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Yaaaaaaaaay! New Rig.

hahaha, I'm such an idiot... Anyway, I'm just bathing in good tone over here, I got a TSL-100 head in the mail from Scott (vwall) monday afternoon, and drove down to the Boston area to pick up a Mesa Rectifier 2x12 cab from Matt's Music yesterday (10 hour round trip doing 80 in a snowstorm- if you ever want to know how far someone's willing to go for tone, that's it. ). I can't thank both guys enough- they both went way beyond the call of duty smoothing this whole process out for me, and the results are pretty damn cool.

I'm a gear whore, so I'm not stupid enough to believe this is the last amp I'll ever buy, but I think it's gonna keep me occupied for a couple years, at least. I'm just loving the fact that I'm a 22-year old college student living in a dorm room (eh, don't laugh, there's not much off-campus housing available in central VT, and Middlebury does provide some pretty decent senior housing ), and the only difference between my current rig and the one I'd take out on a world tour is that I'd trade the 2x12 for a 4x12 and grab a delay processor for leads. It cracks me up to no end.

Anyway, I'll post a pic of this when i get a chance to take one, but I'd have to put my guitar down, and, well...

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Buy a second 2x12 instead of a 4x12.

YouŽll make real stereo, and it wonŽt take the whole seat of your car
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Originally Posted by Leandro
Buy a second 2x12 instead of a 4x12.

YouŽll make real stereo, and it wonŽt take the whole seat of your car
That is, assuming you get a world tour
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have you shook your dorm off the foundation with that monster yet? And in response to your earlier question, yes I am from SpRingfield. I never even noticed that typo until you mentioned it. I'm also too damn lazy to go fix it. Anyways, us economically challenged folks will drool over your rig. I'm determined to get the TSL combo one of these days.
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Good to hear man! Im loving my DSL50 more and more each day...i think its gonna be my main brains for quite a while. Im using a Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 with it, and it sounds MASSIVE!!! If you get a chance, try one out. Mesa aint too shabby though

A couple things...

1) Im going to be buying a UV777BK in about 6 or 7 weeks (can't wait!!!), and I know that 7's are your forte. Have you noticed any stong/weak points with running your 7's through a JCM2000? Does the bass ever get floopy on the Low B?

2) I dont know if you have heard of them before, but Voodoo Amps is a shop that does amp mods, and pretty much specializes in Marshalls. If your digging the TSL but know that some things could be improved mucho, you might want to look them up. Im sending my DSL50 in the early summer, so I can't give you a review of their work first hand. However, Trace (the owner/tech) has been awesome so far and they have an outstanding rep. It seems like $450-500 with shipping seems like the going rate to get his Hex Mod installed. Check it out for sure!

Enjoy your amp and good luck with it!

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Location: Somerville, MA
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sunandmoon- economically challanged? fits me to a "t." I have this setup because for the last 4 years every free cent i've had has gone to one of three things- guitar gear, CD's, or alcohol. No car, no girlfriend, no apartment, and, god bless the 'rents, no tuition bills. Any sane person would have used this situation to get one of those first two items, but i keep telling them 1.) playing guitar WILL get me laid, god damn it and 2.) Sure, it ain't much on the freeway, but man, it's got tone for days.

Rhythmic- so you've decided to keep it? Cool. I've actually heard that the DSL's may be a touch warmer than the TSL's- probably comes down to application, the only other time i've heard someone playing one of these was this punk band, where this 16-year old kid had taken daddy's credit card and bought a TSL stack. Probably was running it at the full 120 watts, with the "tone shift" engaged, and gain, treble, and prescense cranked (i knew the vocalist in the band, so i asked him about it when i was shopping for this amp- he nearly died laughing cause i nailed the guy's settings- turns out the vocalist wasn't a huge fan of the tone, either ). Either way, that's a SERIOUSLY nice head...

As for handling the low B, I haven't really spent much time with the thing yet... It seems to do OK, though. Especially with a Mesa cab (i can't even imagine what that G-Flex could do, lol), if you kick in the "deep" switch, this thing almost puts out too much low end, and i NEVER thought I'd say that about a marshall. I think if definition along that low B string is all you're looking for, a Mesa Recto head may be slightly better... However, I'm a 7-string junky and i swung for the Marshall, if that tells you anything. In fact, the clean channel is just PERFECT for the low B- full without being overpowering.

As for the Voodoo Amps mod, i've been eyeing that... We'll see what my budget's like this summer. I know Gresh on the forum had it done and was very impressed with the results...

Anyway, i had practice for this crappy musical tonight... Broke out the TSL. Got a bunch of "dear god, what is THAT" looks when i walked in with it... Priceless. I was suprised to find exactly how much low end this thing can put out when we were running some numbers- i had to turn off the deep switch and cut the bass back to 2 to get a tone that blended in well with the ensemble. After that, though, i couldn't get over how good the amp sounded. Jammed with a sax player for a while afterwards- handled jazz-tinged chording on the low B (and elsewhere, for that matter) disturbingly well. Then, for kicks, we opened it up on the 25 watt mode... jesus christ this thing is loud. It's seriously got enough power with the VPR switch engaged, pushing a mesa 2x12, to play any venue I've ever played in. It didn't even occur to me to shut off the VPR and see what it could do flat out - it was so loud as it was that it never even crossed my mind. I played around a bit with it at 4-ish, a pretty reasonable "small club" level, and the tone was great- full, heavy, and possible to coax it into feedback without too much jumping around when need be.

I'm happy.

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Oh, and i was actually considering going with a 4x12 for a bit... SO glad i didn't. My upper body is just aching right now, from carrying this thing from my dorm to my car (no direct roadside access, so a bit of a hike), from the parking lot of the Center for the Arts up here to the rehearsal room we were in, and back. Ouch. The 4x12 can wait for the world tour.

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'Im glad you are that happy with the Marshall!!'
It ws a pleasure working with you on the ytransaction!!
I miss it alredy... ESP the Dual FX loops..
Im finding tht with my Eventide Eclipse, that would be a nice feature to have but my Mesa Dual Rect doesnt have th dual FX Loops...
Now on to figure out hoe to get this syatem the way i need it.. Man i hope i dont have to have a special pedal board made!!!!

rock on and enjoy..
and keep them cool stories coming to me email !

Love em!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cool deal Drew, you've got my exact rig now....TSL with the Mesa 2x12. Good call on not getting the 4x12, the little mesa's are heavy enough on their own, but at least it's portable and manageable.

You're dead on about these heads being monstrously loud...but the VPR function really screws the tone, it's like dropping a thick blanket over your cabinet. I highly recommend the THD hotplate as an alternative to the VPR. It gives you much more flexibility in terms of volume attenuation and noise reduction....but it comes with a price. I am able to really open this thing up now and get those tubes running hot. I have my clean channel up almost full, the crunch running at about 7 and the lead at 8 with gains varying from 5-9.

For anyone curious about the Voodoo Amps mods I had done, just send me a PM and I'd be happy to give you the run down on what I had done. Suffice it to say....this amp absolutely tears it up....but again, at a price.

With a 7 String, in stock form my head was a little buzzy and the bottom tended to be somewhat loose. After the mods, it is really tight and controlled and just really really fat. The tone is more pure and I find myself using much less gain than before.
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Location: Somerville, MA
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I kinda like what the VPR does to the high end, actually... but then again, I'm coming off a really dark-sounding mesa combo, so maybe that's to be expected.

Anyway, I'm broke, but I'm going to PM you about those mods anyway- regardless, they won't be happening till mid-summer at the earliest, and i think even the change in tubes was enough to keep me happy until then.

Scott- thanks again bro, I'll be pulling the rock star thing just about all next week, I'll keep you posted.

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Marshall TSL100...

Oh yeah, what a great amp!

I play my TSL100 through a Marshall 1936 cab and it's wonderful!!

Great amp Drew
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eventide eclipse , genz benz , mesa cab , mesa dual , mesa rectifier , mesa recto , pedal board , playing guitar , thd hotplate

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