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Technique and Music - You can have all the tech but.....

You can have all the technique but if you can't make music then you have a problem, indeed this is my problem. I am am reacent graduate of GIT in England and i have achieved a high standard of techincal ability, but i can't write music, i feel like the whole creative spirit has gone and i am having a hard job finding it. Studying at GIT has made me into a robot and i just play by shapes and not sounds but i don't know how to get out of this.

I have been trying to be creative on a day to day basis, but i just end up being frustrated and angry that i haven't progressed as a musician. I have been in this rut for a couple of months. I am at the point where i feel i am getting worst and that i have no inderviduality and nothing to offer the musical world. Maybe i have a lack of musical confidence, but it all seems like a downward spiral.

Any tips or advice would be great
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Technique and Music

I would suggest taking a break. *Obviously you have been forcing yourself to be creative. *I feel that is counter productive. *When I am frustrated with my playing or with a piece of music I take a break from the guitar. *Give it a couple of days. *A day or two away from the guitar usually does it for me. *Sometimes I will play the piano or toy around with the drum machine and then return to the guitar. *
Gregory * *
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Technique and Music

I have so been there.

The best thing I can recommend to you is to stop playing guitar for a little bit and listen to a lot of non-guitar music. Become a fan of the simplistic again.

Become a general fan of music again. It will make all the difference.
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Technique and Music

I agree with Jeffrey. *I don't necessarily think you need to quit playing music, but a general change of atmosphere would do you a great deal of good.

Also, stay away from here. *Seriously. *This area is full lessons on technique written by myself and others. *But technique is to music what grammar is to prose. *It's important to be able to say what you want to, but don't get bogged down in form over function. *You've have enough technique lessons for a while, time to the let the right side of your brain make some music. *

Technique is a good, necessary part of good music, but like anything, too much will spoil the whole. *Take a break from analyzing music so much. *

Go in a different direction

- techno
- bluegrass
- southern rock
- reggae

anything but rock, classical or jazz
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Technique and Music

Ah the word rut. I am so there right now. I just can't imrpove in any aspect.
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Technique and Music

I know this sounds funny, but all you really need is a band to inspire you. To make you a fan of just good songwriting, not guitar playing.

I went through this a few years ago and honestly, this is going to sound really funny hehe, two bands kind of got me out of the rut. They both have lots of guitar, but it's very un-shred or technical.

Helmet and Presidents of the United States of America.

I still listen to and love both bands. They made me realize that even a simple groove if well written and played with conviction, has more impact then even the most complicated bit if guitar wizardry.

Think about songs that have lasted since the 60's and earlier, it's the melody that lives. Be it a vocalist or a guitar. I had to get to the point where I appreciated that and fully comprehended that before I could pickup the guitar again with out frustration.

Honestly, I think I went close to a year with out playing at all.
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post #7 of 40 (permalink) Old 11-01-2001, 12:31 AM
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Technique and Music

Interesting: *Page Hamilton (lead singer and guitarist for Helmet) is a graduate of Julliard. *:-)
Fantastic songwriter, un-complicated guitar tracks. *Good listening.

Giggle all you want, but Kip Winger is a great songwriter too. (how many millions of albums did they sell? *Just checking.)

Old School: *Ted Nugent.
And he cooks a helluva steak.*

Change Of Genre': The Hellecasters.
Listening to these guys makes me want to plug in my Tele and date my sister. *
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Technique and Music

Technique should only be viewed as a means of creating your musical vision in a more viable form.

One good idea I try to do is discover a new band/artist every day. *You kinda get forced into branching off to different genres. *You don't need to be finding cutting edge new music, just stuff that is new to you. *Jay's new artist of the day... Modest Mouse.
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post #9 of 40 (permalink) Old 11-01-2001, 03:45 AM
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Technique and Music

finally someone else knows who Modest Mouse is! *
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post #10 of 40 (permalink) Old 11-01-2001, 03:55 AM
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Location: Milwaukee, WI
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Technique and Music

I've come to the conclusion that in a general sense (ie - not applicable to all situations)...

Technically oriented music = frustration. *Anytime you are writing music in a genre that puts technique over writing, of course you are going to run into road blocks of creativity. *Read the 3rd sentence of this post once again and you may begin to understand.

Don't take my word for it... figure it out for yourself.
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Technique and Music

Listen to the little melodies that will flow from your soul if you allow them the opportunity. Stop letting your fingers dictate what you're playing and listen to the music from within. Play *that* on your guitar.
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post #12 of 40 (permalink) Old 11-01-2001, 12:20 PM
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Technique and Music

In order to be creative, you must know what you really love. I must say that i have on several occations had what i refer to as a musical orgasm. You hear something that is so mindblowing that you get tears in your eyes. Look away from the technical aspects, because you are obviously on a stage where tecnique isn't a problem. Find what moves your inner soul, and you will soon get back the inner fire that once made you pick up the guitar in the beginning..

When i started playing the keyboard (a very long time ago), i had nobody to look up to. I ended up where you are now, and when i heard, satch, vai petrucci and others, i found what i wanted to do for the rest of my life.. I picked up the guitar..

I suggest you travel back to the things that made you glow for guitar playing, and start picking up what you may have lost while you developed as a technical player.

ok ok, i tried to be a little philosophic here... But that is what i think...
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Technique and Music

I'm no expert on this, but the tips I can give you are

1. Listen to what you're playing
2. If you don't like what you're playing, stop playing it
3. Find out what things you like the sound of and then try to find out what makes them sound the way they do.

Find sheet music of the songs you like and analyze the chords, melodies ect. I know that sounds theoretical, but I find it helps if I can relate a theory concept to a sound I already know.
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Technique and Music

Re-learn how to play one note per bar.
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post #15 of 40 (permalink) Old 11-05-2001, 02:49 PM
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Technique and Music

Ouch- That was harsh!
(P.S. Devin- was that your first short post? lol)

I can certainly relate with some of the people here; a robotic rut is very un-fun. I would recommend to stop listening to technical music for a while (maybe a long while... e.g., I haven't listened to Vai or Satch in months), and as Jeffrey said, listen to some simpler music. I'm in a huge Queen/Rush phase right now actually. :biggrin:

I'm going to disagree with Chris (jem7vwh) a little bit here and recommend classical. As long as you stay away from the quote/unquote "virtuoso-type" material (i.e., Paganini, Chopin, etc.), most symphonic/orchestral classical is very melody-centric; maybe hearing these types of melodies will rub off on you.

Good luck

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