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DiMarzio Pickups gone microphonic on UV's & RG7's???????

Hey guys, Just before christmas, both of my guitars' pickups have gone microphonic again. I replaced the bridge Blaze II with a Tone Zone 7, and put in a Tone Zone 7/Blaze S.C./Air Norton 7 in my S-7. The Tone Zone's are less than 2 years old, and are microphonic ALREADY!. The Blaze I took out of the UV7 was original, and lasted 12 years before replacement. I've had NUMEROUS people tell me to watch out for this problem. My other guitarist, who will use nothing BUT Ibanez, has had the bridge pickup in is RG7620 go bad as well. Has anyone else had this problem besides me? So far, I'm not happy with DiMarzio, in both service, and now their products. I've sold my S-7 for new pickups for my UV, and I'm putting the EMG 707's in it. My other guitarist is doing the same. The ONLY reason I went with the Dimarzio's after the Blaze died, is they were a direct replacement. Any comments/concerns are welcome, and what has anyone else done with this problem. Now, I'm gonna HAVE to get another guitar, due to the one I lost in this bull#$*% process. But that's what being a musician's all about, RIGHT????? Thanks again, Josh
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I guess you didn't know you could send it to Dimarzio with $25 and they will replace it?
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Originally Posted by Rich
I guess you didn't know you could send it to Dimarzio with $25 and they will replace it?
Very true Rich. :-)

Just a question . . . (to Typhoon777)

Where are you in relation to your amp when it squeals? Also, how much gain are you using? I've held brand new pups right in front of a speaker to show people that were complaining of microphony that they just CAN'T stand that close and expect things to not go nuts on them.

Almost all pups will go ape-sh!t on you if you have your 100 W stack on 11 and stand with the guitar 3" away from the speaker . . . often it's not even that the pup is microphonic, but that it's vibrating on it's springs and acting like a microphone diaphragm.

Also it seems that solid-state amps will cause otherwise fine pups to whine, I'm not sure of the physics of it, but I've seen pups that could stand a foot or so from an all tube stack with no problem but a small ss combo made them go insane.

My 520's bridge Evo used to whine, and it was brand new at the time, but after putting a small bit of foam under it I no longer have that problem (as long as I don't have everything on 10 and put the guitar in front of the speaker, that is )

When I worked as a tech my boss had a 1964 Strat that is his main guitar, on stage he had ZERO problems with the pups, but when I cranked that thing through my Fender Super 60 (combo, but I used a 4X12 with it) and had the gain all the way up (just to screw with it, I don't usually play that way) if I was 3 FEET away from it the thing went nuts, but we didn't consider this a problem since that was really an extreme and not 'normal' playing conditions for him.

But, if you're having trouble just gigging with them, send them to Dimarzio for replacement, as Rich suggested. :-)

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Microphonic Dimarzio's

Yes, the amp is ss, granted it's all rackmount gear. It makes noise on EVERY amp I play on, no matter where I stand in the room. I've done everything from trying all new cords, tweaking eq's, gates, levels, gains, and I still get noise. My gear , besides my UV7, consists of the following:
-Line 6 Pod Pro Rackmount
-Alesis 3630 compressor
-Behrinhger Dualfex Pro Enhancer
-Peavey 500W Power Amp
-Boss GT-3 floor board
Floor board is going into the amp by the mono out to the preamp's guitar input, and by the midi out to the midi in on the preamp. I'm still sending back the pups from Dimarzio for a new Tone Zone 7 and a new Air Norton 7, and dropping them in my buddy's AX7521 that I'm hot-rodding for him. He's getting the Dimarzio's due to the EMG upgrade. To hear how I sound as far as a live sound, check out http://overfiend.dmusic.com. Thanks again everyone, be back soon-going to practice as we speak.
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I think for me anyway, you have to describe for me exatly what you mean by "gone microphonic." I may have missed something in another post or whatever, but there are generally three things people mean when they say their pickups make noise. (forgive me if I sound patronizing) First is a high pitched squealing noise, which is a potting problem and should be returned to Dimarzio. Second is a low droning woofing sound, and can be generated by the mounting method. That's the stuff that makes guys put the bathtub caulk around the pickup, or change/install the foam. It's the pickup as a unit feeding back, (or a guitar top in the case of a hollowbody) not the individual windings. Third is a buzzing or humming, and that's all electrical in nature. It's cleared up with shielding, proper grounding, etc.

The EMG is virtually impervious to all, because it's epoxy potted, completely internally shielded, and because at it's heart its a low output coil boosted by the preamp, won't jump into the woofing feedback as easily.
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Microphonic DiMarzio Pickups

Frank, the sound I'm getting is the first one, a high pitch squealing noise when I mute the strings from playing. It does this anywhere I stand in the room, regardless of the amp I'm playing through. It also made the same noise(s) when the first pickup went bad on me, so I'm convinced that DiMarzio should send me new pickups. Thanks again everyone for the help.
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Re: Microphonic DiMarzio Pickups

Originally Posted by Typhoon777
the sound I'm getting is the first one, a high pitch squealing noise when I mute the strings from playing. It does this anywhere I stand in the room, regardless of the amp I'm playing through.
the real key to determining what's the cause isn't so much the sound, since both microphonic pickups and loose mounting can cause low or high pitched feedback, but rather whether the feedback stops when you grab the pickup really tightly between your fingers. if it stops, it's something in the mounting -- sometimes you can feel the pickup vibrating as you grip it.

if it doesn't stop, the pickup is overly microphonic. i've had old Blaze IIs become unusable with ringwraith-like squealing on high gain amp settings, and i've had that trouble with brand new DiMarzio New 7's and a TZ7/PAF7 set.

Originally Posted by Typhoon777
I'm convinced that DiMarzio should send me new pickups.
i don't know about that, but 6-7 years ago they would repot 7 string pickups that were microphonic for free -- steve blucher told me on the phone that "sometimes they need a little extra bulletproofing." i don't know if they do anything different, or just dip them again, but it did fix most of my microphonic DiMarzios.

it still didn't help my TZ7/PAF7 set, which were in a Dean EVO [maple cap on mahogany, a really bright guitar]. i had left out the tone controls when i rewired it -- that gives a little bit more high end but i didn't think it was enough to cause the massive feedback. i was wrong -- when i wired in permanently all-the-way-up tone 'controls' out of resistors and capacitors, the feedback stopped. so if you've made even a tiny change in your setup, that could be affecting things too.
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DiMarzio Pickups gone microphonic

After I had discovered the tragedy with my 2 guitars, I contacted Dimarzio, and the said that they'd either replace them, or repair them. Despite this problem, I'm still gonna go with the EMG 707"s in my Universe. After all of the reveiws and player comments I've read, I'm sold on them. As a matter a fact, The set I ordered should be here any day now. I've always liked the EMG's in the 6-strings I've played, and am going to avoid all possible relapses of the previous disaster, and go with EMG's for my 7. Dimarzio will definetly get my old ones back, no doubt about it. When I ordered the TZ7 for my UV7, I told them I wanted it green, and they said "no problem". Pickup was ordered on a tuesday, and I called a week later, they tlod me they were in the middle of making it for me. That following Friday I had a show to play, and NO GUITAR to use because of this problem. DiMarzio LIED to me, and then told me they NEVER made my pickup, because it don't come in green. Because I had to cancel my show at this point, I was EXTREMELY aggrivated. And the ignoant service continued again when I ordered all new pups for my S7420 (now sold to afford the EMG's) and when They gave me garbage products on top of that, I've had enough. I don't know what I was thinking of putting a Dimarzio back in it in the first place. Correction, I do, 1irect replacement, and 2: no $$$$ at the time for the EMG's. Thanks again for the head's up.
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Typhoon, do have a link for magazine reviews of the EMG 707s? They sound very interesting...........
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Enigma, I'll try to find a couple links for ya to check out. I've seen a few, but I've gotta find em again. When I do, I'll put 'em here.
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