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Keeley MT2 Boss Metal Zone

Has anyone tried out the Keeley modified MT2 Boss Metal Zone pedal?
I'm thinking about purchasing one, but can't find any sound clips.

I'm looking to get some recto type growl when using my marshall head. I'm guessing this might do it?

I have done a forum search for things on it. It's only ever mentioned in other threads. There's lots of stuff on the Keeley DS-1 though.

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post #2 of 11 (permalink) Old 02-04-2004, 12:11 AM Thread Starter
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just found the harmony central reviews....

Seems good (wouldn't really trust their reviews as far as i could throw them though).

I might just take the plunge and order one.

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post #3 of 11 (permalink) Old 02-12-2004, 05:49 AM Thread Starter
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Guess I may as well be the guinea pig and get one
I wonder what it'll sound like...


p.s. Checked prices...Weird how it's cheaper in Aus to have some stuff delivered to our doors from the US than it is to bargain and buy locally...And this way I also get a modded pedal!
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Be sure to tell me how it sounds, or post clips if possible. I'm considering purchasing one to use for an alternate rhythm tone.
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Keeley MT-2 + Sniper Mod'd Boss GE-7... and the you can get one helluva immense metal tone through a marshall.. it's not quite mesa but it's deffinatly not marshall lol.. it's just cool
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post #6 of 11 (permalink) Old 02-15-2004, 01:06 AM
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Why don't you just buy Mesa Boogie's Pedal if you want mesa sound instead of a fake one.
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post #7 of 11 (permalink) Old 02-15-2004, 04:00 AM Thread Starter
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Re: um

Originally Posted by BCShredder
Why don't you just buy Mesa Boogie's Pedal if you want mesa sound instead of a fake one.
one word dude, "price".

I'm in Australia. Mesa stuff on ebay comes around once every blue moon.
The V-twin pedal here costs $975 AUS or there abouts. I'm getting a keeley for $210 AUS delivered. Big difference.

I was about to get a 2:90 and a triaxis. But someone beat me to the triaxis. And there's no way I'm going to spend $4,500 on a new triaxis. So I let the 2:90 go.

If I was gigging alot I would get that stuff. But since I only occasionally do a full electric gig (do more acoustic atm) there's no point in spending near $10,000 AUS on amplification...

The keeley should do the job nicely. I could never get a recto tone out of the v-twin infront of my marshall anyway.

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post #8 of 11 (permalink) Old 02-16-2004, 03:33 AM Thread Starter
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The pedal arrived a few hours ago on my doorstep.

This little pedal is a little beast!! I didn't care too much for the tone of my mates metal zone, I didn't mind it though. This Keeley pedal just blows the standard one away.

There are 3 modes: (extract from the instructions)

SWITCH LEFT - This is the "stock" MT-2 sound. You will easily notice that the pedal has more presence, a more powerful and true sounding midrange and a tighter bass response.

SWITCH RIGHT - This is the Triple Diode Mode. This is our favorite. This gives you the natural tube sound that makes molten guitar sound to die for. Sick, Fat, and more Muscle than the stock MT-2 mode.

SWITCH CENTER - This is the Ultra Tube Mode. You will blow speakers with this mode! Warning this pedal has a super powerful output and this mode should be used with a 4x12 cab that can handle the power and ultra low bass this pdal can deliver. Even more tube simulation and 2nd order harmonics to give you a sound available in no other pedal.

Now, onto my findings.

Plugged in as follows - RG421 (using bridge evo), into MT-2, into Marshall jcm2000 DSL 100w head (clean channel) running into a 2x12 cab w/ vintage g12 celestions.

On the pedal all knobs at 12 o'clock.

In normal mode, "stock mode", the MT-2 pretty much sounds the same. Just clearer. Less fizz, and hum. Basically a better sounding metal zone, nothing great really.

Switch the thing to the "triple diode mode" though and WOW. I couldn't believe that I could get that much saturation and still have the articulation of a tube amp from a BOSS pedal. I've not experienced anything close to this except for a triaxis + 2:90, or 100w Dual recto through recto 4x12's.

The thing would actually respond to my pick attack. This out of a Metal Zone!

Switch to the center mode, the "ultra tube mode".. Output galore.

Switch back to the stock mode and you can tell the difference. Less response to pick attack, less rounding of the tone. Less "real".

Ok, so I thought, hmmm...lets try something.

I cranked it.

I also switched to the triple diode mode.

OUCH! High frequency overload. Typical I thought. But I hadn't moved any of the knobs yet.

Increase the bass, drop the treble a tad, increase the higher mids. High gain with TONE at VOLUME!

The fact that my marshall was responding as the dual recto 100w was in the store just a couple of days ago was amazing. (I do like the modern gain setting...which most hate. But hey, I have a marshall here, switch channels, and turn off the metal zone and I have marshall roundness heaven).

Anyway, tube tone from a pedal?

Ok, so I thought, maybe I'm hearing things.

I moved the mids again, dropped the gain a little (it was still on 12 o'clock), and tried to copy my marshall's high gain channel.

On a/b comparison after a bit of tweaking with the pedal I couldn't believe it. Sounded the same...almost. The pedal through the clean seemed to have more sustain than the high gain channel. Yet the way each reacted to my pick attack was the same. Pick harder, get more..umm..what's the word..saturation?

So yeah, it feels like a pedal with tubes, but if you want high gain saturation that sounds and feels round and natural it's right there. Cranked too!

I'm amazed. I truly am. Modern high gain dual recto sound in a box, for the price I don't think anything can be beat.

Can you see that I'm excited? I don't normally get excited. A few weeks ago I bought a pod, and had the s#!ts with myself cause I could not get a good tone out of it. Since then I've gotten "ok" tones out of the Pod. What really sucks is that I can now hear how much the POD is lacking.

This Keeley moded pedal out of the box kept me smiling.

Mr. Robert Keeley, you rule dude. I'm definently using this pedal live.

To my ears and feel it sounds like there are tubes in this thing. It really does. Switch back to the standard mode, and that feeling goes away. Wow. Really, truly an awesome modern gain sounding pedal.

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Also, great service. Incredible service. I ordered online, and within 2 weeks of ordering it's here. On the other side of the world. No hassle's, no problems, all for only US$10!

If anyone in Aus is contemplating any form of Boss pedal, check out first. Then check the RRP of the stock pedals here. You will be surprised.

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Wow, that sounds amazing Got sound clips?
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night time, can't crank it......
The pod on the other hand...

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bass response , boss metal zone , boss pedal , dual recto , keeley mod , mesa boogie , tube amp , tube tone

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