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New rig complete!! (Mesa, Lexicon, Genz Benz)

So it took about a year and a half, and I'm almost back to where I started!

Early in 2002 I assembled a rack rig that consisted of a Triaxis preamp, G-major FX unit, 2:90 power amp, and Johnson 2x12 cabinet, plus a couple pedals (MIDI controller, wah, overdrive). I used it for gigs, recording, whatever for many months, and absolutely loved the tone. As time went by, however, I got tired of hauling the rack + the cab + the controller everywhere I went--I couldn't just throw the amp in the car and go off to jam. So I decided to "simplify"...

I sold the Triaxis and 2:90, picking up a Mark IV combo. Of course, to control the Mark IV via MIDI, I needed a MIDI relay switcher (Rolls Patchwork). Then I started getting FX happy... 2 wahs, tube screamer, compressor, etc. Soon my "simple" rig had gotten out of hand. While the Mark IV was nice in that I could take it on its own to gigs & jams and get decent tone, whenever I took all the FX it turned into a nightmare of cables to connect properly. And the tone was never quite as good as the Triaxis ([email protected]#$ good, nonetheless).

So I recently decided to return to the world of rack rigs... to the Triaxis and 2:90 that I sold off just over a year ago. My new rig will look something like this:

What can I say... I'm a visual person! Actually, I have a business degree, so I'm required to use/abuse PowerPoint at least once a day!

I know the Triaxis and 2:90 are killer from first-hand experience. I have yet to hear a bad review of the Genz Benz G-Flex cab. The most exciting piece for me is the Lexicon MPX-G2... since it has built-in wah, compressor, tube screamer, etc. emulators, I'm able to get rid of all my pedals and really simplify things on the floor (all I'll have left is the MPX-R1 remote). Since the G2 has multiple inputs where the front overrides the back, I can always leave my wireless unit plugged into the back of it, and if I choose to not use the wireless I can plug the guitar right into the front. So it's still a few pieces to have to tote to gigs, but the setup will be really simple... plug the controller into the Lexicon, plug the cab into the 2:90, plug the power conditioner into the wall, and I'm ready to go.

So I'm still in the process of waiting for a few pieces to arrive... I've got the Lexicon G2, 2:90, wireless unit, & power conditioner already mounted in the rack & connected up. I'm still waiting on the cab and Triaxis, which should arrive this week (along with a truckload of new tubes for the 2:90!). I can't wait for all the pieces to get here so I can get everything rigged up & take it for a spin!

And when all is said & done, I didn't have the heart to sell the Mark IV--it's really been a great combo. So I'm holding onto it as a practice/backup amp. It'll still be a lot easier to tote than the full rack rig for those impromptu jam sessions! (I did end up selling my Nomad 45 combo, though--it will be missed!)

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Full circle it is! I undertand, I'm at the combo phase, but sticking with pedals on the far, so good. Come to think of it, a similar situation led me to a rack rig a few years ago (MkIV with midi switcher & effects)...I figured if you're going to have anything in a rack, might as well have it all. I hear racks are coming back into vogue in the market in general, but I'll try to resist the temptation (although I just picked up a PV Rockmaster).
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I figure as long as I learn something out of each iteration and don't keep going in circles, then I'm doing pretty well! My history has been:

- Digitech GSP21 into SS Crate combo
- GSP2101 into two combos for stereo effect (SS Fender & tube Crate)
- Johnson JM-150 modeling amp
- Triaxis/2:90 rack rig
- Mark IV combo rig
- Triaxis/2:90 rack rig (again)

I've tried just about every setup (SS combos, tube combos, tube preamps into different combos, modeling amps, tube rack gear), and I think I've finally figured out what works best for me!

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How many years does it take to get through that much gear !?
Im only 15, on my 2nd guitar and amp and no fx (ahh well, being poor sucks). Oh well, seeing these rigs just makes me wanna workhard at school to get a great job so i can buy an amazing rig!


P.S Mesas really do rule!
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I'm glad u could afford to do this man....hehe

I have been going through a lot of setups myself and I seem to like them all I currently use: Laney heads (GH100L and VH100R) for live and various rack gear/preamps for recording (Voodoo Lab, PSA-1, Chameleon, Line 6 POD) and I manage to find a lot of useable tones from any of them. I'm going to buy a Cornford head and a digital modelling amp (Valvetronix or a Yamaha DG) by the end of this year hopefully too. I'm perfectly happy with the setup I have now....I just want want want
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I've been back and forth a few time too, to and fro from rackland to simple stuff. Now, like Greg, I'm living the combo life and loving it. So simple, plug in and everythings good to go. I'm currently running a Nomad 45 2x12 combo, got some line6 pedals, ernie ball volume and an expression all on a board, 3 channels of clean living and all is good. I still have my mesa recto 2x12 cab if I want some more guts in the tone.

My current love is acoustic stuff right now....I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a new GenzBenz Shenandoah 200 acoustic amp, and I've just about convinced myself that I simply must have a Breedlove Classic XII twelve string. I played one the other day and I nearly wet myself, seriously. I'm still on the fence a little, it's a God awful amount of money, but it's such a wonderful guitar, one of those that go in the will.
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I considered going the combo route, but didn't want to get into managing effects loops, etc, so i went with a small rack setup. It's not quite as portable as a combo, but it's still relatively simple and sounds HUGE.

Guitar --> GT-6 --> BBE Sonic Maximizer --> Peavey Classic 50/50 --> G-Flex 212 (in stereo)

I don't have any extra pedals in my chain. I'm trying to get the GT-6 to do everything i need it to, and so far, it's working out really well.
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Well, it's took about 2 weeks for the Triaxis to get here! Tonight I was finally able to hook up everything in the rack... lots of cable connecting, level setting, and preset editing. I've got all my basic sounds figured out... now I need to work on some of my more complex FX patches.

What did I learn tonight? RG1077XL -> Triaxis on LD1 Red -> 2:90 in deep mode -> Genz Benz cab. Yes, it's ridiculous amounts of bass, and it's all crystal clear. It will set objects rattling far on the other side of the basement. Very cool!

Pics of the new rig coming tomorrow. I'll also probably have more useful stuff to say about the tone after "breaking it in" at band practice.

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That combo sounds lethal. Get some clips up if you can. I'd LOVE to hear that monster.
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All I have to say is: the 2:90 is a ****ing great power-amplifier!
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I'm terribly interested in these G-Flex cabinets, I've heard so many good things and I've wanted to try one.

I also play extended scale 7 strings, tuned to Bb, and while I play a Boogie Rackmount recto right now, I'll be hopefully getting a Diezel herbert, and will use a Diezel cab designed for the herbert, but I could add this can abd a 1x15 to the mix to see what I can coax out of this.

If you can get any sound clips of this setup of yours Brent I would be really interested to hear it!

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I've got a couple hectic nights on the radar, but should be able to record some demo clips on Thursday night. The rig is all set up, but my recording gear isn't yet. I'm pretty anxious to see how it sounds when recorded as well. (The last CD I recorded was with a similar rig--same preamp and power amp, different FX and cabinet.)

In the mean time, here are a couple pictures of the rig (and just the rack), so people can see it even if they can't hear it. I think it sounds as intimidating as it looks...

What you can't see... I've got my wireless receiver hooked up in the back of the rack, connected directly to the Lexicon. There's actually enough spare cable to be able to set the receiver on top of the rack in case I need a little extra range, but when I don't need the range it fits perfectly under the 2:90.

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Your rig looks great and I hope it gives you many years of wonderful service. My only advice is this; get a backup for your G2. I used mine live for 18 months and it crashed on me on three different occasions and lost battery power (all of my patches) five times. It's been back to Lexicon each time, twice to replace the battery and once to replace the entire preamp section. I think it was just a lemon and I never understood why they just didn't send me another while it was under warranty. In any case, it's now being used as a door stop in my studio. It sounded fantastic when it worked but I would never trust it again enough to rely on it in a live setting.

I'm really not trying to be a downer and I truly do hope your experience is better than mine.
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Thanks for the heads up! I know how it goes with gear... somedays it works great, and somedays you want to take it down to the local recycling center to see if they'll give you anything for it. I read a lot of your posts about the G2 before I bought it, so I at least knew going in what my worst-case scenario was.

I guess I've grown used to flaky FX units over the years anyway... I had to send a G-Major back to TC to fix a problem where it would occasionally lock up, and I had an old Digitech GSP21 that spent more time in Utah for repair than it ever spent in my rack!

Nice thing about the way my rig is set up now... if the Lexicon goes south, it's pretty quick for me to rewire the rack and just use the Triaxis/2:90. Granted, that leaves me in an FX-less state, but that'd be good enough to make it through a few gigs.

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Nice rig Brent, it is very clean and simple, as far as rack stuff goes...the simpler the better in my opinion. The only draw back I see when I look at it is the number of trips required to load and unload...the older I get, the more of a wuss I become.

All you need now is another G-Flex cab for some true stereo separation. How's the low end on those cabs, and the freq response in general say compared to a mesa recto. I've got a recto 2x12 and with my Marshall it was a mid heavy beast, but when hooked up with the semi-open 2x12 Nomad 45, it evened out a bit. Curious how the G-flex responds to the mesa gear.
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