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gear tips

hello folks.
I have a peavey 100watt bandit2, an rg550 with a breed bridge paf pro neck and a hs-2 middle, a jackhammer marshal and the guvnor 2 as well. i also have a sansamp gt-2 and a crybaby. im looking for any tips to help with my sound, to get more definition ad clarity and not muddiness as i usually experience when using the sansamp with another distortion pedal, a clean bost seems a good option but they cost a bomb well the ones ive seen do anyway. Also i use my sansamp as a normal stomp box, is there anyway to put the sansamp in the effects loop and still have the clean of my amp when i turn the effects loop off, i love the sound of the sansamp through the effects loop but when i turn it off i get the stale amp sound with no EQ and i want to return back to the EQ'd clean on my amp, surely there is a way of plugging my effects into the amp but still being able to use the input of the amp for my guitar thus being able to use the normal clean as well as the effects loop?
any advice for geting a better sound with my ear would be appreciated!
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Hey man...sorry to hear you're sitll not happy with your sound. But keep at it dont let it get ya down.

Look I'm going to be honest with you, you have to make compromises. There is an old saying that you get what you pay for, and the tones that you want to be hearing come from very expensive setups.

But saying that you dont have to spend a fortune to get a good tone.

If at this stage you are still unhappy, and you have tried the GT2. Then nothing will satidfy you other than a real Tube amp. Sorry if you dont want to hear this but there is a reason all the pro's use them. They sound and feel amazing. Tube amps GIVE you that rock gooey saturation.

I learnt this the hard way and spent a tone of money on cheaper things to try to get a copy of the real sound but all you do is make yourself more unhappy about your sound.

When I found the sansamp it was like a revolation becuase I finally found something that I thought sounding grerat. For me the sansamp was the closest thing to a real amp sound I was going to get until I could afford a Tube amp. If the sansamp isn't cutting it for you then there is not more option for you other than switch to playing acoustic folk rock


Sell all you gear you have now, and just buy a used TUBE amp. Trust me, it will be the best thing you ever did. I mean if you still have problems after that then you really need to look at other things as to what is making your sound not what you want, i.e not gear.

I understand that volume could be an issue (cause it is with me to a certain extent) but there are some tube amps that can sound good at sensible levels. And of course when turned up sound freaking stellar. Or you could get an attenuator.

The one last thing I could suggest that you try would be the line 6 gear. This woulf be the cheaper option, and would definatley give you the sound of a real tube amp but not the feel of one. HOWEVER at the moment by the looks of it you are achieving neither.

I just bought a PODxt for myself, for reocrding direct scrap ideas (And the middle of the night) and for practising when i cant have my amp turned on. And well the sound you can get out of the XT are just mind blowing, it sonuds very very much like a whole bunch of tube amps, but like I said the thing missing with the digital emulation stuff is the "feel" and the rush of glassy air moving from the speaker.

You have been trying to get your sound through that setup for a long time now and it seems to no avail. So i reackon you should start a new.

So really I recommend you do 1 of these 2 things.

Sell everything youj can (excpet your geetar of course ) and buy a cheap used fully TUBE amp. For less than 500 pounds you could get a good marshall or even a boogie dc / studio / rocket if you are lucky enough to find one on the used market (that maybe the other side of 500 but it would be worth it) and i'm telling you your troubles would be over.

Secondly sell everything again and get the PODxt. This would mean you could hae all the sounds you want for a very reasonable price and you get them at any volume. You could just plug into your computer and play it thorugh that. Or alternativley if you gig or play in band then keep the peavey cause the pod stuff sounds better i think through solid state amps than tube amps.
WIth the POD you'd get fantastic sounds and effects in one package for 280 quid, the only thing that you would be sacrificing is that whoompf you get off a tube amp. However you dont have that now anyway like I said....

Lastly I'm sorry man, I mean I sold you the GT2 in good faith and fully believed in what I said. ANd I still do. That pedal is the best sounding amp like pedal I 've ever come across although if you are saying it doesn't have enogh gain then I think we were not on the same waveflength, or you ned to work on your technique a bit. Sorry i dont want to sound patronizing but I think most people would find it difficult to not have enough gain on the GT2. However if its not working for you then liek i said sell it, along with your other pedals and anything you can find..and start from scratch.

I know that a bad worker blames his tools. And I always believeed this, and sure give me a crappy squire with the neck bent out of shape, a crate practise amp and a dodd death metal pedal and I can still make it sound "ok"...well maybe not but you get the idea.

However like any worker you have to HAVE TOOLS to begin with. I mean sometimes I look at some of the stuff out on the market for guitar and they seem more like TOYS instead of tools. I know...I went through a lot of them untill i realised, umm satch and petrucci etc etc...well they wern't going through a digitech multi=board or *insert your favourite el cheapo stomper here* and I ponied up the moolaa to get a WORKING setup.

wow what a long post. I'm sorry dude, I'm not gonna say I feel responsible...but I definatley unserstand what you're going through and I'll help you see the light if I can! lol If you wanna give me a call some time to chat about it over the phone you can do feel free, and If you want sound samples of my amp, or the PODxt etc etc just say, no problem.

Ok then well i'm off

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I use this nice Boss Ge-7 Equalizer box. Does it for me. Amp is a 5150 II though.
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I agree with track7

I know its hard but dont believe anything you read in magazines or trust anything youll see at a guitar center. In my rig thiers only like 2 things you can get at a chain store. Strings and my volume pedal. Period.

I say this to people; a guitarists tone is equal parts guitar/amp/cab.
I was always more into amps then guitars which my peers find strange but its much easier to work with getting a great tone by having a great amp and an OK guitar then the other way around.

I feel if your gonna have a weak link tone-wise, it should least be the amp. I agree with track7 on almost every point. The GT-2 not enouph gain? That doesnt seem right. Unless your after the saturated type of gain you get from an overdrive booster. In that case its not the amount of gain just that you want a saturated type of gain. Its understandable but know this. Booster pedals only add a unique tone on top of the tone you have already. It doesnt change anything major. It wont make your rigg sound better as a whole. Plus a booster only really works well with a good tube amp. I used many with a trademark10 but never really liked the sound anyway.

I also think you should sell your gear and focus on a really good tube amp and a load box/attenuator.

I agree with the points made about the XT's flexability with 0 volume practicing and recording ideas. I dont however feel youll get any better results with a POD or Line6 amp as your main rig.

In the guitar world today, most of the gear out there is for the tone deaf and the kiddies. Its really hard for any decent guitar player with a good sense of tone to find gear they like. It can be a lifelong search.

My basic advise on top of what was said is... your not gonna find the tone you like reading articles/magazines/online reviews of what other people think. You really have to get out there and try everything you can get your hands on. It took me a long time but the bag of bricks I threw off my back when I realized what gear is really me, is worth it.
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I have found that a BBE 462 or 482 sonic maximizer can be EXTREMELY effective in giving you more low end and more high end clarity. I love the tone of my 5150 head and 4x12 but it literally sounds like I added a 15 spk and took a blanket off my 4x12 when using the 462! It is night and day sound difference! I have put it through the EFX loop of many a combo and it shines like no other! Give it a shot - you won't be dissapointed! BTW- you can find them for well under a $100 on evilbay nowadays.
Just my 2 cents.

Music is something bigger and greater than myself and I'm just glad to be a part of it. -TJ

A wise man once told me, "never discuss politics or religion in a disco enviroment" -Frank Zappa
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I agree with screamndemon69. I have a 5150 that I was not using so I tried the BBE sonic maximizer with it and it really allowed me to change the 5150 to my taste. It brought out the low end and almost gave me that Recto sound. Weird did not do that much for my Dual & Single Rect. heads?!?
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I stick to what I said on your other post.

The Sonic Maximizer craze is NO GOOD for fixing bad tone or tone sculpting. I dont like them period but if you want to use one to pretty up the sound you got going already, thats your choice but trying to use any EQ unit to fix a bad tone is a novice way to do things and it DOESNT WORK.

Remeber that more then anything. Its true of all situation. Even when recording. You want to record all your tracks so its 90% there without touching any EQ effect. Then use the EQ to fit the tracks together better and get the most even frquencies for its purpose.

Ill repeat myself one more time. It does nothing to change the tone of the amp. Only the frequncies that sit on top. Like a stereo EQ. I always felt they were invented only to rip people off. No offense screamdemon. You have to admit though going out to buy a unit to FIX your tone is a completely wrong way to do things. You should only ever think about things to enhance your tone. If your unhappy with your basic tone 10 BBE units wont help you.
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post #8 of 12 (permalink) Old 05-28-2003, 11:44 AM
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Location: Leeds, UK - San Antonio, TX
Posts: 351
Dan D you're exactly right

I think the other guys are missing the fact that you cant make a bad starting tone sound good. Enhancers boosters whatever only make a good base tone sound better.

You need a good base tone to build from. The GT2 is the best solid state pedal pre-amp i reckon and was my first happy tone. However i needed flexibility and volume for band/gigs..

I found this out the hard way but it is SO true. I now own a mesa boogie nomad and would never do a live gig without a tube amp unless I absolutley had to! There IS NO SUBSTITUE for a real tube amp

However.....what i was mentioning about the podxt adn line6 is that if you never play at the volumes to make a tube amp sound its best then you are better off using a pod because you iwll get the best quiet sound possible, it wont feel or respond like a tube amp but at least you wil have the sound.

You see at the moment you have neither the sound or the feel/response. If you play loud enough get a tube amp if you play at bedroom levels get a pod or something..well for as toy town like that line6 gear is they are the best of the bunch.
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post #9 of 12 (permalink) Old 05-28-2003, 02:26 PM
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Posts: 228
I really dislike Line6. I cant help it. Its the hype. It has its place but all the kiddies who are like "its like having 20 vintage amps!!!" and act like its the greatest thing since sliced bread. It makes me crazy. That being said Ive always owned a small Modeling amp for practice at home.

I am assuming Woodros that you gig or play with a band at times right? Otherwise all bets are off. At low bedroom jammer levels like track7 said youll be hard pressed to get great tone from a tube amp anyway. Dont be fooled by watts either. A 1 watt amp is still louder then a trumpet. SO digital, solid state, tube, whatever works. For a long time I used a Trademark 10. They do sound best at low volumes which a loud tube amp could never do. The lowest setting were the volume cuts in on any of my tube amps is too loud in my apartment. I havent found a better headphone unit then the PODxt. These days I have a 67 Fender Vibro-Champ I really like. Its a 7 watt amp but I use a TS9, DS1 and a Rat with it. I use that to practice with at home these days.
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post #10 of 12 (permalink) Old 05-28-2003, 10:31 PM
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Location: Gainesville, FL
Posts: 5,711
I think the point was missed. He is having trouble with "muddiness" and getting "clarity" out of his rig. That is not a "tone" problem. You are all correct stating you need to start with a good tube amp- he isn't starting with that, so he needs help with what he has and I think that the BBE or an EQ might help him achieve the sound he is looking for if he isn't ready to buy a new amp. Tone is very subjective- one persons dream sound is not the same as anothers. There is a learning curve to the basic building blocks of tone and how to achieve the type your looking for. If he said he was having a tone problem- then a different amp would be a start- but what I read was his lack of clarity and being too "muddy" when he described his problem and I think the easiest fix is something to bring out the qualities in his current rig unless he wants to drop the $ for a nice tube amp and start from scratch. Just my 2 cents.

Music is something bigger and greater than myself and I'm just glad to be a part of it. -TJ

A wise man once told me, "never discuss politics or religion in a disco enviroment" -Frank Zappa
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Keep the Peavey for bedroom practice man! I got the Envoy 110 version of your amp, and I love it for low volume practice. Sweet, sweet distortion tone.
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thanx for all your advice, i by no means hate the gt-2 i think it has some fantastic tones, however i do like a bit more gain for singing sustain and so on. i do like the tones i get, i think the major issue is that the gt-2 combined with the tube emulation of the peavey sort of defeats the object and makes everything sound crap. last night i put everything through the effects loop including my ****ty zoom3030, i actually didnt mind the tones i was getting because it meant that i had most of the nice tones from the gt-2 and no conflict with the tube emulation of the peavey, allthough i hate that zoom pedal it actually sounded good, maybe i like more of a processed sound i dont know!
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