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DiMarzio Blaze Custom

Does anyone know if DiMarzio has halted production on Blaze Custom? The reason I ask is the "DiMarzio" web site doesn't show Blaze Customs any more.

I was considering trying one out in the Bridge position. Who has used this pickup in a Basswood body? What are the opinions?

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As far as I know you can get any pickup they have made in the past, Megadrive, Double Whammy or even the Blaze Custom if it is not in "regular production" anymore.
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I noticed that the DiMarzio site didn't list the Blaze Custom, so I immediately emailed them about that - I use them in all three 7-string Ibanez that I have.
I was assured that they're not discontinued - there are apparently a number of them not shown currently on the site that are 'current' model - there's a FAQ about that on there somewhere which does list all of their current production pickups, including the Blaze Custom.
Even if they didn't consider it 'current' they would still manufacture one to order for you...

As for using this pickup - all three guitars I have these in are basswood (a '91 UV7BK [yes, with a /perfect/ green colour match - see my web link and go to the pics, you'll see it there...], a '00 RG7-620GN, and a '00 UV777BK).
I went for this pickup in my UV7BK to get more output and more midrange bite as compared to the original Blaze bridge model. This is just what I got - it's a lot like a Dual Sound (6-string pickup, same specs as the Super Distortion) which I use in my 6-strings in these respects. It pushes a nice bit harder, and has a lovely vocal quality to it, being as it does focus a lot on the midrange.

I'll put a link to an audio track, if you want to listen.
Of the two currently in this folder, the one called 'Kotzen track - PODxt' is the one of interest - it was an improvisation recorded with the UV777BK, using the Blaze Custom for a lot of it.
(The other there was done with my Jem777LNG, which uses a Dual Sound in the bridge position, as stated above...)

Click here, and click on the MP3 'Kotzen...'

Hope some or all of the above is of some help.
Needless to say, I am very much behind this particular pickup.
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Thanks for the heads up Steve. That makes me feel better now. That Kotzen peice you did was "KICK ASS". Very nice man! What a nice tone,,,, ruff yet smooth as butter. I like that sort of balance,,, it just sort of sits there on the edge and your finesse is what pushes it over the edge or gently guides along... Awesome.

What Pick up do you use in the neck position?

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Thanks for your compliments - I'm humbled.
I think that's an apt description of that Blaze Custom sound - it's got bite, but can be tamed.

The neck pickup, which is what's used at the beginning of that, is the 'New 7' neck model pickup (also by DiMarzio) from an RG7-620, used in parallel mode.
I went out of the way to get hold of one of those neck pickups in exchange for the Blaze neck model... When I got my RG7 I really fell for that neck pickup. Something about its higher output, yet crystal sound when in parallel (and contributes nicely when split (inside coil) and combined with the (inside) split Blaze Custom for that 'Strat'-like chime - AND delivers a decent 'Tele'-like sparkle when combined/split with the outer coils of each...)
If I could get a matching green one for the UV7BK, I'd do that, too...

Incidentally, for the record, all of my Ibanez guitars are re-wired /almost/ identical to the RG7 by way of 4-pole 5-way superswitches - the middle single coils are disconnected and merely decorations to fill the middle holes. =]
The only difference between the stock RG7 and my own wiring scheme for the Jems and Universes is that the center-most position on the 5-way gives you both full humbuckers in parallel on the RG7 - a sound I just never used. So, when coming up with my own version of this, I substituted the split outer-coils for that position.
Eventually, I imagine I'll want to change out the stock switch in the RG7 so that it can catch up with the rest of them =]
Ironic, since it's the one that inspired the other changes.

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Re: DiMarzio Blaze Custom

I have an RG1527 coming, and I was dilberating on which pickups to replace the stock ones with.

I was thinking about a ToneZone 7 since I have a ToneZone in another 6 string RG I have got and love it. However, I am now curious about the Baze Cust. I love high gain shred stuff, and my Jem with it's Evolutions is one of my fav guitars I own.

Does the Blaze Cust. have an Evolution type output? Since my RG will be basswood like your guitar is, I figure a Blaze Cust. might be better for me than the ToneZone due to it's higher output. Plus, I already have that ToneZone sound wth my six...

What do you think? A Blaze Cust. in the bridge and maybe an Air Norton or Paf Pro 7 in the neck?

BTW, Steve, your playing is ridiculous! You've just added an additional 2 hours to my daily practice with that recording.

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Re: DiMarzio Blaze Custom

I nominate Steve for the next G3!!!!

Seriously, dude... you have any more recordings? I could listen all day!

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Re: DiMarzio Blaze Custom

*blushing* thanks for the kind comments, rrhea and pinto79... I'm not worthy. G3? I think I'd be like a deer caught in the headlights... 8o

The Blaze Custom is much closer in output level to the Evolution than a Tone Zone - the Evo has a higher spike in the treble end, though, whereas the Blaze Custom is more mid-heavy (one of the reasons I like it so much... the exact opposite of scooped mids... =])

I can't comment on the Air Norton - the PAF7 (note; more equivalent to the PAF, not PAF Pro, the latter of which has a bit more output and more mids) should be nice-sounding, but may be a bit weak in conjunction with the Blaze Custom as a pair.
Looks like the Air Norton is on the lower-output end of things, too, just not as low as the PAF7
But keep in mind, a properly balanced pair of pickups should have a neck pickup with a lower overall output level than the bridge one, as the neck one is located below a part of the strings vibration envelope that is much wider, and thereby produces a stronger signal going to the pickup.
... put it this way, if you put the same model of pickup in the neck and bridge positions, and adjust them to the same height relative to the strings, you would find a rather large volume jump upward when switching to the neck pickup...
So, any of the above could work out well for you.
Myself... I like a good bit of output at the neck position as well - I use parallel and coil-split sounds to alter the tonality, as well as reduce the output to get the sounds I like.

Oh, and there are a couple more recordings currently on my webspace... there ought to be a link from my profile info - let me know if not, and I'll put in a link here...

I have lots more, I just need to actually upload them to some place like that briefcase space.... I'll try to get some more put there, and link here.

Thanks again!
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Re: DiMarzio Blaze Custom

Thought I'd update this: I've gone in and added a bunch more MP3s to my webspace service.
Link is as before, and I'll put it here again for convenience...

Click here, and then go to one of the Music_* folders...

All recordings there are done with different Ibanez guitars straight into either my POD 2.3 or very recently with my PODxt, direct into the recording source (no mic'd speakers, etc...).
I believe all of the recent PODxt ones are marked in their filenames with 'XT' somewhere...

***NEW EDIT - have divided these into two directories to try to help the performance of that service - POD 2.3 and newer PODxt respectively.
Link takes you to the master 'Music' folder now...

Last edited by steve; 01-18-2005 at 09:38 PM. Reason: NEW DIRECTORIES etc.
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Re: DiMarzio Blaze Custom

Hey guys,, I went and bought the Blaze custom (bridge) neon green! and a BlazeII for the neck also green. I now have 2 1527's. The other one has the Tonezone7 (bridge) and Airnorton7 (neck).

Both are great pickups, the custom and the Tz are close,,, but I find the lower out put of the Tz7 makes it just a little warmer. The Tz7 also seems to be more Harmonically rich over all through out the neck. Airnorton7 is probably my favorite neck pickup. That thing is so warm and it doesn't fall out in the lower register.

It's cool though because both combo's have alot of appeal yet are close enough that they can be used as back up for one another. If I were to have another 1527 tomorrow I would probably be torn between Paf7's and the Tz7 and An7 combo. The An7 and Tz7 combo is darker over all. If it's brighter warmth you are looking for then the blaze custom and BlazeII would be a good set up. The An7 and Tz7 reminds me of Dream theater, and the blaze custom reminds me of the P.A.W. days and a just of A.L.S.

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Re: DiMarzio Blaze Custom

... I'm not sure; was that page (link above) prompting for a password?
If so, it should work now, as I re-worked things to operate from a master folder that's publicly accessible...
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