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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps - E.g., Mesa Sub

Hey, everybody...

I'm currently in the market for a decent sounding practice/backup amp. Must be 1x12 or smaller, 60w or less. And I'm really not trying to break the bank on this one, so it should be ~$500 or less. The only effect I really want/need is reverb. The simpler, the better!!

Tonally, I'd like something really versatile. I generally play with over-the-top distortion on 90% of the time, but I need to have a really good clean sound, as I'll likely use this amp for jazz band gigs.

Some models that seem to (from the specs) have a lot going for them:
1) Mesa Subway Rocket Reverb
2) Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
3) Tech 21 Trademark 60 (okay, it has no tubes, but I had a Trademark 10 and it kicked a lot of a$$ for being solid state)

I've also seen some interesting offerings from Ampeg, Trace Elliot, and H&K, but don't know too much about their products.

Anyway, does anybody have any opinions on the above amps, or are there any other amps I should be considering in the price/size range? And, of course, if you have something in this range you're looking to unload, then perhaps we can strike a deal! *

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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

My local store has some used boogies in stock. They have a Heartbreaker a small something or other (can't remember the name for the life of me) a triple recto and I think a subway. Their new secton has a heartbreaker, subway, all rectos, couple power amps and a nomad. Can't quote any prices as of yet...can quote prices and such as of Tuesday February 19th.
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

I have no idea what they cost or what the model number is (some help I am! hehe), but I can't imagine it being more then a Boogie..

I played an Ampeg 1x12 tube combo at my friend's shop last weekend, and god was I impressed. Right now if I needed a practice amp, this would probably be it. I'd check it out as a viable option to a Boogie, Marshall etc. I was dulely impressed.
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

I wish Crate still made the little 15 watt Vintage Club amp (VC2112R). You'd have to find one used but man, the tone from this little beast is happening. I think they sell for about $200 or so used.

* Also, I've had NO reliability issues after six years of steady use. :thumbsup:
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

Dude, I don't know if you already purchased one, but I spent days playing: *Mesa's, Crates, Marshalls, Fenders, Rolands, Line 6s, Peaveys, etc. *The one I finally went with was the 1X12 Yamaha DG-80. *It totally rocks! *It has killer distortion, sparkling clean that will make you want to take it apart to see if you can find the tubes (where did they hide those little suckers??), and effects that are really killer. *Check one out!! *:thumbsup:
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

I travel around with my work all the time. Alot of time in hotel rooms. Wanted a road amp for practice.
I found an old peavey classic 30 at a used music shop for $275. Small enougth to fit in the hatch of a dodge stealth. (thats small) Its a single 12, tubes, 2 channel, and reverb.
This little guy realy impressed me this last weekend. I was jamming at the local bar with some friends who play there alot. I already had a johnson millennium there and usualy play through it.
Originaly as a joke, i pulled out the peavy from the car and said that i'll use it instead. To my surprise......In a real world enviroment the peavey sounded ALOT better than the johnson. I did end up using it the whole night. I was impressed, and sad. Now i have johnson to put on ebay. Or mabey trade for a vwh?
If you are willing to travel a little distance, you can usually find music shops with the walls floors covered with old used stuff. These kind of places are treasure troves.
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

I'm not sure if you're into older amps really, but the Mesa Boogie 50 Caliber + *is a great sounding combo that you could probably get at a very reasonable price. *Its a 1x12 combo with reverb and 50 watts of power. *Ive always thought that the older "Caliber series" of Boogies had some of the best sounding lead channels out there. *They are plentiful on eBay, and you could probably find a good deal on one. *Also check into the Dual Caliber combo series, I own a DC-5 myself, and its a great amp **

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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

If you decide to spend a little more try a Fender Cyber Deluxe (the new 1x12 model). *I swear by my Cyber Twin. *The tube sounds are totally there and if anyone tells you otherwise it's because they don't know how to tweak it. *Plus for a little more than you want to spend you get like 60 amps instead of a one-trick pony. *:-)

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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

I second Chadwick's rec on the PV C30. *A better speaker makes a difference with this amp. *I paid $225 for mine--mint/black tweed. *Quite a bit of gain, might need your DS-1 to go over the top. *I'm also experimenting with Laney combos...LC 50 & LC30. *I don't like the gain channels as much as the PV, but the clean is bright and shimmery. *Still need to try different speakers, and maybe a re-tube. *Jeff L mentioned the Crate Vintage tube series...the 30 watt version is great for the $$.
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

I use a DC-3 from Mesa that I got about four years ago. 35 watts of power, which I think is about right for "bedroom" amp, and awesome saturation distortion tone at very low volume levels. No pedals needed for good tone. These aren't made any more, but should be found used.
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Seeking recos on small, tubey practice amps

You could also get a Mesa/Boogie Studio Caliber (DC-2), which is like the DC-3 only without the graphic EQ and, I guess, a little less power. These are great sounding amps that ought to be well in your price range. Oh yeah, they have two independent chanels, as opposed to a 50 Caliber, in which the same set of tone knobs are used for both chanels.

Good luck hunting!

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fender hot rod , fender hot rod deluxe , mesa boogie , peavey classic , power amp , power amps , practice amp , triple recto , tube combo

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