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preamp+tube power amp=head? - combine a manufacturer's "part

Hi! Don't have the ability to compare all this, so I am asking here
* With so many different amps/heads/cabs/preamps/etc available today, one could spend years finding the "tone" that speaks to them. I have a nice, warm solid state sound I like (yes, reaally), but want some variety. Was thinking of grabbing a couple heads, and a couple different cabs for variety. It seems like most of the "big names" also have tube preamps and tube power amps available too.
* So, if I get a Triaxis, quad, or studio preamp, combine with a 50/50 or 2-90, and a nice 4x12, will it even come close to a mark IV, rect, mark III, etc??? Do notes and chords still have the body and expressiveness it seems to take a great tube head and 4x12 to get? Taken a step further, grab a preamp from 3-4 of the better names out there, combine with a good tube power amp and 4x12, equals "world of sounds?" Or am I better grabbing a few heads that are dedicated to certain sounds?
* Alot of the recordings coming out these days seem to have really crappy guitar tone (does compliment the lack of talent though... ). Notes sound like paper tearing, full chords like someone shredding a phonebook. No body. If one does find a solo being played, no expression exists anymore (talking about radio/common music, not Steve, Joe, Eric, etc.). *Glad we have the net- allows us to find unsigneds and lesser knowns like Marcel!!! Nikki
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preamp+tube power amp=head?

The reason Mesa/Boogie made the Triaxis was for demand of the most popular heads into a single rack space. *Basically it would be a major pain in the ass carrying around 6 or 7 heads and cabinets nevermind trying to wire it so it doesnt blow up (although I'm sure its possible).

I would try to find a medium...a tone that generally works for you and then compromise a little. *My Triaxis is the perfect box for me although rarely I wish I was playing a single coil strat through a Fender Deville (very rarely but I admit at times its cool).

On the other hand...if you're a studio musician for example and absolutely need many different sounds you can plan which amp to bring to what session, or you can go the digital route and get an amp model thing that tries to sound like 30 different amps in one box (although I hate solid state digital amps).

Good Luck!
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preamp+tube power amp=head?

Hi! Sorry- should have been a little more detailed I have a Pod Pro (not a fav, but works for some things), a 2120, an old SGX 2000 express, a few other rack effect units, and a Peavey component solid state rig that has been customized- actually sounds great- believe it or not.
* I am a recent parapalegic (sp?), and so I have decided to build a small studio (dedicated spaces) for myself, and want to add some head/cab combos for additional sounds. The PodPro was supposed to be great for that, but I find it kind of "vanilla," especially when multitracking. So, I figured I'd go tube, since I really love the expressiveness it brings. * *
* While looking at all that is out there these days, it is a bit overwhelming. However, the Bogner, Boogie, Rivera, Soldano and Marshall stuff is still sweet, and I have a soft spot for old Marshalls and Boogies. *The new (ok, not so new anymore) Legacy looks interesting, as does the Univalve. So the first solution is- take 10k and buy one of each! lol Short of that, I figured that grabbing a Triaxis, 2:90 and a Legacy head would cover some bases for now, and adding a JMP1 (any good??) and other preamps (Soldano, etc) would be a little easier on the pocketbook for me.
* Whew! Sorry for the length, but seeing as I am about to spend a great deal of cash, and may not get the oppourtunity again, I am just looking for some helpful opinions and such. Thx for taking time to read this long winded post- Nikki
* Oh yeah- adding a G-Force or an Eventide (4000 or Eclipse?) also- yet another decision...

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preamp+tube power amp=head?

I was getting ready to embark on a similar mission a month or so ago... I'd been using a Johnson Millennium amp for a couple years straight. Very flexible, easy to use, sounded pretty good too. Anyway, I got the urge for something different and concocted a dream rig where I'd have a Triaxis and a JMP1 running through a switcher, through a Digitech 2120 for FX, into a 2:90 power amp, and out into a 2x12 cab. Once I got the Triaxis, I decided I really didn't need any more tonal versaility--it will keep me busy for weeks and months to come. So in a sense I've scaled back a bit--I'm using the Triaxis through a G-Major into the 2:90. Sounds killer, and I really haven't begun to tweak the Triaxis too much. It'll be a while before I consider adding a second preamp to the rig and all the complexity it brings.

My point being... probably best to start out simple and build it up. You might find that the Triaxis meets all your needs and you won't need anything else (save some cash, keep the rack lighter, etc). If you get a decent FX processor and decent power amp from the start, you can always add new preamps in the future if you get bored with the tone.

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preamp+tube power amp=head?

I went a similar route and finally put together my dream rig.Mesa triaxis,simul 395 power amp,and a g-force.I am totally in awe of the variety of rich tubetones in the triaxis.And the g-force is the best sounding,most guitar freindly processor I've had the pleasure of playing through.I also don't think I'll be adding anything new for quite some time.It's a great relief to my ears and pocketbook to finally be happy with my rig.Now I can focus on playing.Good luck in your choices.
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preamp+tube power amp=head?

I don't think you can go wrong with a Triaxis and a G-Force coupled with a killer tube power amp and some awesome cabinets. *That's a great start and then I would take inventory of what tones I had with that set up and what was missing and go from there. *I think you will find that a few well chosen components with built in flexibility (ala Triaxis and Rivera racks) will take you a longer way for a lot less money. *Mesa has also come out with a recitifier pre-amp designed to be a recording pre-amp. *Looks good, but not quite as flexible as a triaxis. *I bet that they put the direct recording technology from this pre into subsequent revisions of the triaxis...or they might be able to design and build one for you with it included...never hurts to ask.
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preamp+tube power amp=head?

Not exactly on topic but if anyone's planning on getting a Mesa 50/50 or 2:90 get a VHT 2/90/20 or 2/50/2. I've played both and the VHT's tone knocks you flat on the floor and then volume just sort of pushes you away from the speakers Does what a Mesa does but better. Use it with a Triaxis/Sansamp PSA-1/something else good and you'll have god like rig.
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