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Two Sims Custom?

Is this Sim Custom
http://feedback.eb**yISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=simscustomshop&i id=6024661109&frm=284

same as this one?

Once located in the US one in the UK

Replace * with an "a"

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Re: Two Sims Custom?

A lot of the time people use names on there that don't apply to the actual businesses.

For example, there is guy on that that sells phones and calls himself something like "thecarphonewarehouse" and people assume it's save to buy from him because the think it's THE Carphone Warehouse when it actuality it's some guy being a crafty beggar.
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Re: Two Sims Custom?



Jemsite had a forum sponsor who does custom work for Vai & co. is here run by Martin Sims...

Sims Custom Shop
Unit 20 - Surrenden Manor, Old Surrenden Manor Rd
Ashford, Kent, TN26 3DL GB
Tel 07768 401186
Fax 01233 712961
Martin Sims does not have an e-bay account nor do they offer services for sale on e-bay.

Sims Custom Shop is presently a jemsite sponsor (as of this edit date)

Chattanooga, TN
e-bay id: "simscustomshop" (for guitar stuff) and "simscustoms" (auto stuff)

hope this clears things up... glen

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Re: Two Sims Custom?

I've spoken to the other SIms (USA GUY) previously just to see what was what, here are some of the emails and pics they sent.
"You are partially correct. There is a place in teh UK called Sims Custopms that specializes in custom guitar LED inlay and refinishing. I am in the USA and have been in business waaaaay longer than them and I actually specialize in Show Cars, custom chopppers, Restortaions, and collision repair. I've played guitar for 17 years and just decided to start painting them as well around 3 years ago. I made up my Business name. Sims, b/c my last name is sims, and customs b/c we specialize in custom stuff, not just one paticular thing. Like I said, we do favtory paint jobs on automobiles and collision repair everyday, from Lexus's to Vipers, actually did an Acura NSX yesterday ($100,000 car) As well as bikes, flamed paint jobs, graphics, airbrushing etc. So with that being said, we are in no way affiliated with the place in the, we have been in business for over 25 years and have always had the same name. I don't believe anybody has copied anybody, they probably don't even know about us. And I wasn't even aware of them until about 6 months ago.
To answer your second question to have that done would cost around $150, (assuming its not a neckthru). I also require $25 for return shipping. Turn around time is around 3 weeks right now, but with Christmas coming up it coudl be 4 before it would be done. Cold weather slows things up a bit too. We have a down draft paint booth and we use only the best materials. If you would like to get it done let me know and I will send you my shipping address. Hope this helps!


***name ommited by me ***

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you the link to our web page"
Then I asked for pics.
he sent a LOT of pics, some good, some not so good, but a huge % of them were from the same camera and looked to be authentic.
They said to use HOK paints and products, but for the $ it's hard to completely believe that as H.O.K. is not cheap product, but I can't say they aren't either.
The US guy was seemingly ok, but I still didn't go with thm because of the negatove feedback on ****. Problem is it's hard to find someone who has an open schedule and is good with paint.

I can fwd pics, but only want to do a couple mainlings, so please, if you want pics, there are about 10+ meg worth, make sure your email acct can't handle the size before asking.
I'm not about to post and host all of those right now...
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

I won't deal with the USA guy ever again, I don't care how good the deal is. About a year ago, or maybe a little more, I won an RG550 body with basically everything but the neck and trem, and the listing DID include the neck hardware. Well, about a month after I paid, I finally got the shipment - his "wife" forgot to send it out, my personal favorite evilbay excuse - but now it turns out the little misses forgot the tuners and some other things, back plates, I believe. So, I email him and he assures me he'll send it, then again another 2 or 3 times more over the next month, I finally gave up. By that time, I didn't even bother with the feedback, because I don't need some jackass giving me bad feedback just because I left it for him. The real pisser was that I was trading all of this to someone else, then I had to give up some of my own hardware and the backplate from my own 550 to complete the trade I made.
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

Hello, I am here to clear up this entire controversy about the whole two Sims Custom Shop deal b/c I have gotten several e-mails about it, as I know Martin Sims has as well.

Alot of people on here I see are trying to incenuate that we're trying to pass ourselves off as the other Sims Custom Shop, to lure customers. Some even claim that we're trying to copy them and that we do low grade work, etc etc....

First of all I would like to state that nobody copied anybody. I didn't copy him, and he didn't copy me. Believe it or not its just a coincidence that we both have not only the same Business names, but also the same last names and do the same work.

According to their website they have been in the business since 1997, we have been in business since 1980. We were under the business name Sims Customs from about 1980-1994 and specialized in Collision Repair, Restorations, and Show Car paint jobs. In 1994 we decided to change the name from Sims Customs to Sims Custom Shop, which is the name we have been under every since. So, from a technical stand point, everyone wants to say we're copying the "REAL SIMS CUSTOM SHOP" when we were actually in business long before them, but thats beside the point. I could say we are the "REAL SIMS CUSTOM SHOP" or the "FIRST SIMS CUSTOM SHOP" but I'm not going to, b/c I wasn't aware of his existence anymore than he was aware of mine. They way I look at it, and I believe the way he probably looks at it, is we're both SIMS CUSTOM SHOP regardless of who started when. I'm not incenuating we're affiliated b/c we're not, and I NEVER HAVE. One guy on here stated I tried to pass myself off as them and this must have been PURELY an assumption based on his part b/c I have NEVER ONCE said I was them, passed myself off as them, or said I was in anyway affiliated with them. To be totally honest I wasn't even AWARE they even existed unto about a year ago when somebody wrote me an e-mail asking me about it. At any rate, it wouldn't be right for him to change his name, anymore than it would be for us to change ours after we have both undoubtedly have worked years to establish our names....

We're obviously no where NEAR as well known as they are in the guitar industry, mainly b/c we just started doing guitars around 2002-2003. However we are fairly well known in the Custom Motorcycle realm as well as Show Car circuit. Want to hear an even BIGGER coincidence? Custom Painting must run in Sims Descendants have Sims Custom Shop (Me, Patrick Sims) and Sims Custom Shop (Martin Sims) but you also have some other VERY WELL KNOWN Sims custom painters.......Allen Sims, which is a VERY well known custom motorcycle painter as well (Attitude Custom Paint Jobs), Ron Sims who is also an EXTREMELY famous Custom Chopper builder and painter who has been featured on the discovery channel in biker build offs.

We also trade on **** Under the name SimsCustoms and SimsCustomShop which we have had for years. I have spoken with Martin Sims some time back and basically introduced myself as well as talked with him about our business name and the fact that we were not trying to copy him nor pass ourselves off as him. He understood the situation and wished us well, as we did him.

Also a member of your site stated he couldn't see how we could paint a guitar in House of Kolor for as cheap as we quoted him, and that he wondered if we used what we said we use. And the answer is yes, we use ONLY House of Kolor & PPG paints, (and a special sealer in which I will not reveal the name of the company who makes it) We are able to offer refinishing for MUCH MUCH cheaper than 99% of the business on your site. This is b/c we buy our products in very large quantities so we can get the product alot cheaper. A quart of House of Kolor base would cost your avg individual or business around $67......we buy enough of it to get it for $32..... Thats how we're able to offer our refinishing prices competitively than the and thats why our sales have doubled each year since 2003. Someone stated our work is amateur, or second rate......false. We have been in the painting since 1980, and been painting guitar, basses, fiddles, acoustics, pianos, & drums since 2001-2002. We paint approx 200 guitars a year for people all over the world. We also refinish several of the big name guitar manufactures guitars that specialize in high-end hand made guitars, such as Warrior. Our paint jobs are not second rate or poor quality, ALL of our paint jobs are slick as glass when they leave here and I challenge anybody to deny that or provide pictures and proof of ANY guitar or paint job we have done that is anything other than mirror slick. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can view LOTS of pictures of our work which speak for themselves, many of which are very large and shot at different angles so that you can see the slickness, shininess, and reflection in the clear. I have MANY MORE pics of jobs that are not on our site that I just simply haven't had time to load up, any of which I will be more than happy to e-mail to you.

One person made a comment about our PAW swirls.......I will admit.......our swirls are not the best the world has seen, lol, but at the same time there DEFINITELY not the worst. We have only been doing swirls for about 6 months, and granted their not the easiest thing in the world to do, but the more we do the better we get.......I'm sure Herc's first Swirls or Darren's first swirls looked anything like what they look like now, it takes time and practice like anything else. But as far as everything thing else goes I honestly don't believe it can really be done any better.....I mean you can't get any slicker than ZERO Orange Peel. But the important thing is our paint jobs don't just look good, but they LAST. I have YET to have to redo a guitar for a customer do to a problem with the paint. I would say our paint jobs would probably last a life time from chipping, checking, fading, etc....

And as far as the bad feedback goes on ****.....well, lets just put it this way, most of my Negatives are from people that I BOUGHT STUFF from, not the other way around. 90% of the time I left either the buyer or seller a negative FIRST for something that I felt wasn't right, so of course they retaliate and leave one back as well. You can check our feedback, and read EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE (5 or 6) and you won't find ONE SINGLE one that has ANYTHING to do with our paint jobs, their all for misc. stuff. SO to all those people who say our paint jobs are second rate and just check the feedback, well my advice to you is to check again, b/c none of the negatives are for paint jobs.

I feel as though I needed to come on here and defend myself b/c of the lack of information and I don't want everyone thinking we copied Sims Custom Shop, or we do shoty work, etc etc. I honestly don't know where the whole deal with shoty work has came from, we have never had any complaints. Generally if we ever have any problems its related to shipping issues. I like to believe our turnaround time is MUCH faster than most places.....normally it takes us 3 weeks to finish a guitar from start to finish.......and the longest we have ever had a guitar is 3 months.....Now, of course the customer gets mad on day one of week 4. However, I know SEVERAL well known guitar painters and business's (If I mentioned their names you would know them) who currently have a 6-8 month turnaround time, and one of them is sooooo busy he actually has a YEAR AND A HALF WAITING LIST!!! So I don't want to hear people whine when it takes us 4-6 weeks.

I know this is probably the longest post ever posted in history but I wanted to address everything and clarify everything that I possibly could. I'm sure their will still be those who can't understand what I have said, say I'm lying, still have questions, misunderstanding or try to pick it apart for errors and contradictions. There are some people out here who are just constantly looking for a controversy, trying to say someone is a scam, or a liar, or whatever, but I'm not one of them. I found out a long time ago that people like that are never satisfied, you can never please them, and they will always be looking for away to start something or dirty your name.....I found its just easier to ignore them and go on with my life rather than try and constantly prove myself to them.

So to close this whole novel I would like to end by saying I have nothing against anybody, whether it be on this site or any other. Whether its a member or sponsor. One guy stated in a post on here that Nuno once said theres 3 sides to every story, well theres my side.

If anyone does have any questions about painting and refinishing, whether it be an inquiry on having your instrument repainted or just need some pointers and advice on a project your working on feel free to let me know and I'll gladly help you out in anyway I can.

Thanks for your time & God Bless,

Patrick Sims
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

he makes a very good case. and i do need paint work done...
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

If he can do it cheaply, might it make sense for this guy to do some of Darren's clearcoating??? Just a thought...
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

I need someone to do me a paint job. Got a few guitars I need painted and I want the EVH on the bonnet of my GT
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

Originally Posted by klp2332
Ive done some research.
According to your whois records. Your domain is newly created:Created: 24-Jan-2006. This could mean you only registerd the domain a few months ago, probably starting your website then, or you didnt renew the domain for whatever reason and started a new registration.

Domains is only registered for 1 year based on whois records. This could mean you registered for more but your Domain Registrar only registers year by year which it does not (checked on @ May 05 2006) or it renews year by year or you only registerd for a year meaning you plan on having the domain for short term.

This was taken from your homepage html file. The keywords only show words about guitars. Although you have "Airbrusing",also being spelt wrong, it does not nesscarily have to do with cars or guitars. Same with other similar words. So according to your meta lists and only according to your meta lists, I can say you have nothing to do with car finishing etc.

One of the most important things was, is that a picture from labed man_painting_car1.jpg(refer can be found all over the web.
eg,, and others.

It makes me wonder if you really do cars.

This lead me to doing some analysing on some pictures on which has a conclusion that the pictures were taken with diffrent cameras or has been 'heavily transformed'.

I dont want to start an argument, just want to clear some things up. Iam actually really interested in your work.

Yea I got the picture of the man painting a car from the net b/c I thought it looked good as an icon on that page for automobile refinishing, and I have seen it used on several differnt sites for the same purpose. I never said it was me in the picture painting, its just simply there as clip art. I painted EVERY car, truck, motorcycle, guitar, and bass on our page and can supply additional photos of them taped up in the booth if needs be (Some of them are very old however and have since been deleted from my computer or digital camera YEARS AGO, but I have 75%-90% of them). I usually only keep the best pics that show the best angle, reflections and that have the best clarity, alot of times some of them turn out too dark or might not be as clear as others) Also I don't have keywords for cars yet b/c I haven't finished my keywords list for my site. I only get to work on it when I have time so its a site in progress. I'm always adding new keywords, pictures, etc.....

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Re: Two Sims Custom?

The pictures on my site were taken from two different cameras, mainly b.c they span over years and years of work. I have only used two cameras. Most of cars were taken with a Kodak disposable camera, thats why alot of them aren't as good of quality as alot of the guitar pics, however alot of the recent cars were taken with the digital camera. Basically all the old stuff was a Disposable camera, all the new stuff is a Kodak digital camera. Originally I got the pictures developed at Wal-Mart in 4x6's then added them to my Photo Album I had. Then when when I got a scanner years later I scanned all the pictures with my scanner then uploaded them in my computer. This was before Digital cameras came out, and when they did come out they were too unafforadable for me to justify buying.

Now I ALL of my pictures are taken with a Kodak Easy Share digital camera. All the pictures of guitars I've done with the black back ground were taken with this camera, with the guitar laying on a Black Velvet Cover/throw. I can supply more pictures of the same guitars if there is any doubt on the authenticity of them.

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Re: Two Sims Custom?

Originally Posted by Lefty Robb
wow, thats some great research...

hmm, no mention of car refinnishing in Meta Keywords = not a car refinnisher.

ever thought he wants to pull in work for mainly guitar work?

Hmm, he uses clipart on his website, must be lying about doing cars...

wow, great analogy...
You hit the nail right in the head. We ARE wanting to pull in mostly work for guitars, and basses. We are honestly getting a little burned out on cars and are basically just trying to get enough guitar business so we can hopefully one day do nothing but guitars and basses. They are much less time consuming than a car as well, and faster turnaround time. We have been meaning to add some keywords for cars, trucks, AND motorcycles but we have been more concentrated on getting the pictures up 1st. The last thing we want to do is make a bunch of keywords, a bunch of people come, and see a bunch of nothing (No pics) so, we're trying to get all the pics uploaded, then we'll finish up our cars page, trucks page, and motorcycle pages as well as our keywords. I just don't have much time to work on it so its been a slow process. NONE of the pictures have been transformed in anyway or enhanced. Every single picture of painted items was taken by me, we did borrow the picture of the car painter (B/c it looked nice), and the long line of paint cans (Mixing station) from the net b/c we thought they looked good and were nice icons/clip art that went along with the theme of the page. If you want I can also supply a pic of me painting in our booth a car that is shown on the page. There are no other pictures on the page that we haven't taken ourselves besides the picture if the man in the white painting suit and the mixing station. We do have a picture of OUR mixing station in which will be replacing that picture.

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Re: Two Sims Custom?

Originally Posted by Ki swordsman
ok maybe theres something up maybe not but your arguements are pretty dodge

why couldnt the image have been uploaded at some stage for some reason by either him or the buyer of the swirl before he decided to put it on the site???

and the photo is obviously legit, the scrap neck is swirled cos its for dipping and the pups look right if they are just sitting in there to test looks as someone said, and if you did photoshop it it'd be to show the customer what it'll look like, still legit to put on the site seeing as he doesnt sell setups, he sells swirls

image file names not are not cleanly labelled numerically?
oh my god i call shenanigens!

as for the site- not being very car based, ever think he gets car work outside of the net? most ppl aren't gonna ship the car over to him yknow, he'd get that work semi locally. in which case the site is probably based at the moment more on getting guitar business cos it's profitable for the site to do that

i dont know much about the domain stuff so i'll wait for him to come and defend that personally

i suggest you get better arguements ready

Your right, we don't care anything about advertising car paint jobs on the net, we get plenty of car, truck, and motorcyle paint jobs from local customers, and insurance companies. Having someone drive a car or ship a car from states away would just be a hassle. We mainly just have the car pics on there so that we can refer our LOCAL customers to our site to see some examples of cars and trucks we have done in the past. We don't on the other hand have alot of local business for guitars and basses, so we are going to the net and e bay for that. It is very easy to ship a guitar, not so much on a car, and also considering all the cars we do locally we simply don't have anymore room to store any more cars we would potentially get from the net. And also the guitars on our site that have pickups in them are just simply sitting in them for mock up purposes and to give the customer an idea of what it will look like once completed and they are also the same pics I used when I sold the guitars originally on e bay.

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Re: Two Sims Custom?

Originally Posted by Ki swordsman
BAM~! we're back yall!

agreed, but only ONE pic has been shown to be most likely not his and guess what? it's a pic of the trade- of a car refinisher spraying? not of an actual job he's showing off

u know what's funny? if this pic can be found all over the web, and as klp shows, it can be found on car refinishers sites..... car refinishers sites that seem to be legit... and yet he uses it on his site to show car refinishing, just like all these legit refin guys and HE's the only one who must be a fraud?

i talked about the guitar pic, u said you were offended cos the car pic is obviously not legit, i said hey i was talking only about the guitar pic there, you say i don't understand... well you're right, i don't understand how that works..

dude, show the damn proof then!!! that's all i meant, you havn't shown any proof for pics beyond the car pic, you've only shown random inconsistencies which could be found on any site

I really DON'T CARE if he's legit or not, i'm NOT defending him.
what i'm saying is your evidence is total crap!
i support you! go prove he's a fraud! but you NEED to find better meaningful evidence man!
You still dont understand. I never said that they proved that SimsCustomShop is fake, they proved that they maybe are. Iam sorry if I havent made it clear anything, partly my fault. Lets just leave this all behind then, shall we?

Well your reasons seem fair enough.
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Re: Two Sims Custom?

bam! cool stuff everyone
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