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"Tone Wood Mojo"

I've just found this:


Not impressed. What do you guys think?
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

I have to disagree with their statements about wood being just a holder for the pickups in solidbody guitars. I've got an old ESP M-100 that has an edge trem with Paf Joe and Fred pickups in it (Frankensatch) and an actual JS1200 with those same components and the two sounds totally different. Both have maple necks with rosewood fretboards but one is Agithis and the other is basswood. Now maybe some of the other wiring involved makes a difference but I believe a lot of that comes from the different body woods. The basswood has a ton more midrange whereas the agithis is a little more bassy.
Just my observations, but my maple body, maple neck fernandes is the brightest of my guitars with too much treble sometimes. I'm thinking that's also to do with the woods as much as a screamin deamon pickup in the bridge.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

Originally Posted by smooth55 View Post
I've got an old ESP M-100 that has an edge trem with Paf Joe and Fred pickups in it (Frankensatch) and an actual JS1200 with those same components and the two sounds totally different.
So you can tell wich body's wood people are using ?
I don't think so.
I think TOTALLY is too much.
In fact if basswood is more trebled as maple(just an example),it doesn't matter cause we all use our amps and stuff equalizers.So tone is a mix of everything in the chain,especially electronics.Of course wood is 99% of an acoustic guita's tone but in electric guitar,you can't hear wood sound unless you play your guitar without an amp,just listening to the sound of strings ecoing over the wood.
IF body's wood was so TOTALLY different from themselves and IF we could listen to those differences through our equipment,everybody would say=hey I love this guitarrist who is using this or that body's wood.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

I've now given up on debating the 'wood does make a difference' corner on that thread, but my views haven't been changed. If anyone who knows a bit more about it would like to carry the torch instead, feel free.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

There are a lot of factors besides just the wood. The shape of the body for one. Mass equals sustain you know. If all things being equal, pickups, wood, shape, etc, you are going to tell a difference in woods on the same amp with the same settings.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

Actually, mass does not equal sustain. Thinner strings will sustain for longer than thicker strings, if the same amount of "pick force" is applied to them. (Which rarely happen, as most people play harder on thicker strings.)

Anyway. I do believe wood matter. Different woods (and "quality" of those) sound different. They will give different feedback to the strings. Sort of like a filter, different woods filter out different frequencies. That's the best way I can explain how I see it. Not very scientific.

The difference is there, regardless of you (or anyone else) being able to tell which is which.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

wow, im not surprised that people would make the statement that a guitar is just a chassis to carry a pair of pickups, ive heard it before but....

they are wrong.
but what does make a difference ?

IMO it is:
body wood - euphor is right about timbers having different sympathetic frequencies but once the body is assembled the component becomes part of a system (the guitar), then the system has to be evaluated.
neck wood
fingerboard wood
bridge type, installation and contact area.
bridge material
nut material and placement
fret type
pickup orientation
headstock mass and angle
the setup of the guitar itself

and much more.

if it didnt matter then some company somewhere would have started injection molding bodies long ago out of cheap as chips sh1tty plastic and we would be none the wiser.

all this does make a huge difference when playing the gutiar acoustically, once its plugged in the effect is still there but does lessen with gain IMHO although I can still hear the original properties of the guitar signal.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

I wasn't claiming to hear a particular wood difference or that I could tell what a guitar was made from by its tone. In fact, 6fingers, I ran my guitars through the same equipment with the same settings and they sound differently. I can't help but attribute that in part to the kind of wood in their bodies. Considering that both guitars have the same neck and fretboard woods, same pickups, one has an Edge to the other's Edge pro, same pots with the same wiring scheme, same strings and they sound different both accoustically and electrically on the same settings, I can't see how bodywood isn't a factor in the tone of an instrument. There are other variables, but you can't write off that bodywood makes a difference.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

Maybe that diffence is in your brain.

How many of us one day carved the best tone ever in our equipment then in the other day we changed everything cause that tone that was perfect now is bassy or trebled?
Everyone of us already did that.
Our ears and brains aren't machines that everyday works exactly the same way.
So to me this difference you're saying you hear is in your brain.
If you record these 2 TOTALLY different tones you hear,I bet if I played them you'd never be able to tell wich one is using this or that wood.
Pups are right over the strings so pups hear 99% strings sound and 1% of wood.(SOLID GUITARS)
There are acryllic guitars,small bodies,werid bodies,big bodies etc and till today nobody can listen to a guitarist and tell wich wood his guitar has SO......
if differences do exist why would we bother?
I mean it's waste of time cause it's so small that we can't tell wich wood is.
Blah blah blah lol
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

i think jaden said it best. body wood of course is a component in the sound of an electric guitar, but it is one of many components that shape the tone. pickups have a much bigger role as they are designed to emphasize (and sometime de-emphasize) certain frequencies, but things like neck construction (set neck vs bolt on vs neck thru) and scale length (24.75 vs 25.5) are fairly easy to hear if you are fairly experienced with different models.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

Agree with Jaden. In all honesty, i've had identical guitars with just the body woods differing (same finish, same pickups, same everything) - one strat was alder and the other was mahogany. Definitely a noticeable difference on the same settings. Not HUGE, but noticeable. I wouldn't agree with someone who says the wood plays the largest role, but i wouldn't agree with someone who says it doesnt matter either. In my experience with getting custom guitars built, etc...it certainly does.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

Then there is the other part of the equation.Every piece of wood is slightly different, even the same species.I usually judge an electric by how it sounds unplugged.I had six rg550 20ths side by side.One stood out above the rest.It is one of my main guitars now, sold the others.My philosophy is if it sounds good unplugged, that will translate when amplified.So far it is working for me, granted electronics play a huge part in how well it translates.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

that guitar sounds like crap.. anyone who thinks wood doesn't make a difference is delirious
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

I'm trying to figure out what your argument is with my comments 6fingers. All I said in regards to the tones was that one was bassy and another midrangy despite predominantly similar features and that a third was trebly with a similarly voiced (albeit different) pickup in the bridge. I stand by my statement that the woods seem to me to make a difference in the tone of a guitar in response to the comment about a solidbody being merely a plank on which to attach a pickup. I haven't said anything about one being superior to another but logically one could hear that certain tonal qualities would be better suited to certain styles or particular timbres. I think most people on here agree that body wood makes a difference but also recognize that there are several other factors involved, which has been my point all along or I wouldn't have referenced the similarities between my instruments so often.
Maybe the difference is all in my head, maybe it's not. I tend to think that there is a difference between the sounds of one type of wood compared to another in solid-body guitars and you're free to disagree with me.
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Re: "Tone Wood Mojo"

Well smooth agreeing or not aren't we here to exchange experiences?
to talk about things?
aren't we a bunch of blahbing ladies LOL
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basswood , mahogany , tone , tonewood , wood

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