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digi002? what do you guys think?

hey guys
im building a new house at the moment and im converting the garage into a little studio. i have a brand new dell pc with a gig of ram and a 2.8 processor running xp and cubase sx, i was planning on getting a nice new sound card with at least 8 ins to record drums, however ive been checking out the new pro tools digi002 rack system and it seems like a good deal as it come with the software as well, the only thing is that im not sure how i would wire this up to an external mixer, i want to get a mixer like the behringer eurodesk mx2442a. what do guys think? would i be better off getting a different soundcard or is the digi002 rack a good deal

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Hi! Highly suggest checking out the Digidesign User Conference
Just hit the "Pro Tools LE For Windows: Digi 002, 002 Rack, ...." section. Most of the lurkers there are quite helpful.

I have an HD3 (TDM) system, and a Digi001 and a Digi AMIII. Love em all. If I want to run Cubase SX or Nuendo, ASIO driver works fine for me. Only thing I have seen so far is some have problems with certain Firewire cards or onboard Firewire ports for certain motherboards. If you browse the posts, and do some searchs, you should find quite a bit of user experience with the 002 on Win XP machines. Keep in mind most of the posts will be problems, simply because it is quite rare for someone to post when all is working fine for them. If you do not see your particular computer setup mentioned, post full specs, and ask if anyone has tried it with a 002/002R. I know an award winning engineer that uses an 002r with Win Xp (in addition to the bigger TDM systems he works on), and he is very happy with it.

What would the external mixer be for? 002R has 4 mic pre's, so if u want the Behringer for mic pre's, there are better solutions, IMHO. There are 8 line level in's as well (total 8 in at one time however, assignable in software). If it is for mixing FROM Pro Tools down to a multi-track unit, then I could see it. I mix "in the box," and have no problems. Only thing you would really need is a way to control the output of the 002r to your monitors. What are you using for monitors? Solutions for that as well.

My studio has no mixer, just a HUI (Mackie control surface, originally created specifically for Pro Tools), and I rarely use it, as after years of using PT, I am faster using keyboard shortcuts and a mouse. If you are looking to submix more than 8 inputs at once to be able to record them with the 8 in limit, I can see that then also. I have 196 patch points goin on, with most often used connections normalled. Nice and clean, works like a dream, and that is coming from years and years of running traditional desks (mixers). Wouldn't go back if I was paid to....

I also have Nuendo 2 and Cubase SX. Have not had to fire those up in over a month. PT is just very powerful, has a nice, streamlined interface, and is rock solid here (TDM and LE, both on Win XP machines). Very few windows to deal with (check out Digital Performer {for Mac only}, look at the number of windows they have! Totally insane to me). I basically spend my time using a keyboard shortcut to switch between the Mix and Edit windows. Unless you have a need for advanced MIDI composition tools, PT will do it. And even then, with the 002R and since you already own Cubase SX, do the MIDI in SX, and then simply import the MIDI tracks into PT when ready for all the audio.

If ya need more help or info, please feel free to ask, on forum or off.

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the main reason im thinking of running a desk through to the digi002 rack is that i want to have eight powered mic`s in use for recording drums, as far as i can see the digi has eight inputs but only 4 have the phantom power. i know i could get seperate phantom power p/s units for the mic`s but i`d like to get an all in one system

what im basically after is a set up where i can record at least 8 tracks individually(so i can go into cubase and have a separate track for snare, kick, tom etc)

finding out what gear to go for is far more confusing than figuring the software out!
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Hi! Could always grab one of the 8 mic pre units out there. Digimax, Octopre, etc. With 4 phantoms on the 002, could always grab a quad also. Even the lower priced 8 and 4 pre units are better than the Behringer IMO. For instance, Digimax LT. Could route the ADAT out from that to the Optical/ADAT in on the 002r. (MF has Digimax LT refurbs for $600 btw).

For doin drums, it is a rough one. More than 8 mics on a kit with only 8 simultaneous avail inputs at one time will be kinda rough, as it would involve submixing to "tape." I would rather forgo the extra mics and instead utilize more time spent on mic placement than submix to tape.

Like I said, I am mixerless for a few years now, and I am setup to do full band, live recordings. I have 16 inputs running tho. With 8 in's, drums are entirely possible tho. Even rough writing/tracking with full live band can be done easily with 8 in's. Unless using a higher end mixer, I personally do not like the extra components thrown inline when recording, and I would rather use dedicated mic pre's. I prefer simple and clean. YMMV tho!

Since you have Cubase, if you are already very comfy there, another suggestion would be checking out the RME line http://www.rme-audio.com/english/index.htm. Some possibilties there. The Hammerfall series, with one of their multi-mic pre's would do it I think. Hammerfall series gets extremely low latency, and for the money, the A/D-D/A convertors they use are actually one of the best for that price range. Problem is, it would be more than the 002r, which I feel is a better value. There are other "lower budget" solutions, and possibly good ones. I would not be comfortable doing a CD of my own material and releasing it with that stuff tho, but I guess I am a bit spoiled- hehehehe.

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Digi was nice enough to list specifically which FW cards are recommended for use with the 002/002R, one example being the readily available Adaptec 4300 FireConnect.

I love Digi for this reason; they have the most comprehensive compatibility charts of any manufacturer out there.

As for the extra pre's, I'd follow NS9's recommendation; forget the Behringer, you could do better. I have an older Eurodesk, and the pre's are mediocre at best.

She mentioned an Octopre, which ironically is featured in this month's Recording magazine alongside an 002R running on an iBook 700Mhz. The author seemed quite pleased with the results.
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If you spring for a TDM system, there is almost nothing out there with better D/A, A/D conversion. Then if you sync to a better word clock it's perfect. Sounds awesome. A little expensive though. I am not familiar with the quality of the A/D conversion on 002.

Even with Digi 001 there is very little that a control surface enables you to do that you can't do from withing the program itself. It's fun to watch faders fly, but in a home studio, who's gonna' see? Besides, they fly on the screen. Save the cost of a control surface and spring for a big flat-screen.

I have a 40 channel, 8 buss analog console, because I need all the analog inputs. Durring post, Pro Tools handles all the automation great. It even will automate all the paramiters of the FX plugins. I am only using 8 channels on the console for mixdown and I rarely even use outboard FX.
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