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Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Especially when you can buy guitars on par or almost as good for a grand or so less?

'Cause, man, I really want to get an Ibanez JEM. I'm 17, junior in high school, working at McDonald's, making about $115 a week (we get paid every other week, so it's about a $230 paycheck), and since I just got the job, I can finally start buying better equipment. I've been playing guitar for about a year, but only really got into it after my girl left me in April. >_>

And since then I've learned a lot, submerged myself into theory, the music of Vai and Satch and Petrucci and loads of other great guitarists, etc. I can play Always With Me Always With You by Joe Satriani, I'm pretty proud of that.

But anyway, with my first paycheck I bought a Roland MicroCube (a portable amp like that will not only replace my half-functional Fender Frontman 25R, but it's got more practical applications) a couple days ago off of Musician's Friend, just waiting for that to come in, now.

I'm going to buy a DigiTech GNX4 and larger amp of some kind (not sure which, but I was thinking a Peavey JSX 212 Combo; expensive, but worth it; we'll see when the reviews start rolling in, and if I can get my hands on one before I leap in and buy it - HOWEVER, since there's a time issue mentioned later in the post, I'm just going to pick up a Roland Cube 60) but before both of those, I need to get a new guitar. First and foremost is the guitar. I have a Fender Telecaster, but it doesn't have the hardware to handle my style of playing.

So, I've been looking around. It looks like the Jackson DKMG or the ESP MH-400, probably the latter, is the guitar to get. Of course, that's assuming I don't go for the JEM, or a JS1000, or even an Ibanez S470DX, which I've heard nothing but good things about, and it's in the price range of the Jackson and the ESP.

Thing is, I'm serious about playing guitar, and it's something I want to do and really get into. I'm self-taught so far (but I can read sheet music, I have a good understanding of how chords are constructed, I know my Circle of Fifths, the modes and how to apply them, etc.), but a guitar teacher I talked to last year might be coming back to give lessons if he has enough people to take them. He'll probably be back, and I'll definitely be taking lessons with him. He's good, and he knows what he's talking about.

But like I was saying, if I have to pay $2,000 for an Ibanez JEM, or even a Jackson USA Soloist, I would. I have no problems with that. But are the guitars really worth that much money?

There's a talent show at my school in late December, and I'd love to be prepared for it. Knowing I'll be ordering all my things off the internet through Musician's Friend, ******** or *******.com, I have to allow time for delivery, which should be only 2-5 days as it says (we'll see... I've heard some people say they didn't get their stuff for a full month, eek).

DigiTech GNX4 = $500.
Roland Cube 60 = $345
TOTAL: $845.

2070 - 845 = 1225. Oh, plus my paycheck this week, which is bigger than normal 'cause I'm working more hours 'cause it's the summer, so...

TOTAL CASH: $1550 (educated estimate).

That means I can spend that much on a guitar. Birthday money from my dad, which he's giving me in a few days, will up that to hopefully at least $1650. I could come up with the other $500 or so for a JEM or USA Soloist.

But yeah, that's my situation. So what do you guys think I should buy for a guitar? The reason why this little talent show holds a bit of importance is 'cause my ex-girlfriend and I, we were very close and everything, she talked about kids and marriage and all that, I thought it was great, blah blah blah, then she left me for *no reason*, etc. etc., and she's a senior, so this is the last time she will probably see me play guitar. I'm a junior, like I said earlier. So yeah. I'm just going to play a sad kinda song (part of it is a melody that I wrote for her a while back, and she knows it, and it'd make her cry, so... yeah; the guy she left me for went off to college 200 miles away and they never see each other, so you can imagine how faithful he's being) over a progression, but I do want it to be good, y'know? I don't want the girl back, after everything that happened after, but this little talent show (I've never performed in front of people before, well, not musically anyway, I play basketball) will mean a lot to me and, at the end, more to her.

It's all about what guitar to get with the money I got. Sorry for adding a bit of personal crap in here, but I'm only trying to stress the time and money issues at hand. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any posts and comments.

P.S.: I've since moved on from that girl, though it took me a couple months. Summer = separation from her, and it helped phenomenally, as you can imagine.
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

I don't make much more than you. If I did not slave and save for a year to buy my Jem, I would have bought a used RG 550 and put in my own choice of pickups to save some money. It's a perfectly fine guitar and a bit cheaper!
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

probly not . i guess its if you want a guitar that costs 2000 then you will get it , in all honesty the price isnt worth it but then what is ?

theres the people that say the quality is better , cant agree on that i have played cheap guitars that are fine and more expensive ones that are rubbish,,, fenders quality went way off years ago and i remember seeing a custom shop that had a orange peel bloom on its finish. guess if you want a jem then yes its worth it , if you have played a jem then you will more than likely want one , i know that i love to play my jem but then i am at the moment playing my rg heaps,

hey there are worse things to spend a **** load of cash on that are bad for you , and as long as you play a guitar and dont use it as a bat or a weapon then i dont see any thing wrong lol

good luck with your show and im sure whatever you buy will sound good (ps if you buy a gnx 4 go do yourself a bit favour and get some patchs from the site the guitar 3456 ones are best and hes done legacy amps and the new jsx and they sound dam good)

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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

I think the old JEMs are worth it, the ones with the square neck plates.

I used to be skeptical too, but ive now learned that there is a SUBSTANTIAL difference between a JEM and an RG. . . the neck just feels that much better. (Im talking about the pre 1993 model JEMS and RGs, I think all the new ones are crappy, just my opinion, the wood is extrordinarily soft.)

It really does make a difference. I used to fantasize about piles and piles of crazy awesome guitars, but more and more, I seem to think I'd rather have just 2 or three really great guitars that I love to play, instead a roomfull of cheapos. If your serious about music, then get a serious instrument. (THAT GOES FOR THE AMPS TOO!)
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Talking Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Guitars are like cars even at 2,000.00 you can get a lemon. I will say I wouldnt spend that kind of money on a Ibanez or a Fender but a Gibson is another story my LP classic is my favorite but no trem thats the down side. But trem wise Ibanez are the best no doubt
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

What about John Petrucci's signature guitar, for $1400 or so? Anyone played that? Looks really nice...
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Nice, but totally lame.

Only cool thing about it is the elbow cutaway. Lame tremolo, lame pickup config, lame paint job, lame neck, lame inlays, lame everything.
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

i guess then its lame eh
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Originally Posted by Gex
Nice, but totally lame.

Only cool thing about it is the elbow cutaway. Lame tremolo, lame pickup config, lame paint job, lame neck, lame inlays, lame everything.
What's so lame about the trem? I have paid $2000+ for guitars because I'm a lefty and I have really problem with it.



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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

it's worth it if you view your guitar as more than the sum of it's components.
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Is it worth the price of 3 RGs? not in my book. If Mr Vai didn't play them I bet they wouldn't cost anywhere near as much.


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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Yeah, I would say that a JEM is an awesome guitar but extremely overpriced. You should check out some of the higher end RGs in the 2xxx series because they're about $1000 cheaper than a JEM and they are very awesome guitars themselves. As for your amp choice, I'm definitely not a big fan of the Roland cubes seeing as to how I've owned three of them and none of them really SOUND like real guitar amps. To me, they always sound like those crappy guitar amps that you give to little kids who don't know any better. If you want a nice practice amp without spending a lot of money, then look into getting a Spider II or maybe a used tube amp in the $400 price range.
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

If new I would go for a really nice RG. If considering used you can get your Jem no problem. I was just looking in the clasified section of this site and theres a Jem for $750.00. Can't go wrong with that.
With $1500.00 you could buy that Jem for $750 AND a respectable amp.
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

My two cents: buy the best you can AFFORD for that special talent show, but don't pay for anything more than you NEED. You want a guitar that sounds good, has good pickups an and stays in tune well, but you DON'T need a 2000 USD one. RG5xx-RG7xx will do perfectly, and you'll have some spare change for a better amp.
Oh, and don't forget the reality check: don't count on that girl coming back because of a sad song or a fancy guitar. IMHO, she doesn't even deserve a nice song for breaking up with you in favour of some senior college jock - first and foremost, play guitar because you love to, not because you "have" to...
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Re: Is it really worth paying $2,000 for a guitar?

Yep...worth every penny! If you can afford one and your into playing then get one. Just let me warn you...once you do there is no turning back
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