly what these are). *Mainly that everyone coming will have to register with the organisers and my contact from the university. *This way we can have the room, PA, two full band's worth of gear, and everything else for FREE.

We may also be able to get even more PA stuff and even a sound crew-I am working on this.

Official Jemfest t-shirts should be available-I am working on this at the moment.

Following on from the great US jemfests we will have:
  • Bands- info to follow (1 definite, 2 possible so far)
  • Jam sessions-play your heart out over some selected (chosen by you) jam songs (with band back up)
  • We will have some top gear for you to play through from Marshall heads and cabs to my rack of doom (see my profile)-more details to follow.
    If you are coming from a long way away, just bring your guitars, I hope we can provide the rest.
  • Guitar gallery -a (hopefully) co-ordinated display of guitars (i.e. not 50 vwh's!)
  • a raffle (if I can get some prizes)
  • and some suprises.
Webpage updates and registrations will be located on Jemfest.comand also at and of course here on jemsite.

all suggestions and help welcomed, hope to see you there!

[email protected]
[email protected]

Thanks to Gabe, Bill, Kevan, Glen, Jerry, & Darren

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

August 5, 2001

ok here you go....Jemfest Details

Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK) in conjunction with Imperial College Jazz and Rock society

Starts 12 pm-we have to clear the venue by 11.20 pm. *Bar and food next door. *(we are not going to open the bar in the venue as it will give us more space for the guitar gallery)

will be via email due to the the conditions by which we get the venue and backline/PA for FREE.

So to register:

Email me the following:
  • Name
  • Address (and name and address of anybody you are bringing with you)
  • Guitars and/or gear you are bringing. *It would help for organisation purposes if you include the serial numbers of your guitars.

The names and addresses will only be used for purposes of jemfest.

We have a limit of 100 people from outside of college. *So you need to register before you come. I dont know if we will have places on the day. *
Please try and register by September 28th. *Sooner the better obviously!

Imperial College have given me a list of cheap hotels (August 2000 prices £20-£75) and a nearby Youth Hostel. *If I can get an idea of the numbers coming I can talk to the Accomodation office on Wednesday 8th August and maybe get a block booking which will be cheaper for everyone.

The first post in this thread shows where the venue is. *If you have any particular travel questions email me and I will tell you the best way to get from Heathrow, Gatwick etc. Kings Cross, Euston, Waterloo to the venue.
Are you flying? ideas here -->How to transport a guitar to Jemfest for flyers

Obviously London is expensive for parking but if you are driving then you will be able to park within College grounds. *If you arrive Saturday and leave Sunday, i.e. 24hrs parking will be about £25.

Friday night October 26th piss-up in the Intrepid Fox in Soho (rock night club later too if you are up for it!) if you want to come I will email you directions-tell me when you send me your registration email.

Will happen 12-3pm while we set up. Tell me what you are bringing when you register.

Two confirmed so far (Cereal Killer, One Less than None), three more in progress (one from Imperial College, Spain and Sweden). *I will put details up and websites when everything is sorted.

Jemfest teaser...we are inviting some famous guitarists-and no dont email me to ask who they are!

There will be two, so that is two two hour slots of jamming. *The earlier one will be the opportunity for you to bring a backing track to play along to (and show your skills!). *But we need suggestions for jam songs so post them in this thread HERE. *If you tell me what jam songs you want to do my band will learn or at least try to learn them for October.

All proceeds from this going to Make a noise foundation (MANF).
#1 *Open to everybody including everybody who cant make it to London for Jemfest

A swirl paint job from Darren (ATD)

A body modification or body strip from Brian at UniversalJems

(Thanks!!! Darren and Brian you guys are stars!):thumbsup:

To enter the raffle you have to make a donation in to MANF (I will sort out the details of how to do this) and mail me a postcard/index card to go in the raffle box. *
Email me for my address. *

#2 Raffle tickets-proceeds to MANF
Prizes will include
T-shirts from Darren and Jemfest
Goodies from Kevan
CDs from Ricky Garcia (if you dont win one you can buy one!)
CDs from Jeremy Krull (if you dont win one you can buy one!)
Steve Vai picks
and more goodies to follow

(Thanks!!! Darren, Kevan, Ricky, Jeremy, Vegard you guys are stars!):thumbsup:

Thanks to Kevan, Darren and my credit card we will have Jemfest t-shirts on sale.

These will look similar to these Orlando ones! shown here and here
Sale of the t-shirts will go to MANF

:help: WANTED:help:
Does anybody have a van in London that we could use on Saturday morning and Sunday morning for transporting gear to and from the venue?

:help: CREW and ORGANISERS:help:
I have already had some great offers of help from people e.g. Sound engineer (Cheers Ed!), and Steve (ripl3y), James (7 Dying trees), Jono, Barry, Jerry (jerrye), Mikey.
If you want to help out on the day let me know, we need people to be on the door to sort registration, looking after the guitar gallery, people to help with stage set up and band changeovers, raffle and t-shirt sales, you know the kind of thing! *If you are doing any of these things you wont miss any of the action!
We need someone with a digital camera to be jemfest camera person

So there you go, if I have missed or overlooked something then let me know.

Best wishes

Simon :loco:
Thanks again to Darren, Brian, Kevan, Glen, Steve, Jono, Jerry, James, Ed, David, Julio, Esa, the guys at IC, Barry, Ricky, Jeremy, Vegard, Mikey.

edit by Jemsite - all the info copied to the first post

(Edited by jemsite at 3:01 pm on Aug. 6, 2001)
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

Nice one, Jon!

You´re doing a great job mate I´m looking forward to the event, although I´ve been told today that I will freeze my bollocks off

Julio a.k.a. Jon
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)


To bad I can not attend but I am with you my european brothers ( I am german)!!!!

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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

I've updated the main page. *Don't worry - I plan on adding more! * and the host was down last night so I just quickly modified the index this morning before work.

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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

what happened to jemfest europe?????

looking forward to it!

see you all in October


can you list a couple of nearby hotels etc if possible
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

see you there , its gonna be cool (you say it has a bar ???, everything you need (and some guitars ))
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

I can back up Simon's claims about the place, as I went to the same university as him. It's got a bar, cheaper-than-other-bars-in-london prices (a very very very very good thing ).

So yeah, I'll see everyone that's coming down there! It will be cool, and interesting to find out what everyone looks like (except for simon, i already know...)

If you are doing a competition, why not something stupid like "guess the combined length of 5 peoples hair" We did a t-shirt giveaway with my last band with that as the question...
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

DAMN!! I would like to come so badly

Anything festish is so great so I hate to miss it.

You guys gonna have such a fabulous time like I had this year in Orlando. Man what good friends I made from there. But there will be a second chance!!
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

Not that there is anything special about it or something but can I donate some of my CDs for your raffle?? Its for the kids again so...

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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

muchas gracias Ricky

Check your email!
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

As a bonus to that I must add that Ricky has some HUGE music on his cd's.

I was very impressed.

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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

Jemfest Europe is really happening! Very cool. Great work Simon. I won't be able to make it, but I am sure all of the attendees will have a blast.

BTW, I agree Ricky's music is fantastic. I really enjoyed his set at the last JF.

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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

O MY GOD! I CANT WAIT !!! :biggrin:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK) is now updated-
•Simon's measurements, likes and dislikes...etc. *:-)

We even put up a map for folks to click on! *
(The venue is across the street from the famous Royal Albert Hall- where they hold the Prince's Trust concert! *Talk about talent across the street! *Good mojo!)

You guys are gonna have SO MUCH fun!
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Jemfest 2K1.5 (UK)

Stay tuned this weekend for
  • jemfest news update
  • accomodation details/ideas
  • registration info
  • latest band info
  • raffle prize updates
  • latest jemfest teasers and rumours!!

snoochie boochies

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Closed Thread

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