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Bye, bye recto

I've been playing on a Mesa Rectoverb for some time now, and recently I've become pretty discontent with it. It seems to be a one trick pony, and if your not play hard(ish) rock, then your sound sucks.
I've been contemplating getting rid of it, and it just so happens that the person I bought it from originally wants to buy it back. I'm about 100% sure I want to get rid of it, but im just wondering where to go from here.

I am looking for something versatile. I liked the Rectoverb 50 Combo for rock, but it just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm looking for something that can play rock (mostly), but also experimental, maybe some funk, etc. (whatever I may be feeling at the time, or my band may want to dabble in).

My thoughts were getting something with a good clean channel (which the mesa does not. I've tried hard, but even at bedroom volumes it breaks up). Then, to get the good rock tones, I was thinking of using a quality distortion pedal (i.e. Radial Tonebone Hot-British Distortion, Bixonic Expandora II).

First off, does this sound like a good idea. Will I be able to get good rock tones out of this, but be able to have a versatile amp for other types of music?

Secondly, what equipment should I be trying to get these tones. My first thoughts for an amp have been a Fender (Twin Reverb, Twin Reverb Reissue, Hot Rod DeVille), a Peavey Classic 50, or an Orange AD30 (an AD140 is a bit out of my price range, but if I fell in love or the AD30 just wouldn't cut it, I might decide to save up). The distortion pedals I've listed above are my initial ideas in that category.

As I am pretty unexperienced in this area, any opinions and ideas are appreciated. Also, I unfortunatly don't have a music store with a whole lot of choices around here, so I do have to try to test all the equipment I'm considering on one or two outings to a larger store.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I also want a versatile amp, so in years to come my equipment will be able to handle my changing tastes in music.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

the mark IV has an awesome clean tone if i may add my 2 cents
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Re: Bye, bye recto

I couldn't be happier with my Carvin Legacy combo. Sounds somewhere between a mesa and marshall, but a sound all of its own. One of the best cleans you will hear, and the lead channel (though not ultra high gain) is versatile and can be boosted if you want to strip paint from the walls. It makes up half of Vai's sound. Very versatile, suggest you have a look.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

i love my peavey xxl . It is very versital . Greg howe type sound to a really nice thick metal tone .

pair an xxl with a celestion cab that has g12t-75s and you got one hell of a setup . Cleans are good and distortion is great. The omly bad thing is either your happy with the amount of gain you get from the amp or your not happy . Because it is a soild state you can't get extra distortion on it .

I'd personally look into a peavey jsx, which i hear has beautiful cleans and i think you could tell about the distortion . Or an xxx .

5150/6505s are metal workhorse amps . Tons of gain , they just lack a real clean channle.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

The JSX is an excellent amp. I recently spent an afternoon tweaking different combinations of tones that I normally use for performances. We play a varied mix of tunes, ranging from Grand Funk, The Eagles, Whitesnake and Dio, to Audioslave, Metallica and Fuel.

My pedalboard is pretty simple on the input side. Guitar > V-Wah > Sparkle Drive > EVH Phase 90 > JSX.

The clean channel is set to get a sparkling, Twin Reverb tone. I have the Sparkle Drive set with the gain at 60% and the volume at 40%. When I kick the OD on the clean channel, I get a nice bluesy sustain, with no real boost in volume. Sort of reminds me of a cranked 70's Plexi with no added fuzz or distortion. I keep the gain on the crunch channel at about 7. With the guitar volume up full, I get a nice full hard rock to metal type distortion. Roll the guitar volume back for a crunchy rhythm sound. The gain on the Ultra channel is set to between 6 and 7, and it's EQd for a full blown Recto type sound. I only use this channel for for drop-D, nu metal assault on a few tunes and with the guitar rolled back to about 7 or 8, I can get a cool Black Sabbath tone. The crunch channel gets most of the work for lead and rhythm. I never have to use the Sparkle Drive on either of the high gain channels. The amp's distortion is just so sweet that adding the OD pedal gets too mushy and it destroys the natural sound. I have a MXR 6 band EQ pedal in the effects loop. It's set flat with a +10 db boost for solos or when the drummer gets his party thing going a bit too loud and needs to be told who the boss is. Also in the loop is a Line 6 MM4 for chorus, flange and tremolo efeects, a Boss DD-5 delay and a Digitech DigiVerb pedal for reverb.

I've had the JSX for almost a year now and I'm still discovering new tones. I can't imagine gigging with another amp, unless we're talking blues jam. In that case a Fender Deluxe or Peavey Classic 30 would do nicely.


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Re: Bye, bye recto

Mark IV or Triaxis/2:90, both are really versatile and souds great
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Re: Bye, bye recto

Randall MTS series. If you don't like your sound with one of those then you can only blame yourself.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

The Laney TT series are quite versatile amps, and they're cheaper than the Marshall JCM2000s too.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

another vote for mark IV here.. i've been able to get many many sounds out of mine. when i tried the recto series, i found that it was like "high gain on" or "high gain off". It seemed to me like a death metal amp. That amp actually led me to dislike mesas alltogether (stupid, i know). but when, after 4 years of owning a tsl601 which i hated, i plugged into a mark iv, it was like heaven to me. it had a nice high gain, which can be backed off very nicely with the guitar volume. clean channel has a lot of punch and clarity (dont' know why you think mesa clean channel sucks??). and the rhythm 2 channel and go anywhere from slightly broken up clean to a very nice rock distortion. unless you are looking for a true british marshall sound, i don't think you can go wrong with the Mark IV.

some of the others mention here are very good too. Definitely look at the triaxis/power amp, Road King, and Randall MTS if you can afford them. you can also try the mesa nomad too, but they are discontinued so you may have to look a bit.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

One thing that may help us a bit... how much are you looking to spend?

I know, for example, that you could sell a Rectoverb and have enough money to get a used Nomad, which is an extremely toneful and versatile amp. A used Mark IV would set you back a little more. Having owned a Rectoverb, a Nomad 45, and a Mark IV, I do believe that both the latter two are more versatile than the Recto. While some people are not big fans of the tone (i.e., try before you buy), Marshall TSL combos can be extremely good values used as well, and are pretty versatile. And having recently played a JSX, I think it's got killer tone and versatility for the money as well.


Since a couple folks have mentioned it here, I'd also have a hard time not recommending the Randall MTS amps. I own 3 of 'em (a rack rig, a 100w 2x12 combo, and a 15w 1x12 combo), and they are amazing. I know lots of people are scared by the Randall name, but these were designed by Bruce Egnater and use a lot of the same circuitry that's in his M4 and M100 amps. You could chose a 2 or 3 channel amp, load it up with the modules of your choice, and basically have a "custom" amp. For example, I use Blackface (Fender Twin), Brown (modded Plexi), Recto (self-explanatory) and Ultra Lead (think Soldano) modules in my 4-channel preamp. I use JTM45, SL+ (Marshall JCM800), and XTC (Bogner) modules in my 100w combo. I generally use either a Plexi or Top Boost module in my 15w combo. Any day of the week that I need a different tone, I can swap modules (there are, I believe, 14 modules to choose from now).

If you're in doubt about the Randall, think about it this way... I had half a dozen amps around (Fender DR, Marshall TSL, Egnater TOL, Rectoverb, Mark IV, Nomad) and ended up selling all of them because the Randall MTS amps sounded so great.


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Re: Bye, bye recto

Try a Mesa/Boogie lonestar. It has the best clean that I have heard in a long time. Plus it resonds to pedals very well. the best amp on the planet. well maybe not, but it is good.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

Wow, thanks for all the responses.

To answer the question of how much I would like to spend, I think about 1000-1500 (amp and pedal if im using that for distortion).

Thank you all for the ideas of amps to try out. I'll be sure to look into those.
What do some of you think of the amps I had originally thought of? Are those worth a try.
I am particularly thinking of a Fender, maybe an Orange. I saw a local prog/funk rock band over the summer, whose guitarist played through a Fender (not sure what kind) with some pedals. I remember liking the band, and being surprised that I liked the guitar sound, but at the time I wasn't thinking about wether I would like that or not for myself.

Thank you.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

So lately I've been listening to a lot of different sound clips for amps (I haven't gotten out to try any) and still am unsure of what a good, versatile amp is. I do like what I have heard of Fender cleans, but am just afraid they will be lacking in distortion (with pedals of course, I don't like Fender's distortions). I haven't been able to try them with a good distortion pedal yet, but with the right one(s), could they cut it?

I'll try to be more specific on the range of music I want to be able to play. The bands I am listing are bands music I am not necessarily going to play music by, but rather close to the style.

- must be good w/ pedals for experimental-ish (The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd)
-lighter stuff, good cleans (Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party)
-heavier stuff, keep up with band mates Mesa Tremoverb (hmm,At The Drive-In, Coheed and Cambria, Iron Maiden)

Maybe this amp doesn't exist, and I will just need more than one amp, but I'm trying to do more research before I buy an amp this time. Also, the Randall MTS is not in my price range (which I listed in previous post).

Thanks again.

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Re: Bye, bye recto

I say this alot, but . . . Check out a Laney AOR Pro Tube 100w.
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Re: Bye, bye recto

mesa MkIV,marshall jcm 800 with some effects,mesa roadking combo(very costy but).
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