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post #1 of 112 (permalink) Old 10-02-2003, 09:42 AM Thread Starter
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The official "My G3 Experience" thread

I figured we may as well start one of these. Post reviews and experiences as shows happen.

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Okay, so here's my G3 experience for this tour, so far.

Went to a Weird Al Yankovic show at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix a couple of weeks back, and the G3 show and date was one the marquee outside.

I'll post more after actually experiencing the concert. :P

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so far I've dealt with a real snitty individual at ticketmaster, and that's about it!!
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i stayed at mandalay bay in vegas about a month ago and they had an ad for g3 on their closed circuit tv network.
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At this rate the thread's going to be 4 pages long before the tour even starts. Great guys! It was funny the first time.
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I dont know if the tour has started yet but the music/chior teacher at my school was in the states the other day and saw satch vai playing I guess...... dont know how its possiable if the tour hasnt started though.

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post #7 of 112 (permalink) Old 10-03-2003, 02:03 AM
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you saw weird al? seriously... that guy's like my non-guitarist hero. Unreal... How is he live?

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post #8 of 112 (permalink) Old 10-07-2003, 01:25 PM
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Don't want to risk getting off-topic, but briefly, Weird Al has a great live show, much better than you might expect. His live band is very tight, and does a very good job recreating the varied tones and sounds from the parodies.

The live show is documented pretty well on the Weird Al Yankovic Live DVD (also available on VHS). For a fan, I'd recommend it.
Back on topic: well, no updates, but looking forward to Thursday night's show!


edited to remove the long, poorly formatted link to
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i have to go OT for this post and throw another hell-yeah vote for Weird Al live.

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post #10 of 112 (permalink) Old 10-10-2003, 12:39 PM
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Phoenix G3

Great show last night. I like the Dodge Theater more each time I go there.

Yngwie was impressive. I haven't seen him live since the late 80's, except for home video releases. Great sound, and yes, his guitar was extremely prominent in the mix. Lots of guitar twirling, and the exact same solo stuff that he was doing during the 80's. But, I liked it! Lots of energy, good sound. The only vocals were provided by Yngwie himself, and he sounded good. Lots of special effects smoke, LOTS of smoke.

Vai was next, and damn the sound engineer for his performance last night. Way too much drums and bass in the mix, and precious little Vai, until near the end of the set. The mix overall between the other band members was excellent, and Steve, Tony, and Dave did some fantastic harmony guitar work. I miss Mike, but Tony is doing great. Very little action from the lights during the set - on purpose, or did the lighting engineer take a break with the sound guy?

I really like the direction Vai is taking this band. It's more like a mini-orchestra, with more complex parts and interaction between the players.

For those who are curious, yes, Billy Sheehan now knows the bass part to "FTLOG."

Joe was next, and well, as always, Joe was Joe. Cool as ever. Great shiny silver "High School Prom" backdrop and cover for the drum riser, and the light show went into overdrive during Joe's set.

Nothing new from Joe, just a typical G3 greatest hits set. He played a red JS for most of the show, with a teal JS and a nice new JS with a flame pattern on it (I *think* it was flames!) tossed into the mix . No seven string, and he only brought out Chrome Boy for the jam.

The jam:

This works better than I thought it would. Any thought about clashing egos should just be put aside, at least for now. Yes, Yngwie is a showman, but there's nothing wrong with that. A little first night confusion, and some problems with Yngwie's amp, led to us being treated to the "Waiting for Yngwie Blues." You had to be there for that, just Joe vamping to fill time until SOMEONE joined him onstage for the jam.

The jam songs? Keep on Rockin' in the Free World, with Joe on vocals. Interesting choice, but it worked. Next, Little Wing, with Steve on vocals, and last, Voodo Child, with Yngwie on vocals. Yngwie has a great singing voice for this kind of thing.

The jam was great. Fun, good mix overall (could have used a little more Yngwie), and they were having a blast together.

This is going to be a fantastic tour.


edit - just adding a note that I'll be offline until Sunday.
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Sweet! I can't wait for them to get here!!!!!
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EDIT: I saw there was a closed thread on something else that could potentially turn this into some heated discussion. Believe me, this is strictly complimentary. In fact, the three players together complimented each other nicely. There is nothing negative here : )

Awesome show... Yngwie did an awesome job... but Steve stole the show.
Yngwie came out and did a lot of guitar swinging, some showing off, etc... but his playing was excellent. I'm not a big Yngwie fan, but the man can really play.

Steve came out next and his opener was a song I never heard before, played with his triple neck. He sat down for most of that song and then got up and played with it walking around a bit. He brought out EVO, EVO II, and FLO for his next few songs. Naturally he played FTLOG. The crowd gave him a standing ovation a number of times, and of course I was able to see the whole crowd because I had nosebleed seats, somewhere near where God goes to sleep at night. There was one point when Steve was playing where his guitar cut out and he just picked it up and looked at it, to the side of his stage, and was saying things like "What the hell? I can't..." and then he bent down and moved something and the sound came back. At that point he had been yanking the hell out of the whammy and was mostly screwing off with feedback, so at least it didn't happen during any playing.

Joe played a few of his classics, to include Summer Song, which made everyone happy. He brought out a red guitar, a light blue guitar (both JS Series) and a black guitar with a flame graphic from the bottom, and of course Chromeboy. He mentioned that he was playing a couple new guitars.... so we shall see : )

The Jam was good, Keep on Rockin in the Free World (I honestly cannot stand the original version of this song, but the G3 version shook the whole place, it was awesome), a couple of Hendrix songs, Little Wing and Voodoo Child.

Afterward, we went downstairs and out toward the back to the side of the stage and met the three of them. Steve came out first. Some of the people there knew him, probably people who go to a lot of his shows and meet him. He signed autographs and shook hands, etc... and left. Joe came out after that and did pretty much the same thing... very humble man. Yngwie came out while Joe was still out there and I don't know if it was his wife or manager with him... but she seemed kinda like the mediator. He was drinking, and seemed a little drunk. I thought he was short, but the guy is actually pretty tall. Joe's the short one. Anyway, Yngwie was signing things, and this one guy goes up and asks him "So, what do Europeans feel about American rock? Do they like it or do they think it sucks?" Yngwie looked at him, shook his head and said, "I've been living in the United States for 21 years." The guy said, "Oh, my history, very bad, very bad. Can you sign my shirt!?!?!" I got a couple tremelo covers signed, and after Yngwie signed last, I was kinda behind him and couldn't leave because he was in the way, so I pretty much followed him as he was trying to sign autographs. I had to hold a couple things for people because he was holding a beer or something in one hand and the pen in the other. His wife or manager, was trying to push him along, but he made sure not to leave anyone out when signing autographs, which I thought was really cool, because from the way people talked about him before, I didn't think he'd have cared. He really is a nice guy.

As far as egos go... I think people are a little too judgemental. After seeing the way some of the fans are... I can understand why they would seemingly come off as "egotistical." If you had some freak fans going off in your face (drunk mind you) about how awesome you were at the highest volumes possible, I think you'd be a little quick to get out of there : )

Either way, if you get a chance to see the show wherever you are, go see it. It was well worth it, even though I had the nosebleed seats, just to see two of my all-time favorites play. Thank God for G3.

Sorry if this commentary sucks... it's 6:30, my fiance woke me up an hour ago despite the fact I didn't get in till 12:30 evil:
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G3 show, Humphrey's on the Bay (San Diego)

Just wanted to give you guys a report of the San Diego show from last night. Most of what I would say would read nearly identical to BillEarl's posting description of the Phoenix G3 show. The sound engineer had Steve's volume so low that you could see him playing but not hear him as the sound was either incredibly low or completely off. The crowd was complaining but patiently waiting for this to be corrected. After 2 songs passed and we still hadn't heard Steve, the crowd started shouting and throwing things at the mix guy, and amazingly he still did not get it. The crowd physically got out of their seats and turned toward the rear and began chanting "turn Steve up, turn Steve up" with the sound engineer still clueless. Steve finally stopped the band and asked if the audience could hear him only to receive and overly loud "NO!!!!!!!". At that point Steve personally asked the sound engineer to turn up his volume. It's a good thing Steve helped the engineer because people were beginning to become violent. The show was great but I still feel disappointed missing half of Steve's set.

The only other difference I'd note between the San Diego and Phoenix shows were 2 remaining things. Steve appeared to have a 7VWH outfitted very similar to Pia (but not Pia of course) which I had not seen before. San Diego received the same 3 jam tunes with a final and 4th jam song being a classic ZZ top tune.

My advice to G3 fans is not to wait for the sound engineer (for which he does not deserve the title) to correct any mix problems. Be proactive in trying to fix this sooner rather than later, you'll miss less of the show.
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San Diego:

I was there last night. Yngwie seems to be improvising a lot of his set. He did play:

Evil Eye
Trilogy Suite
Baroque and Roll
Far Beyond the Sun
( he played one of the Concerto Suite songs, forgot which one, but he played the whole thing with samples in the background for the classical instrument parts, obviously )
Spasebo Blues which he sung on

The songs listed above are not in order. He started Black Star then abruptly cut it off to do Far Beyond the Sun. Seems he is having a bit of trouble deciding what he wants to play due to the limited G3 set time, I think he is used to his own solo tour 2.5 hour shows.

This was easily the best G3 ever. The jam at the end was AWESOME with Yngwie in it, he shared the stage well, and no, he did not play Harmonic Minor licks during his solos for the jams. He was a little more loaded then he usually is, his wife April had to guide him around during the meet and greet afterwards. THANKS FOR PASSES MIKEY!

All that said, Steve Vai owned this show hands down. His set was incredible. I have seen all the G3's that have come to pass, and Vai gets better every time. I can't even describe it. The only bad thing was we all missed the WHOLE SONG Juice because you could only hear Billy's bass! ( which sounds great, but Steve was WAAAAY down in the mix. ) Not just for Juice either, all songs leading up to Juice. So during the whole badass Juice solo all you could do was watch Steve's hands and imagine how it sounded. The fans were standing on chairs yelling and screaming at the sound guy, at the very end of Juice he fixed it. It was funny, Steve, in the midst of playing, yelled "You can't hear me?" almost in disbelief at a fan who was in front of the stage with his hand cupped around his ear trying to let Steve know the problem. Tony was virtually non existent in the mix as well, even during his solos. Dave was WAAAAY too loud, and I was center stage. Keep in mind, these complaints are all for the sound guy, not the band. They totally owned. Wait till you see Billy, Tony, Steve, and Dave fretting each others notes all at once! The DVD needs to be the WHOLE SHOW, multiple discs from start to finish! Fans WILL PAY for that Mikey!

Joe's set was normal Joe. Great playing, but nothing new or different.

The meet and greet was stressful, because I had my Malmsteen strat and Jem 7VWH with me and wanted to get em signed before the Humphreys people kicked us all out. ( They were being real asses last night ). I got them both signed so I am happy now I'll post pics I took of meet and greet when I get them developed.

Awesome show, most fun experience I have had ever at a concert. I had a room at Humphreys with a STAGE VIEW too, imagine that. At the last minute the hotel clerk upgraded me to a junior suite, totally awesome.
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Just got back from San Diego.

With the exception of the sound during Steve's set, described well above, this was far superior to the Phoenix show, and I'd attribute that to things settling in to a routine on the tour.

The lighting was consistently good for all the sets. Still busier for Joe's set, but hey, he's almost closing the show.

The jam was much better in San Diego. Besides adding "La Grange" with Billy Sheehan doing vocals and lead bass, the guys appear to have spent more time together and seemed to be having even more fun playing together. Yngwie and Steve especially had a lot of interaction and playing off of each other's licks, even briefly playing each other's guitars.

We had a room overlooking the stage area, and it was so good that we decided to watch the show from our balcony, even though we had tickets. We were right above the sound board, and man was it tempting to toss a bucket of water onto the sound guy. Clueless is the right word to describe him. He was just standing there as Steve Vai, yes STEVE VAI, wailed onstage, with no guitar volume at all in the mix. Juice is just a three piece, and the guy was just standing there with nothing but drums and bass coming through.

Thank goodness the crowd revolted and raised such a ruckus that Steve had to step in and ask that we be allowed to hear what he was doing. The same guy is mixing Yngwie's and Steve's sets, and Joe's regular sound guy does Joe and the jam. Mixing Yngwie isn't a problem because he's using four full Marshall stacks, so he provides his own P.A. No kidding, during the sound check Yngwie was registering 98db on his own, not coming through the PA at all.

So as advised above, I'd suggest until we hear differently that anyone attending a 2003 G3 show pass the word and start the "turn Steve up!" chant early during the set change after Yngwie finishes.

One interesting thing to me is that Yngwie was the only one who did a sound check. Joe did come onstage for less than five minutes and check out his guitar, but only Yngwie did an actual soundcheck with his band. I've seen various players appear to be real pains in the rear during a soundcheck, but Yngwie was as cooperative and workmanlike during his soundcheck as anyone I've ever worked with or witnessed. This tour might be renamed the "Yngwie is not an ass" tour.

We had a great time in San Diego, but I'm glad to be back in warm Phoenix.

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