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post #1 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 01:28 PM Thread Starter
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Jemfest Discussion - How to plan for the future

Please don't respond to this message asking for us to put on Jemfest in your town next year. *I'd like to get some discussion going on about how to put on future Jemfests.

We had alot of discussion on some really key points. *Shane brought up a good idea:

Why not have Jemfest in the same place every year at the same dates every year?

There are goods and bads with this, but most good from
what Kevan and I observed. *If you guessed I'm hinting at keeping Orlando as the 'Jemfest Capitol', you're correct. *If it grows to where we can't stay at the Holiday Inn, there are lots of other places in the city we can go.

1. Planning from an organizer standpoint would be easier.
2. *We'd know where/what the Hotel was like and what to expect from the owners/supervisors. *(BTW the Holiday Inn and the airport was the BEST venue we had. *The staff was incredible and friendly and didn't care how loud we were or how long we stayed).
3. *YOU as an attendee would know long in advance when and where to stay. *(No excuses next time Glen )
4. *Orlando has tons of stuff to do. *Disney, Universal, etc... *Plan it as a family vacation and take the kids. *
5. *We could advertise better, knowing the local stations and newpapers. *(I've already established contacts there).
6. *You could buy your plane ticket months and months in advance and save lots of money.

1. *Driving from the Midwest/West Coast would be hell.
2. *Some people might not be able to attend or bring all they're gear due to long distances from the show.

This is not set in stone and I just want to throw out this idea to the forum. *Input... need input!

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Jemfest Discussion

Sounds like a good idea to me.

I missed out on this year but would be happy to fly to Orlando next year in May.

in the UK
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post #3 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 02:29 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

Sounds like a good idea, however how about not on a holiday weekend. As long as its Mothers Day weekend I'll never be able to go in my line of work.
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post #4 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 02:44 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

MHO… I like the idea of a predetermined date and venue for each year, be it Orlando or wherever. That would give a full year to plan and work out details. Having a secure place to setup gear and leave it for a couple days is important. Some people like Ryan had little time to enjoy the many other festivities that come with getting a bunch of guitar people together.

I see no problem with the guitar show part. I would, however, like to see a huge console with everybody’s rig/drum kits somewhere on stage, sound checked and ready to rock, making change over between bands a breeze. A full year may make something like this obtainable. A full year to promote may also increase attendance enough to warrant the expenditure. Part of the appeal of the fest was the laid back atmosphere. This would allow the performers to experience that as well.

I’d also like to submit that a larger attendance would make the hotel Management even friendlier and more willing to put up with the eccentricities of a bunch of musicians.

What about having more time to accommodate the needs of collectors too. Just like the performers, feeling secure about your guitar collection and not having to pack it into your room each night would add to peoples time and relaxation and increase the amount of money spent at the Hotel bar, furthering a positive relationship with the Hotel management.

Todd brings up a good point. Perhaps Memorial Day weekend would save burning vacation time and be less of a conflict with holidays involving families and relatives.

Yes, I vote for picking a date and place that can remain consistent each year.
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Jemfest Discussion

Sounds good to me...... LOL
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Jemfest Discussion

Congrats guys, on what seems to be another incredible jemfest arty:

Please keep the "have jemfest here" threads down as Gabe suggested, as I'll *be locking extra ones anyways. Kevan will o doubt moderate it further as he recovers from the trip and jump starts his Mac.

Please don't take my advice but i'd like to believe if a certain location was a real success, it should be considered strongly to be used again.

Probabilies are high i'll miss JF2K2, but still i would look to plan it NOT on a major holiday weekend or the weekend before/after. In the spring this includes Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Father's Day among others. Travel cost, plane availability and family obligations being the major reasons. While prebooking a flight 6-months in advance IS a great idea, it's not always realistic. Getting planes on holiday type weekends becomes very expensive, especially for last-minute planners.

Keep in mind too, that some of us (or spouses) have a fixed vacation week off in April due to school-type holidays or scheduling around it. For example, my wife has a forced week off around "spring week" since that's when her boss always takes vacation. Many teachers or school workers do as well. Usually it is a week before/after Easter, as was the case this year, but maybe not always.

Still you can never accomidate everyone, so we should all keep that in mind. Great work in putting this all together!!!... glen
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post #7 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 03:56 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

JF2K2- Arbor Day! *LOL

As Glen said, it doesn't matter what day/week/month we choose, some will not be able to make it. *Sorry.

"...jump starts his Mac"? *I guess that's better than kick-starting my PC. *:biggrin: * (like baggin' on Petrucci, this Mac vs. PC thing never gets old) *Glen not at JF2K2? *Anyone else so shocked they almost fell asleep in their chair?

I think the lack of sleep is making me funnier. *Then again, maybe not.
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Jemfest Discussion

Shane brought that up to me as well! *Great idea I think! *Gives us all a very long time to plan for this. *Plus, I think it will grow being it is in one standard location. *Orlando I think is ideal for it! *The hotel was great and the price was right! *Well, there's my $0.02 *Later...
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post #9 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 04:26 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

Hey, I don't mind going to Orlando again. *The weather was gorgeous and indeed there is a lot to do in this vacationland.

While it was nice to have so many talented bands to play for JF2K1, squeezing them all into a 12-hour period was tough for everyone. *I think is better to have a bit longer break time between sets, so the bands could set things up better, and people can have a few more minutes to stretch out and calm their ears.

I really missed the huge stage in Vegas JF2K which made the overall sound really nice. *The final jam was more enjoyable too because of a bigger stage.
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Jemfest Discussion

Just a thought on this.. but the West coast folk that I so proudly belong to have a bit more of a time trying to get us, an entire band, or if with backing tracks still all the gear that is needed for our particular sounds to be personal and the travel arrangements to bring all fo us together that far away. Not like mine is the correct opinion, but it was really nice that Ibanez showed up as well as the Vai Camp in Vegas, and not to use it as a reason, but if you wish to get some of the west coast attention, a more central us location might be more appropriate, then everyone has to travel the same distance, and the excuse of it being to far isn't going to fly for anyone. But I myself would have a hard time making it to any east coast jemfests in the future just because of the details involved in trying to bring everyone that far, not to mention some of us who don't like to fly long distances because of whatever, would be completely eliminated from attending by car. I just love the Jemfest so much, that I would hate to see in everyone's happy vibe to continue a trend after a very successful formula, to leave all of us out on the west coast that don't have the resources to do a long trip like that.. you might end up with the same group of players from year to year, and would limit your chances of discovering another Matt King. He was my Protegee to send this year in my stead, and He's amazing, but how would you feel if you never got introduced to him beause he was on the west coast and being young, couldn't make that kind of a trip..

Just my thoughts.. I love Jemfest, and don't want to be eliminated from it without at least speaking my mind for all us poor blue collar guys.. and people on the west coast.. I'd love to see Jemfest try to find another spot for next year and try to tell everyone that "That" will be it's permanent location. That way you can get input, support and local info from those that live there once the location is determined. I know that Kevan made a trip from The east coast and so did everyone else to come out to Vegas.. but I'm suggesting a middle of the country solution to make us all sacrifice and eliminate all the reasons why people couldn't come, and be left with that small percentage of people who just can't go..

My pound of flesh..

Adam Fox
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post #11 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 06:17 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

I think it is a good idea also. I would say maybe the weekend before mothers day.. would be good like around may 5 or so....

I booked in Jan and i got great rates,.. i paid like 165 round trip,,, so you have to book in advance. Those who dont .... i guess its to bad...... I think this year people had more than enough time to get things going.

The weather in early may in florida IS VERY NICE and not to hot.

I must say though I liked vegas also,,, and vegas is kind of cheap to go to if it is not on a holiday
Last time we got a room and airfare for 340 for 3 nights not bad at all.....and that was a holiday.

more between Bands is a good idea.

The promotion is another good idea. Hit up music stores weeks in advance so they can tell people about it.
I was talking to someone at the hotel in flordia and they said *book an add in the local papers was not to expensive etc....
No matter where the next one is I think that should be done.

I also think that it might be a good idea to get other companies invovled etc.
If I am blessed with the chance to play my regular slot next year.. I say lets try and get my other endorsers into giving some give aways for the event. D'addario,
Dimarzio, eventide etc,,, I can help in conjuntion with someone from jemfest.. It will help also if we can increase the number of people that come. So all of you that are reading this... make it down to the next one. The nore people the better for all. Plus you missed a great event!!!!!!!!
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post #12 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 06:34 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

The idea of a same place at least for a couple of times is very good. The hotel was so great this time and evrything so clean and nice. That Denny´s place across the street... Guy´s I don´t know how many "Milch shakes" I had. Another point is that we really know the accoustic of the room. I mean I will thank Ryan and his guys from his band forever for bringing down all their PA and everything... actually their were only some small things like the Monitoring on the stage what we could do better next time. Also mice-ing up the drums and stuff... Just imagine what a sound we would get at this place with more time of organizing the whole PA etc. What about a video and webcast? See now we know about the very slow internet connection and can try to find other ways.

One thing more... all the guys who have been there... I really loved the whole place and it would be so great to see some of you again... same time...SAME PLACE

About people coming down from LA or something... there is really a chance to get very good flights to Florida and I mean if it´s 50 bucks more or less... at least you kow that you will have such a great event because the venue will be organized perfectly.

(Edited by rickyggarcia at 5:37 pm on May 14, 2001)

(Edited by rickyggarcia at 5:38 pm on May 14, 2001)
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Jemfest Discussion

lol ricky *I was waiting to see you post something like that
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post #14 of 31 (permalink) Old 05-14-2001, 10:30 PM
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Jemfest Discussion

I think its safe to say, with each year, it grows, and in growing with more attendees, the event will roll over to part of Sunday giving people time to perform then. If it got to something like that, it would probably be the last act Saturday to be the "big" of course with all the talent there is, especially after hearing everyones reviews from this year, we'd have to pick that persons name/band from a hat!! :thumbsup:

(Edited by Todd Crawford at 9:31 pm on May 14, 2001)
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Jemfest Discussion

I've just downloaded a map of the USA so I know where you are talking about.

My geography is terrible I know where Florida, New york and California roughly were and the rest I figured was mostly Texas
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Closed Thread

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