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Full setup

* * * * *I have a pretty good question that I am sure will allow me to get some new tones out of my setup if you guys would be so kind. *I imagine it has been discussed before, but what the hey, (knowing some of you guys) equipment changes all the time. * What is your ENTIRE setup in terms of gear for your lead sound? *If patience allows it, from your guitar to your speakers. *And I mean practice / live as opposed to recording. *I would really appreciate settings on stuff like your guitar, amp, pedal, processors, name it. *I mainly ask because I haven't been blessed to meet many fans of the same music style as me and see their rig. *Also, to give me some idea of what tone / vibe you are going for, maybe you could list a famous player / song whose tone you idealize and if you try to imitate it or are successful in doing so. *BTW - I would list mine, but I wouldn't be helping ANYONE, trust me (otherwise I wouldn't be asking). *Do I ask of too much? :sarcasm:*Thanks a million in advance!
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Full setup

Well, what a tall order you have for us. *:-)

For practice:
GTR (555) -> AMP (Boss MG-10)
A Jam Station, Tascam 4 track, and a mess of Berkley books are also sometimes used along with, of course, a metronome.

For Live and band practice:
GTR (7VWH) > Pod Pro (loop: Boss GT-3) > Tech21 Power Amp 60

I play mostly rock/blues with some 80's metal thrown in for good measure. (of couse I play alot of Vai too)

The Pod Pro is mainly set to emulate a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Temoverb with a 4x12 custom cab OR a Fender Bassman with a 4x10 Bassman cab. The GT-3 is used for all the cool effects (I don't run any of Pod's on-board effects) including a great whammy patch (I created) and other harmonizer, delay's, chorus, etc.

I have been playing for @ 18 years and my influences include: Beck, Clapton, Vai, SRV, Nugent, Clark

Currently listen to: Linkin Park, Dokken, and Freddie King.

Hope this helps.
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Full setup

O.K... you asked for it!!!! *I love evolution pickups, so most of my guitars have the Evolution in them. *I go from there to my Shure UT wireless, into a Bad Horsie wah, into a MXR Dyna comp pedal (set output 12 o'clock, sensitivity at 9 o'clock), into a Boss DS-1 (set.. tone 9 oclock, level maxed, and Dist as low as possible)-I use these two sorta like a lead boost... the only reason I have both in my set up is because I cant decide which I prefer and go back and forth, I also play around with the setting on these quite a lot... for the most part they stay around these setting though. *All of this is on a "racks 4 u" "stomp box" pedal board,along with a Lexicon MPX R-1 midi controller. its all powered by a Voodoo labs pedal power. *from there I use a 20foot Vai Horizen cord to the high gain input of my amp. *I play a VHT pitbull Classic 2x12 combo.
In the FX loop of the VHT I go from the send to a Korg tone works rack tuner, into (the weak link in my chain) a Alesis midiverb 4 (i usually run a 400ms delay at about 10%) from there back into the return on my amp. *The vht has three channels clean, rhythm, and lead. *EQ wise they are all set pretty much flat, with the gain setings on the Rhythm and Lead channels set maxed out. *Oh yeah I also have the VHt wired into the relays on the Lexicon... this changes the channel so I can change sounds w/o having to hit 2 or 3 switches at a time. *Phew... I think thats everything *atleast thats how its set up this week. *LOL *

oh yeah, the rack stuff is in a SKB roto rack with a furman Rackrider (cheap) for power.

(Edited by oooo at 11:02 pm on Jan. 23, 2001)
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Full setup

* * * * *Wow, thanks a lot for the ideas. *That helps a lot! *Anybody else want to share their secrets? *Looks to me like I need more equipment :biggrin: , mainly a new loops processor.
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Full setup

My rig consist of the following: *VWH,UV777PBK,Strat or a MM-Bad Horsie-5150 Combo-(the following goes through the effects loop) midiverb 4, rockman eq, sonic maximizer. *

The eq sound is shaped from the amp (low 7.5, mids 6, highs 5) and the rockman is solely for fine tuning. *
GP *
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Full setup

i have *a simple setup i like quite a bit...

jem7vwh -> pod2.0 -> ampeg blue rocket bass amp

i'd love to trade up to a mesa dual rectifier, but
for now this works for me.
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Full setup

Hey oooo, do you have a recording out on your pitbull? Thats what I run from my triaxis to my tuner, that way its not truly in line with the signal path.
I run a Crybaby Rackmount Wah system into a Mesa triaxis 2.0 preamp fx sent through an ART SGE Mach II into a Rocktron Intellifex online, to a Rane MPE mide programmable 14 band stereo EQ back to the return and to the Mesa Boogie 2/95 power amp into a peavey 4x12 cab with 8 and 16 ohm celestions split for stereo.

Now, the main lead tone I use is mostly your basic mark IV lead setting on the triaxis with some help from the SGE, this is my secret to a BITCHIN' satch "surfin with the alien" lead without the chorusy sound attached.
The sgelead patch is setup with Expander / gate, basic EQ, *a 7 tap delay set to 2-5 taps depending on the tone I like best and delay time 0-10ms 0.0ms sounds kewl as |-|ell and provides a huge mid vibe that doesn't muck up the tone, it really helps it along and improves everything. Then out from there into the rocktron for some delay around 410-570 ms duckin delay which drops lower when you are playing and comes up after youre quiet so the delay doesn't muddy up the sound. then into the eq mostly for any final stage tweaking and then out to the retun and speakers.

Rhythm is Recto crunch with the mid scooped out.

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Full setup

OK, here we goooo!!!!!!!!
From guitar, (either, UV777BK, UV7BK, JEM777DY, JEM7VWH, or other) into,
Samson concert IV wireless
Morley wah
Boss DS 1
Boss (can't remember the number) Super shift
Digitech Whammy pedal
Boss chorus half rack
Rexx 1602 power/pre amps (x2) with (running through the loop)
Lexicon MPX 1 (basically for reverb's)
Alesis Quadraverb plus (for compressor and chorus)
Alesis Quadraverb GT (for delay, eq, noise gate, and a few other fun things)
into 2 Carvin 2x12 Cabinets

Gear that I want to add would include
Eventide H3000 harmonizer (depending on what the new eclipse is worth)
a tape delay unit (I love the sound of tape delay)
and a partridge in a pear tree.
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Location: Yorktown, VA
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Full setup

I start with any of these 3 guitars
JPM/Jem Floral or UV777BK
then into Crybaby--Bad Horsie--EB Volume pedal
into the MarkIV (rackmount with a Ghostbusters sticker on it) input
in the loop is a Lexicon MPX-100
then into a Legacy 2x12

all my switching is done via MIDI thru a Rolls PatchWorks
I used to have an A/B box just after the *volume pedal to go to a Mesa Tremo-Verb combo and had the Lexi in it's loop too, but sold the amp.
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Full setup

Here's my humble rig......
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (Main Git) RG-570 (PAF Pro/VVBlues/PAFPro)> Morley BH>Boss SD-1>Marshall JCM 900 SL-X 2100, Preamp out>Morley Volume>Digitech TRS-6 rack unit>Poweramp in>Speaker output to Marshall4212 4X12 cab.

* * * The trick in manipulating the tones with this amp is in the deft use of the twin gain controls. I generally leave the EQ knobs at 12 o'clock to try to get the most natural electric tone that I can. I don't really care for heavily ba$tardized tones but they can be fun every now and again.

* * * * * * *Pedals that I make use of less often include a Boss GE-7(great in the effects loop), Dunlop Crybaby (nice for clean wah), Digitech Whammy and a Big Muff Pi.

* * * * * * * * * * *
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Location: SoCal, USA
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Full setup

My setup is pathetic:

Aria Pro II ZZ Deluxe > Bad Horsie > Metal Zone > Dimension C > Ibanez Delay (the soundtank one) > Marshall VS100R 1x12

Jem7VWH soon, hopefully, as well as a DS-1.
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Full setup

BammBamm... Holy cow, I never thought of that! *Duhhhh! *That would also allow me to tune while on standby. *The way I have it set up, I have to power up to tune. *I'm all about getting things out of the signal path that don't need to be there. *Thanks for showing me that which was staring me in the face. *
How do you like your rack wah? *I've been thinking really hard about one of those... It'd shorten my signal path. *Is it controllable from a standard midi expression pedal like my Lexi MPX R-1?
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Full setup

I have the GCB from Dunlop, it is controlled by basically a gutted wah pedal just a Pot inside with a couple resistors and 2 LED'swith a 9v Batt. to show when it is active. You can run 4 seperate controllers if you are using a HUGE stage setup and assume control from whichever is nearest to you without hassle just step on it and go ! The really cool thing about it is that you can select your range of wah effect( 6 settings) from low growl to mid all the way up, plsu it has a 5 band rotary EQ to customize the boosted frequencies you prefer. Also, it has a +-10db gain boost for the front end puch up when you initialize the pedal. GREAT UNIT, not to mention you only need the on 1/4" guitar cable coming from the pedal as opposed to the 1 in and 1 out loop back to your rig, which can be cumbersome if you have all rack gear. sorry to rant but I love that thing ! Best of luck finding one though, I heard dunlop discontinued them, I got mine on Ebay from a guy I already knew, i didn't find out until I contacted him that he played in an Iron Maiden tribute band that we played with before. (Revelations now defunct but they had the sound down PERFECTLY)

Best of luck...

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Posts: 94
Full setup

guitar: used to be an ESP KH-2, but I sold it and have a Jem 7VWH on the way, or I use a Gibson les Paul. I run it into a crybaby wah and then into a Mesa Boogie Triaxis, and that is run by a Mesa 20/20 poweramp. My cab is a Marshall 2x12 with Vintage 30s in them. I run an RP2000 in my effects loops for effects and EQ, I don't use the distortions, obviously.
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Location: Milwaukee, WI
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Full setup

Okay... my setup will be complete once I get my cab back from the drummer's house to do some wiring work... here goes:

TAanderson strat or JEM7VWH (usually) - X-Wire - monster cable to EB Volume(tuner out to korg rack tuner) - George Dennis Parametric Wah/Volume - Digitech Whammy (reissue) - MXR Flanger - another cable - Cruise MQ4 head - 8 gauge speaker cable(homemade) - Peavey 4x12 w/ sheffields wired up w/ 8 gauge cable @ 4ohms total.

Does this help? *

(Edited by jay ratkowski at 11:04 pm on Jan. 24, 2001)
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acoustic guitar , alesis midiverb , alesis quadraverb , amp settings , amp tone , bass amp , boogie dual rectifier , boogie triaxis , boss chorus , carvin legacy combo , custom pickguard , dean markley , dean markley blue , dean markley blue steel , death metal , digitech whammy , digitech whammy pedal , dimarzio pickup , dimarzio pickups , dimarzio super distortion , dual rectifier , duncan pickups , dunlop crybaby , epiphone les paul , evolution pickups , expression pedal , fender bassman , fender roc pro , gibson les paul , horsie wah , ibanez jem , iron maiden , jackson soloist , korg dtr , les paul , les paul classic , lexicon mpx , markley blue steel , marshall amp , marshall tsl , marshall valvestate , mesa boogie , mesa boogie dual , mesa boogie dual rectifier , mesa boogie triaxis , mesa dual , mesa dual rectifier , mesa mark , mesa mark iii , mesa rectifier , mesa triaxis , midi controller , midi foot , monster cable , morley wah , nylon strings , paf pro , pedal board , pod pro , power amp , rack setup , rack wah , randy rhoads , recto cab , rocktron hush , rocktron intellifex , seymour duncan , seymour duncan pickups , sonic maximizer , speaker cab , steel strings , steve vai , stomp box , super distortion , tone zone , twin reverb , van halen , volume pedal , voodoo lab , voodoo labs , wah pedal , whammy pedal , zakk wylde

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