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Hughes and Kettner Triamp or Other High End Amp Suggestions?

Hey Everyone. I just sold my Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 and 2x12 Cab to get some money to buy christmas presents. However, I was going to sell it anyways since I really didnt dig its drive tones that much. So once the holiday spending ceases and I get to saving again, im looking for a nice amp.

I have heard some really positive things about the H&K Triamps (all their tube amps, actually), but I really wanted some more feedback. Im going to a botique amp shop near Boston soon to check out some amps, but I really wanted to plan my time to focus on like 5 amps tops.

Im really looking for a versatile amp(hence my intrest in the 6 channel triamp). Jazzy Cleans, Sweet Blues, Smooth Rythm (ala Trey Anastasio), Smooth and Clear yet Ultra Heavy High-Gain(John Petrucci, Steve Vai or Zakk Wyldeish)....basically an amp that can land several very nice tones.

So any feedback or suggestions on the Triamp is appreciated, but also Bogners, VHTs, Soldanos, Mesas(from experience, i know im not ususally a fender or marshall fan) or any other amp head in the $1500-$2200 price range(street price) would be great too. Like I said, im looking for an amp that can land many great tones....not an amp that will land one or two perfect ones.

Good Threadin, Keep Shredin,

-Andrew go to custom tube, then triamp mk II
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I would recommend looking at the Line6 Vetta series. From what I've heard, they're friggin' astounding.
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Have you thought about a Triaxis? Or something from CAE?

The Rivera knucklehead (and KH2) are supposed to be pretty amazing too (ive not tried one out yet) - three channels each with a boost..

Just throwing some ideas around
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My friend has a triaxis/2:90/abacus setup...its nice, but not as straightforward as Im looking for. I am going to try a Recto Recording Preamp/2:90 setup to see how I like it...i am leaning more towards a head though, for portability and the fact its a single unit with power and preamp sections designed exclusivly for one another...just something i have noticed recently.

As for the not a huge fan. My friend has a cyber twin and its ok, but my ear isnt digging the digital stuff to much. The Vetta just had more features and didnt really impress me too much...

I am an admitted tone freak too...its really tough for me to get a pleasing sound, and I tweak with my stuff a lot. Keep the suggestions rolling though!!

Good Threadin, Keep Shredin-

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Just go for the Hughes & Kettner Triamp.(well, try it for yourself first) I would say it's about the most versatile tube amp out there. Basically 6 channels in one damn good amp. I tried out the 2x12 combo version when they first came out and I fell in love with it.
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I have a Mesa Roadking that I bought a few months ago; a VERY versatile amp, one of the most versatile heads available (for about $2300-$2500). It can nail most Mesa tones (Petrucci tones ^_^) and has a few new and different ones of it's own. 4 channels; 3 modes per channel with 6 poweramp tubes assignable per channel (4x6L6 and 2xEL34). It's complicated but far simpler than the Triaxis. Plus, you get the added versatility of being able to run it at 50-132 watts with the different power tube selections. I am a huge fan of the tweed setting. It can make a fair approximation of a fender twin, various low and high gain Marshall amps, Mesa Mark IIC, IV and the Dual Recto. I also love the high gain settings on the amp; they are devastating. It definitely sounds like a Mesa though, so if you don't like the Mesa tone (cause some people just don't like it) then look elsewhere. If you want to give it a shot, make sure you download the manual for it first, 'cause if you don't know what to do with it, it can sound awful.
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versatile amp

can't believe nobody so far mentioned Rivera TBR heads(both versions, although SL has more gain and distortion available). i have one for a couple of years now and i think i still haven't heard everything it has to offer. actually it has so many sounds that people are considering THAT as a flaw! but then again i'm sure none of you would expect bazillion sounds without being prepared to turn some knobs.
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Engl Savage Special Edition! 12 full-tube sounds at a click of the incorporated MIDI-interface Check the specs on I use it for over a year now. It's awesome. I a/b'd it to the Diezel VH-4 and the Bogner Uberschall and the Engl beat them
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The Roadking (Mesa) is very cool, but you said you were focusing on "like 5 tones" so it may be overkill with too much stuff for ya'. I am very happy with the Triamp MK II. It's actually cut down quite a bit on the load I used to haul around. I used to switch between a JC 120, a Triaxis in my rack, and a Dual Rectifier. The Triamp took out the Recto and the JC120. The triaxis is still there due to certain other things in my rack, but the Triamp has definitely got a lot of tones available. On top of that, you get the cool light on it now for the Mk II... lol
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I guess Triaxis is what you need. 8 channels, all good. One of the two multi-channel amps out of the many I tried where I like ALL channels, not just some of them.

It will give you everything Petrucci, but can't quite do Vai. For Vai you need a Bogner or Egnater (for those "old" tones) or Legacy (for new stuff).

<ShamelessPlug>I have a Triaxis for sale in excellent condition. See the
"ads" section.</ShamelessPlug>
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btw, have you actually tried a Vetta? Cuz it's quite a different beast from the Cyber-Twin.
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Thanks to everbody for all your replies and suggestions thus far!

I have tried a Vetta....yes it is a different beast from a cyber twin. Im just not a fan of a digital or hybrid (digital and tube) amps. Dont get me wrong, some digital guitar equipment is insansely awesome. I just couldnt stand having a digital amp all the time. There is defiently still much to be improved upon. I do use a Digitech Genesis 3 processor with my practice amp and to record some stuff...and for that it is great. Just some tones i need to NAIL to be happy, and digitial usually doesnt do that for me, and sometimes can even come close...but thanks a lot for the suggestions Two hands!

So right now im going to try the H&K Triamp, Mesa Roadking Head and an Engl Savage SE....can you guys think of two more really rocking and versatile tube amps (again, in the $1500-2200 price range)...any specific model Riveras(i might look at those already listed), Bogners or Soldanos? Also, any ideas on Really good 3/4 back or closed 2x12 cabs to match with an amp of that caliber. I have heard good things about the g-Flex, but more info is always great. Im not looking to spend more that $600 on it, and I am a fan of Celestion V-30s.

Thanks jemsite guys are pretty dank.

Good Threadin, Keep Shredin

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I'm with Zendra on this one...
I'll cast my vote for the TBR-2SL.
Considering they were $1800 to $2200 originally, they can be found these days at good prices (while they last), and with 320W (160W per side) you can get many a neighbor to hate you. :-)

- Many knobs, but it really does help in tweaking tone.
- The TBR amps seem to be very "cabinet specific". It might take a few tries before you find the right cab to go with your TBR head. Once you do....WOW.
- With FIFTEEN tubes to replace, re-tubing isn't for the meek. :-P
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Originally Posted by RythmicIllusion
So right now im going to try the H&K Triamp, Mesa Roadking Head and an Engl Savage SE....can you guys think of two more really rocking and versatile tube amps (again, in the $1500-2200 price range)...
Try Egnater TOL100 (pre-Rocktron or Rocktron) it's AWESOME. Rocktron Vendetta is designed by the same guy, but as he told me it is voiced differently from TOL100 (TOL 100 is Fender/Marshall kind of thing, Vendetta is reminiscent of VOX/Recto). I own a TOL100, and I don't think I'm buying another head in the near future. People are known to sell their Marshalls and Fenders after buying TOL100.

10 tubes (6 x 12ax7, 4 x EL34), 4 channels, 3 different voicings on each clean and dirty pair of channels, you can use midi to switch channels. Channel 1 is Fender, Channel 2 is overdriven (SRV) Fender, Channel 3 is the best marshall I've ever heard, Channel 4 has insane amounts of gain, but retains the clarity. I rarely play there, too much gain for me.

P.S. Please note that TOL50 isn't the same thing. Only two channels, and there's no this famous Egnater super-high gain channel (Channel 4), where you can max out the gain and play chords hearing every note. It does Marshall thing and Fender thing very convincingly, though.
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Hey!!!Where´s my post!!!I wrote last night here
Anyway, just said i love the triamp.
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