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Typical Noob Mistake

Ok so here the problem, a friend of mine just recently got into guitar after hanging out at my house and finally seeing my rig. So he decided to go all out and buy a buncha new guitar equipment, I guess he wanted a good start. So he spent 90% of his savings on a half stack he found on some online dealer, without trying it out to see if he liked the sound first. He bought the Mode Four half stack that seems to be o-so popular with the nu-metal crowd and I thought it sounded ok until now. And he called me the next day and had me come over to check it out, I brought my guitar because he had a ****ty Sqiuer strat or whatever they're called. Basically this thing sounds like ****, i dunno if it was just my guitar that didnt go well with it but i know it sounds fine on my setup. I've convinced him to get rid of it and to let me go with him looking for a nice half stack. Here's the help i need, Where should he sell it???? ****, local dealer or what. I've never sold an amp to a local dealer before so I dont know if they'd screw him or not. I need to know what to tell him to ask for $ wise if he is gonna sell it on ****. Hopefully he'll get enough for a used 5150 or even a new 6505. Any serious help or suggestions would be great, thanks in advance.
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Send it back to the online dealer and trade for something else.
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Yeah. Assuming it's still within 30 days, return the thing where he bought it. You'll probably get stuck paying shipping and maybe a restocking fee, but it's probably better than the hit you will take selling it as used (especially if it sounds bad).
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Yeah i agree, and this time post the options of amps he has and maybe get some opinions from the other jemsiters. (I would go with tube if he can get one)

This is why most people are weary to buy an amp or guitar online, always play before you buy is a good rule to follow.

Good luck to your friend and hope everything works out!
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Ive seen alot more people than numetal guys using the mode four. In my general opinion most brigth sounding guitars sound like pooh on marshalls but thats just me
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Send it back for a credit to get something else on the site around the same price if possible. Before he buys the new amp, go to a store and mess around with some of them. If it's not possible, I'd suggest he gets a Peavey XXX Half Stack or something similar. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Yeah sending it back to the dealer won't work, I'm pretty sure it's passed the return date. It took me a good month and a half to get through his head what sounds right and what he's stuck with. I think he'll end up Auctioning it. Under other setup's with that amp I'm sure it would sound good, but he doesn't have the money for a reasonably priced upper class guitar so we're trying to get him an amp that can make most any thing sound golden. Anybody know some amp that seems to kick even with sub-par guitars??

O and sorry I didn't notice how much I swore in the first post, AHHH frustrated!
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Something tells me you could walk into a Guitar Center with a Mode4 and walk out with a Peavey XXX 2x12 combo np. Could probably walk out of there with a halfway decent guitar too. They've taken care of me on some trades in the past. Mode4 halfstacks go for like $2200, if its in good shape you should be able to work something out.

I bought mine last year and I'm still in complete lust with it. Sounds fantastic, and goes really freaking loud.

Edit: Guess my link isn't allowed eh?
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Yeah so Guitar Center doesn't rip people off? That's cool and yeah as far as I can see the rig is mint. So what's the exchange rate on something like that, half the list price or 3 quarter's I have no clue what to ask for haha. I was aiming for a 6505, aren't they exactly the same as the 5150 just a different name and some minor differences in cosmetics. Thanks for all the help though so far guys!

Yeah and so I could probably just call and ask for an estimate on what the Guitar Center over here will give me for that specific half stack? Also I think he painted the brushed metal Marshall symbol, I'm guessing I should strip that for him and restore it to the original way or will that not affect the sale price???
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

The trick to Guitar Center is to build a relationship with one salesperson there, or preferably an assistant manager. If you keep going back to the same guy for every little thing, he'll be far more likely to take care of you than if you just walk in there and deal with whoever. Generating repeat business is the secret to success for a commisioned employee, and the managers have more authority to cut deals.

My guy in Atlanta gives me free strings just for driving down lol.

Also, leave them under the impression that you paid close to list for it, and make sure you peruse their used stuff. They can move a lot more on the price for used than they can for new.

For used pricing, they'll generally do half of the list price if its in mint condition, but on a trade its been my experience that they're willing to work with you. For example, I traded an Ibanez RGT42 and $1200 for a 2004 Ibanez Jem, even tho the list price on that thing was like $2200. Per the invoice, he only gave me $200 for my guitar...

Come to think of it tho, I don't think Guitar Center carries Peavey (if thats what you're after) I think Sam Ash does tho, and they work on the same principle...

Good Luck !

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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Thanks for the advice, yeah I know all the guys that work at the music go round by my house because they all are in a local band that my sister frequently sees, so I'm in pretty good with them. On the pricing for used stuff the list for the stack is $3570 and half that is $1785 which seems high so I'm guessing you mean half of what the amp goes for now new which is about $2300. So it wouldn't be considered outrageous to ask for $1100 for the half stack???
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Put it up on **** and buy a carvin halfstack, or even a cheaper solid state half which will sound at least as good as a MF and cost a whole lot less.

MF is a poor excuse for an amp, even if solid state!!!
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Negative. With $1100 even (And I think if your a good bargainer you can get signifigantly more) You can get a fantastic tube amp. Don't rule out the 2x12 combo, or even a 1x12. Truthfully, 80% of the people who buy half and full stacks don't need them. Get the best sound your money will buy you, not the biggest, loudest you can afford. If by some strange twist of fate you need to be louder for a venue, chances are pretty good you can mic the amp through the clubs sound system.

$1100 will buy:
Peavey xxx (Which I am a huge advocate of)
Carvin Legacy (Which Steve Vai is a huge advocate of)
A Mesa Boogie 1x12 (Which legions of guitar heroes and nu-metallers alike are huge advocates of)
A Vox AC30 reissue (If you're into that sorta thing)
A Used Marshall JCM2000
Will also buy a 6105 combo (5150), but personally I'm not into those. Too damn fuzzy.

I've also heard some great things about Krank and Ashdown amps. I'm quite certain you could score a nice one for $1100.

Almost any of the above listed amps will power a 4x12 cabinet, so start there, and add the cab as needed.

Remember, your buddy shelled out a crapload of $$ because he wanted his rig to sound good. Don't talk him into buying a piece of crap he'll hate in 2 years.

And if we're talking about a Mode 4 full stack, I don't think $1700 is an unreasonable amount at all.. Just remember you'll get significantly more in trade than you will in cash.

Good Luck !
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

Yeah I'm definately going to shop around with him. I remember when i first statred getting into amp my dad went with me and we ended up paying about $350 for a used 5150 because my dads knows how to bargain. I think he even did that with my brother when he got his first amp too. Does anybody know what amp will give my friend a somewhat Shadows Fall type tone??? Thanks for all the help esp. Bahamut!
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Re: Typical Noob Mistake

well shadows fall ditched thier marshalls and are using dime's krankenstein amps. They are 1600 new .

the 5150/ 6505 has gain, eddie doesn't like to use many pedals and wanted all hios disotortion to come from the amp, they have lots of gain, and are a popluar choice for metal heads.

I presonally love the xxx . They have lots of gain as well but they have the amber channle, which is a cool plus for like satriani stuff and it can get pretty gainy as well. It also has a clean, where the 5150 really doesn't have an actual clean channle.

you may want to look into a peavey xxl, it is soild state, but it is the most tube sounding soild state i have ever heard. Pair the xxl with a marshall 1960s cab and you have a killer setup.
I was going to get an xxx but played the xxl and got it.
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