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Kind of depressing

Hey all
I was just on another board and someone came up with the idea to list every amp you have ever owned. I did as many as I could remember, which I think is all of them and I got bummed thinking about how much money I spent on different amps just to get rid of them for a different amp later through the years. I've been playing for about 17-18 years but I did pretty much stop playing for 2 years and there were another 2-3 years where I didnt have an amp at all. Anyway here's my list, I think if i made one of all the guitars I've had since I started playing I'd hang myself.....

* indicate the amps I still have

1) JC Penny 15 watt practice amp
2) Roland something or another
3) Crate combo
4) Crate Halfstack
5) Ampeg VL502
6) Fender Hot Rod Deville 2X12
7) Fender ProSonic Combo
Mesa Triaxis/2:90
9) Mesa Triple Rectifier
10)Marshall JCM 900 SLX
11)Marshall JCM 800 (50 watt 2 channel)
12)Marshall JCM 2550SL (Slash head)
13)Marshall DSL 401
14)Marshall JMP-1/el34 100/100
15)Marshall 1959SLP RI
16)Fender Princeton (Vintage 1964)*
17)Fender G-DEC*
1Orange AD30 *
19)Peavey Delta Blues
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Re: Kind of depressing

Well what are you currently using? Lol im surprised you got rid of some of those >>>
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Re: Kind of depressing

well i have been playing 5 and here is what i have had .

peavey rage 158
crate gx1600 head
peavey classic 50 head
peavey ultra 60
vox ad60vt head
peavey xxl head
peavey 5150 head
peavey xxx combo
mesa nomad head

some of those i only had for a day or two before they went back (peavey ultra, vox ad60vt,nomad head) .

I am an amp whore , what can i say . there are worse i know of worse

I've had probably close to 20 guitars in that time too .(sell crack though , so i can buy whatever when ever
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Re: Kind of depressing

Wow!!! you get to play that many amp, I used to play but not owned this few amps only

Fender frontline 15w (I owned this one)
Marshall mg30dfx (this one too)
marshall 15 and 100 dfx
line 6 (forgot the name but it's got a cabinet and a head and it sounded awesome!!!)
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Re: Kind of depressing

Kay? 5w practice combo - 1976 - '79
SG Systems 100w head w/ 6x10 cab - 1979 - '81 (the cab alone weighed 100+ lbs - a real back breaker)
Sunn Beta Lead 100w head w/ 4x12 - 1981 - '84
Peavey Decade practice combo - 1983 - '93
Carvin XV100-E 100w combo w/ EV12M - 1987 - presently in home studio
'67 Fender Vibro Champ silverface - 1993 - presently in home studio
Crate EFX 15w combo - 2001 - on loan to a friend since '05
Ibanez TB50R 50w combo - 2004 - presently at blues band rehearsal room
Peavey JSX 100w head w/ Marshall 1960B 4x12 - 2004 - presently at rock band rehearsal room

Hmm... not really a lot considering I've been playing electric for 30 years.
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Re: Kind of depressing

i knew i was forgetting one i had a carvin x-100b for a little bit when i also had my peavey xxl .

isn't that sad , i dont remeber all the crap i have had and it wasn't really that long ago either .
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Re: Kind of depressing

for me...

1.) crappy practice amp that came with a beginner guitar
2.) peavey bandit112 (I HATE IT)

I can't wait till I get a job so I can go tube.
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Re: Kind of depressing

(*) = I still have them

01- Ampex something
02- Marshall MS2 (*)
03- Marshall 8080
04- '67 Bassman (black face) (*)
05- Fender Bronco
06- '70 Fender SF Champ (*)
07- '72 Fender SF Vibro-champ (*)
08- '49 hi-fi amp converted to 5E3 tweed Deluxe (*)
09- Tech21 Trademark (*)
10- Marshall 5005 Lead12 (*)
11- Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary (*)


01- 2x12" Celestion V30 (*)
02- 2x12" Jensen C12N (*)

Last edited by rufes; 07-27-2006 at 06:07 AM.
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Re: Kind of depressing

I just realized I have 8 amps and 2 cabs right now...

For what the hell do I need 8 amps???

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Re: Kind of depressing

Rufes, I'll take donations!

Currently I have a Laney GH-50L going the the speakers in my Marshall MG250DFX

Past amps:
B.B. Blaster 7 watt 'thing'
Zoom fire 15

Why ever did you get rid of the Slash head Elcid? Arn't they basically a recovered Silver Jubilee Series amp? I tried a silver jubilee and I'd kill for one now!


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Re: Kind of depressing

I've been playing about 11 years and have only ever had 2 amps which have actually been mine.

The first was a 10watt fender practise amp
Then a Marshall TSL601
Current is my Peavey JSX lol

In between I used a pod or no amplification at all for a long time, or nicked my sisters amp which was some no-name piece of poo.
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Re: Kind of depressing

Gorilla 15 watt practice amp (given to friend)
Fender Princeton Chorus (still have)
ADA MP-1 (given to dad)
Peavey 5150 (still have)
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Re: Kind of depressing

In order of appearance!

Crate GX-15 omg it had distortion! Crappy distortion!

Fender Princeton 112 Not bad. Sounded very solid-state-ish. Yay built in chorus! Great for a beginner.

Marshal VS100 Half Stack Wow this amp sucked. I couldn't get a good sound out of this thing to save my life. Tried several guitars, tons of effects. Nothing. Just say no. It was loud tho!

Fender Blues Deville 2x12 Sounded great with distortion pedals and what not. No real amp disortion tho, just a bluesy overdrive thing that wasn't particularly satisfying. Also very loud.

Peavey XXX 100w 2x12 - I've had this one for like 2 years, I don't see a need to replace it. Pretty nice clean channel, Usable effects loop, Raging distortions. Great amp. Very loud.

Fender G-Dec - This thing is great fun. 15 different amp models, 50 preset backing tracks, 50 user presets.
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Re: Kind of depressing

Well only two up to now.

01. Fender Frontman 15 (still have, it's a practice amp)
02. VOX AD50VT 1x12 Combo (still have)
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Re: Kind of depressing


Randall RG12M 12watt practice box of uselessness. (still use it, kept at school)

The Fallen:
Peavey Classic 30 combo. (not good for high gain rock, I cant stand EL84 amps, gotta be the big beefy 100w EL34 or 6L6)

Marshall JCM 800/Plexi modded Combo thing. (Open Back-Very Harsh amp. I thought it was a JCM 800. One trick pony, and the trick wasnt that great, hahahaha)

Peavey JSX head. (Also very harsh, very solidstate sounding, too much compression. Most people love them, but. . no thanks)

Marshall JCM 800 series 1960B 4x12 cabinet with Celestion G12T-75s. (Harsh, flubby low end, because it was old and worn, the back panel only had 4 screws. If only I knew a little more about cabs, I could have had that thing fixed)

The Remaining Few:

Peavey XXX 4x12 Slant Cabinet. Leftover from my JSX days, sounded great with that amp, loads better than with the Marshall cab I had at the time. Its a pretty good cab, its got castors, but I've got no use for it at the moment. I'll probably hang onto it since its my only cab with castors.

1987 Carvin X-100B Head with matching Carvin V412-C 4x12 Slant Cabinet with Celestion G12M-70 speakers. The cabinet is tight, clear, and really freaking cool looking, (Black Tolex, Black Expanded Steel Grille) The X100B is an interesting amp. Its got a very organic tone to it, It doesnt have much gain, but its enough to get by on barely, it helps clean up my playing.

1985 Laney Pro Tube Lead 100w AOR series head. This is my favorite amp at the moment. I bought it a year ago when the JSX was in full reign at my house. I thought it was kinda cool, and very cheap, so I bought it just for the heck of it. I never thought that I would end up liking it more than the JSX. After a few months, it was clear to me that the Laney was killer and the JSX was filler. So. .I sold the JSX for the simple 1 channel Laney. The Laney is much more responsive to picking, and has the perfect amount of natural compression. It responds to dynamics like a mirror, and the JSX sounded dead in comparison. The Laney has the unique ability to go from Heavy Metal overdrive to glassy cleans with just the controls on the guitar, no footswitching and no control tweaking on the amp. Clean, Heavy Metal, and crunch sound in-between those two. I love it. It sounds kinda JCM 800ish, but with 3x as much gain, a bigger low end, no midrange honk, and glassy highs.

I liked the Carvin V412-C cabinet so much, I found another one on **** that was local, and BIN was CHEAP so I bought it, and thats what my Laney sits on top. . .looks freaking mean!

Im a huge Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and Mattias Eklundh fan. The Carvin X100B can do that early Vai tone, as well as Ted Nugent and other things. (right now, I've got a freaking perfect "stranglehold" tone on the X100B. The Laney can do Paul Gilbert like nobody's buisness, and now I'm really gassing for a Laney VH100R for those Mattias tones, as well as a GH100L for that Paul Gilbert and Christophe Godin tone, I love that.

I've also adapted Mattias Eklundh's pedal arrangement: NONE! Except for the occasional wah, he plugs straight in. I used to scoff at those who were anti-pedals, thinking that they were just being dumb. But. . now that I gave it a try for a while. . I really like it! Ive now decided that an amp will do what I need it to do without pedals, or it sucks and I will sell it. I really like the simplicity and not having to worry about pedals. I love the increased clarity and tone, pedals really do suck alot out of your tone. Im really loving the natural sounds of the instrument and the amp. Not only that, but since your left in the open, youre forced to play better.
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